20+ Top Luxury Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

20+ Top Luxury Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

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Does anyone remember the TV show, “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”?

In every episode, the host would present the luxurious lifestyle that people were living and it got us thinking. What luxury fonts are out there that you can use in your branding and logo projects to add a new level to your designs? With our list of the Best Luxury Fonts for Branding and Logo Design, we want to showcase the luxurious fonts that can add that extra something to your work.

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Before we start though, we thought it might be a good idea to define what a luxury font is. That way, even if you don’t like our choices, you’ll know what to look for when searching for your own.

What is a Luxury Font?

A luxury font is exactly how it sounds. Luxury fonts create a sense of elegance, class and prestige. Now, not every font can be considered a luxury font because the choice of which font you choose for your project is critical to its success. While the right images can certainly help, if the font doesn’t support the theme of your project, it may be doomed to fail.

Best Luxury Fonts for Branding and Logo Design – Overview

We know that there are a lot of different choices available for fonts you can use for your logo and branding projects. We thought that we could help make things a bit easier by clearing out the clutter and picking the best options out there for your next project.

More Top Font Compilations


Best Luxury Fonts for Branding

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Download all the Fonts you need and many other design elements, available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!


Best Luxury Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

Coldiac – Luxury Serif Font


Coldiac is a luxury serif font with a design that makes a call back to the design styles used in traditional serifs. Designed by Craft Supply Co., the distinctive features give the typeface a relatively low contrast of strokes, as well as a businesslike nature with the slightly squarish shapes of its round characters. Created from scratch but with a structural logic all its own, the Coldiac font is a fusion of pure geometry and optical balance. Perfect for branding, greeting cards, stationery, and more, the Coldiac typeface is a great choice for your project.


La Luxes

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La Luxes Font Duo + Logos Wedding Invitation Fonts

Just as the name suggests, La Luxes offers luxurious typography. The classic package comes with two styles Serif as well as Script. The Script style font offered by La Luxes is clean, elegant, and classy at every point. It consists of a complete set of upper & lowercase characters, all punctuation, and numerals with 30 unique ligatures that make your text look custom-made. Ideal for logo design, product packaging, and branding, La Luxes is available in 17 different languages including Turkish, Indonesian, French, German, Danish, Malay among others.


The Amoret Collection

The Amoret Collection Wedding Invitation Fonts

Planning on a luxurious wedding? The digital flyer/invitation is important in the wedding because it reflects your theme. The Amoret Collection is a luxurious wedding invitation font that is a duo of sans fonts and luxury script that contrast and compliment at the same time. A collection of fluent, classy, and elegant fonts with beautiful strokes!


Nord with Envato Elements subscription

If you use Nord, no one will ever forget what you have to say. This bold sans-serif typeface comes with 7 font weights with complementary italics: book, thin, light, medium, regular, bold, and black. Fresh and clean, Nord leaves a great first impression on logos, headlines, posters, and even merchandise.

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Rinstonia with Envato Elements subscription

Rinstonia Signature, as luminous as rhinestones, is a signature-style font in more ways than just one. Its expressive style perfectly fits unique and elegant brands, while its addition to invitations, covers, logos, and other marketing materials guarantees instant recognizability. You can mix 5 stylistic sets to make Rinstonia your own!



Solar Vesta with Envato Elements subscription

Solar Vesta is the perfect font collection for fashionable and stylish brands. With both script and serif fonts, Solar Vesta will make all your materials pop. You can mix and match 127 ligatures, as well as various alternates. Solar Vesta is a font collection straight out of romantic love letters!



DaVinci with Envato Elements subscription

Perfect for logos, posters, badges, and illustrations, DAVINCI Fonts is a stunning sans-serif font that takes after its namesake. It’s equally revolutionary. DAVINCI plays with interspersed, clean cut lines to create a mysterious atmosphere. It’s perfect for projects with artistic aesthetics, as well as hi-tech brands.



Miyake Signature with Envato Elements subscription

Stylish and memorable, Miyake Signature is a font that will make your audience stop in their tracks and listen to what you have to say. Coming in 2 styles: regular and medium, with glyphs and stylistic sets, Miyake is a sublime display typeface for quotes, social media posts, and more.



Konseric | Luxury Serif Font


Designed by Picatype Studio, the Konseric typeface is an elegant serif font that has been given a classic design with a touch of modern and unique curves and cut-ins that makes it one of the most memorable fonts on the market. With its modern and minimalist design, the typeface represents vintage aesthetics which give it a classic look and feel. The versatile font can have a multitude of uses for any kind of project you’re working on. With a kit that includes a special uppercase letter, beautiful ties, and alternate characters, your not logo, masthead, or monogram will look better than ever.


The Pallace

The Pallace

The gorgeous handwritten font style is a tribute to modern calligraphy. It boasts some awesome features like smooth lines, different baselines, elegant glyphs, and amazing alternates. Other features of this stylish font include kerning, alternates, ligatures, additional numbers, stylistic sets, etc. It suits best for creating stunning invitations, beautiful stationery art, and social media posts. It supports all popular languages of Western Europe.


Abigail – Unique Ligature Font

Abigail – Unique Ligature Font Wedding Invitation Fonts

If you’re seeking a distinctive and exquisite wedding invitation font, you’ve come to the right place. Abigail is a unique ligature font comprised of modern and classy font shapes. Add into the wedding invitation for better graphic design that communicates well with your guests.



Cherston Wedding Invitation Font

Cherston is a beautiful, luxurious, and readable duo font (display and script) with 10 styles. This font is incredibly adaptable, fitting a wide range of designs and lifting them to new heights. It is a collection of uppercase letter fonts that allows creating a unique design for wedding invitations.


Marygold Luxury Font Duo Collection

Marygold Font Duo Collection Wedding Invitation Font

Do you adore a wedding invitation on texture paper? The Marygold Font Duo Collection is a one-of-a-kind collection; it combines a handwritten signature font with elegant serifs, design features, and paper textures. This wedding invitation font is perfect for modern couples planning a joyful occasion.


Opera Signature

Opera Signature Wedding Invitation Font

This elegant font duo combination of serif and script is the best fit as a wedding invitation font. If you want to keep things simple and elegant, you’ll need a font that meets the bill. Fortunately, this is where Opera Signature serif font enters the scene. And, for the handwritten wedding invitation font that includes modern calligraphy, nothing is better than the Opera Signature serif.


Bordemile – Luxury Script


For those looking for a luxury font filled with swashes that are as unique as the font itself should look no further than the Bordemile typeface from Letterhend. With its elegant and classy design, Bordemile is a perfect choice for anyone who needs a typeface for logotypes, headlines, branding, advertising, and more. The set comes with upper and lowercase characters, punctuation and number, ligatures, swashes, and more to help you create incredible projects time and time again.


Francie Font Duo

Francie Font Duo Wedding Invitation Fonts

Nothing spells romance like a calligraphy-inspired classic typeface that will look great on anything from custom invitations to product labels that need a little something extra. This is a gorgeous wedding font duo collection, perfect for crafted invitations.



Finnmark – Elegant Sans Typeface Wedding Invitation Font

Finnmark is a classic choice. This one packs a punch with its simplicity for brides and grooms who want to avoid the script and calligraphy styles. Choosing the appropriate wedding invitation fonts is one of the most exciting aspects of the design process (though it’s often overlooked). We highly recommend this classic font if you want to keep it stylish and elegant.


American Favorite – Luxury Font Duo

American FavoriteAmerican Favorite

With a combination of serif and signature style fonts, which are considered to be modern and at the same time, elegant, the American Favorite typeface is perfect for any design project that you are working on. Whether its a logo for a new client or a company going through a rebrand, the American Favorite typeface brings a timeless and classic look to anything its added to. The options that you have with this font between use for logos, posters, wedding designs, card invitations, and social media, make this typeface one of the best options out there today.


Aston Script Pro

Aston Script ProAston Script Pro

With its incredibly beautiful changing characters, the Aston Script Pro typeface combines a classic decorative copper script with a modern touch. Designed with a high level of detail to showcase its stylish elegance, Aston, designed byTeuku Riski Firmana, is an attractive typeface due in large part to the smooth, clean, glamorous, and very easy to read design, which is important thanks to the fancy letter connections the font has. With over 1300 glyphs and 1000 alternative characters, the Aston Script Pro font is a great option for any designer.


Desirable Calligraphy

Desirable CalligraphyDesirable Calligraphy

Designed by Alcode, the Desirable Calligraphy typeface has a classic style with a touch of elegance. Inspired by ancient manuscripts and the handwriting of Italian women, the font is carefully designed so that it works together in harmony. This makes the font a perfect choice for a wide variety of projects from greeting cards, branding, business cards, and certificates. If you have a project that needs a touch of class or luxury, then Desirable Calligraphy is the perfect choice for you.




Designed by Putra Novembria and Candra Kusuma, the Yaunita typeface is a beautiful handmade modern script in a calligraphy style. These design elements help make the font elegant, feminine, modern, and messy. This helps make the typeface the perfect option for all kinds of projects from anniversaries, birthdays, logos, branding, or any other project that would get that little something extra from using not only a handwritten font but a luxurious one at that.


The Secret: Luxury Calligraphy Script

The SecretThe Secret

With more than 50 end-swashes, The Secret typeface from Blessed Print, is a hand-written calligraphy script that would great on a variety of different projects from logos, signage, and wedding invitations to T-shirts, letterheads, and posters. The Secret typeface offers support for contextual alternates, stylistic alternates, private use areas, and Swashes to help you create the best possible design for your latest project.


Belgiana Script


An elegant calligraphy font, the Belgiana Script is a casual and pretty font with swashes. Designed by M Akmal, the font features OpenType stylistic alternates, ligatures, as well as international support for most Western languages. The typeface is a perfect choice for all kinds of projects including branding, headlines, labels, logos, and more. Coded with PUA Unicode, you can access all of the extra characters the typeface comes with without the use of special designing software.


Stay Classy Font Duo

Stay Classy Font DuoStay Classy Font Duo

Consisting of a sophisticated signature-style script and an elegant, classy, all-caps serif font, the Stay Classy Font Duo typeface comes with refined curves and smooth edges for all of your projects. Designed by Nicky Laatz, Stay Classy is perfect for any project that needs a modern touch of class. With 30 carefully designed character ligatures, you can use the font as the solution for all kinds of projects including branding, product design, advertising, even weddings, and social media. The Stay Classy Font Duo is a great versatile font for all your needs.


Best Luxury Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

When your branding or logo project needs a touch of class or elegance, choosing a luxury font can go a long way towards making your project stand out. With our list of the Best Luxury fonts for branding and logo design, we hope that we’ve provided you with the fonts you can use to provide your absolute best for your clients.

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