33+ Best Ghost Fonts – Top Picks for Spooky Designs

33+ Best Ghost Fonts – Top Picks for Spooky Designs

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Ghost fonts or typefaces are key representations of fright-filled, creepy, and spooky-themed designs and are perfect for all of your grisly graphic design needs.

These ghost fonts not only help in creating a mood and atmosphere but also give visual clues about your document or the brand or design. In other words, they help curate the vibe you’re going for!

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All things considered, let’s get started!

10+ Top Ghost Fonts for Spooky Designs

  1. Ghost Story 
  2. Aoka
  3. Tricky Ghost
  4. The Ghost
  5. Darkstein
  6. Baby Boo
  7. Horror Joys
  8. Ghost Cove
  9. Weghostt font
  10. Endless Sorrow

For the complete list, scroll on!

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33+ Best Ghost Fonts for Creepy and Spooky Designs

⭐ Our Top Pick

1. Ghost Story Font Duo

Ghost Story Font Duo. image credit: Envato Elements

Are you looking for a spooky ghost font? Ghost Story Font Duo is an ideal choice. This font comes in combination as a duo which includes fonts and doodles.

This ghost font duo is an ideal choice for projects which need a scary, spooky, witches, ghost, and creepy touch.

It is also ideal for children-themed scary projects, branding, event-organizing branding, and more. It comes with letters, punctuations, numbers, and icons as well for effective designs.

It is accessible via a huge range of programs including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and more.

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2. Aoka

Aoka. image credit: Envato Elements

If you are searching for a violent and powerful display font, Aoka is a perfect choice. This thriller Ghost font is violent, powerful, rough, and scary. Using this in your design gives you a scary look and feel which makes it a great mystery or thriller-themed font.

It features uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation marks. It is also featured with stylish alternates, and ligatures and also supports multiple languages. This fantasy frightening thriller ghost font is ideal for ghosts, haunted, thriller, scary, and spooky-themed projects.

This can also be an ideal choice for movie titles, posters, logotypes, branding, crafts, and more design projects.


3. Tricky Ghost

Tricky Ghost. image credit: MyFonts

To give a spine-tingling effect to your designs while keeping them minimalistic is challenging. Thankfully, Tricky Ghost typeface makes it look like a piece of cake.

Featuring a rare, signature font style with detailed spider webs all over it, this set is designed explicitly for creepy posters.

Complete with small and capital letters, this pick is a universal font with a touch of modernism, making it ideal for labeling, clothing, and greeting cards associated with ominous mysteries.


4. The Ghost

The Ghost – Haunted Display Typeface. image credit: Envato Elements

If you are looking for a smoky and displayed font, The Ghost is an ideal choice. This is a solid display font that is designed using a brush which also has a scary Halloween feeling.

This font is perfect for several occasions such as Halloween, movie titles, book titles, and events.

This solid scary ghost font comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. It features numbers, letters, punctuations, and basic uppercase and lowercase letters.

This bold and brush display font even with cool looks enhances the mystery, Halloween, and scary feelings in your designs.


5. Darkstein

Darkstein – Horror Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Giving a scary and horror ghost feeling to designs when required is a tricky part, to help you make it easy Darkstein comes with all these features.

This ghost font is not only perfect for scary, horror, Halloween, and creepy designs but also for playful and kids-themed ones.

This creative and decorative ghost font comes in .otf and .ttf file formats. This is suitable for movies, documentaries, films, logos, posters, games, book covers, headlines, titles, and more.

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While helping you design easily, it comes with all letters, numbers, and punctuations, and even supports multiple languages.


6. Baby Boo

Baby Boo – Cute Font. image credit: Envato Elements

If you are looking for a ghost-typeface with a cheerful and playful feel, Baby Boo is an ideal choice. This enhances the lovely look of your designs. This font also looks cheerful and light-hearted when used in projects.

This ghost font suits kid-themed projects. This lovely ghost font is an ideal choice for projects such as fun-filled, kids, posters, movie titles, and more. It is also ideal for fashion, t-shirts, and event planners.


7. Horror Joys

Horror Joys. image credit: Envato Elements

Horror Joys is a handmade font designed with inspiration from horror movies which is enjoyable. This hand-lettered font looks creepy and spooky making your designs look like a mystery, myths, and ghost stories. This ghost font looks as if it is specially designed for movies and posters.

However, this hand-made display ghost font is also suitable for projects like horror movies, movie posters, poster loud music, or any similar designs.

To make your designs look relatable like horror and ghost related, it comes with all uppercase and lowercase letters and characters. In addition to these, it also includes alternates, numbers, and punctuations, and also supports multiple languages.

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8. Ghost Cove

Ghost Cove
Ghost Cove. image credit: Envato Elements

To give a ghost or horror touch to your signs with a simple and minimalistic font is challenging, yet this Ghost Cove with a minimalistic and simple design suits the best. This font looks incomplete and mysterious which gives a magical and tricky look to your designs.

This protects your design from being too rigid by making it look aesthetic yet modern and elegant. The specialty of this font is giving a mystery look even though it is minimal and simple without being creepy and spooky. This font is an ideal choice for ghost projects, horror, sci-fi, and thriller movie titles.

This stencil and clean font are accessible through software programs such as Adobe Photoshop and similar ones. This font can also be used in your projects giving an embossed look using Photoshop and double-click Layers to open the options.


9. Weghostt Font

Weghostt font. image credit: Envato Elements

To enhance your design by being classy and suspenseful, use Weghostt font which comes only with upper case letters. This font with only one type of letter gives the desired feel to your designs such as horror, ghost, mysterious, or suspenseful.

This typography also looks elegant and modern which can be used for projects, such as signatures, stationery, logo, typography quotes, ghost films, and magazines.

This simply unique ghost font can also be used for the book cover, website header, clothing, branding, packaging design, and more like fashion-related branding or editorial designs that display both masculine and feminine qualities.


10. Endless Sorrow

Endless Sorrow Font
Endless Sorrow Font. Image credits: Creative Market

To enhance the vintage feel in your projects with a versatile font, Endless Sorrow is an ideal choice. This all-caps font is a display font that is designed with the inspiration of vintage type which looks like horror, scary, and ghost fonts. 

This ghost font in irregular heights represents the feeling of being hand-drawn and humanist which is an ideal choice for posters, flyers, banners, illustrations, and covers and is also perfect for Halloween illustrations.

Besides letters, numbers, punctuation, alternates, and ligatures, it also comes with catchwords that you can combine with the regular font to get more variation in your designs.


11. Okami

Okami Font
Okami Font. Image credits: Creative Market

If you are interested in adding some handwritten realistic feel to your scary, creepy, and spooky designs, Okami is an ideal choice. This is a handwritten brush font designed to add rough, horror, and boldness to your designs. 

This bold font is not only suitable for logos, branding, print projects, and any attention-drawing headline but also for movie titles and more.

The Okami ghost font includes uppercase multilingual letters, punctuation, and numbers. Additionally, it offers alternate styles for many letters that you can find by toggling the caps lock key.


12. Upjohn

Upjohn Font
Upjohn Font. Image credits: Creative Market

Are you up with thriller, ghost, or any horror project? And, wandering for a suitable font? Then, Upjohn Typeface Is an ideal choice designed especially for horror, thriller, and scary movies or any projects related to these themes in a retro style. 

These are designed with various strokes, lines, and bold letters which reminds you of that old instant-retro feel. This is the reason why this ghost font gives a vintage or retro design feel when you use it in your designs.

In addition to these features, it comes in two versions that are Clean and Rough with Uppercase, Numbers, and Punctuations for every style. 

As a bonus to this pack, the texture pack comes in eight different vintage retro textures with transparent backgrounds and High-Resolution quality (Size A4, 600DPI).

It also comes with watercolor alphabets designed with detailed strokes which gives a handmade feel. These features help in your designs to add details, and background and help to enhance the designs with more creativity. 


13. Hellghost Typeface

Hellghost Font
Hellghost Font. Image credits: Creative Market

It is absolutely important to choose fonts that suit your designs, for this understanding your project is equally important. For such projects as something related to ghosts, horror, Halloween, or creepy ones, then Hellghost Typeface is an ideal choice. 

This font uses a serif font style with varying shapes picked randomly yet making it look creative, bold, and unique. In addition to this standard type, Hellghost also has a rough version to help you make your designs rusty and suitable for the Halloween concept as well. 

This package comes with a bonus character of 150 Halloween-themed illustrations that make creating designs even more accessible. You can use it for magazine cover designs, brochures, flyers, Instagram ads, Canva designs, etc. with Halloween and dark themes.  

It also includes standard glyphs, alternates, ligatures, and swashes, and also supports multiple languages. To unlock these features it requires software programs such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign, and Corel Draw. 


14. Savath

Savath. image credit: Envato Elements

Deadly typefaces are the perfect choice for ghost or horror-related projects. They have also ghosted fonts, one horror font among those is Savath. This is a deadly-looking typeface with a classic and retro style for creepy and spooky designs.

This font is an ideal choice for headings, logotypes, movie titles, book covers, quotes, apparel design, invitations, flyers, posters, greeting cards, product packaging, printed quotes, cover album, etc. This helps in creating stunning designs with extra graphic elements and premium logo templates.


15. Wildwood

Wildwood Font
Wildwood Font. Image credits: Creative Market

If you want elegant wood-type fonts for your ghost or horror project, Wildwood is an ideal choice. This ghost font looks magical and mysterious to reflect mystical and creepy vibes.

Even though this ghost font has uppercase and lowercase letters which look the same, it keeps the icon’s aesthetic values at their best. 

It comes in two styles: regular and bold including letters, numbers, punctuations, alternates, and ligatures. It also comes with vector files as a bonus. 


16. Dreadful

Dreadful Font
Dreadful Font. Image credits: Creative Market

Have you ever seen vintage comics in a single font? Dreadful font is a layered typeface in a classic horror movie and vintage comic style.

This ghost typeface is best when used for headings, Logo type, quotes, apparel design, invitations, flyers, posters, greeting cards, product packaging, book cover, printed quotes, cover albums, movies, etc.

It comes in four styles such as regular, rust, shadow, and rot. It also comes with alternate glyphs and supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe InDesign.


17. Fright Night

Fright Night Font
Fright Night Font. Image credits: Creative Market

Are you looking for a font to grab viewers’ attention? The Fright Night ghost font helps you to grab viewers’ attention in no time. This ghost font is a serif typeface with suspense and horror vibes filled in it. 

This font is ideal for giving a clean, sharp, and unique touch to your projects such as posters, movie titles, billboards, branding, business cards, and more. 


18. Dark Widow

Dark Widow Font
Dark Widow Font. Image credits: Creative Market

Looking to add some gothic and horror effects to your designs? Dark Widow will help you with that, which is a ghost font designed with an inspiration of scary monsters and traditional gothic capital letters.

These are designed in such a way as to make an impact and look like the claws of a monster which in turn makes your designs creepier and horror. It comes with full uppercase, and lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers, alternates, and characters.

This is suitable for logos, professional horror design, flyers/posters, branding, packaging, t-shirt, labels, cover albums, etc. 


19. Another Danger

Another Danger Font
Another Danger Font. Image credits: Creative Market

Do you want to create an alter or suspense feeling in your designs? If so, then Another Danger ghost font helps you with creating these effects. This ghost font proves its usefulness from time to time. 

It brings in a hardcore vibe and a retro feel, and the artwork of chaos whit the help of glyphs produces the enigma of it.

It helps in splashing your creativity via your projects such which need thrilling, horror, or scary touch. It is ideal for movie titles, posters, magazines, and branding.


20. Coaster Ghost

Coaster Ghost. image credit: Envato Elements

Finding a perfect font for designs to convey the message right and give the right ghostly vibes to viewers is a challenging job. However, it is unavoidable as they play a vital role in designing projects.

To help you to find a quite rigid and suitable ghost font for your designs, Coaster Ghost which is a unique serif type is a great choice.

This font is rigid and suits well for all designs where you need a ghost and suspenseful touch in your designs.

This font is best for badge design, logo design, and logotypes, as the title font or as a supporting font. The stiffness makes this font look a little gothic and vintage.

This classic Ghost font comes with letters, numbers, punctuations, and OpenType features such as stylish alternates as well. These features are accessible through software programs such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe InDesign & CorelDraw X6-X7.


21. Outright Horror

Outright Horror
Outright Horror. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Outright Horror fonts are designed with a combination of series fonts in scratched lettering style with a wildly spontaneous brush font to give a horrific effect. These came into existence with the inspiration of retro horror movies, ghost stories, and unsettling fireside tales. 

It comes in all-caps scratched styles with a subtly Deco feel and a contrasting brush font that gives a horror and fear feel. In the regular style of the same font, a skeleton holds the creeping flesh, ready to be used in some horrific Halloween designs.

In addition to these features, it also includes numerals, punctuation, language support, custom underlines, and automatic ligatures.


22.  Gendarwo

Gendarwo. image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to inciting feelings of fear and terror,  ‘s blood-drenched letters certainly take things up a notch. Which is why we’re huge fans of Gendarwo. (See more dripping fonts here)

With features like multilingual accent, punctuation, numbering, and ligature, this super versatile font is perfect for upscaling your magazines, books, apparel, cards, and other crafts.


23. Dark Angels

Dark Angels
Dark Angels. image credit: Envato Elements

The Dark Angels has a perverse charm that can rev up your creations within seconds.

This typeface leans more towards the serious side, and its rigidness gives it a gothic look which suits well with designs where you need an eerie or ghostly touch.

The Dark Angels font comes with letters, punctuations, numbers, and countless OpenType features, making it a preferable choice for logotypes, badge designs, horror magazines, and websites.


24. The Ghoster

The Ghoster Font. image credit: Envato Elements

The Ghoster offers an uneasy mix of rough diagonals and heavy horizontals that puts a horror and unsettling flicker to anything it is added to. It is a great option for any Halloween project, billboards, posters, branding cards, and lots more.

With dishevelled all-caps letters, this ghost font feels as if something terrifying is right around the corner.

This gives The Ghoster its characteristic charm and makes it a go-to option for designers.


25. Rollet

Rollet. Image credit: Envato Elements

Rollet is a dark, contemporary font for short, eye-catching headings. Its dynamic angles bring an unearthly impact to the surroundings, while the incised letterforms look nothing but beautiful when paired with bright colors.

The Open type features of Rollet include contextual alternate, stylistic sets, alternates, swash, and ligature, all of which are PUA encoded and easily accessible through all major Open Type savvy programs.


26. Scarytale

Scarytale. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you are into mystery, the Scarytale font is something you will enjoy. This ghost font has proven its usefulness time and again.
Scarytale makes your design more suspenseful and thrilling through its muted color and layered vintage letters.

From fancy projects like fashion branding to more casual ones, including stationary and cards, this font surely has something for everyone.


27. Hello Zombie

Hello Zombie Horror Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Zombies and ghosts go hand-in-hand when talking about spooky stuff, and the Hello Zombie font is here to ascertain this.

Created from digital freehand drawing, this font headlines goopy, slime-dropping letters which are available in two styles:

Hello Zombie Regular and Hello Zombie Eyes. From gig posters to book covers and packaging, you can always trust this typeface to uplift your ghostly designs.


28. Friday Terror

Friday Terror
Friday Terror. image credit: Envato Elements

As the name indicates, Friday Terror is a typeface you can count on to conjure up a kooky and supernatural vibe.

Influenced by 90’s massacre movies, this font replicates the look of Slasher movies and brings bloodshed to your comics, illustrations, skateboards, and other projects.


29. Noveld

Noveld. image credit: Envato Elements

This typeface could have stepped straight out of “Ghost Busters” or any other ghoul movie.

Immediately giving visions of ghosts flying across a hotel and dirty bell-hops in elevators, Noveld is unapologetically loud in delivering the spookiness to your typography.

Thanks to its faded edges and solid strokes, this font flawlessly accompanies death band logos and metal, underground, punk, and hardcore posters.


30. Nightscary

Nightscary. image credit: Envato Elements

Nightscary is a violent and compelling handmade font designed after taking inspiration from horror movies.

Its rough design, combined with hasty bold splatters, promises to unnerve both adults and children.

Nightscary goes best with scary video games, movies, and book covers. It contains symbols, punctuation, and multilingual uppercase and lowercase letters and is available in both OTF and TTF file formats.


31. Suzanstein

Suzanstein. image credit: Design Cuts

If you are a fan of dark themes like passion and envy, then you are going to love this unique ghost-typeface.

Suzanstein is a retro-styled all-caps font, including numbers, symbols, punctuation, and ligatures.

It works well with shirts, book, mugs, logos, and party invitations, and leaves your readers frightened yet intrigued.


32. Freich Monsta

Freich Monsta. image credit: Envato Elements

Interested in a multilingual ghost font to go on your posters during the spooky season? Well, your wishes are about to come true with the Freich Monsta scary typeface.

It is an updated and much more imaginative version of the previously launched Freich font.

The bold, solid, and sleek letters of Freich Monsta add a twisted, gripping effect to your banners, brochures, and logos.

Including special ligatures, Freich Monsta is available in multilingual accents, making it one of the most versatile typefaces on our list.


33. Ghostbumps

Ghost Bumps. image credit: MyFonts

Ghostbumps typeface is the ultimate choice for gore and horror-related designs that give goosebumps to the viewers.

This font not only looks catchy and cool on your posters but is super easy to install on all iOS and Android devices.

Ghostbumps is best used for cover pages of thriller books, Halloween posters, supernatural movies, and haunted houses.

Similar to other ghost fonts, it also supports multiple languages and contains numbers, symbols, and basic Latin characters. Secondly, it has PUA-encoded support and compatibility with various Adobe software.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do ghost fonts represent?

There is nothing more horrifying for your grisly graphic design needs than ghost fonts or typefaces, which are just a graphical representation of fright-filled fonts, creepy, and spooky.

How are these ghost fonts created?

There are many to design these ghost fonts, they include a lot of swashes, spirits, alternates, characters, creepy elements, and suspense-filled characters or elements in it. It is also possible to display these ghost typefaces as playful, yet reverent acknowledgments of the living, breathing art of design.

Is Coaster Ghost a ghost font?

Yes, Coaster Ghost is a ghost font as it looks quite rigid and with the stiff design, it is suitable for ghost and suspenseful touch in your designs.


Best Ghost Fonts – Final Words

As it is well-known that fonts play a crucial role in designs, you should make sure to choose the right one. It is also necessary to understand the projects and their needs to make them more creative and appealing. It is also necessary to keep in mind that you design to convey the message right. 

To help you with all these challenging tasks and choose the right one, this article comes with the best ghost fonts which suit all your projects and needs a ghost, scary, creepy, and horror touch.

Have a look at these and choose the one which suits your needs wisely. If you already chose one, then let us know in the comments.

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