10+ Best Google Photos Alternatives in 2024

10+ Best Google Photos Alternatives in 2024

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These days, you can never take too many photos.

In an age where high-tech cameras and even higher-tech smartphones exist, every moment is an opportunity to immortalize.

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Of course, along with the rise of striking images and breathtaking visuals comes the need to store your media.

Enter Google Photos!

Here, you can save, share, access, and edit videos and photos on one platform. It comes with an AI-powered assistant, too, so you can easily manage your media however you need to.

One of its biggest advantages is that it’s compatible with both iOS and Android, making it a winning service for users of all kinds.

And like many services today, Google Photos is free up to 15GB of storage.

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All that said, here are other Google Photos alternatives you can check out:

10+ Best Google Photos Alternatives in 2024

  1. iDrive The best Google Photos alternative overall Get 90% off first year
  2. pCloud — The best Google Photos alternative for both iOS and Android
  3. Microsoft OneDrive — The best Google Photos alternative for Microsoft fans
  4. NordLocker — The best Google Photos alternative for NordVPN users
  5. Adobe Creative Cloud — The best Google Photos alternative for creative professionals
  6. Apple PhotosThe best Google Photos alternative for iOS users
  7. Dropbox — The best Google Photos alternative for multi-device users
  8. Amazon PhotosThe best Google Photos alternative for members of Amazon Prime
  9. Flickr — The best free Google Photos alternative
  10. SmugMug — The best Google Photos alternative for selling photos

10+ Best Google Photos Alternatives for Designers and Photographers

1. iDrivebest google photos alternatives

The best Google Photos alternative overall 

iDrive is still one of the best alternatives to Google Photos, despite the fact that it wasn’t particularly made for storing photos and videos.

The company’s low-cost plans pack a lot of storage space, so it should be incredibly appealing if this is your top priority.

Interestingly,  there is no other cloud storage that is as inexpensive per GB as this one. This could, therefore, be your best option if you manage a sizable image library.

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Due to the large file sizes of the RAW format, photographers will find iDrive to be a game changer.

iDrive, which, by the way, has nothing to do with the esteemed iOS brand, is a reliable service available for users in the iOS, Android, and Windows spaces.


2. pCloud

pcloudBest Google Photos alternative for both iOS and Android

The lifetime subscription feature is what sets pCloud apart from other excellent Google Photos alternatives.

It’s crazy how you can use this platform for quite literally the rest of your life for only a single upfront fee! In other words, this may be ideal for individuals who wish to avoid Google’s exorbitant subscription fees.

The cheapest lifetime subscription includes 500GB of storage and costs less than $200. However, if this is insufficient for a creative like you, you can acquire 2TB of storage for under $400. Annual plans are also available if you prefer not to pay a large one-time fee.

pCloud automatically stores your videos and photos in the cloud, just like Drive!

Additionally, you can automatically sync all of your devices, which can come in pretty handy if you’re a designer or photographer.

You can also use pCloud to make backups of your photos if you store them on online services like DropBox, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive, and Google Drive.


3. Microsoft OneDrive

microsoft onedrive

The best Google Photos alternative for Microsoft fans

If you’re a fan of Google Photos, you might want to check out Microsoft OneDrive!

There are very few spots where Microsoft OneDrive doesn’t impress, despite it not being designed to store videos and photos in particular.

Here, users can put together a limitless number of collections, thanks to The Vault; an in-app feature that promises end-to-end encryption.

Are you an Apple user? Don’t fret! Microsoft OneDrive’s services cover iOS devices too!

Those with the premium OneDrive plan can store an unlimited number of files in the Vault, while those who maximize the free plan will have limited options.

It may not be everyone’s go-to photo storage solution, but we like how the platform’s impressive security features consistently deliver!


4. NordLocker

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The best Google Photos alternative for NordVPN users

While NordVPN, one of the best virtual private networks, is perhaps NordLocker NordSecurity’s most well-known product, the company has also developed a potent alternative to Google Photos: NordLocker.

On a PC or Mac, all you need to do to access your photos and videos is log in to your NordLocker account. If you lose or break your device, automatic data backups make it simple to retrieve your precious photos and videos.

Also, NordLocker has a secure file-sharing feature that lets you give someone access to one of your encrypted folders (called a locker) and securely send it to them.

However, not everyone will find NordLocker to be an ideal substitute. To begin, there is a lack of high-capacity storage plans and no support for Android. Additionally, only other NordLocker users are permitted to share files. If this isn’t a deal-breaker for you, then this should be perfect!


5. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

The best Google Photos alternative for professionals

Adobe Creative Cloud is yet another technological powerhouse to keep in mind. To start, you’ll already have access to a fair amount of cloud storage if you use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

This could be a good Google Photos alternative that works well with your daily workflow, too.

However, let’s be honest: the purpose of Adobe Creative Cloud is not to take the place of your primary cloud storage platform.

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Instead, it is a secondary storage platform for ongoing Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop projects. That said, it may not be everyone’s best storage solution in mind.

However, due to its extensive integration with photo editing programs like Lightroom and Photoshop, it might actually be of more use to you. When your photos are stored on the server, the encryption of the files is sufficient.

Another drawback here is its price. It’s not particularly the most affordable. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend it to creatives without an Adobe subscription already.


6. Apple Photos

Apple photos
The best Google Photos alternative for iOS users

If you’re a fan of Apple and use its ecosystem for most of your activities, you should check out Apple Photos.

It’s one of the most cost-effective, feature-rich, and highly secure alternatives to Google Photos. Additionally, Apple devices have it pre-installed, so there are no complicated downloads or setup steps required.

The extensive integration with the entire iCloud ecosystem is perhaps the most significant advantage of Apple Photos.

iCloud provides seamless cloud storage, backup, and syncing solutions across iOS, macOS, and iPadOS. From shared albums to live photos, the features are extremely intuitive, as well.

All photos are encrypted while in transit and while in storage as part of the broader iCloud ecosystem.

You can therefore rely on Apple to safeguard your photos regardless of whether you are working from home, in the office, or in a cafe on a public Wi-Fi network.

Naturally, only Apple devices qualify for all of this. Apple Photos does not have a specific client for the Windows or Android operating systems just yet.


7. Dropbox

The best Google Photos alternative for multi-device users

One of the first cloud storage platforms to emerge in the early 2000s was Dropbox.

Despite the fact that it is not specifically designed for photos, it’s still one of the fittest alternatives to Google Photos for creatives like photographers, designers, and others who want to store a lot of images.

DropBox has a user-friendly and trouble-free interface thanks to its powerful yet simple interface and vast third-party integrations. It also has a high level of security.

Generally, Dropbox apps can be downloaded for free, but if you don’t subscribe to a tier, you can only store so much data. There are only 2GB available on the free version too.


8. Amazon Photos

amazon photos

The best Google Photos alternative for members of Amazon Prime

Amazon Photos is one of the best alternatives to Google Photos in part because it feels like the best place to store photos.

The interface is nearly identical and follows the same basic flow Google Photos utilizes. Even better, this Google Photos alternative provides unlimited photo storage.

But like every other pick on this list, there are a few caveats too. To begin, Amazon will compress your “unlimited” images, just like Google Photos used to do. This means you will need to pay to keep the high resolutions.

Additionally, only Prime members have access to unlimited photo storage and 5GB of video storage.

Nonetheless, plans here are decent and relatively affordable compared to many of its contemporaries.


9. Flickr 


The best free Google Photos alternative

In terms of free trial features, Flickr is one of the most generous out there. It’s also one of the best free alternatives to Google Photos as you can store up to 1000 photos and videos.

It’s all for free but there will be ads. Also, just like what Google offers, Flickr is available on the web, for Android, and iOS.

However, intermediate and professional photographers will outgrow that limit quickly. On the bright side, there’s only one upgrade option which is FlickrPro.

You’ll have access to unlimited photo cloud storage and you can choose to pay monthly, annually, or bi-annually.

Additionally, it has cross-platform support and is user-friendly, especially if you plan to tag images. However, the file type this app supports is nothing beyond JPG, PNG, and non-animated GIFs.


10. SmugMug 


The best Google Photos alternative for selling photos

SmugMug and Flickr are owned by the same company but SmugMug offers unlimited photo cloud storage at full resolution. The downside is that there are no free storage options on this app.

However, the app focuses on photographers and supports RAW files so users can build their websites by drag-and-dropping content boxes.

You’ll find that the results are very professional, including granular customization for high-level subscribers. SmugMug also includes easy-to-use e-commerce tools to help them sell their photos.

Photographers can share and sell their photos online which will broaden their reach and showcase their art.


10+ Best Google Photos Alternatives for Designers and Photographers Summary

Overall, the best Google Photos alternatives, all pack their own pros and cons, each of them catering to specific demographics.

Whether you’re a professional photographer running a business or a hobbyist maintaining an Instagram photography account, all of these finds are spectacular options you can look through.

Which one are you leaning towards the most, and why? Let us know in the comments section!

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