20+ Best Monoline Fonts for Stylish Designs

20+ Best Monoline Fonts for Stylish Designs

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Typography has been playing a significant role in digital design for quite some time and one such way it does this is through display fonts.

These fonts, with their different styles, weight, and qualities, can inject more personality into your creations.

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Currently, monoline fonts are the new hot topic in the design world, and you might have even seen this font without realizing it.

The monoline writing font is known for its characteristic wire-like, single-weight style, where every letter has the same width/thickness, and there is no contrast from thick to thin.

This typography script is as versatile as it is beautiful and can be seen almost everywhere: from minimalistic logos and book covers to signage, labels, and other website surfaces.

Whatever your creative project is, here is a list of the 20 best monoline fonts which are a welcome addition to any designer’s toolkit.

20+ Best Monoline Fonts for Stylish Designs

  1. Routen Lightning
  2. Rising Star
  3. Belvedere
  4. Rambors
  5. Palm Beach
  6. Monoline Signature
  7. Lagi
  8. Balrog
  9. Seville
  10. Twilice

For a complete list, Scroll on!

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20+ Best Monoline Fonts for Graphic Design in 2022

1. Routen Lightning Monoline Font

Routen-Lightning. Image credit: Envato Elements

Want to add a classic, retro touch to your work? If so, then Routen Lightning by Martype Co is just what you need! This vintage monoline font spotlights an electrifying spark and spiked edges representing volatility, power, and strength. Arriving in four diversified styles, namely Routen Stamp, Routen Swash, Routen Regular, and Routen Inky, this font promises to take special care of the creator’s needs.

With its unique ligature and many alternates, the Routen typeface monoline font is often used to create awesome logos, quotes, cards, invitations, and more. While its multi-language support further prepares it to meet all your design needs. For other vintage-style fonts, check out our article on the best vintage fonts.

2. Rising Star Monoline Font

Rising Star. Image credit: Envato Elements

Inspired by nostalgic camping trips and laughter under the starry night sky, the modern Rising Star monoline font by Hindia Studio is fun to play with. The Rising Star typeface is made to capture the beauty and refinement of copperplate style with the natural brush movement. And it does this by ensuring that its letters connect as seamlessly and naturally as possible.

Rising Star arrives in three weights; Regular, Light, and Stamp, and a variety of stylistic alternates, which makes it a go-to option for websites, menus, signage, posters, and other contemporary designs. Add aesthetic to your design with this font, for other options, check out our other article on aesthetic fonts.

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3. Belvedere Monoline Font Duo

Belvedere. Image credit: Envato Elements

As creators, we are always looking for ways to expand our design possibilities, and thanks to this versatile Belvedere font by Unio, we have finally found a perfect way to do this! This vintage monoline font is a medley of the typography style of the 40s and 50s and features cursive characters designed with enhanced smoothness to facilitate readability.

Belvedere is a multipurpose font family that comprises about 400 characters and numerous swash sets and ligatures to tackle every design challenge. Along with creating logos, this typeface is also used for creating badges, headings, posters, and many other artworks.

4. Rambors Monoline Font

Rambors. Image credit: Envato Elements

This all-caps Sans monoline font by Ramzehhh is another popular option for designers wanting to add a retro touch to their logotypes, titles, or other typography. Rambors possesses the innate ability to deliver that timeless and nostalgic feel to your work and transport you to a different era. This time-traveling between eras, such as the seventies, makes your business shine bright with its ideas and values.


5. Palm beach Monoline Font

Palm-beach. Image credit: Envato Elements

As the name indicates, this script font is designed to capture the serenity and calmness of sand sweeping through your feet on a sunny beach day. Through its extensive range of alternates and glyphs, this Palm Beach script by Ivan Rosenberg lets you design your posters, magazines, phone covers, invitations, menu, and many more in minutes. However, it is employed chiefly for making statements rather than large logos.


6. Monoline Signature Font

Monoline-Signature. Image credit: Envato Elements

Every now and then, you may get the urge to use a natural-looking font with some elegant style and gorgeous swirls. Luckily, Monoline Signature by Granz Creative is here to get this job done. This luxurious font collection shows up with the perfect balance of broad and thin strokes for a polished look. While its across-the-board aesthetic feel makes it excellent for fashion brandings, such as those on apparel or magazines. Monoline Signature is also a great choice for product labels, invitations, and other bold designs due to its characterizing signature-resembling movements.

7. Lagi Monoline Font

Lagi. Image credit: Envato Elements

Lagi is another monoline typeface ideal for all the calligraphers out there! This font by Formatika boosts its massive letters and elegant letter transitions, which can furnish your calligraphies and scripts with a playful yet artistic nature. Trendy and unforgettable, Lagi is a typeface that will force your audience to stop in their tracks and admire your designs. This versatile font appears with several windfalls for all kinds of projects.

8. Balrog Monoline Font

Lagi. Image credit: Envato Elements

With its beautiful french-looking waves and tall letters, Balrog is perfect for enhancing the labels and logos of boutiques, tattoo shops, and cafés. Whether it is a logo for a new client or a slogan for a business going through a rebranding, Balrog can bring a classic, distinct touch to anything it is added to. You can use this one-of-a-kind monoline font for social media posts, invitations, wedding cards, posters, or anything you wish to come off as helpful and friendly.


9. Seville Monoline Font

Seville. Image credit: Envato Elements

This monoline script by Studiotopia accentuates a lush, tropical vibe that renders it ideal for designing videos, advertisements, and brochures. Seville is a strong contender for those looking for something textured yet easygoing. Credited to its contemporary approach and natural letters, this font is suitable for publications, signage, campaigns, and all kinds of projects where you feel the need to be authentic.


10. Twilice Bold and Monoline Font

Twilice. Image credit: Envato Elements

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Created by Elevencreativee, Twilice Font is an elegant typeface that can uplift the look of your designs within seconds. Twilice is a versatile monoline font that sports a playful and optimistic aesthetic and can double as street artwork when needed. Furnished with bold and single-line strokes, Twilice can go hand-in-hand with greeting cards, novels, labels, film titles, albums, gigs, and quotes.


11. Traveler Monoline Sans Serif Duo Font

Traveler. Image credit: Creative Market

This modern font is inspired by the nomads’ free-loving spirits and is a breath of fresh air, among other typical alternatives. Traveler essentially portrays a fun vibe with its lavish pointy edges and curvy ends and is ideal for vloggers or YouTubers to depict their content style. With full-on brushing letters of identical width and a solid combination of sans serif and script, this monoline font is a wonderful option for creating posters, leaflets, and other advertisement projects.


12. Harlots Monoline Font


Harlots is a bouncy and friendly font duo that you can rely on for adding personal touches to your designs. It blends casualness and simplicity through its natural handwritten look. At the same time, its thin script font and a bonus uppercase Sans give it a distinct and remarkable allure. This script font can add a soothing aura to your videos and content and is widely employed for creating invitations, customized cards, labels, and much more for your friends and family.

13. Bertrade Monoline Font


Cursive handwritten fonts are recognized for their grace and charisma, and Bertrade is one of these lovely free-flowing fonts. If you want to impart a happy, wanderlust feel to your thumbnails and logos, then Bertrade can be a great choice. With each letter seamlessly flowing into the next one, this monoline script is the best way to enhance your creations. Unlike the previous options, Bertrade is suitable for formal and informal occasions and is used for making casual cards, vouchers, or other simple art and crafts. It is also equipped with a full set of alternates and multilingual support to help you express your creativity without restrictions.

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14. Hollow Sky Monoline Font


Perfection is boring, and this font by Letterhead surely understands this importance. With its classical, imposing feel, Hollow Sky is great for times when you want to put a somber touch to your blog and artwork. This quality also makes them a suitable choice for posters and banners where you need a little more sophistication. Hollow Sky’s characters possess an irregular shape that lends a realistic look to this font and makes it suitable for creating t-shirt graphics, logos, and traditional-style labels and letters.

15. Beach Market Script Monoline Font


This font by Beck Cormick is a modern calligraphy script reminiscent of the seaside, sunsets, and cocktails. Thanks to its beachy vibe and classic magazine feel, Beach Market is the one for all the fashionistas out there! With its solid visual punch, this monoline font can be an amazing stand-in for posters and magazine covers without sacrificing readability. Beach Market’s cursive and art deco alphabets can also work wonders to accentuate your logos, websites, magazines, and other print designs in no time.


16. Mayhena Monoline Font


Mayhena certainly passes the chic vibe check because of its stylish letter designs. However, its grunge and enigmatic background make it intriguing and a sought-after choice for dark-themed projects. With extravagant letters and a few swashes here and there, this monoline script can be applied when making monograms, magazine headers, apparel, and more. Consisting of eight stylistic sets, 500+ glyphs, and numerous alternates, Mayhena provides a wide variation in typography. It also arrives in two styles, inky and regular, to allow flexibility in your designs while maintaining the text’s legibility.

17. Blues Manol Monoline Font


Blues Malone is developed explicitly for screens and can maintain its readability even at small sizes. This Script strikes a balance between style and simplicity and is flexible for the most part. Blues Malone maintains its classy position, whether italicized, bolded, or used as a regular to show visitors that your designs are serious.  This makes it convenient to be used for almost anything- from logos, blogs, branding, clothing, text-dense sites, and much more.


18. Cosmodrome Monoline Font


Influenced by the luminous aura of a calm night sky, Cosmodrome is a typeface that is a great pick for posters, signage, logos, and more. The answer lies in Cosmodrome’s glow and energizing spark, which is powerful and can take the look of any design up a notch. Cosmodrome incorporates standard and extended Latin letters and a complete set of symbols and numbers of multiple languages to cater to every user regardless of their language. In short, it is a flexible, futuristic option that can work with everything.

19. Executive Boss Modern Monoline Font Duo


Executive Boss is indeed the Boss of other monoline fonts. This is due to its modern and polished feel, making it a perfect component of your font collection. Executive Boss delivers a display-friendly and dynamic duo of the two fonts- Script and Serif, with a sharp focus on providing multiple variations for each.  Executive Boss is ideal for stationary art, wedding invitations, advertising, packaging, and much more. And lastly, it is PUA-encoded, allowing you to access its glyphs and swatches anywhere easily.

20. Derphace Monoline Font


Presented by Edignwn, Derphace is another gorgeous monoline script perfect for users looking for an old-school touch to their projects.

With its eclectic yet mesmerizing lower and upper case letters, Derphace outlines a spiky, vintage display that is great for adding a refined and grungy look to your work.

This vintage typeface may be used for everything from creating social media posts to branding product designs and logos. Not to mention the simplicity of installation, an abundance of glyphs, and software compatibility with Derphace, all of which increase its value.


21. The Vaguer – Modern Monoline Font

The Vaguer - Modern Monoline Font
The Vaguer – Modern Monoline Font

The Vaguer is a typeface that stands out a lot. It took some effort to create this font since I wanted to create a typeface that could adapt to contemporary design requirements while seeming natural when used in the rounded version. The Vaguer offers many Opentype features, including additional characters, ligatures, and swashes, in addition to language compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the phrase "monoline" in typefaces mean?

The letters of the monoline typeface are uniformly thick throughout. There is no comparison between thin and thick in terms of breadth.

What is a monoline script?

Monoline fonts feature vertical and horizontal stems that are the same thickness.

What does the phrase "monoline" in typefaces mean?

The letters of the monoline typeface are uniformly thick throughout. There is no comparison between thin and thick in terms of breadth.

What is the best monoline font?

Routen Lightning is one of the best monoline fonts, perfect for most design projects.

What distinguishes a monoline typeface from a font with a single line?

One line and monoline are distinct concepts. Simply described, a monoline is a single-weighted typeface.

Summary: 20 Best Monoline Fonts

Monoline writing fonts are a versatile category of typography. Whether you need to design with minimalism or accentuate more complex designs, these fonts are the best choice for any design project.

However, with endless options available online, finding the perfect font that suits your design needs can be quite challenging. But, we are sure that in our list of 20 best monoline fonts, you will surely find the right one that fulfills your requirements.

Until then, happy designing, everyone!

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