15+ Best Money Fonts for Valuable Graphic Designs

15+ Best Money Fonts for Valuable Graphic Designs

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If you’re on the lookout for the best money fonts, then we’ve got you covered!

Money is essential in in the course of everybody’s life, and it gives purchasing power. Without money, it is impossible to buy anything.

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Instead of what we can do with the money, if we pay attention to the details of to the way the currency notes are designed, we can learn how artistic and elegant they are. Every currency note is different, and it is not that easy to design these notes.

However, you can use the best money fonts in your designs to bring a classic feel and upscale your designs. Money fonts are simple, and detail-oriented, and add a unique look to any design. If you want to design something related to finance, banking, business, or trading, money fonts are a perfect choice.

You can use these fonts for brand design, certificates, promotions, or any projects related to the world of money. Hence you can make your next designs incredible by using the best money fonts.

Here are the 15 best money fonts that you can consider for your valuable projects.

Top 10+ Best Money Fonts for Valuable Graphic Designs

  1. Billy Money
  2. The Money Font Duo
  3. Dollar Bill 2
  4. Moneywise – Business Display Font
  5. Dollar Stencil
  6. Pocket Money
  7. The Love for Money Font Duo
  8. Monocle Typeface
  9. Money Penny Script Sans
  10. New Coin Font

For the complete list, scroll on!

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15+ Best Money Fonts for Valuable Graphic Designs

1. Billy Money

billy money
Billy Money. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Billy Money is a display font inspired by the design of banknotes. It has a Victorian style and is suitable for vintage and Victorian-themed design projects. The font is available in regular and shadow styles that give more design options.

It is suitable for certificate design, tattoos, alcoholic beverage product packaging, barbershops, and other designs. The PUA encoded characters make it easier to access the features of this font. It also includes stunning swashes that can be accessed through Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Corel Draw.

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2. The Money Font Duo

money duo
Money Duo. Image Credits- Envato Elements

The Money Font Duo is a creative and handwritten font that is suitable for modern projects. It has two fonts with different styles. The first one is a handcrafted, modern, and thin-line font with multiple stylistic alternates. It also supports multiple languages.

The money font duo also has a font in inline style display font, but it doesn’t support multiple languages. The second font is available in regular and grunge styles. Both fonts come in OTF and TTF formats.


3. Dollar Bill 2

dollar bill 2
Dollar bill 2. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Dollar Bill 2 is a stylish and new font that comes with the previous dollar bills and bill font. It includes uppercase letters and OpenType features that allow you to create outstanding artwork.

This font is suitable for logotypes, vintage-themed designs, titles, etc. It is available in TTF and OTF formats for better usability.


4. Moneywise – Business Display Font

Moneywise Typeface. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Moneywise is a business display font that adds happiness and prosperity to designs. This font is suitable for posters, stationery, YouTube covers, books market, YouTube thumbnails, etc.

Moneywise can be accessed in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Microsoft Word. Also, you can fully access this font without any additional design app.


5. Dollar Stencil

dollar stencil
Dollar Stencil. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Dollar Stencil is an all-caps font with a stenciled serif design. It is inspired by the design of banknotes and gives a new look.

This font is excellent for vintage or classic-themed post and designs. The letters of this font look bold and unique, so you can enhance your designs with this font.


6. Pocket Money

pocket money
pocket money. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Pocket Money is a lovely and cute font that can be used for designs related to kids. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, so you can combine them to create unique designs.

This font is suitable for branding, logos, product design, special events, labels, etc. TTF and OTF file formats are available for this font.


7. The Love for Money Font Duo

the love for money
The love for money. Image Credits- Envato Elements

The Love for Money font duo is a combination of modern and classic fonts. It has a classic serif style and is available in regular and alternate versions. This font comes with commercial licensing and free updates.


8. Monocle Typeface

Monocle TypeFace. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Monocle is a bold and thick font with a vintage style. It is an attention-grabbing font that is suitable for large designs.

It has large characters in two versions, namely regular and outline. Uppercase and lowercase letters are included with this font to create unique combinations.

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9. Money Penny Script Sans

money penny
Money Penny. Image Credits- Design Cuts

Money Penny is a combination of script and sans serif style that gives a completely different feel. This font comes with Sans and Script styles to give you multiple design options.

It includes more than 60 illustrations and OTF & TTF file formats. The font also supports Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Inkscape.


10. New Coin Font

Newcoin. Image Credits- Creative Market

The New Coin is a new font with a stylish look that can be used in designs related to cryptocurrencies.

Also, this font is suitable for logos and any design related to finance. It is available in four styles, namely Base, Blur, Décor, and Outline. All styles of this font are available in OTF file formats.


11. Guilloches TrueType Font

Guilloches. Image Credits- Creative Market

Guilloches TrueType is a stylish font that is excellent for money-related designs. It can be used for certificate designs, negotiable securities designs, and other designs.

This font is available only in TTF format. The unique letters of the Guilloches font are suitable for any design work.


12. Gram – New Display Font

Gram. Image Credits – Creative Market

Gram is a stylish font that combines modern and ancient styles for a unique look. It includes one main font and two layers of fonts so that you can use this font for your designs with ease.

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It is suitable for certificate designs, product packaging, logos, money designs, book covers, etc. The Gram font is available in TTF and OTF file formats.


13. Techtape Font

Techtape. Image Credits – Creative Market

Techtape is a unique font inspired by folding and cutting tape stripes. The letters of this font have a new shape and look elegant.

The font has a straightforward, geometric, and structured design. It has three styles regular, light, and thin. This font is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats.


14. Bankster Font

Bankster. Image Credits – MyFonts

Bankster is a hand-lettered stylish font that is suitable for designs related to finances or currency. It contains a set of six stylish fonts that allows you to use them for various designs with ease.

This font comes with excellent layering components that let you create unique combinations. The six fonts included in this package are Bankster Solid, Bankster Hatches, Bankster Complete, Bankster Outline, Bankster Hatchline, and Bankster Shadow.


15. Moneymachine

Money Machine. Image Credits – MyFonts

Moneymachine is a new typeface that combines sans and serif styles. This font is inspired by the technique of money printing and can be used for various designs. It is suitable for logotypes, headlines, certificates, classic letterforms, etc.

This font also has OpenType features with stylistic and contextual alternates, ligatures, and more. With all these features, you can create mind-blowing designs. The font family includes six styles, and those are Regular, Invert, White, Black, Serif, and Sans.

16. Dollar Outline

dollar outline
Dollar Outline. Image Credits – MyFonts

A variation of the Dollar series, the Dollar Outline is a serif font that consists of capitalized letters. Inspired by the banknote, we think it would go well with many classic or vintage-themed designs.

Additionally, its optimal size is large making it ideal for posters, headers, and signages. You can also use it for personal branding depending on your project’s theme.

17. National Currency

money fonts
National Currency. Image Credits – MyFonts

The National Currency is a vintage font influenced by Baroque and Victorian aesthetics. The letters in this font pack are based on fonts in old stock certificates and money designs. Hence, we recommend using this font when you’re designing certificates, banknotes, and other official documents.

Furthermore, this font also comes in five different styles: National Currency Inset, Shadow, Regular, Bold, and Bold Lines. If that isn’t enough inspiration, the kit includes a whole collection of vector sets to further elevate your designs.

18. Guilloches

money fonts
Guilloches. Image Credits – MyFonts

Guilloches is usually part of a money font’s design to make it seem more authentic. In this case, it comes in the form of a separate font but it can still be used as a money font. We recommend using this for money-themed projects, certificates, and other formal documents.

19. Dirty Money

Money Fonts
Dirty Money. Image Credits – MyFonts

Dirty Money is a novelty font that you can use to replicate the typography in the US currency. With thick characters and a drop shadow, you can be as authentic as can be with this money font.

While it’s not the most flexible font because of that, it does excel in its niche so it can come in handy in the right circumstances. We found it nice that the font pack also includes uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

20. Cryptocurrency Font Family

money fonts
CryptoCurrency. Image Credits – MyFonts

Another type of money font is the Cryptocurrency Font Family. It consists of blockchain fonts with four types, nine font styles, and over 200 glyphs. Though you can buy them individually, we recommend getting the family package so you’ll have a complete set.

This is another niche money font that is best used for any project related to cryptocurrency. It includes over 200 glyphs that cater to different logos of cryptocurrencies. With this font pack, you’ll have most of the tools necessary for designing cryptocurrency projects.

Our Favorite Money Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our favorite money fonts below!




If you want to add a stunning look and feel to your designs with typography, you can try money fonts. With the boldness and creativity of money fonts, you can make your designs look different than others. We hope the above money fonts will help you with your creative work.

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