30+ Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos

30+ Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos

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If you’re on the lookout for all of the best handwriting fonts, then we’ve got you covered!

While many of us fully believe that we have good penmanship, the truth is that when it comes to using it in the world of graphic design, we might as well have the penmanship of a doctor. Not exactly the best choice when you’re working on the branding or a logo for a new client.

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To help, we thought of giving your wrist a break from trying to perfect your skills by offering our choices for the best handwritten fonts for graphic design, logos & branding. With these choices, you can stop practicing and start working and getting new clients.

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Before we start though, let’s get a clearer definition of what a handwritten font is.

10+ Best Handwritten Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos (Free & Premium) – Overview

  1. Amithen Brush Font
  2. Bird House Script
  3. Clarkson Script
  4. The Historia
  5. Watch
  6. Carosello
  7. Sinisuka
  8. Buffalo
  9. Venture – Handmade Font Script
  10. Crushine Wet Brush

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Best Free Handwritten Fonts for Graphic Design

1. Amithen Brush Font

Amithen Brush Font- Best Handwriting Fonts for Graphic Design
Amithen — A Handcrafted Brush Font. Image credits: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a textured brush font, Amithen is a strong contender. In our opinion, its contemporary approach to design is suitable for signages, campaigns, publications, intimate social gatherings, and a plethora of other creative projects.

We recommend using it for clothing pursuits, logos, invitations, and wherever you feel like authenticity is a key element.

Complete with lowercase and uppercase letters, this handwriting font should keep you busy! This is one of the most popular and best handwriting fonts for contemporary designs.

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2. Bird House Script

Bird House Script — A Handwritten Script Font
Bird House Script — A Handwritten Script Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Personal, classy, and thick, Bird House Script is a popular handwritten font among designers.

We think this font is perfect for branding initiatives and artistic endeavors. You can use this font for signages, posters, t-shirts, and more. The cursive style of the font also looks like it’s perfect for signatures.

Furthermore, we found that this font sports uppercase standard characters, on top of multiple languages and punctuation features.


3. Clarkson Script

Clarkson Script — A versatile script
Clarkson Script. Image credit: Envato Elements

Loud, versatile, and artistic, Clarkson Script presents a distinct take on digital lettering. Packed with multiple alternate uppercase and lowercase characters, we think this font is a strong contender for clean designs.

We also envision using this for massive visual presentations, and elaborate signages. Both intimate and aesthetic, designers and creatives will love how this font can be used anywhere.


4. The Historia

The Historia
The Historia. Image credit: Envato Elements

A natural-looking, hand-painted font, The Historia is bold and naturally grabs your attention with its thick strokes and faded design.

We recommend using it for book covers, advertising efforts, location signages, and more!

Available with both uppercase and lowercase characters, this font also packs multilingual support. Hence, we consider it a fantastic choice for non-English speakers too.


5. Watch

Cover Image For Watch
Watch. Image credit: Envato Elements

Reminiscent of graffitis and marker typefaces, Watch is captivating, tasteful, and unique.

In our opinion, it’s suitable for poster designs, headlines, music cover photos, and more. This font inherently adds a little dash of authenticity and attitude.

Using curved strokes and thick lines, the Watch feels uniquely personal. We think that people who are into graffiti text will also find this font more relatable.


6. Carosello

Cover Image For Carosello
Carosello. Image credit: Envato Elements

Inspired by vintage ads, Carosello displays real Sharpie aesthetics with thick lines and shaded gaps between letters.

In our opinion, anyone wanting to achieve a 1950s vibe will most definitely fall in love with this font’s visuals and appeals.

Perfectly preserving a font of an era, Carosello stands out on this list as one of the more memorable fonts.

We highly recommend using this handwriting font on posters, branding, and other retro-themed projects!

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7. Sinisuka

Cover Image For Sinisuka
Sinisuka. — A modern hand lettering font. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a font that’s modern and artsy, Sinisuka is the font you’re looking for. Suitable for a variety of projects, this typography is excellent for branding initiatives and creative projects.

As such, we highly recommend using this font for social media banners, posts, and t-shirt designs. Utilizing sharp edges and thin lines, Sinisuka is a unique rendition of what handwriting fonts should look like.


8. Buffalo

Cover Image For Buffalo
Buffalo — A handwritten font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Another handwriting font on this list that feels rather realistic is Buffalo. This font is clean, playful, and slender so we think it’s perfect for greeting cards, invitations, and personal letters. It’ll also look great on print layouts and t-shirt designs.

Available in both upper and lower cases, Buffalo sports an aesthetic that’s personal and friendly. It’s also complete with punctuation marks and numbers and has multilingual support.


9. Venture – Handmade Font Script

Cover Image For Venture - Handmade Font Script
Venture — A Handmade font script. Image credit: Envato Elements

Venture is a handwriting font that’s stylish and makes use of long strokes.

Resembling text that’s been written with a sharpie, this font is a staple among designers who wish to accomplish a sense of familiarity and personalization in their creative work.

In our opinion, this font is ideal for posters, t-shirts, book covers, and social media posts. Branding endeavors would also appreciate using this stylish handwriting font because it’s very eye-catching.


10. Crushine Wet Brush + Webfonts

Cover Image For Crushine Wet Brush + Webfonts
Crushine — The wet brush typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

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Another textured brush font on this list, Crushie displays letters that look like they’re written with a wet brush, as its name aptly hints. Inspiriting your text with authenticity and artsiness, Crushine Wet Brush + Webfonts is a pleasing sight to behold.

In our opinion, it’s perfect for art-related projects and campaigns that require classy strokes and slender, cursive lines. For example, you can use it for invitations, stationery products, quotes, and more.

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We found that this font pack contains upper and lower case letters, punctuations, numbers, and multilingual support.


11. Selfish Font

Cover Image For Selfish Font
Selfish Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

The Selfish Font packs some extent of masculinity in the way it’s written. Uneven and aesthetically crooked, this font is the best example of one that doesn’t seem digitized in any way.

With thick strokes and lines that aren’t always symmetric, Selfish Font is perfect for when you want your text to feel like they’re hurriedly handwritten.


12. Illusias

Cover Image For illusias
Illusias — An elegant typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

One of the more elegant typefaces, Illusias is feminine and optimizes long, slender strokes to add a statement.

Sporting a cursive aesthetic, this font is suitable for wedding invitations, stationery designs, and projects that make use of handwritten aesthetics to carry a cohesive theme.


13. Amsterdam Font Collection

Cover Image For Amsterdam Font Collection
Amsterdam Font Collection. Image credits: Envato Elements

Simple, and classy, but with multiple variations, the Amsterdam Font Collection is a sleek-looking handwritten font that’s sure to pack a punch.

With elongated strokes and curves on every edge, this font is perfect for a multitude of designs, especially those that include catchy quotes or inspiring messages.


14. Rustling Trees

Cover Image For Rustling Trees
Rustling Trees. Image credit: Envato Elements

As if written with a paintbrush, Rustling Trees is another popular textured font on this list.

Classy, vintage, and reminiscent of the end credits you’d see in 90s cartoons, this font is one of the more premium-looking typefaces you’ll find in Envato.

Use it for book covers, customized mugs, or what have you. Its overall aesthetic is elegant looking and will blend in perfectly in whatever project.


15. Stay High Logotype

Cover Image For Stay High Logotype Font
Stay High Logotype. Image credit: Envato Elements

A fusion of street style and sophistication, the Stay High Logotype is elaborate, loud, and pleasingly aggressive.

With overly curved strokes and thick lines, each character feels distinct and artsy.


16. Just Lovely

just lovely
Just Lovely Font Just Lovely. Image credit: MyFonts

With its sleek dry-brushed and flirty design, the Just Lovely typeface comes with a big personality and a multitude of letter variations to match.

Designed by Nicky Laatz, the font comes with three sets of lowercase stylistic alternates, standard ligatures that have been realistically created so you can get the look you’re going for.

Available in various styles including regular, slanted, and wide slanted, there is also a complimentary dingbat font that is packed with more than 60 different elements to help bring the type of personality to your project to help it come to life.


17. Heaven And Earth – Handwritten Font 

Heaven And Earth – Handwritten Font
Heaven And Earth – Handwritten Font Heaven And Earth – Handwritten Font. Image credit: Design Cuts

Designed by Rachel Irving to be an elegant, modern, and fashionable signature-style handwritten font, Heaven and Earth is inspired by the life and the truth and wonder that comes along with it.

The set is great for use in several programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape.

The handwritten font can be a perfect addition to your work and add a level of class and sophistication to make it stand out.


18. Born Ready

Born Ready
Born Ready Born Ready. Image credit: MyFonts

With multiple personalities and textured lines, the Born Ready typeface, a handwritten dry marker font can help you make a huge statement.

Designed by Nicky Laatz, Born Ready is available in multiple styles that each come with a personality so unique it is the perfect choice for your project. A set of ligatures and alternate lowercase letters help you achieve that perfect look every time.


19. Shifters Handwritten Typeface Brush

Shifters Handwritten Typeface Brush
Shifters Handwritten Typeface Brush Shifters Handwritten Typeface Brush. Image credit: DesignCuts

With its distinctive handwritten characters, the Shifters Handwritten Typeface Brush is a perfect option for any of your branding projects.

Created by Arendxstudio, the Shifters font comes with distinctive handwritten characters that are not only good for branding projects but have the versatility to be used on logos, media posts, advertisements, labels, photography, and more.

The set includes an A-Z character set, punctuations & numerals, accents, ligatures, and alternates.


20. Northwell

Northwell Font Northwell. Image credit: MyFonts

Created to present itself with a touch of personal charm, the Northwell typeface is a rustic, dapper handwritten font that has quick dry strokes and a signature style.

Designed by Sam Parrett, the Northwell font has two different styles associated with it – a rustic, textured version, and a totally clean & smooth version.

The typeface can be a perfect option for branding, packaging, or social media posts using the font as a text overlay.


21. Popless Script and Serif Font Duo

Popless Script and Serif Font Duo
Popless Script and Serif Font Duo Popless Script and Serif Font Duo. Image credit: Design Cuts

Designed by Ana’s Fonts, the Popless Script and Serif Font Duo is a hand-lettered font duo that can be a beautiful choice for creating logotypes, branding, packaging, as well as social media posts.

The typeface includes a handwritten script font as well as a hand-lettered serif font. To give your design that extra dose of drama, a set of swashes and a slanted version of the script are included.


22. Hanley Pro

Hanley Pro
Hanley Pro Hanley Pro. Image Credit: MyFonts

Born through necessity, the Hanley Pro typeface is woodblock-looking lettering complete with small caps. Created by District 62 Studio, the collection has grown from those humble beginnings to include a tall slim style, a monoline version, and a sans version.

The font comes with just enough irregularity to its edges that it portrays a human, handwritten touch while still being clean.

The font is also very versatile and the styles work well together so you can achieve an authentic vintage look or a modern and hand-crafted look.


23. Foxtrail Handwritten Font

Foxtrail Foxtrail. Image credit: Design Cuts

A handwritten font, the Foxtrail Handwritten Font is overflowing with personality. Designed by Ian Barnard, the textured brush script is perfect for all types of projects including branding, packaging, or social media posts.

The set includes the Foxtrail Script and Swashes, plus ink splatters that allow you to combine them with the font for a casual look.


24. Bayshore

Bayshore Bayshore. Image credit: MyFonts

With a design that looks like it was right out of the 80s, the Bayshore font family from Sam Parrett is a mono-line script font right out of the decade of acid-wash jeans and Miami Vice.

A perfect choice for projects where you need to create not only slick but stylish lettering, the hand-drawn font makes a great choice for logos, merchandise, or even packaging.

Each lowercase character even comes with a separate “end-swash” version so you can give a custom look and feel to the last letter in a word. With the Bayshore font, you can transport your client back in time, so jump in your Delorean and let’s go!


25. Hello Stranger – Handwritten Script

Shifters Handwritten Typeface Brush
Shifters Handwritten Typeface Brush Hello Stranger Typeface. Image credit: Design Cuts

With its signature, handwritten vibe, the Hello Stranger typeface can add that unique style that you’ve been looking for to your project.

Designed by Sarid Ezra, the handwritten script font comes with ligatures, swashes, and stylistic alternatives that give you the option to create your customized handwriting.


26. Let The Best— A script font

Let The Best Font
Let The Best. Image credit: Envato Elements / Khurasan

Let The Best is a handwriting font designed by Khurasan. This modern brush typeface can be ideal when organizing events, designing invitations, or working on any other design requirement.

If you’re looking for a modern and fresh handwriting font, this one could be the way to go.

27. Billyon — A handwriting font with finesse

Billyon — A handwriting font with finesse
Billyon. Image credit: Envato Elements

For handwriting fonts with a little more finesse, Billyon is a great option. This bold and dynamic font could be just what you need to make your design stand out.

This handwriting font is great for posters, invitations, branding, and most other design requests. Even though it might seem slightly over the top at first, it can be a great choice with the right color scheme.


28. Ink Handwriting Font

Ink Handwriting Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

The Ink handwritten font gives you a simple, natural look to your writings.

This font is suitable for all casual purposes such as greeting cards, wedding invitations, posters, brand design, and photography.

It also includes basic Latin alphabets from A-Z and a-z, numbers, and punctuation.

What is a Handwritten Font?

Just like it suggests, handwritten fonts are designed to look as though they were written by hand either with a pen or marker. While the range of styles in this typeface can be very broad, it reflects the subtle differences and variations that come with actual handwriting.

While some will compare the handwritten font to the script typeface, the difference is that script fonts tend to be more decorative or even have a touch of calligraphy while a handwritten font tends to look more like the penmanship written in a letter.

Like people, fonts, too, have varied personalities. As such, they can spark emotions, initiate conversations, and dictate how messages are received. This is why brand professionals and designers must put such a heavy premium on the fonts they choose.

Consider the fonts in movie posters. Notice that how a text is designed largely supports the genre of a film. For instance, thriller flicks mostly use sharp fonts to emphasize horror and gore. Meanwhile, romantic comedies make good use of round features to impart lighter emotions and nostalgia.

All that said, fonts add value to your message. It helps readers process information and respond the way you need them to. Furthermore using handwritten-type fonts benefit marketing and creative campaigns because they add a semblance of personal touch. They humanize a brand and make a message seem more authentic and intimate.

Where To Use Handwriting Fonts

Branding Design: Logos

Handwriting fonts can be used for logos and we consider it a great choice to do so. It can also be disastrous depending on how you use it. From our experience, handwriting fonts are often full of character so it’s important to choose the right one.

If used for branding, it’s even more important to choose a handwriting font that conveys the brand’s character perfectly. You can use it for children’s products, charity events, and other projects that require some flair and creativity.

Social Media Marketing: Banners and Posts

You often see handwriting fonts on social media posts with motivational quotes. They help evoke emotion from readers and put more character in your posts. As users scroll through their newsfeeds, your post can capture their attention.

From our experience, there is a wide variety of handwriting posts, like cursive designs or wild scribbles. Each one is perfect for a certain theme, like cursive for classic projects and wild scribbles for motivational posts.

Print Layouts

Handwriting fonts are also popularly used on several physical products, like posters, magazines, and flyers. Many of them are scalable to any size so you don’t need to worry about using them on big projects.

Furthermore, we recommend combining it with serif or sans-serif fonts to keep it from being overwhelming. It’s a good way to keep your design balanced.


From our experience, handwriting fonts can go amazing with branded t-shirts and other clothes. Because the font adds character, the design looks more eye-catching and charismatic. You’ll find several t-shirts that use handwriting fonts to paint their messages.

We advise taking into consideration where to place the font to make it more attractive. Generally, the rule is to make it larger and more centered to make it obvious and dominant. But what’s also important is to make sure the design is harmonious and not overwhelming.


Our Favorite Handwriting Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our favorite handwriting fonts below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best handwriting fonts for greeting cards?

The best handwriting fonts for greeting cards include illusias, Amsterdam Font Collection, Heaven And Earth–Handwritten Font, and Born Ready.

What is a good handwriting font for logo design?

When it comes to logo design, Venture, Hanley Pro, and Bayshore are some great handwriting fonts to pick.

What is a handwriting font with a personal touch?

If you’re looking for a font with a personal touch, Popless Script and Serif Font Duo, Just Lovely, and Born Ready are great choices.

What are a few calligraphy-type handwriting fonts?

Steffany, Venture – Handmade Font Script, and illusias are great calligraphy-like fonts.

What is the best handwritten font for more retro themes?

Carosello and Hanley Pro are the best handwritten fonts on this list for more retro themes and brand design.


Best Handwritten Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos (Free & Premium)

Using the right font in your design work can save you time, frustration, and most importantly, upset clients. With the choices we’ve made for the best handwritten fonts for graphic design, not only will you make your client happy, but your aching hand will thank you too.

Making use of the best handwritten fonts can help you add a dainty or classy feel to the designs you’re working on. While completely overlooked, handwritten fonts are surprisingly underrated.

Despite the aesthetic, you’re going for you’ll find that making use of a handwritten font can help add a sense of authenticity to it.

That said, we hope that this list of the best handwriting fonts will help you in creating designs. Feel like we left a font out? Let us know in the comments below!

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