15 Best Ink Brushes for Procreate in 2020

15 Best Ink Brushes for Procreate in 2020

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First appearing as part of the Tang Dynasty, ink painting, or ink wash painting as it is also known, has a long storied history.

Since those days though, with advancements in technology, the days of having jars of ink on your desk are long gone. Now, we the advent of technology, you can create incredible works of art right on your iPad with the Procreate app.

To help, we wanted to take a look at the different ink brushes that are available for Procreate and build a list of the best ones out there. You may or may not agree with the choices on our list but we hope it gives you some choices to consider once you’re all done.

Best Ink Brushes for Procreate

More Top Procreate Brushes


Best Procreate Inking Brushes


The Complete Procreate Brush Collection$397  $197 (Editor’s Choice)

Procreate Bundle

Get every set of brushes RetroSupply has ever made for Procreate and save a ton!

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You’ll enjoy hundreds of custom-made retro brushes including:

  • Inking brushes
  • Comic book brushes
  • Halftone brushes
  • Texture brushes
  • Gouache paint brushes
  • Hundreds more professional-grade brushes

Each brush kit has been optimized for iPad Pro and takes advantage of Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity.

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Rusty Nib Inkers for Procreate – $19 (Editor’s Choice)

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Rusty Nib Inkers for Procreate

Created by True Grit Texture Supply, you have access to more than 130 professional quality distressed inking brushes that you can use to create artwork that ranges from rough and gritty to smooth and delicate – all on your Procreate app. Built from scratch using original brushes and texture samples, the kit creates a diverse, yet powerful array of tools that allow you to combine the convenience of a digital workflow with the tactile beauty that comes from ink on paper. As realistic as it is diverse, the Rusty Nib set has you covered no matter what type of art you’re working on.


Handmade Ink and Watercolor Procreate Brushes – $17

Handmade Ink and Watercolor Procreate Brushes

Composed of 32 handmade brushes, the Handmade Ink and Watercolor Procreate Brushes kit, affectionately referred to as Zombie Chickn was created by Kassandra Escoe is no laughing matter. Each brush allows you to use each one in a variety of ways including inking, effects, and watercolor washes. As a bonus, the Handmade Ink and Watercolor Procreate Brushes kit includes 12 more brushes that can help you create incredible artwork each time you use them.


Ink Splatter Vol. 2 Procreate Brushes – $7

Ink Splatter Vol. 2 Procreate Brushes

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Sometimes, all you want to do is add a quick splatter of ink to your artwork to give it that extra something, and the Ink Splatter Vol. 2 Procreate Brushes from MiksKS is the perfect option to use. With 17 ink splatter brushes that are great for adding some texture to your illustrations or even hand-lettering pieces. They can even be a great option for creating backgrounds or textures. The kit contains various sampled ink drop brushes plus three wet ink wash brushes and two diluted ink drawing/sketching brushes.


Digital Ink Brush Set for Procreate – $19

Digital Ink Brush Set for Procreate

Achieving a hand-drawn look with your artwork can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to ink. The Digital Ink Brush Set for Procreate from Perspective-Collective Shop provides you with custom-pro digital inking brushes that can help you get that effect in less time.With more than 35 brushes, including clean and rough monoline pens and clean and rough brush pens, the set is designed to be easy-to-use, highly intuitive so you can save time and improve your process. Each one has been crafted in exquisite detail so they can easily handle outlines, linework, shading, filling, and more!


INK 4 Procreate: 63 Brushes – $14

INK 4 Procreate 63 Brushes

Containing 63 realistic brushes for digital inking, the INK 4 Procreate kit from Ldarro’s Artist Goods contains brushes that imitate real pens, brushes and also includes blot/splashes brushes as well. Designed to imitate real instruments such as a sharp nib pen, bristle, and round brushes, and more, some of the brushes in the set make splatter patterns much like the actual instruments would. To help add some liveliness and fine naturalness to your artwork, several spray and splash brushes are included as well.


Roller Ink Procreate Pack -$6

Roller Ink Procreate Pack

Created by Jamie Bartlet, the Roller Ink Procreate Pack is a perfect way to add an extra something to your ink designs. With six brushes and ten unique stamps textures, each on has been made from real brayer and ink textures. The size of the brushes is easily adjustable while maintaining the textures’ quality. With the dirty work done, you can use the Roller Ink Procreate Pack in any of your incredible art creations right on your iPad.


Procreate Ink Brushes – $10

Procreate Ink Brushes

Another great set created by MiksKS, the Procreate Ink Brushes is a set of more than 30 handmade ink brushes which have been divided into three different categories: regular brushes for ink sketching, ink washes, which are great for texturing and backgrounds, and ink stain stamps. All of the brushes are pressure-sensitive and optimized for the Apple Pencil. Created from real China ink samples to give them a more realistic result. As a bonus, the set also includes five paper textures that you can add as a background.


Real Ink Brushes For Procreate – $7

Real Ink Brushes For Procreate

Create by Eliza Moreno Illustration, the Real Ink Brushes For Procreate set helps you turn your iPad into a personal notebook for every one of your ink creations. With 15 brushes, the set includes a variety of different options you can use from a haze ink brush to a calligraphy ink brush, all without getting your finger covered in ink. While these brushes only work in the Procreate app, you’ll be wishing they worked with all your drawing apps to bring amazing ink artwork to life.


Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes – $6

Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

There is something about the old-school look of ink in comic books and being able to add an authentic, comic book style to your work can add a new level of detail and with the Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes from Ink Gang Boss you can easily add these to your art. Delivering a subtle textured line that imitates the ink-bleed that appeared in old newsprint comic books, the Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes set is perfect for adding a natural touch as well as a traditional feel to every bit of line work you create.


Rolled Ink Brushes For Procreate 5 – $12

Rolled Ink Brushes For Procreate 5

Seamless Team wants to help you roll some ink to create rolled art without the big mess that normally comes with it. The Rolled Ink Brushes For Procreate 5 set is hand-rolled on real paper, scanned, and transformed into brushes and stamps for you to use creatively to reproduce the look and feel of rolled ink. While it has many uses in illustrations and designs, rolled ink looks incredible on vintage themed art and designs. If you’re looking for some texture to add to your retro/grungy vibes, look no further.


Ink Brushes for Procreate 5 – $12

Ink Brushes for Procreate 5

Another great creation by the Seamless Team, the Ink Brushes for Procreate 5 is a versatile inking set that helps you mimic the look of real ink through digital means. The set contains ink brushes and stamps that can add elegance and uniqueness to your artwork. Each stamp is loaded with character and detail while each brush provides a true ink feel. With its wide variety of brushes from dry, wet, as well as washes and textures, the Ink Brushes for Procreate 5 set is the perfect option for digital painting and illustrating


FineLiner Ink Procreate Brushes – $7

FineLiner Ink Procreate Brushes

With 11 brushes, each designed to help you create incredible monoline illustrations, detailed work, and illustrated shading, the FineLiner Ink Procreate Brushes from Inky Pixels have been inspired by popular writing utensils. The set includes seven liner-style brushes that come in various sizes, two flexible tip brushes, and two stipple brushes to save your hand from creating hundreds of dots. The FineLiner Ink Procreate Brushes is a perfect introductory set to ink art and the affordable price won’t hurt your wallet either.


Procreate INK & SFX Brushes – $2

Procreate INK & SFX Brushes

At such an incredible price, we had to include the Procreate INK & SFX Brushes set by Georg’s Procreate Brushes. A custom-made Procreate ink brush set, the package comes with more than 15 brushes for inking and special effect. Dedicated to the great American illustrator, Will Elder, the Procreate INK & SFX Brushes set will provide you with everything you need to create amazing art and an unbeatable price.


INKTOBER Procreate Ink Brushes – $5

INKTOBER Procreate Ink Brushes

Loaded with more than 45 ink brushes for Procreate, the INKTOBER Procreate Ink Brushes, designed by Georg’s Procreate Brushes is a collection of incredibly versatile ink brushes, pigment pens, and marker brushes to help you create on your iPad. Tweaked and optimized to work with the new features found in Procreate, the set includes brushes such as Brushy Inker, Hard Jagged, and many more.


Procreate Samurai Ink Brushes – $8

Procreate Samurai Ink Brushes

Created by Ink Gang Boss, the Procreate Samurai Ink Brushes are crafted from quality textures that have been inspired by Sumi-e, Eastern, and Japanese ink drawings. Through countless hours of testing and fine-tuning, the brushes are capable of helping you create amazing organic-looking art with unique textures in both black and white and color. With more than 30 brushes to help you create realistic art no matter your subject.


Best Ink Brushes for Procreate

Creating masterpieces with ink can tie you into the history of the world, sharing an experience with the countless others that came before you. Thankfully, you can now do this digitally and don’t have to get your hands dirty. With our list of the best ink brushes for Procreate, you can start right away

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