20+ Best Funeral & Obituary Fonts for Celebrating a Loved One’s Life

20+ Best Funeral & Obituary Fonts for Celebrating a Loved One’s Life

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There are many ways to celebrate a loved one’s passing, and making clever use of the best funeral and obituary fonts is just the beginning.

As the power of design envelopes every aspect of our life, it’s important that we maximize aesthetics and visuals that allow us to be sensitive and articulate with our messaging.

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Whether you’re creating a funeral program or finalizing text for an obituary, this feature will have all the best fonts in the category. Packed with a host of calligraphy, gothic, and sans serif selections, this list will consist of the most sought-after picks designers to turn to in this sector.

Let’s start!

10+ Best Funeral and Obituary Fonts

  1. Montheylin
  2. Madista
  3. Quennsland
  4. Dolcetto
  5. Elisabetta
  6. Cambridge
  7. Cattedrale
  8. Hailgate Font
  9. Alchemion
  10. Montreux Classic

For the complete list, scroll on!

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20+ Best Funeral and Obituary Fonts

1. Montheylin

Montheylin. Image Credit: Envato Elements

First on the list is this luscious script typeface available on Envato. Tasteful, elegant, and noticeably cursive, Montheylin is arguably one of the best visual solutions for funeral-related designs. Also great for blog posts and long-form articles, there’s a lot you can complete with a pack such as this.


2. Madista

Madista. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Another calligraphy option you can check out is Madista. Playful and thick, this font set is perfect for younger audiences. Whether obituary announcements or text-driven pieces, this pick is sure to deliver.


3. Quennsland

Quennsland. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Quennsland is a modern script font that’s light on the eyes. Suitable for both print and online efforts, there’s a lot you can accomplish with this pick. It’s professional, clean, and formal. What’s not to like?


4. Dolcetto

Dolcetto. Image Credit: Creative Market

One of the more traditional fonts in the category is Dolcetto. Also noticeably cursive, this calligraphy font set is a respectable visual solution to help commemorate a loss. Suitable for social media art cards, newspaper announcements, or publication efforts, this font set will deliver.


5. Elisabetta

Elisabetta Script
Elisabetta. Image Credit: Creative Market

Much of the most popular fonts in the category involve aesthetics that are calligraphy-inspired, and Elisabetta is one of them. Packed with swashes and extra assets, this bundle is an investment for any professional designer. From funeral-themed projects to marketing initiatives, there’s a lot to love here.


6. Cambridge

Cambridge. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Gothic fonts are staples of design when it comes to funeral and obituary visuals. If this is something you’d like to make use of, consider Cambridge. It’s thick and medieval aesthetic help complete a narrative and makes it much easier to broadcast a headline, if not commemorate a loss.


7. Cattedrale

Cattedrale. Image Credit: Envato Elements

A lot more intricate with lines and curves, Cattedrale is one of the louder gothic options on the list. Also a bold and noticeable contender, this typeface set comes with five weights, giving more options for creatives to choose from. Whether celebrating the life of a loved one through obituary efforts or designing a headline for a blog about them, this visual pack will deliver.


8. Hailgate Font

Hailgate Font
Hailgate Font. Image Credit: Design Cuts

If both gothic and calligraphy fonts don’t appeal to you, consider Hailgate Font. Reserved, neat, and soft to look at, this pick is just as elegant to help celebrate a loved one’s life. It’s complete with uppercase and lowercase characters, too, allowing you to be as inventive and playful as possible. Perfect for invitations and more, there’s a lot you can create with a set such as this.


9. Alchemion

Alchemion. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Another formal find here is Alchemion. Professional, hand-lettered, and clean, this is a worthy option that designers shouldn’t shy away from. Reminiscent of retro invitations for a wide variety of fancy events, this font pack is a classic that’ll perform wherever you need it to–weddings, funerals, and more!


10. Montreux Classic

Montreux - PRESENTATION - sketch
Montreux Classic. Image Credit: Design Cuts

What makes Montreux Classic a winner on its own is its classiness. Perfect for more than just obituaries, this font set is versatile and flexible. It’s formal-looking, too, sporting straight lines and tasteful and calculated curves. Referred to as a precise Swiss Grotesk, this set is arguably one of the more flexible visual solutions among its contemporaries.

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11. Aviorte

Aviorte Typeface
Aviorte Typeface. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Medieval-inspired, Aviorte is a classic font design that isn’t foreign to funerals. Even better, a visual pick like this allows designers to better communicate a message. From obituary designs and headlines to social media art cards, not only is this font set a stellar tool in grounding a story, but it’s a clean and familiar font that resonates with a lot of people, as well.


12. Obituary

Obituary Decorative Advertisement
Obituary Decorative Advertisement. Image Credit: Creative Market

Aptly called Obituary, this set makes great use of a decorative gothic font that’s great for a ton of visual solutions, including funeral-centric designs! Still, in no way is this pack exclusive only to death-centric projects. Combining the organic energy of handwritten lettering, this set also beautifully encapsulates what digital artwork can do.


13. Darkgone

Darkgone. Image Credit: Envato Elements

One of the more popular picks from the bunch is Darkgone. A staple aesthetic in its category, this font set is naturally a classic. Labelled as a gothic blackletter font, this pack merges the alluring energy of what a reserved typeface looks like when meshed with the curves and soft edges one sees with hand-lettered fonts.


14. Bellanaisa

Bellanaisa. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Who says modern calligraphy fonts are only for weddings? Great for both online and print initiatives, there’s a lot you can complete with Bellanaisa. Mostly seen on obituaries in the newspaper, this contender is gorgeously cursive, sporting long, and tasteful lines. if you want a classy font set to be the design for your deceased loved one, then this set is right for you.


15. Regalhisa

Regalhisa. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you can’t get enough handwritten brush scripts, you may want to try Envato’s Regalhisa. Fairly thick and slender where it matters, this set is stunningly cursive and inherently a sight to behold. Great for so much more than just funeral fonts, a set like this will thrive with branding efforts too.  It’s beautiful, professional, and features the script-inspired aesthetic we’ve all come to love.


16. Augustine

Augustine. Image Credit: Envato Elements

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Augustine is a modern calligraphy set that’s made to tell a tale. From communicating the value of a loved one to narrating how well they’ve lived their life, this font set is a winner in more ways than one. It’s inherently nostalgic, tastefully cursive, and visually magical. Use it however you need to!


17. Cambrydge

Cambrydge. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Cambrydge is also a terrific pick if what you’re looking for is a gothic aesthetic. This font is easy to pair with multiple projects–obituary or not! Ultimately, not only is a decorative font communicative of a message, but it’s also a great way to complete a design.


18. Fractus

Fractus. Image Credit: Creative Market

Looking for a font pack that’s irredeemably legible? Fractus is a fantastic option. Featuring gothic hand font visuals, this elegant pack won’t only complement obituary designs but also make abundantly clear the message of a headline. Suitable for more than just funeral-driven themes, there’s a lot you can play with here.


19. Eighties Comeback Serif

Eighties Comeback Serif
Eighties Comeback Serif. Image Credit: Creative Market

One of the more modern options in the category is Eighties Comeback Serif. Optimizing retro visuals, this set is loaded with 70 fonts designers can utilize creatively. From obituaries and headlines to branding designs and marketing materials, this pack script fonts is filled with visual solutions creatives can explore.


20. Quiche Sans

Quiche Sans
Quiche Sans. Image Credit: Creative Market

Quiche Sans is a straightforward standout that isn’t designed to attract too much unnecessary attention. Elegant and clean, this pick is simple and easy to read. Perfect for obituary invitations and social media art cards, this font pack promises clear and straightforward messaging.

Meshing both slender and thick lines and complemented by luscious curves and blunted edges, this one’s one of the more flexible winners in our opinion.


21. Funeral 

Funeral. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Funeral font is a classy font. This font is a versatile font yet an ideal one to use on funeral cards, branding, invitations, movie titles, posters, logos, and on funeral based theme designs. This funeral font contains OTF and TTF file formats. Funeral is a display font. This font contains numbers, punctuation, symbols, special characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and stylistic alternates. 

This font features a new open typeface and works great on PC and Mac. The Funeral font comes with elegance and gives you a royal vintage look to your designs. This funeral font also supports multiple languages. 


Our Favorite Funeral and Obituary Fonts

Still undecided? Here are our top picks below!


The Best Memorial Fonts

If you’re looking for a fonts for memorials, memorial stone plaques or headstones, then this list is just what you need.

  1. Palatino
  2. Trajan
  3. New Baskerville
  4. Centaur
  5. Times New Roman
  6. Snell
  7. Amaze
  8. Old English
  9. Memorial
  10. Bookman Old Style
  11. Cinzel Font

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Memorial fonts - main

Download all the Memorial Fonts you need and many other design elements, available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock effect & element packs too)!

1. Palatino

Best suited for memorial related designs

If you’re a fan of the memorials fonts with old-style classification, look no further than Palatino.

This creation by Hermann Zapf is the call of vintage-fashion san serif fonts that takes hint from the classical Italian Renaissance forms.

We particularly appreciated its carefully weighted strokes and open counters that added to its legibility and get the message across clearly.

Another plus was the font’s availability in OpenType format with many newly designed character sets, including seamless multilingual support, which did a great job of creating fresh, eye-catching designs.

We understand that some designers may not be a fan of Palatino’s conventional design. Fret not, as plenty of other fonts like Mythica are always ready to assist with such needs.

But overall, Palatino is a solid choice for obituaries, cards, and other funeral-themed designs that is bound to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

2. Trajan

Astounding font with great looks

You don’t have to be a complete font freak to observe Trajan’s popularity in Hollywood.

Just about every director has used it as the go-to typeface for promoting new movies.

But not many are aware of Trajan’s stature as a funeral font.

Optimizing sleek lines and sharp edges, Trajan touts an elegant, carved letter-style look that conveys a feeling of importance and is very easy to read at a glance.

A bolder version allows for greater text emphasis, making Trajan excellent for epitaphs and personalized inscriptions such as quotes and poems to commemorate the lost ones.

Available in OTF, WOFF, and TOFF formats, this Adobe offering is a versatile option for a wide variety of design platforms.
Just make sure to download the necessary software before you take a stab at it.

3. New Baskerville

A unique font with multiple selections

Not all obituary fonts need to look grotesque. New Baskerville is a modern typeface with an edge that fits the bill for more up-to-date designs.

This serif set has a distinct look with geometric forms and a low crossline, giving it a powerful visual base.

We were big fans of its eight weights and styles that opened up lots of possibilities.

From memorial-centric projects to apparel and packaging, New Baskerville can be used for pretty much anything.

Another thing we liked about this font was how it was optimized for digital interfaces.

The large, widely-spaced letterforms prevent visual crowding and keep your user’s attention right where it belongs.

All in all, New Baskerville is a one-of-a-kind font that will be a great addition to designers’ creative arsenal.

Download it today and see for yourself.

4. Centaur

A noble font with decent style

From regular to bold italic, Centaur is a classy san serif font typeface ready to grace headstones, logos, and rustic decor.

With four styles and tons of alternates, this font helped us create unique, visually-striking designs that conveyed our emotions with style.

One thing we admired about Centaur was its clean lines and thick rounded terminals that sat perfectly against each other.

In addition, each letter was crafted with the utmost creativity to add a natural edge and special feel.

However, our favorite part about Centaur was its fluidity and how it functioned well on Windows and Mac Devices without requiring any special software.

Its support for multiple languages further added to its versatility.

Our only issue was that some characters lacked the finer details and nuances that other memorial fonts offer.

So you may want to look at something like Pastonchi as an example of an alternative.

All in all, Centaur stays true to the death-centric theme and is sure to make your designs jump right off the page.

5. Times New Roman

A simple font for your needs

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional graphic designer, there’s a high chance that you must have heard of Times New Roman.

It is a classic memorial font that has gone through various stages to become the flawless form it is now in.

Times New Roman is a combination of bold, wide characters with solid touches.

We liked how its package included just about everything to help bring our dream layouts into reality.

From small caps to old-style figures and phenetic characters, you name it. There’s also a bonus Greek, Central European, and Cyrillic language support.

We tried using Times New Roman on multiple formal documents such as proposals, annual reports, and newspapers and found the results admirable.

Our only concern regarding the font was how it looked a little off-putting with informal design templates.

Besides that, it does a commendable job of portraying a grounding, visually-appealing image to the readers and is definitely worth a glance.

6. Snell

Astounding font with great looks

Working on a project that has an obituary feel to it? Or your project needs a funeral font to convey the right tone of your message?

If you fall in any of these categories, sit back and relax, as you will fall in love with the Snell typeface.

This 18th-century-inspired round-hand script features elegant, cursive lettering that will inject just the right amount of personality into your projects.

However, we were particularly impressed with Snell’s ability to work as both the display text and middle-length body of a document.

This was because of its cleverly designed letters that remained legible in most font sizes.

And let’s not forget about its multilingual support and three different styles that provided us with a higher degree of creativity and customization.

And isn’t that what every designer wants?

So what are you waiting for? Give a shot to Snell and be prepared to get mesmerized by its beauty and versatile nature.

7. Amaze Normal

am amazing style font

As professional creatives, we’ve come across an absolutely amazing font. Bay Animation Inc’s Amaze Font brings an unmistakably charming element to our designs while helping us express our artistic vision effortlessly.

From the moment we saw Amaze Font, it captivated our imaginations. With impeccable letterforms featuring smooth curves and straight lines that convey a modern yet elegant appeal, it makes an excellent addition to any design project. It allows us to craft visually striking compositions.

Working extensively with this font has proven a rewarding and seamless process. Boasting 215 unique glyphs, we can utilize its flexibility for unique designs ranging from logos, posters, and websites. This font provides exactly the versatility we seek!

It stands out with its exceptional readability. The medium weight strikes an ideal balance, making our text stand out without overshadowing other elements in the design. Furthermore, its normal width type adapts seamlessly to various layout arrangements to meet diverse design requirements.

The font is available across multiple platforms, such as Microsoft and Macintosh computers. It is also fully compliant with our chosen design software. Its Unicode BMP encoding ensures smooth rendering and accessibility for maximum enjoyment and use.

In conclusion, Amaze Font is an incredible gem in typography. Its beautiful design, extensive range of glyphs, and outstanding readability make this font essential for creative professionals of any kind. Unleash your creative side and see your designs take form effortlessly with stylish elegance using Amaze Font!

8. Old English

A unique style font

Have you always admired the vintage, old English period? Or are you an avid reader incredibly fond of historical times, cultures, and literature?

Regardless of the situation, we have just the right memorial font in store for you.

Old English pays tribute to the historical period with its distinct, classic letters.

Our creative team greatly admired its 400+ glyph count and OpenType features that were easy to access and did a wonderful job of breathing life into our otherwise dull, lifeless designs.

From funeral and wedding cards to letters and literary work, we can imagine Old English looking great everywhere.

The only flaw of this font lies in its character design, making it slightly hard to read at first glance. For better readability, try Copperplate Gothic.

To conclude, Old English is an excellent font family that will take your designs to the next level in no time!

9. Memorial

A simple and elegant font

Next up, we have Memorial, a Solotype creation that left our team stunned by its striking style and many features.

Memorial is heavily influenced by the outlandish letters that were fearlessly improved to give a visual boast.

The font is a collection of bold characters with vast proportions for better visibility on contrasting backgrounds.

While Memorial has numerous impressive traits, we loved its authenticity and detailing, which adds a subtle touch of richness to any project.

Thanks to its unique and carefully crafted lettering, Memorial manages to fit right in with a wide range of designs, including newspaper headlines, book pages, magazines, and other similar publication efforts.

Remember that while Memorial has multilingual and OpenType support, it only contains a single regular weight.

Also, the font sometimes looks too mundane and stoic to immediately catch the reader’s attention.

Despite these slight inconveniences, this font definitely understands the assignment and never fails to deliver.

We recommend giving it a shot as you might find solace in its complex, bold characters the same way we did!

10. Bookman Old Style

An old book style font

If not inferred by the name already, Bookman Old Style is a medieval-based memorial typeface that perfectly balances timeless and contemporary design styles.

A fun fact… Bookman Old Style has been redrawn following the style of its original creators.

This typeface was initially known as the Oldstyle Antique and had several other popular versions.

We were instantly drawn towards this typeface’s prominent and easy-to-read lettering style.

Moreover, its fantastic twelve different style font family made it convenient to use for a range of applications including headlines, editorials, and designing invitations.

But since Bookman Old Style is only accessible using software such as Adobe Indesign and Photoshop, it might not be every designer’s thing.

If you are looking for something more user-friendly and flexible, try Dear Dolores instead.

In summary, Bookman Old Style does precisely what you would expect from any reliable funeral font while providing you with a wide range of stylistic options for upscaling your creations.

11. Cinzel Font

A decent font for memorial related writing


As creative professionals, we’re always on the hunt for fonts that add elegance and sophistication to our designs. Cinzel Font has quickly become one of our go-to fonts as its timeless beauty and graceful curves captured us right from the beginning.

Cinzel Font strikes an elegant balance between strength and grace. Its meticulously hand-crafted letterforms exude authority while drawing your eyes into its bold yet refined presence. Similarly, its clean lines and meticulous details effortlessly drew us in.

It stands out due to its versatility. This font easily shifts from grand and majestic to refined and understated, making it suitable for many projects requiring both classic and modern aesthetics. Cinzel Font also adapts beautifully.

This font is best utilized when used at larger sizes and headlines.  Legibility at smaller sizes may present challenges due to its intricate details; nonetheless, with careful attention paid to the spacing and leading techniques, it may still work for smaller blocks of text.

Cinzel Font is truly a jewel of typography. With timeless beauty, exquisite craftsmanship, and remarkable versatility, its value cannot be understated for creatives of all kinds. If you want designs with sophistication and elegance in them, try this font now. Trust us; you won’t be let down.

Overall, Cinzel Font has earned our highest praise. Let its majestic presence take your breath away and take your designs to new heights!

How To Choose A Headstone Inscription Font

Selecting the right font for a headstone inscription is a significant and considerate decision, one that requires thoughtful reflection. The chosen font should not only be visually appealing but should also reflect the essence of the departed individual and convey the intended message with dignity. Here’s a guide to help you make this important choice:

  1. Reflect on the Personality:
    • Consider the personality of the deceased. Were they traditional and formal or more contemporary and casual?
  2. Prioritize Readability:
    • Opt for a font that ensures easy readability from a distance. Classic serif fonts like Times New Roman or Garamond are often favored for their clarity.
  3. Size Matters:
    • Ensure that the chosen font size is proportionate to the headstone’s dimensions. Legibility should not be compromised, even from a few feet away.
  4. Legibility in Capitalization:
    • Think about whether an all-capital letter format would enhance legibility. Some fonts are specifically designed for clarity in uppercase, while others may balance well with a combination of upper and lowercase.
  5. Match Font with Message Tone:
    • Align the font choice with the tone of the message. Traditional fonts suit formal messages, while modern fonts may complement a more casual or creative tone.
  6. Avoid Overly Decorative Fonts:
    • Steer clear of overly ornate or intricate fonts as they can be challenging to read, particularly at a distance.
  7. Check Cemetery Guidelines:
    • Confirm whether the cemetery has specific guidelines regarding acceptable fonts. Some cemeteries enforce restrictions to maintain a cohesive appearance.
  8. Personal Connection:
    • If the departed had a fondness for a particular font or style, consider incorporating that choice into the decision.
  9. Consider Weather Resistance:
    • Select a font that can withstand the test of time and weather. Delicate or thin fonts may erode more quickly over the years.
  10. Seek Opinions:
    • Reach out to family members or friends for their opinions. Different perspectives can provide valuable insights and preferences.

Remember, the objective is to create a lasting memorial that captures the individual’s spirit. Take the time to choose a font that not only resonates with the person but also communicates the intended sentiments effectively. If you have specific preferences or ideas, feel free to share them for a more personalized recommendation.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by funeral and obituary fonts?

A loved one passing away is quite sad. However, it is always best to honor their memory with events such as funerals, wakes, and writing obituaries. This font works best to honor their memories, as it does not shy away from their passing, but does so in a tasteful way.

Name the funeral font that can be best used for branding purposes.

Regalhisa is arial of funeral font that fits in perfectly for branding needs.

Which is the font that can be best used for social media art cards?

Aviorte Typeface is the best font name that you can use for social media art cards.

Which is the be cursive funeral fonts available?

Bellanaisa is the best cursive funeral font available.


20+ Best Funeral, Obituary & Memorial Fonts Summary

Overall, the top funeral and obituary fonts are all designed to help articulate meaningful messages of celebration, hope, new beginnings, and lives well lived. While discussions of death are never easy to swallow and brave, we hope that these selections helped you streamline your search.

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