30 Best Free & Professional Photoshop Brushes

30 Best Free & Professional Photoshop Brushes

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If you could look at the tools that a graphic designer uses daily like opening a toolbox, one of the biggest tools you’re likely to see is Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop is a Swiss Army knife that helps graphic designers the tools they need to create amazing logos, designs, and branding for their clients.

One of the best ways they do this is with the use of brushes and with that in mind, we wanted to take a look at 30 of the best free & premium Photoshop brushes out there so you can add them to your array of tools at your disposal.

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Top 30 Best Free & Premium Photoshop Brushes

Memento Shader Brushes For Photoshop – $17

Memento Shader Brushes For PhotoshopMemento Shader Brushes For Photoshop

Sometimes the art you’re creating just need to have a grungy and brutal look and for that, you should look no further than the Memento Shader Brushes For Photoshop by Pixel Buddha. With 35 brushes and 12 textures, the design choices these brushes offer is nearly limitless. Perfect for any project you’re working on from posters and logos to illustrations and advertisements.


Marvelous Vintage Comics Bundle – $15

Marvelous Vintage Comics BundleMarvelous-Vintage-Comics-Collection

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People love comic books for many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is the art and if you’re an aspiring artist who loves comics books, it may be a future career for you. That’s why the Marvelous Vintage Comics Bundle from Pixel Buddha is such a great option. Packed with everything from text effects to graphics elements and even frames, you can create a comic book with ease. Whether it’s just a hobby or a future career, this bundle gives you what you need to be a comic creator.


The Ultimate Watercolor Collection – $22

The Ultimate Watercolor CollectionThe Ultimate Watercolor Collection

When we were kids, we loved painting with watercolors and seeing them run down the page. Now with The Ultimate Watercolor Collection by Trailhead Design Co we can do it again, this time without the cleanup. With over 130 watercolor elements including drips and runs brushes, fine splatter brushes, and large splatter brushes, you can create tons of customizable artwork that can wow clients and also make you feel like a kid again.

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Sakimichan – Photoshop Brushes for painting – Free

Sakimichan – Photoshop Brushes for painting

Created by Deviant Art member Sakimichan, the Photoshop brushes for painting come with 56 of the artist’s favorite brushes that you can use for painting that you can download for free. While they are already set up with this in mind, Sakimichan recommends painting at 70-100 percent opacity with the pressure option on. With the sheer number of free brushes, this is a great kit to download.


Subtle Grunge Photoshop Brushes – $9

Subtle Grunge Photoshop BrushesSubtle Grunge Photoshop Brushes

If you do a lot of digital design work but feel that it could use some roughness around the edges, the Subtle Grunge kit from MiksKS might be just what you’re looking for. Packed with 62 Photoshop stamp brushes that include varied texture brushes and rolled ink border brushes. A helpful PDF instruction guide shows you how to install the brushes and offers up a few tips on how you can use them to impact your designs.


Horrific Halftones Photoshop Brushes – $19

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Horrific Halftones Photoshop Brushes Horrific-Halftones-Photoshop-Brushes

Using halftones in your artwork can give your artwork depth and a striking visual quality that standard artwork just doesn’t have. The Horrific Halftone Photoshop Brushes from Retro Supply Co comes loaded with more than 250 halftone brushes for Photoshop that have been painstakingly created so you can add texture. The kit also includes 100 pressure-sensitive gradated halftone brushes so you can get the most from your stylus.


The Vintage Kit – Photoshop Brushes – $10

The Vintage Kit - Photoshop BrushesThe-Vintage-Kit-Photoshop-Brushes

Depending on the project you are working on, giving the project a vintage look can give it a timeless appeal that can reach across generations. Thankfully, The Vintage Kit from Arkitype can help you add some grit and texture to your work for that authentic vintage look. Containing 44 high-quality brushes including large texture brushes, paper folds, and edging brushes. The brushes give you the ability to get the results you’re looking for in just minutes and be in full control of the amount of grit and texture you add.


Pencil Photoshop brush – Free

Pencil Photoshop brush

Soft pencil sketching can create some of the most beautiful artwork in the world although not many people enjoy having their hands covered in pencil and coming home with smudged paper. With the Pencil Photoshop Brush from Jon Neimeister, you can have one of the most realistic representations of creating amazing artwork with a soft pencil but doing it on your computer or tablet and keeping your hands clean in the process.


Woodland Wonderland Brush Pack – $29

Woodland Wonderland Brush PackWoodland Wonderland Brush Pack

As kids, many of us would go to bed being read stories from the collection of Golden Books. While the stories are memorable, the art style is what made them classics and the Woodland Wonderland Brush Pack from Retro Supply Co has been inspired by these illustrations and offers you 31 Woodland Brushes which contains everything you need to create artwork like the ones in the books we read as kids. Along with 8 tutorial videos, you can start recreating your memories in no time.


The Hand Lettering Toolkit – $39

The Hand Lettering Toolkit The Hand Lettering Toolkit

Even though many people may not see it as such, hand lettering can be a beautiful form of artwork that takes time and patience to create something wonderful. The Hand Lettering Toolkit from Retro Supply Co offers you a collection of 67 brushes that work in harmony to create amazing hand lettering work. Along with the brushes, you also get six time-lapse videos to help you create your work step by step.


Genuine Crafted Chalk – $16

Genuine Crafted ChalkGenuine Crafted Chalk

Nothing beats the look and feel of using real chalk to create works of art. The Genuine Crafted Chalk kit from Trailhead Design Co provides you with 75 brushes that are a complete resource for anyone looking to use chalk in their artwork. Along with Brush Tool Presets, you also receive Vector Illustrator Brushes as well as six chalkboard textures as a bonus. With such a large set, a quick reference guide is also included if you happen to be new to using PS Tool Presets.


Snow Photoshop brushes – Free

Snow Photoshop brushes

There’s nothing better than the snow around Christmastime. The white winter wonderland is breathtaking in its beauty and with the Snow Photoshop brushes can add a personal flurry to your design. With up to 15 different effects for you to use, you can create everything from a light snowfall to a blizzard with ease.


PopType – Graphic Styles and More – $19

PopType - Graphic Styles and MorePopType - Graphic Styles and More

Have you ever seen an ad where the words pop right off the page? The 3D lettering they use can be hard to create. Thankfully, Retro Supply Co. created PopType to help. With 48 graphic styles, you can quickly add a 3D element to your text. Included with the styles are tutorials on how to use them as well as four texture brushes to help add even more to your work. The PopType styles will help you be a better designer and get more clients.


SpaceRanger Brush Kit & Tutorials – $29

SpaceRanger Brush Kit & TutorialsSpaceRanger Brush Kit & Tutorials

The retro look that illustrators used in the ‘50s & ‘60s has a bit of soul and character to it and that’s what the SpaceRanger Brush Kit & Tutorials from Retro Supply Co. are hoping to capture with 20 super-realistic pencil brushes and tutorials for you to create this type of art for your projects. The kit also comes with a quick-reference guide to help you get started.


Photoshop Ink Brushes – $10

Photoshop Ink BrushesPhotoshop Ink Brushes-2


Created from samples of real China ink samples, the Photoshop Ink Brushes from MilksKS offers 36 brushes made up into three categories: regular brushes, ink washes, and ink stain stamps. The brushes also come with 5 paper textures as a bonus to give you different options for backgrounds for your artwork.


Thick acrylic paint strokes Vol. 2 – Free

Thick acrylic paint strokes Vol. 2

From Creative Nerds, the Think Acrylic Paint Strokes Vol. 2 is the second volume of the popular set that lets you quickly add paint effects to your work. This can add an authentic feel to your work and one that once you add it to your toolbox, you’ll use it again and again.


The Print Factory – Textures and Brushes – $16

The Print Factory - Textures and BrushesThe Print Factory - Textures and Brushes

Using dirty ink textures and brushes can give your artwork character and add a new level of depth to your work. The Print Factory kit from Guerillacraft hopes to help you with this with their 42 hand-made textures and 50 Photoshop brushes that you can use to add a little grit to your work to give it a used or even worn feeling. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll have access to 29 dry ink brushes that can help you get that look even easier.


Bug Lab for Photoshop – $19

Bug Lab for PhotoshopBug Lab for Photoshop

There are many people out there that like bugs and depending on the project, adding some crepy crawlers could be just what it needs. That’s why the Bug Lab for Photoshop from Retro Supply Co. is such a great option. Loaded with 48 texture stamp brushes, 50 high-resolution brushes, and 2 liner brushes, you can start creating all the bugs you need. And if you’re having trouble, there is a bug building template so you can build bugs with ease.


Realistic Charcoal Photoshop Brush – Free

Realistic charcoal Photoshop brush

If you’re an artist using physical media, charcoal should already be a part of your toolbox. If you want to save time instead of using charcoal, you should consider the Realistic Charcoal Photoshop Brush by WojtekFus. With these brushes, you can get the same soft lines and deep blacks that you would normally be able to achieve without the mess all over your hands.


Celestial Brush – $18

Celestial BrushSakimichan – Photoshop Brushes for painting

Creating artwork with quotes in it can be a headache with ascenders and descenders getting in your way. The Celestial Brush by My Creative Land is designed to help find the perfect placement for every letter. Loaded with 12 celestial brushes, the set won’t get in the way of you getting things done and most of the letters have both longer and shorter alternates.


Neon Brushes

Neon Brushes

As the name of the brush implies, Envato’s Neon Brushes help illuminate illustrations and graphics. Most suitable for drawing, headlines, flashy logos, and creative projects, you’re sure to brighten up the aesthetic of your visual output with this brush. This pack presents you with lots of variety, too, so it’s always a good pick for designers looking for vast selections.

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40 Halftone Illustration Brushes for Photoshop

40 Halftone Illustration Brushes for Photoshop

If the look you’re going for is screen-printed, vintage patterns, then 40 Halftone Illustration Brushes is the solution. Loaded with several dotted and textured lines, recreating a classic drawing or image becomes ten times easier with this brush. Try it out when you can!

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Stipple Brush Set

Stipple Brush Set for Photoshop and Illustrator

Stipple shading is a beautiful form of art that can take ages to complete manually. Thankfully, Envato’s Stipple Brush Set for both Photoshop and Illustrator is here to help. Produce hundreds of dots in one stroke, and hasten whatever design and graphic you’re working on. Best for drawing and illustration projects, this brush won’t disappoint.

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69 Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

69 Watercolor Brushes for Photoshop

Watercolor artworks demand your gaze and appreciation, and artists know it. Improve your creations with this dynamic set of premium Photoshop watercolor brushes, and instantly add spice, texture, and realism to your designs. Maximize each of the presents available in this pack, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with this set.

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Photoshop Ink Brushes

Photoshop Ink Brushes 

A terrific impersonation of China ink, this set is packed with regular brushes, ink washes, and ink stain stamps. Perfect for ink sketch projects and illustrations, these brushes will add volume, depth, and personality to whatever you make.

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Inky Goodness

Inky Goodness

From drips, drops, splatters, smears, and textures, Inky Goodness is a set of brushes that won’t disappoint. Perfect for both Photoshop and Illustrator, become your most imaginative, creative, and curious with these brushes’ various styles, volumes, and shades. Create illustrations, logos, designs, and virtually anything you can think of with this set!

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50 Vintage Woodblock Brushes

50 Vintage Woodblock Brushes

A little cinematic effect never hurt anyone. If what you’re after are moody and grungy vibes, then the 50 Vintage Woodblock Brushes set is what you’re looking for. Made from scratch with good old ink, paper, and a block of wood, this set will instantly elevate and transform your creations, giving it a darker, more tattered feel — definitely something you should go for if you’re experimenting or are looking for a somber-inspired aesthetic.

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Vintage Atomic Texture Brushes

Vintage Atomic Texture Brushes

Also a terrific option for designers looking to achieve a grungy look, the Vintage Atomic Texture Brushes set is an excellent choice. Add depth and character to your work, and achieve a natural voluminous aesthetic with this pick. What’s more, designers can mix textures and combine colors, too, so you’re already guaranteed a long list of possibilities with this set.

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87 Abstract Motion Brush Pack

87 Abstract Motion Brush Pack 

Anyone who’s in love with modern art will adore the 87 Abstract Motion Brush Pack. Equipped with 87 abstract brush types, artists can explore their creativity and push the envelope with this set. Light on the eyes and heavy on the art, designers will find this pack functional, edgy, and full of character.

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Top 30 High-Resolution Professional Photoshop Brushes

Knowing how to use Photoshop can add a whole new dimension to your work. The program itself is an amazing tool for designers and other artists. Once you start downloading different brushes, you can take the program in so many other directions. We hope that our list of the Top 30 Free & Premium Photoshop Brushes has inspired you to try some new ideas and concepts in your work.

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