DON'T MISS: The Best Graphic Design Articles from January 2008.

DON'T MISS: The Best Graphic Design Articles from January 2008.

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Best Graphic Design

As outlined in my Blogging Goals post at the start of the year, one of my goals was to start a reoccurring monthly post and with a little thought, I came up with this idea of showcasing the best articles of the month on the topic of graphic design, so I present to you “The Best Graphic Design Articles from January 2008”. Expect the next one at the end of February.

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  • Design A Logo – The Ultimate Guide
    This was an article written by Gino over at You The Designer which showcases exactly how to go about making a logo for yourself along with some tips, references and inspiration. This got featured on front page of Digg.
  • Photoshop Quick Tip: Bigger Font Previews
    Shows you how to make your font previews bigger in Photoshop, something that is quite handy when choosing a font. A great article from Jennifer from Laughing Lion Design.
  • 16 Sensational Poster Designs
    This is another article from Gino, which showcases 16 band poster designs. A good mix of different styles of design and good inspiration. This article was also heavily dugg.
  • 16 Blogs With Unconventional Layouts
    This is a showcase of 16 blogs that use a different style of layout (much unlike other blog showcases), useful for anyone wishing to redesign their blog. A great article from Vivien at InspirationBit.

Unconventional Layouts

  • 15 Great Examples of Web Typography
    A post which showcases great typography on the web because of their treatment of text – not just because they are pretty.
  • 20 Signs Your Working For The Wrong Graphic Design Company
    This is a guest post written by Louisa Nicholson on Tara’s Graphic Design Blog that tells you 20 tell tale signs, in order, that you are working for the wrong company.
  • Finally, a PC that Every Designer has Dreamed about
    This is a great article from DT, an industrial designer from Designer Sojourn, that shows the features of the Napkin PC – “Using e-ink and RF technology it allows designers to draw in colour and skip the very tedious stage of transferring the sketch into a digital format.
  • Logo Design Love Launches
    If you love David Airey, then you will love Logo Design Love – a new blog by David Airey focused entirely on logo design.

Logo Design Love

  • 5 Vital Logo Design Tips
    This was actually a guest article written by myself for David Airey’s blog. It outlines the 5 vital steps you need to know for a logo design. A must read for any one needing to improve their logo design.
  • The Creative Process
    Lauren from Creative Curio is in the middle of redesigning her blog and she is recording her creative process. So far she has written about her Research and Thumbnails, her Experiments and her Researching Alternatives.
  • 32 Amazing Inspirational Pieces of Graphic Artwork
    This is a compilation of 32 great pieces of graphic design from BlogSpoonGraphics. I love these posts and I have added it to my 101+ Places to get Design Inspiration.
  • Show Us Your Workspace
    This is a cool, fun post from BittBox (a very awesome resourceful blog) which showcases designers workplaces. This can be inspirational and depressing as some of their workspaces do make you quite jealous!
  • Best of January 2008
    Although this is not entirely on graphic design, Smashing Magazine have compiled a good list of the things you shouldn’t have missed in January 2008. Many hours required here 🙂


  • 15 Wonderfully Simple Logo Designs
    A showcase of 15 logos proving that the best logo designs are simple on David Aireys new blog, Logo Design Love.
  • 7 Ways to Give Your Freelancing Career A Boost
    A short and sweet post from Freelance Folder on how to effectively make your freelancing business a success.
  • Vintage Web Design Inspiration
    A great collection of web designs that use a vintage style over at Web Designer Wall. This list is a great source of inspiration for all.
  • 12 Incredibly Crafty Ways to become a High Profile Freelancer
    Over at Freelance Folder, Skelli, a great writer that posts on many famous blogs provides 12 things you can do to add value to your freelancing business and build your profile as a freelancer.

I hope you enjoyed this list and if you did so please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. If you have any other articles that you think should make this list, please add them to the comments.

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17 thoughts on “DON'T MISS: The Best Graphic Design Articles from January 2008.”

  1. Oh, I accidently put your name on Lauren’s blog redesign article. I fixed it up now though. I hope to build my social media up this year too, this was another one of my blogging goals.

  2. Erm, Lauren from Creative Curio, silly!

    This is a great idea for a monthly graphic design roundup. Pleased I made the first list!! 😀

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..The Creative Process: Researching Alternatives

  3. This is a great idea, Jacob. Dugg, Stumbled, submitted to reddit, bookmarked on
    With this Social Media project, I’m trying to build up my social network 😉

    No, really, I like the articles you included here, will take me awhile to read them all. I appreciate you including a few notes of your own about each article, briefing us quickly on why we should read them. Honoured to be included here.

    What did you put instead of Lauren before fixing it? 😉

    inspirationbit’s last blog post..DOs and DON’Ts – Colour

  4. oh, I see now… I did get confused when I read that comment, but then somehow forgot to reply 😉

    Btw, Jacob, after I submitted the comment, I got a bunch of errors (smth about the header)… but when I clicked back I did see that the comment was submitted. I’ll see if it does the same now.

    EDIT: No, this time it worked fine…

    inspirationbit’s last blog post..DOs and DON’Ts – Colour

  5. Hi Jacob

    Thanks a million for including me in your list. Lots of interesting stuff in there that I missed too.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Twenty Stand Out Album Covers From The Last Ten Years

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