Best Printer for Design Agency? OKI LED Printers Review

Best Printer for Design Agency? OKI LED Printers Review

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Are you looking for the best printer for your graphic design agency? Listen up.

Founded in 1881, OKI Electric Industry became world-famous for manufacturing the first telephone in Japan, only a year after Alexander Graham Bell’s invention in 1876. Today, Oki Electic Industry, or OKI for short, manufactures info-telecom and printers for businesses and even graphic artists.

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For over 20 years, OKI has been at the forefront of LED printing technology and continues to be one of the top manufacturers in the world. We love sharing cool tech here and thought we’d shine a spotlight on the amazing printers that OKI can offer your design team or graphic artists in need of an upgrade.

First, though, one thing keeps bugging us. What exactly is an LED printer and how does it work? Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

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What is LED Technology?

When you think of LED technology, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Televisions or home lighting. Many people aren’t aware that you can also use LEDs for printing. Instead of using a laser to apply the image to the paper, an LED printer uses a light-emitting diode array in the printhead. The LED will pulse-flash across the entire width of the page and create the image on the print drum or belt as the page moves past.

Using LEDs is more efficient and reliable because they have less moving parts, meaning that the repair tech won’t be by as often. Depending on the design of the printer, LED printers can also have a faster print rate than their laser cousins.

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How Graphic Artists can Benefit from Oki LED printers

Oki Pro Series

Ok, well that sounds great but we know what you’re thinking.

How does all that cool tech benefit me and my design agency? See, I told you we knew. Well, kemosabe, not only does an LED printer from OKI let you take control of your printing on demand, it comes with a low cost of setting up and ownership, and its compact design can fit just about anywhere.

Not good enough? Don’t worry we’ve got more benefits for you. Along with speed that you can rely on to handle everything you need it to, an LED printer from OKI can take your current business opportunities and expand on them incredibly. With unrivaled media flexibility and the option to print with 5 colors, CMYK + White or Clear, and a three-year free warranty, these LED printers can take your design team to the next level.

So, enough talk, let’s take a closer look at the goods – the printers that OKI can offer you or your design team.

OKI Pro Series Printers

Pro8432WT – CMY + White

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Oki c833n Printer

Category: Digital LED printer | Print speed: A4 plain paper: 35ppm; A3 plain paper: 20ppm | Paper capacity: 400 sheets | Paper size: up to A3, custom up to 431 mm and weights up to 256 gsm | Weight: 81.6 lbs

Offering incredible media versatility with vibrant CMYW colors on dark and light-colored media to clear film and even being able to transfer media in sizes up to A3 and paperweights up to 256gsm, the Pro8432WT is a white toner printer that offers high-definition LED color printing plus white toner technology.

Part of OKI’s White Toner line, the printer is one of the first digital printers by the company that allows you to print using white toner. Offering the same speeds as their standard color digital LED printers and is as easy to use as well.

White toner printing affords designers, graphic studios, and others a new flexible way to print, proof, and produce items in-house instead of using a third party, saving time and money in the process.

The brilliant whites and beautiful colors provide you with the kind of printer that can handle just about anything you throw at it. From short-run display materials, packaging concepts, point of sale signage, window graphics, and even garment decoration and promotional merchandise with ease.




Pro9541 – CMYK + White

Oki 9541 Printer

Category: Digital LED printer | Print speed: A4 plain paper: 50ppm; A3 plain paper: 28ppm | Paper capacity: 530 sheets, optional additional tray: 530, multipurpose tray: 300 sheets | Paper size: up to 1.3 meter, and weights up to 360 gsm | Weight: 116.5kg

An industry first, the Pro9541 takes digital printing to a new level with the option of printing in CMYK plus the addition of fifth spot color in white or clear gloss for high quality, high-performance on-demand printing.

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The Pro9541 is ideal for printing high-density white on colored or transparent media making white on color design possibilities endless. Or, lay white underneath CMYK colors, to create high impact ‘ color on color’ designs on colored or transparent substrates. With outstanding print quality achieved in a single pass, the Pro9541 is ideal for proofing, light production, and short-run on-demand creative printing but that’s not all, think, packaging, event stationery, labels, swing tags, food packaging, horticulture tags, there’s so much you can achieve!


High Speed OKI 711WT LED Transfer Printer
  • LED Printer
  • Brand NEW
  • Textile Printer
  • White Tonner


Don’t take our word for it, listen to actual owners

We know that reading about how a printer can change your business can only do so much. With that in mind, we thought if you didn’t want to believe us, maybe you would believe someone who has experienced first-hand the benefits that LED printers from OKI can provide you with.

Case Study #1 – The Think Tank

Based in London, England, The Think Tank marketing agency is one of the United Kingdom’s leading marketing and PR agencies. With a wide range of award-winning marketing services that include strategic thinking, tactical marketing campaigns, and more, the agency is certainly at the top of their game. So when OKI stopped by to see how they use their A3 digital LED printers in every facet of their business. Check out the video below :


Case Study #2 – Nottingham Trent University

At Nottingham Trent University, the graphic design program helps students learn the skills they need to have a successful career in graphic design. With OKI’s Pro9541 printer, they can help students build their portfolio of unique, creative inventions with the use of different media types and sizes. Doing this can push the boundaries of color quality when using pure white or colors on top of the white to improve the color quality of media that is dark or transparent. Let’s take a closer look at what they’re doing:


I know, we’ve dropped a lot of information on you in a short amount of time but it was good information, and like we always love doing around here, we got to share some great tech with you that will take your graphic design business to the next level. What do you think, is this the best printer for your design agency?

If you’d like more information or to discuss possibly adding one of these amazing machines to your design studio, click the link below. You won’t regret it.

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