10 Best Keynote & PowerPoint Presentation Templates & Infographics

10 Best Keynote & PowerPoint Presentation Templates & Infographics

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One of the biggest things about being a designer is the pitch that you make to potential clients and many times, this includes presenting your ideas as a presentation in front of who you hope will be your next client.

But you can’t go into that meeting with just any old default template. You have to wow them, show them you know what you’re doing long before you get a handshake and a big fat payday.

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To help, we wanted to highlight the Top Keynote & Powerpoint Presentations & Infographics for Designers so you could look your best, even though that tie is not the right choice.

Let’s get started!

Top Keynote & Powerpoint Presentations for Designers

1. 1600 Infographic Templates – $39

1600 Infographic Templates

When you walk into that presentation room, using a bland, overused template might have your audience looking for the door. With 1600 Infographic Templates, created by The Seamuss, you can wow your audience with templates for marketing, education, social media, and more. The template bundle also contains elements you can add such as illustrations, arrows, and maps. Routinely updated, the kit will give you all you need to impress a potential client and get the job.


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2. 18 Templates + 60 Photos Bonus – $29

18 Templates + 60 Photos Bonus

While having a nice template to create your presentation is nice, being able to flesh it out with actual photos is even better. The 18-in-1 bundle comes with 18 amazing looking templates that can be used with PowerPoint and Keynote but it also comes with mockups plus 60 stock photos that you can use in your presentation. With all objects being fully editable, you can create an amazing presentation in no time.


3. Infographics Templates Presentations – $29

Infographics Templates Presentations

Infographics are a great way to present important research-driven data without boring the audience following along but the problem lies in some of the templates out there which are just plain boring. With the Infographics Templates Presentations from Abert, you’ll have more than enough options to keep people interested. Loaded with 1000 animated slides, you’ll find an infographic for just about every subject from business to medicine and beyond!

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4. Color-X Keynote Template – $39

Color-X Keynote Template

While many different Keynote templates will focus on bright colors and animated slides, what do you do if your potential client has seen all that before and isn’t impressed by some rehash of the same old thing? Enter the Color-X Keynote Template by Yuriy Kondratkov. With its clean and elegant design, it is easy to change colors, modify shapes or text on any of the over 40 slides of content. If you’re tired of the same old thing, this could be exactly what you’re looking for.


5. 2000 Infographic Templates Presentations – $39

2000 Infographic Templates Presentations

If you need to get a point across, using an infographic is a great way to do it. With the 2000 Infographic Templates Presentations from Abert, you may never need to buy an infographic pack again. With templates for just about every style from business to geography, medicine and more, being able to customize the templates is easy and you can change the colors, move things around and scale items without losing quality thanks to the inclusion of the master vector files. If you only buy one infographic template pack, it should be this one.


6. Projection PowerPoint Template – $17

Projection Powerpoint Template

If part of your work involves providing sales projections to clients based on the ideas you have for their rebranding concept, using a PowerPoint Presentation Template that makes things easy to understand is essential. That’s why the Projection PowerPoint Presentation Template from Zacomic Studios is such a great option. Created with outstanding design, bright colors and figures that will complement your design perfectly and all you need to do is add the text and blow them away


7. Complete Business PowerPoint Template – $18

Complete Business Powerpoint Template

When you need to present the details of your business in the most professional way possible, you want to use a template that has a clean and easy to understand design. The Complete Business PowerPoint Presentation Template from Zacomic Studios offers a template that is full of clear and easily customizable slides. Created to be able to present projects, business ideas, advertising campaigns, and case studies, the presentation template is perfect for any company, large or small, or anyone looking to maintain corporate branding specifications.

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8. Puzzle Infographics Presentations – $14

Puzzle Infographics Presentations

Puzzles can be a lot of fun. Even in a presentation, the use of puzzle infographics can add a lighter feel to a serious topic. With the Puzzle Infographics Presentations by Abert, your presentations will be the highlight with the animated puzzles in this kit. With 50 color themes, you can easily change the color of the shapes, icons, and fonts with a click, making it extremely easy to create a new presentation in no time at all


9. Pitch Master PowerPoint Template – $13

Pitch Master Powerpoint Template

When you’re pitching your latest project or pitching an idea to a prospective client, the presentation that you use needs to be on point. The Pitch Master PowerPoint Presentation Template from Zacomic Studios offers you the well-designed PowerPoint templates you need to showcase your presentation in the best way possible. With shapes that highlight the text and images that capture your attention, your presentation will be all they will talk about with these templates.


10. Portfolio PowerPoint Template – $17

Portfolio Powerpoint Template

Handing a potential client a paper copy of your resume when you pitch your idea to a potential client is just going to end up in the trash heap and everyone these days has a website. To truly stand out, you need something different and the Portfolio PowerPoint Presentation Template from Zacomic Studios provides you with a beautiful template you can use to present your work that can highlight your past projects, images, your brand, and your products. The color scheme is adjustable so you can fine-tune it to fit your brand’s needs.


11. MURO – PowerPoint Minimal Template

MURO - PowerPoint Minimal Template
MURO – PowerPoint Minimal Template. Image Credits: Envato Elements

MURO – PowerPoint Minimal Template is a minimalistic PowerPoint keynote template. It has a simple, creative, and minimalistic design. It is an ideal template for company and agency slideshows that require a minimal presentation. 

It also works well for branding presentations, business proposals, investors, corporate presentations, and customer presentations. 


12. MINI Keynote Template

MINI Keynote Template
MINI Keynote Template. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Are you looking for a minimal PowerPoint keynote template for your business presentations? The MINI Keynote Template will end your struggle of going around in search of templates. 

This MINI Keynote Template features a design that fits your uses. This includes powerful slides, infographics, photo layouts, colors, and maps. It also consists of SmartArt diagrams and other features, which help you express yourself in business and company presentations.


Top Keynote & PowerPoint Presentations for Designers

Using presentations to pitch potential and current clients can keep them informed and reaffirm their trust in working with you. Choosing the right presentation template is key though and we hope that our list of the Top Keynote & PowerPoint Presentations for Designers can help you walk out of your next presentation a rockstar

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