The Best-Ever Freelancing Course for Designers & Creatives – Master Pricing, Proposals & Sales

The Best-Ever Freelancing Course for Designers & Creatives – Master Pricing, Proposals & Sales

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I’m a big believer of online education, but I have to be honest, the market is saturated and it’s hard to find a robust course, put together someone you can actually trust, with real-world experience behind them.

So when my friend, Michael Janda, announced the launch of his suite of comprehensive courses for creatives, aptly named “Freelance with Janda“, I knew it was going to be good.

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Perhaps, it’s the best-ever freelancing course for designers & creatives?


*LIVE SESSION* Janda & Jacob

Watch our live session replay on how to sell your creative services. This will change the way you sell your creative services and empower you to close bigger deals and find better clients.

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Who is Michael Janda?

Janda is an executive level creative leader, business coach, designer, speaker, author & Instagram fanatic, with more than 20 years of agency experience working with some of the greatest brands in the world, billing over 30 million in sales, over 15 years.

I’ve chatted with Michael Janda a few times in past, on passive income, getting feedback from clients, transitioning to brand strategygetting your first design job, and I can attest to his stand-up nature & deep, deep, knowledge of running a successful creative business.

Michael Janda and Jacob Cass

He truely cares and is someone I sincerely admire and trust. He co-hosts a value-packed podcast, has two incredible books (links below) and openly shares all he knows on his social channels.

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With all this experience, he truly knows the pain-points of creatives… selling, pricing, proposals, contracts, and project management – just to name a few.

And after running two of my own coaching groups, I can attest these pain-points. They come up time and time again with my students.

Yet, even with the saturation of online courses, there is nothing out there that actually covers these topics so comprehensively, and with downloads to actually streamline the process of implementing the systems into your own creative business.

You just had to piece it all together on your own… until now.

Introducing Janda’s Six Course Bundle

Freelance with Janda 6 Course Bundle

Janda has just released his full suite of business courses to level up your creative business, called Freelance with Janda.

These courses will help you learn the systems and strategies to improve your creative business, allowing you to price with confidence, deliver greater value to your clients, close more sales, with bigger profits and less stress.

(I seriously wish I had access to something like this 15 years ago!)

The full suite of courses are outlined below:

Inside these courses, are more than 40+ hours of video lessons, 174 lesson modules, as well as pre-written proposal and contract templates, turnkey systems and spreadsheets and actionable processes that will improve your creative business today!

Freelance with Janda Course Discount!

Michael Janda Headshot

The courses are available individually, however, the best value is if you get them as a bundle.

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The regular price for the bundle of six courses is $699, however, Janda has a limited time launch time sale, saving you a massive $300.

  • Regular Price: $699
  • Limited Time Sale: $399

Looking for a discount? Use coupon code SAVE300 to save $300.

The limited time sale ends soon, so don’t miss out!

I encourage you to click to the course, watch the video to find out what is inside the six courses, and enrol in the first free course to get a taste of Janda’s actionable teaching style.

It’s worth grabbing the discounted price now as you can come back at any time, as you will have access to the course content forever.


Can’t afford a course right now?

If the course cost is out of your reach, I recommend getting Janda’s books, which I have previously recommended.

You can also follow him on Instagram and YouTube.


The Best Freelancing Course for Designers & Creative: The Freelance with Janda Course

Below is a more detailed overview of what’s inside each course. You can learn even more on each course page.

Course 01: Preparing for Full-time Freelance (Free)

This is a FREE course that will help you prepare to leave your job and pursue the freelance career you always dreamed of having.

Freelance with Janda - Preparing for Full Time Freelance

Freelance with Janda - Course Prep


Course 02: Selling Creative Services

This deep dive sales course will change the way you sell your creative service and empower you to close bigger deals and find better clients.

Freelance with Janda - Selling Creative Services

Freelance with Janda Course Sales

Sales for Creatives


Course 03: Proposals & Contracts

Michael refined his proposal and contract strategy over 15 years and more than 3,000 client presentations and now he’s giving it all to you.

Freelance with Janda - Proposals and Contracts

Freelance with Janda Course Proposals

Best Freelancing Course


Course 04: Pricing Creative Services

Michael Janda’s pricing methodology yielded more than $30,000,000 in agency revenue. He never had an unprofitable year and close more than 60% of the deals he pitched.

Freelance with Janda - Pricing Creative Services

Freelance with Janda Course Pricing Pricing for Creatives Downloads


Course 05: Project Management for Creatives

This course will teach you how to get projects done, keep your clients happy, maximize profitability, and minimize stress.

Freelance with Janda - Project Management


Course 06: Managing a Creative Business

Closing sales and executing on projects is only part of the job. Managing your business in a systematic and profitable way is just as critical. This course will teach you how to do just that.

Freelance with Janda - Managing a Creative Business

Don’t Miss Out!

Grab the discounted price of $399 (usually $699) before it goes up. Use promo code SAVE300

And don’t forget to enroll in the first free course.

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[Cyber Monday Deals LIVE!]