30+ Best Modern Fonts for Logos, Branding and Design 

30+ Best Modern Fonts for Logos, Branding and Design 

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Any sleek, smooth, or sophisticated look can be improved using a modern typeface that complements the design. Most of our go-to fonts are safe, yet may lack modern character. And this is where modern typefaces come in handy.

Modern typefaces will help your logo and branding designs retain elegance while incorporating a futuristic and bold element.

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Modern fonts typically lend any design they are used in a more dynamic aesthetic, making them readable and excellent for identity and logo design.

If you take a closer look at modern fonts, you can see that they have a clear design and are readable, which is why they are frequently used in online marketing.

Modern fonts can fit well in fields that value innovation and ingenuity, including design, technology, construction, and cryptocurrency.

Modern typefaces are angular, smooth, bold, powerful, and fashionable. Even though they don’t work well in body text, they are frequently used in headers and logos due to their instantly recognizable design.

You should be aware of their rich history if you think they gained popularity because they are known as modern fonts.

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What is a Modern Font?

According to our research, modern fonts, which have been around since the 1800s are defined by thin straight lines combined with broad strokes and curves, just like modern architecture and interior design.

We discovered that, despite their potential for adventure and beauty, these fonts are typically understated and understatedly extravagant despite their potential for elements of simplicity and minimalism.

Despite this, there are still quite a few scripts and contemporary display fonts available; however, the fundamental idea of a modern character is that it should be easy to read.

If you want to explore more eye-catching or extravagant fonts, we suggest you check out our ‘best script fonts’ and ‘shadow fonts’ articles.

Top 30+ Best Modern Fonts for Logos, Branding & Design – Overview

So to make things a whole lot easier, we’ve gone ahead and listed our top picks for the Best Modern fonts that could be just right for your next dynamic or minimalistic design.

  1. Classico — The best classic modern typeface overall
  2. Mogena — The best mid-century modern font
  3. Sugar — A gorgeous modern font choice
  4. Obidiah Pro — A great choice modern typeface for web banners
  5. Asterone — A clean modern font perfect for corporate branding
  6. Black Mango — A chic font for modern designs
  7. Espresso — A minimalist font for modern branding
  8. Mavera — A modern display font for unique concept design
  9. Mick Kelly — A great modern beauty serif font
  10. Zolina — A pretty and fashionable modern font

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For the complete list, scroll on!

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30+ Best Modern Fonts for Logos, Graphic Design & Branding

1. Classico — The best classic modern typeface overall

Classico. Image credit: Design Cuts

Regarding the typeface that best embodies the modern design aesthetic, Classico is our top pick for the best modern fonts currently on the market.

The font’s unusual use of serif and sans serif gives the overall design a sleek and minimalist feel, making it perfect for any design or branding requirement that calls for a classy yet understated approach. We adore this font’s unusual use of serif and sans serif.

Wherever you choose to use it, you’ll find that this font adds a certain air of sophistication when used properly.

We discovered it also perfectly complemented the choice of feminine logo marks and fashion mastheads after using it to create the magazine design in regular and bold forms.

Although we appreciate that Classico supports multiple languages and the set contains letters, numbers, and punctuation, it is disappointing that it is only compatible with professional design software.

Overall, Classico is a great option if you’re looking for a simple and traditional font.


2. Mogena — The best mid-century modern font

Mogena - Elegant Serif Font
Mogena. Image credit: Envato Elements

Do you agree that mid-century modern is one of the most underappreciated architectural eras?

This design style has something special to offer with its bold, rounded edges and slanted lines. Mogena is a fantastic mid-century modern typeface that fits many different creative needs.

When on-theme, Mogena provides a flexible, timeless class, whether for logo design, packaging, promotional banners, or any other design requirement that may come your way.

We adore the lovely alternates and ligatures, unique glyphs, ornament, and multilingual support. However, we advise you to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign, or CorelDraw to enjoy all glyph variations.


3. Sugar — A gorgeous modern font choice

Sugar - Gorgeous Modern Font
Sugar. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you believe that because they are frequently only used with serif typefaces, modern fonts are uninteresting and unadventurous, we urge you to check out Sugar, a modern font that defies this myth.

We love the typeface’s fascinating, distinctive curves, in addition to its clean, angular lines. We appreciate the irregular shape that this typeface gave our logo.

Based on our experience, this display serif font will make a wonderful option for any projects you may be working on that are related to fashion, packaging, branding, or other creative fields.

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4. Obadiah Pro — A great choice modern typeface for web banners

Obadiah. Image credit: Envato Elements

Obadiah Pro is one of the best modern fonts to choose from if a reliable and straightforward style is what you’re after.

Our research suggests that its direct, bold lines and rounded edges can be a fantastic go-to option for web banners and any other digital correspondence that calls for simple legibility.

Obadiah need not be limited to digital only. This contemporary font is fantastic for headlines, packaging, movie posters, and t-shirts.


5. Asterone — A clean modern font perfect for corporate branding

Asterone. Image credit: Envato Elements

Asterone is our pick for contemporary clean-cut typefaces for branding because of its simple yet eye-catching appearance.

This is undoubtedly one of the best contemporary fonts available for logo creation and branding.

We admire this typeface because it flawlessly satisfies our checklist of branding, advertising, apparel, and other creative designs when used in just the right amount of bold.

This contemporary typeface family eliminates the need for demand and includes outlines and simpler replacements, making it easy and unrestrictive.


6. Black Mango — A chic font for modern designs

Black Mango
Black Mango. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you’re tired of the many clean, modern fonts available, Black Mango is a fantastic alternative that you should check out.

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We were drawn to the thin, flat lines that resembled those produced by a flat-nib pen, encouraging us to try it out on magazine covers. However, you can go beyond this and try it on an independent restaurant’s menu.

Based on our experiments, we’ve concluded that Black Mango, which comes from a family of versatile fruits, works well for logos, posters, cafes, and packaging, among other design needs.

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7. Espresso — A minimalist font for modern branding

Espresso. Image credit: Design Cuts

This discovery of ours is for you if, like us, you believe the term minimalism to be nearly synonymous with the contemporary design aesthetic.

While researching on the go, we came across several minimalist typefaces, and Espresso stood out as one of the finest contemporary minimalism fonts.

When we first started our study, we were shocked to learn that this typeface has a feature allowing us to stack the font because we thought it was a fun typeface.

This typeface is excellent for publishing, minimalist branding, packaging, and any other designs you work on because of its sleek and straightforward overall feel.


8. Mavera — A modern display font for unique concept design

Mavera - Modern Display Font
Mavera. Image credit: Envato Elements

Given that Mavera includes unusually shaped fonts that are still simple and elegant, we are confident that it will stand out from the crowd of typical contemporary display fonts.

We tried it by making a poster using uppercase letters for distinctive shapes and lowercase letters for straightforward phrases. We absolutely love the result for being clear and elegant.

We discovered that the versatile display typeface has an intriguing idea design that works for cafes, t-shirts, and other items with a modern aesthetic.

This font is excellent because it has a clean cut and a brush variant, making it enjoyable to use when designing.


9. Mick Kelly — A great modern beauty serif font 

Mick Kelly - Beauty Modern Font
Mick Kelly. Image credit: Envato Elements

Mick Kelly is the typeface we suggest if you want something more elegant and contemporary. Thanks to the introduction of this lovely serif font, you no longer have to sacrifice your passion for the retro style. It’s ideal for anyone seeking a feminine font with a vintage aesthetic.

This font is unexpectedly useful when working on posters, book covers, events, and other branding requirements because of its dynamic shapes and intriguing use of flat strokes that mimic a flat nib pen.

This font’s availability in regular and lightweight versions makes it more usable, which we value.

We believed that using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to access different glyphs might not be a choice for everyone.

The great modern beauty serif font is still a superior option, given the file size and loading time.


10. Zolina — A pretty and fashionable modern font

Zolina. Image credit: Envato Elements

If your design specifications include a wish list of more upscale or stylish touches, Zolina is the right choice.

When studying this typeface, we were impressed by its thin, slender strokes combined with a small curve, making it a fantastic option for modern branding for designers.

Also, we observed that it is designed specifically for fashion, shops, and sophisticated social media branding.

To maintain Zolina’s elegance and beauty, we discovered that it offers more than nine typeface weights, multilingual support, and variable styles.


11. Limpkin — A trendy display typeface for digital designs

Limpkin. Image credit: Envato Elements

Limpkin is a better modern font option if you’re looking for hip and original fonts for digital design tasks. We determined which area this font works best in because of how modern and minimalistic it appears.

After experimenting with various designs, we concluded that this rounded and straightforward script is perfect for logos, greeting cards, and digital banners.

We value this typeface for providing great accessibility to its various file extension formats (TTF, EOT, and WOFF). Altogether this sans-serif font is the ideal fit for minimalistic branding requirements.


12. Katrine — A classy and stylish modern typeface

Katrine. Image credit: Envato Elements

Katrine is a contemporary, stylish font perfect for our designs because of its long, clean lines and fantastic retro aesthetic.

In our view, Katrine can still be a fantastic choice with the appropriate design, despite being a slightly nuanced font option.

After testing it out on various design tasks, we discovered that this chic typeface looks great in fashion-related designs or those that use a more retro, modern font, such as boutiques, magazine spreads, and branding projects.

We idolize the razor-sharp contours and slightly angled strokes that give every square inch of our design a refined, fashionable, and tasteful appearance.

If you like to experiment with contemporary, fashionable typefaces, you’re covered.


13. Monreal — A futuristic, sans serif modern font

Monreal. Image credit: Envato Elements

The fresh and intriguing Monreal typeface is a fantastic choice for anything celebrating the future.

Monreal has all the essentials and resembles something you’d find in a nightclub despite not being a stereotypical modern font!

We adore the innovative conceptual design, and Monreal can be a fantastic typeface if the lines are used carefully.

This typeface, in our opinion, works particularly well for late-night events, album covers, clubs, and any exciting branding.

However, this font can also create amazing posters, web designs, illustrations, branding, and badges.


14. Caterina — A stylish, modern serif font with a hippy aesthetic 

Caterina. Image credit: Envato Elements

Caterina is a fantastic contemporary typeface if you’re looking for a stylish serif font that’s a bit daring.

We adore this font’s intriguing curves and retro, hippy-inspired design because it embraces the contemporary style that fashion design publications aspire to.

The best contemporary font for branding fashion-related products, magazines, and personal endeavors is Caterina.


15. Brixanos — A modern sans serif font perfect for tech branding

Brixanos. Image credit: Envato Elements

Brixanos is our top suggestion to obtain legible and bold typography. As far as the sans-serif fonts we have used go, we liked this one because it has a great balance of wide and narrow lines that make it striking in design.

Bold contemporary fonts are frequently used for tech initiatives, whether by Google or Tesla! Ultimately, Brixanos is a suitable font for websites, packaging, and any branding involving devices or equipment.

This is great if you wish to enjoy some incredibly fun, science-friendly fonts.


16. Salsico — An ultra-modern new-age typeface

Salsico. Image credit: Design Cuts

Our research indicates that Salsico is a cutting-edge typeface that is excellent for a chic, ultra-modern look, even though we haven’t verified this.

This font is energizing, with a modern Spanish feel that you’d find in a classical guitar journal or a design-forward art magazine. It has flat strokes and an interesting blend of serif and sans serif.

This font can be just what the more creative or daring designer wants to communicate in a contemporary and forward-thinking design because of its distinctive aesthetic.

This typeface would work well for boutiques, fashion-related content, design work emphasizing the arts, and niche branding.


17. Galapagos — A futuristic and sci-fi inspired modern font

Galapagos. Image credit: Envato Elements

As designers, we believe that futuristic or sci-fi typefaces, such as Galapagos, can be effective when attempting to create new designs.

We had a lot of fun working with this contemporary typeface because it combines not only modern and futuristic elements but also has thin, bold strokes that are perfectly aligned, giving our designs a tidy, professional appearance.

You should use this font on t-shirts, packaging, shops, stylists, or any other branding requirement.


18. Adren — A simple modern and refined typeface

Adren. Image credit: Envato Elements

You can sometimes get a lot more with a lot less. Adren may be the most straightforward modern font in our selection.

The absence of bells and whistles in this font, while we are pleased with its elegant straight lines and excellent readability, is what makes it so ideal.

In our opinion, Adren is a versatile and elegant modern typeface that can be used for logo design, packaging, book covers, t-shirts, or even a bookstore.

Adren, designed to be contemporary and elegant, has over seven different typeface weights and seven italics.


19. Mandora — A tall and classy modern font

Mandora. Image credit: Envato Elements

Stretched contemporary fonts are fantastic; when they’re modern, they’re perfect! The best extended modern font in our selection is Mandora.

Although stretched fonts aren’t necessary for every design, we were pleasantly pleased by how well they functioned in the right context.

Mandora is a sans-serif typeface ideal for business cards, logo design, website banners, t-shirts, and even packaging.

If you are interested in beginning a company linked with design, we suggest you try it.


20. SA Woodland Hills A best versatile typeface


If you visit coffee shops regularly, you might have noticed their boards have sleek, exquisite, and modern typefaces. We bring you one typeface that offers the exact features, Woodland Hills — a versatile typeface with six weights.

With slightly polished edges and a professional modern geometric design, this typeface is ideal for crafting beautiful logos, quotes, headlines, and t-shirts.

We did not give it a shot yet. However, our research suggests using a clean, elegant, modern typeface in packaging or branding, and creating logos and headlines.

The font supports Russian, Ukrainian Cyrillic, and extended Latin and includes OTF and WOFF formats.


21. Branded HandBrush A Hand Brush font


The visual components of the brand style guide, or a brand book, that organize your company’s written copy and harmonize your messaging with your brand personality, use the Branded Hand Brush typeface.

We observed that the brand name and slogan are highlighted by the font’s contemporary appearance.

This brand-new, contemporary script font comes in two style variations: clean and rough, giving our designs a fresh feel.

A bonus brush that produces a more natural effect is also available to us. It is the best option, in our view, for branding any kind of company.


22. Sinisuka A modern hand-lettered font


Sinisuka is our favorite font if you’re urgently trying to find one that reminds you of a painting.

It is suitable for any design needs, including branding and contemporary advertising design, and we found it helpful for modern hand-lettered logo designs.

It is a stylish, handwritten typeface with a paintbrush look that produces stunning results on any poster or print.

Therefore, this is a great option for making banners, posters, or anything else that needs a creative flourish.


23. Karme Stylish Font Duo A stylish and modern realistic  font

Karme Stylish Font Duo
Karme Stylish Font Duo. Image Credits: Design Cuts

We would like to introduce you to Karme Stylish typeface Duo, a contemporary and stylish typeface that also gives your projects a realistic appearance.

Although we haven’t used it yet, our study has led us to believe that this elegant font features a special blend of all-caps serif and handwritten script fonts.

According to our research, its serif styles are eccentric and work better for display, headings, quotes, and logos.

Its realistic handwritten script style is appropriate for packaging, webpages, stationery, and many other handwritten-style designs.

Also, we discovered that it has glyphs, 92 intriguing ligatures, and alternatives.


24. Greyst A unique and exotic modern font

Greyst. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Greyst is a great option for creating a sophisticated and refined design. We tested this out when asked to make a poster representing femininity.

We learned, as a consequence, that this font is not only straightforward but also a distinctive display font with a large number of ligatures.

This typeface is best for branding, web design projects, logos, wedding invitations, events, and more, not just for posters or cards.

Additionally, we discovered that this multipurpose typeface works with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Cricut Design Space, etc.


25. Sparkling Moscow A classy and modern font duo

Sparkling Moscow
Sparkling Moscow. Image Credits: Design Cuts

In today’s world, most designs need a refined, understated, and elegant appearance.

Sparkling Moscow is a contemporary font with a sophisticated appearance that works well for branding, signatures, and designs for any reason.

When generating ideas for this font, we discovered that it contains numerals, punctuation, and lowercase and uppercase letters.

This font pair can bring your ideas to life if you want to give your business a hot look.


26. Soage A professional and modern serif font

Soage. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Soage is a great option to give your designs a professional appearance that makes them appropriate for branding, printing, weddings, and quotes while still meeting deadlines.

This font is one of our favorites because each character is beautifully and uniquely designed.

We discovered that this font needs expert design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Inkscape to access and use all fashionable alternatives.

Thanks to its firm angular edges and simplicity, it is a perfect option even for magazine covers and titles.


27. Andasia A modern calligraphy font

Andasia. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Andasia is a modern calligraphy typeface with a handwritten appearance, is another contemporary font on the list.

We discovered that it adds a stylish appearance and a lovely touch to greeting cards, invitations, event banners, branding, logotypes, and quotes.

It contains stunning ligatures, numerals, punctuation, and lowercase and uppercase characters.

It requires software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape to access fashionable options, ligatures, and more.

We adore this calligraphy typeface for its elegance, simplicity, and contemporary style, which makes it perfect for calligraphy lovers.


28. Faminela Modern Font A stylish contemporary font

Faminela Modern Font. Image credits: Envato Elements

Faminela is a stylish contemporary font created in the modern period.

Our research has shown that this contemporary typeface is used on logos, branding, wedding designs, labels, stationery, product packaging, photography, quotes, advertisements, and more—even though we haven’t used it.

We learned that uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, symbols, ligatures, contemporary alternates, and special characters are in this contemporary typeface.

The Faminela modern typeface also includes OpenType features with OTF and TTF file extensions.

We found that the spacing in this contemporary typeface is standard. With this contemporary typeface, sizes, and dimensions can be optimized.

The modern Faminela typeface also supports multilingual characters. This contemporary typeface gives your designs a bang.

31. JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface A highly versatile typeface

Just Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface - FREE FONT
Just Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans (get 2 weights free here) is a highly versatile typeface with endearing, modernist warmth, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

Designed as a professional modern geometric sans serif, JUST Sans is both serious and friendly, neutral but warmly expressive, technical but not overt, and familiar but unique enough to stand on its own.

With open-airy characters and a generous width, JUST Sans has an elegant contemporary feel, with sharp angled terminals that give it grip and make it so expressively endearing.

For lovers of modern sans serif fonts who are looking for something a tad more warm, open & expressive, JUST Sans is for you.

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


Our Favorite Modern Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our top 12 favorite modern fonts of all time below!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are modern fonts?

Modern fonts are characterized by thin straight lines, paired with broad strokes and curves. These adventurous and beautiful fonts incorporate elements of simplicity and minimalism, conveying sophistication and class.

What are good modern fonts for web pages?

Obadiah. and Limpkin. are the best modern typefaces for web pages. These two fonts are rounded and have great readability. They also are quite simple types, making them the best fit.

What is the best mid-century modern font?

Mogena. is the best mid-century modern typeface on this list.

What are some good futuristic fonts?

Monreal. and Brixanos. are two great futuristic fonts with their overall bold and innovative design that have an overall tech-inspired aesthetic.

What are the best modern fonts for branding?

Some good fonts for branding include Mogena, Brixanos, and Limpkin. These fonts are both bold and not overly complex, making them the best picks for branding and logo design.


Best Modern Fonts Summary

With that, we wrap up our list of the top modern fonts for branding and design. There is such a variety of fonts that can add a sleek and distinct style to your creative work, and knowing what is out there is a step in the right direction. So now that you have a good idea of some of the better modern fonts, you’ll know what will complement your designs best.

When it comes to the best modern fonts for sleek designs, for the most part sticking to classy serif fonts is a great way to go.  That said, given all the great options for modern design your designs are bound to look a whole lot better. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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