33+ Best Kids Fonts for Children’s Design Projects

33+ Best Kids Fonts for Children’s Design Projects

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If you create designs or products for children, finding the best kid’s fonts that will appeal to the younger generation can be challenging.

You may need a font that is as colorful, creative, and cheerful as children themselves to strike a chord with them.

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This is why we have put together this list of the 30 best kid fonts that you could add to your collection. So get creative and unleash your inner child with these best fonts for kids!

Top 10 Best Kids Fonts for Children’s Design & Branding Projects (Free and Premium)

There are lots of fun kids fonts out there and these are some of the best typefaces that you could use in your projects.

We list the best fonts for kids, fun kids fonts, cute kid fonts, free kid fonts, kids handwriting fonts, and the best professional fonts for children.

  1. Bjola 
  2. Rugfish
  3. Woodland Portraits
  4. Woodland Portraits Vol. 2 
  5. Funnybear and Funnydear Font Duo 
  6. Tiny Joy 
  7. Autumn Spice
  8. Viva La Fiesta
  9. Little Bear and Little Mouse Font Duo 
  10. Sealife

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Top 33 Best Kids Fonts for Logo Design, Graphic Design, Posters, and more! (Free and Premium)

1. Bjola 

Bjola. Image credit: Design Cuts

Bjola is a bold and friendly font with a bubbly look, thanks to its beautiful defined curls, alternates, and chubby letters. It is simple yet modern and perfectly captures the essence of childhood by evoking nostalgia, taking you back to some of the best memories of your life.

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It’s perfect for children’s books, funny greeting cards, logotypes, and other projects, but you can also use the font more widely because of its timeless design. Bjola also comes with support for over 15+ languages, including Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, to name a few.


2. Rugfish 

Rugfish. Image credit: Design Cuts

Rugfish is a playful and chunky typeface with cheerful undertones. If you are looking for a typeface that will make you stand out from the crowd, then Rugfish is the one with its eye-catching design and unique patterns that you can use to experiment.

It is perfect for designing products for kids, logo/emblem design, or any other purposes. Any project that could use some style and persona would go hand in hand with this font.


3. Woodland Portraits 

Woodland Portraits. Image credit: Design Cuts

Straight out of a fairytale book, Woodland Portraits is an incredible all-around package. It comes with a beautifully textured font with hand-drawn forest animals, flowers, and other ornaments that you can mix and match to create ornate designs.

In total, you get over 50+ unique design elements, including animal portraits and floral patterns, in this one value for money bundle.

This is one of the best fonts for kid’s books.


4. Woodland Portraits Vol. 2 

Woodland Portraits Vol. 2. Image credit: Design Cuts

Another beautiful bundle for kids designed by Anna’s Creations is the Woodland Portraits Vol. 2. It features a textured and elegant font called “Baby Wood” and consists of a newer set of elements compared to the previous volume.

There are over 50+ distinctive designs, including animal portraits, floral wreaths, and more, that will help you create kids-themed designs such as t-shirts and posters in just minutes!


5. Funnybear and Funnydeer Font Duo 


Funnybear and Funnydeer Font Duo. Image credit: Design Cuts

These artistically hand-crafted fonts found in Funnybear and Funnydeer Font Duo the have been made with great love, especially for your near and dear ones. The best part is that it comes with a set of adorable and funny animals that will perfectly suit your project if you are designing children’s products.

If you want to add a hint of cuteness to your unique design of cards, posters, wishes, invitations, fabric, gift wrapping, and more, then this bundle is full of it!


6. Tiny Joy 

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Tiny Joy. Image credit: Design Cuts

If you are looking for a font that isn’t dull or monotonous, Tiny Joy is a great alternative. Each character has its own unique and quirky personality in this bold font, making it perfect for cards, prints, logos, invitations, illustrations, decoration, and any other fun design.


7. Autumn Spice 

Autumn Spice. Image credit: Design Cuts

Autumn Spice stays true to its name with a font that perfectly encapsulates the warm fuzzy feeling of fall with a beautifully designed typeface. The use of this sans serif font isn’t just limited to Autumn; it is suitable for any products or designs that are meant for children with its cozy and warm mood.


8. Viva La Fiesta 

Viva La Fiesta. Image credit: Envato

The Viva la fiesta font perfectly summarizes the spirit of the fiesta with a fun trio of fonts that have a tremendous child-like aesthetic to add some color and life to all of your projects. You wouldn’t want to miss out on such a great font available for free if you have a subscription.


9. Little Bear and Little Mouse Font Duo 

Little Bear and Little Mouse Font Duo. Image credit: Design Cuts

Like its siblings, Funnybear and Funnydeer, the Little bear & little mouse font duo created by JuliyArt feature three hand-drawn and charming fonts. This package includes a cute set of animal faces, posters in Scandinavian, and other elements that you can create beautiful designs.

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You use these fonts to add a Scandinavian flair to cards, prints, posters, calendars, brochures, maps, create invitations, icons, and more! It is perfect for Nordic-style products!


10. Sealife

Sealife. Image credit: Design Cuts

Sealife is a disruptive font with a playful vibe that reminds you of your favorite memories associated with the sea, thanks to its oceanic patterns. It is undoubtedly one of the unique fonts out there, and it is difficult not to fall in love with such a beautifully crafted typeface.

This font family includes decorative, black, and inline versions and a set of small clipart with stylized sea plants and animals and seamless patterns as a bonus! Sealife will look great on any design with a relaxed and calm vibe such as posters, cards, tourist brochures, photo overlays, products branding, and packaging


11. Sweet Hearts Candy Font 

Sweet Hearts Candy Font. Image credit: Designed Cuts

Who doesn’t love candy? Young or old, it doesn’t matter. No one can resist this sugary confectionery that played an essential part in our childhood. Sweet Hearts is made from actual photographs of real candy hearts in five classic colors. The characters are set at varying angles with various baselines for fun and bouncy text that’s as playful as it is nostalgic.

So if you have a sweet tooth, you can’t resist this sweet, adorable, and straightforward font with beautiful alternates that is best used on posters, headlines, cards, invitations, and prints.


12. New Kids on the Font 

New Kids on the Font. Image credit: Envato

If you are looking for a more hip and retro font, you can’t go wrong with New Kids on the Font. Inspired by a retro poster design at a coffee shop (and an 80’s boy band with a similar name), this typeface will add life and a natural handmade feel to any design.

This font also has universal support for over 50+ languages, including Afrikaans, Danish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish


13. FunClub 

FunClub. Image credit: Envato

Handmade fonts have their unique charm, and FunClub is no exception. It is a playful handwritten font inspired by kids’ doodles & sketchbooks and can be of great use for designing posters, cartoons, comics, and graphics.

FunClub comes with extended Latin character sets, including Western European, Central European, and South-Eastern European character sets supporting 19 languages. It also comes with six variants — regular, italic, outline, outline italic, script, and script outline — that you can use to create endless combinations that are as fun as the font!


14. Kindly 

Kindly. Image credit: Design Cuts

Kindly is a friendly, hand-drawn, all-caps font by Up Up Creative that took years to develop. It has neat typography with an authentic design and is perfect for invitations, branding, and editorial design.

As a bonus, you also get more than 100 extra elements, including stylistic sets and character variants that you can use to add some fun to your layouts. There are 504 glyphs in total, including symbols and word art. Few fonts offer as much value for money as Kindly, and we highly recommend adding them to your collection.


15. Isabel 

Isabel. Image credit: Design Cuts

Almost all of the fonts in this list so far have been fun and colorful, but if you want something more formal and elegant, we recommend adding Isabel to your collection. It is a friendly font that takes inspiration from simple letters that teachers first teach their pupils in school as they learn how to read.

The result is a modern serif typeface that retains its classic charm, perfect for children’s books and branding. In addition, the font supports 208 languages and comes with a gorgeous set of alternates as a bonus.


16. Big Jano 

Big Jano. Image credit: Envato

Big Jano is a bold, playful, and kid-friendly typeface that will add to any project’s aesthetics. This wonderful font is best suited for kids’ projects, logos, social media posts, and book covers.


17. Ding Typeface 

Ding Typeface. Image credit: Design Cuts

Ding is a dense but highly expressive typeface that includes various alternatives and support for Cyrillic alphabets. It is specially designed by Rodrigo Araya for children’s titles and products.


18. Creampuff 

Creampuff. Image credit: Envato

Creampuff is an all-caps bubble shape font that will add depth and playfulness to your projects. Although it is designed to make occasions like a child’s birthday party much more special, it will suit any other kids’ project perfectly. It all depends on your imagination.


19. Sandy Kids 

Sandy Kids. Image credit: Envato

Sandy Kids is a playful and chunky display font. Its simple and easy read characters have a refreshing design, and it is a guaranteed hit if you decide to use it for any of your projects!


20. Anima 

Anima. Image credit: Envato

Which kid isn’t fascinated by animals? The Anima typeface inspired by animals has been designed especially for curious children. It will give your projects a handmade feel, and you also get a set of 10 cute animal vectors that you can combine with the font to create stunning designs in just minutes!


21. Friends Forever Font Duo 

Friends Forever Font Duo. Image credit: Design Cuts

The Friends Forever Font Duo has been made by hand, and with the help of these fonts, you can make cards, prints on clothes, bright posters, create invitations, and more. Its modern design will look great on any project, but this font duo is best used in pairs like two inseparable best friends!



COCOLA. Image credit: Envato

COCOLA by TKK Studio is an all-bold font with a funny and happy vibe around it. These bubbly characters are perfect for online games, posters, movie titles, magazines, youtube thumbnails, social media, etc. It all depends on your creativity!


23. SketchZone 

SketchZone. Image credit: Envato

SketchZone is an innovative chalk font that brings back fond memories of school. This incredibly versatile, bright, and textured typeface will be perfect for any design that needs a chalk simulation font. Especially if your theme is back-to-school!


24. Starry Typeface 


Starry Typeface. Image credit: Design Cuts

Just like the name suggests, the theme for this beautifully textured font revolves around stars. This typeface comes with a wide variety of 89 distinctive stars, 12 cards, and 22 illustration elements perfect for cards, prints, invitations, and decoration.

Starry Typeface’s eye-catching and quirky letters are perfect if you want to create designs or scripts that fascinate children and evoke their curiosity.


25. Children Book Kids

Children Book Kids. Image credit: Envato

Just like the name suggests, the Children’s Book Kids is a cute font in a natural handwritten artistic style that is perfect if you’re working on children’s books or other projects for kids as it will fit those concepts beautifully.


26. Funkids 

Fun Kids. Image credit: Envato

Funkids is a playful and fun display font with beautifully defined loops and a handwritten style that adds a personal touch to any design or text. It is accompanied by several alternate characters and a decorative version of the font that you can use to create custom designs.


27. Smile Kids 

Smile Kids. Image credit: Envato

Smile Kids is a cute and friendly display font that embodies playfulness by resembling a child’s handwriting on a chalkboard. It is the type of font that first comes to mind when you think of kids fond, and it is perfect for any kids’ activity or school project.


28. Roadkey 

Roadkey. Image credit: Envato

The Roadkey font is a simple yet modern display font that will bring joy to any kid’s heart. It features handcrafted characters in two different styles — standard and line — that you can use to create innovative designs. So get creative!


29. Kids Park 

Kids Park. Image credit: Envato

If you are specifically looking for a font that looks great on invitations like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more, there isn’t a better font than Kids Park. It is a handwritten typeface that will work wonders on any project that could use a bit of playfulness.


30. Balloon 

Balloon. Image credit: Design Cuts

A cartoon font with bright and chubby characters, Balloon will make you smile! It can add color and cheerfulness to any design, making it suitable for cartoon logos, short titles, children’s books, and greeting cards.


31. The Super Adorable Font Bundle

The Super Adorable Font Bundle
The Super Adorable Font Bundle. Image credit: Design Cuts

When it comes to working with kids’ designs and more adorable product packaging, the super adorable font bundle is a great option to work with. This impressive collection of kids’ fonts comes with over 10 different fonts available in both TTF and OTF file formats.

With a lighthearted and fun feel to them, they make an excellent option for children’s books, pre-schools, products, and branding. Currently one of the best kids fonts for designers to work with, you’ll find this one used time and time again.


32. Charlie Kingdom – Children’s Fountain

Charlie Kingdom- Children's Fountain
Charlie Kingdom- Children’s Fountain. image credits: Envato Elements

The Charlie Kingdom kids font is a bold display font. This cute looking font is perfect to use on children’s story books, comic books, book covers, posters, kids party banners, branding for baby products, social media posts, school supplies, and many more creative items. This kids font contains OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats. This font works great on Mac and PC.

The Charlie Kingdom kids font has numbers, punctuation, symbols, stylistic alternates, special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters. You can easily access this kids font on Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and on Microsoft Word. This font will not require any additional design software to install. It is easy to download and simple to use. This kids font also supports multiple languages.

33. Gingo Kids

Gingo Kids
Gingo Kids. Image credits: Envato Elements

The Gingo Kids font is fun and a colorful typeface to work on. This kids font is just perfect for comic books, logos, greeting cards, print quotes, t-shirts, coffee mugs, branding, and many more. There are four font styles in this kids font typeface such as regular, fine, rough, and fine rough. This kids font is easily editable.

You can edit this font the way you want for your designs. The Gingo Kids font contains OTF, TTF, WOFF1, and WOFF2 file formats. These characters of this font are PUA coded. It works well on Mac and PC. This kids font contains numbers, punctuation, uppercase, and lowercase letters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best font for cartoon logos?

Bjola can add color and cheerfulness to any design, making it suitable for cartoon logos, short titles, children’s books, and greeting cards. It is a font that looks funky with a chubby texture. There are many fonts for cartoon logos in this article which will definitely help you to find a perfect one.

Which font is otherwise called Chalk Font?

SketchZone is an innovative chalk font that brings back fond memories of school. This incredibly versatile, bright, and textured typeface will be perfect for any design that needs a chalk simulation font, especially if your theme is back-to-school!

Is "Kindly" best for school projects?

Yes, Kindly is best for school projects as it is a friendly, hand-drawn, all-caps font by Up Up Creative that took years to develop. It has neat typography with an authentic design and is perfect for invitations, branding, and editorial design.



Best Kids Fonts Summary

There are many fonts to choose from that are specifically designed for kids, with each having its unique attribute. A playful, colorful, and innovative typeface will elevate your designs and genuinely resonate with the younger generation.

If you are working on any concept related to kids, then this list of the 30 best kids fonts in 2022 will help you create beautiful projects. We hope that you agree with our picks and consider them for your next project. Happy designing!

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