8+ Best Mood Board Creators in 2024

8+ Best Mood Board Creators in 2024

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A mood board is a place where you can showcase your ideas and vision you have toward a subject matter. It is a visual representation of text messages or sample objects.

An individual or team may use a mood board to put it across visually when words fail to describe a mood. They help to get your design ideas to correlate with your visions. They will help you to explain your concepts to your clients or coworkers.

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You can see the need to use mood boards in almost all professions these days. They can be interior designers, graphic designers, animators, filmmakers, costume designers, and almost every artistic profession.

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Here are the best mood board creators online.

8+ Best Mood Board Creators in 2024 – Overview

  1. Adobe Express: Photo Collage Maker — Best free & best overall mood board creator (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Canva — Best simple mood board creator
  3. Pinterest — Best social platform for mood boards
  4. Mural — A great digital whiteboard built for teams
  5. InVision — Best for collaboration
  6. Evernote — Best mood board creator with notes
  7. Milanote — Best mood board creator with integration with other apps
  8. Studiobinder — Best online video mood board creator

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The Best Mood Board Creators

1. Adobe Express Photo Collage Maker (Editor’s Choice)

Adobe Express Mood Board
Adobe Express Board. Image Credit: Adobe

Best Overall Mood Board Creator

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Specifications: Price: Free / US$9.99 per month for Pro | Platform: Web, iOS, and Android

Adobe Express is a part of the Adobe set of software and is free forever. This software provides you with a range of easy customization options for your mood boards.

You can resize text, images, videos, and special effect filters, make elements transparent, and change border configurations.

Adobe Express provides you with plenty of templates, trims, and edits video clips, gives you more than 18,000 fonts from the Adobe Fonts library, resizes your content according to the social media template, and adds design elements from tons of images, backgrounds, and design assets.

For us designers, it’s hard to beat Adobe Express. Showcasing to clients your design vision has never been easier.



➕ Easy to use ➖ Slight learning curve
➕ Easy to customize
➕ Ample publishing option

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2. Canva

Canva Mood Board
Canva Mood Board. Image Credit: Canva

Best Value Mood Board Creator

Specifications: Price: Free Trial / US$ 12.99 per month | Platform: MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android

Canva is the leading graphic designing tool that can create social media posts, newsletters, brochure designs, and more. It is the best mood board creator that is ideal for creating boards with custom dimensions.

Canva is the best way to create a lot of mood board templates for your designs. There are thousands of templates available to create boards in different styles.

In addition, it has a drag-and-drop tool and a background removal tool that can come to your aid to create mood boards. You can customize almost all the templates in Canva based on the user’s requirements.

Overall, Canva is a powerful and accessible tool for creating mood boards, making it a popular choice for designers, marketers, and creatives looking to visually organize and communicate their ideas and concepts.

The grid option of Canva helps you to choose the format of your mood board. You can download the mood board in a PDF format or you can save it as an image to share the board with others. The built-in fonts, design elements, and stock images help you to create more diversified boards.

Canva is free and Canva Pro is also available for a free trial for 30 days. And don’t miss to check out our blog on the best Canva templates.



➕ Available for free ➖ Not enough free templates
➕ Drag and drop feature
➕ Attractive templates
➕ Design flexibility


3. Pinterest

Pinterest Mood Board
Pinterest Mood Board. Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

Specifications: Price: Free | Platform: Windows, iOS, and Android

Pinterest is an image-sharing and social media service. This platform helps you to save and discover information on the internet using images.

Pinterest is an online service that offers a variety of collections of images. For us designers and creatives, gathering inspiration from Pinterest mood boards is practically a right of passage.

Pinterest’s collection of images is well organized, so it is easier for you to choose from its images. There are millions of pictures available on this website. Every image is linked to a website that shows the image’s source. You can download, and share the images from Pinterest.

You may pin the photos that mean the most to you regardless of your tastes or purpose for using them. The photos can be from lifestyle, recipes, or photography. This app has everything you are looking for.



➕ Available for free ➖ Hard to use for collaborative work
➕ User-friendly
➕ Saves time


4. Mural

Mural Mood Boards
Mural Mood Boards. Image Credit: Mural

Best free online mood board creator

Specifications: Price: Basic plan available for free | Platform:

Mural helps you to focus on teams. It helps you to make collaborations easier. This software will help you to simplify workflows.

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For designers working in a collaborative environment, this is the best tool you can have. It helps you to have creative and effective communication with your team.

The features of this software are intuitive and it is simple to use ensuring team members from all skill levels are able to pick up on the tools quickly.

Mural helps you to create mood boards with images, notes, and tasks. If you are working as a team, you can also test your software using Mural.



➕ Drag and drop interface ➖ No design flexibility
➕ Impressive templates ➖ Low rating for mobile apps
➕ Use of various organizational tools
➕ Used across devices


5. InVision

InVision Mood Boards
InVision Mood Boards. Image Credit: InVision

Best online creative mood board creator

Specifications: Price: Free for a small team | Platform: Windows, iOS

Mood boards created using InVision will help you to evoke the team’s creative energy on the right track. InVision boards have inspirational designs, illustrations, and various graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

Mood boards created using InVision offer a flexible space to tell stories, share files, and collaborate with team members throughout the design process.

The Mood Board templates of InVision inspire you to create various templates. You can create your own brand identity and brand guidelines with these templates.

There are two plans available in the mood boards from InVision. They are:

  • Freehand Free is a free plan that allows you to use mood boards for free.
  • Freehand Pro is for cross-collaborative teams. This option is available for US$ 7.95 per active user/month if billed annually. It is also available at the rate of US$ 9.95 if billed monthly.

Depending on the scale of your or your team’s creative work, InVision is the ideal platform for making sure things go smoothly.



➕ Ideal for a collaborative environment ➖ Difficult to copy screen elements
➕ Drag and drop interface
➕ Attractive templates
➕ Can be used across various devices

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6. Evernote

Evernote Mood Boards
Evernote Mood Boards. Image Credit: Evernote

Best mood board creator with notes

Specifications: Price: US$10.99 per month | Platform: Web, MacOS, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad

Evernote is a popular note-taking app. You can use this app to create mood boards as well. When you open a new note to take notes, you can easily drag images to it and add information relating to it.

Each project in this note-taking app is stored as a notebook. These notes can add links, audio files, images, and all other content you need.

The notes you create using Evernote are easy to view on a desktop, tablet, or mobile. The basic version of this application is available for free. To use them for bigger collaborative projects, you need to take the premium version of the app.

You can save articles, webpages, and screen captures using this application.



➕ User-friendly interface ➖ Design control not up to the mark
➕ Used across devices
➕ Drag and drop feature


7. Milanote

Milanote Mood Board. Image Credit: Milanote

Best mood board creator with integration with other apps

Specifications: Price: US$9.99 per month | Platform: Windows, macOS

Milanote is an online tool that helps you collect everything in one place. With Milanote, you will get many tools in one app.

This app offers you a wide range of templates to choose from. This app also integrates with Unsplash to add high-quality images to your mood boards.

This application helps you to develop your creative work. You may arrange images, videos, and links with this tool.

This application supports all the common file types. The file types include JPG, PDF, Word, Excel, etc.

You can use this tool as a simple note-taking tool up to a project management tool. The interface of this app can work for individual purposes or for a team.

It is an impressive app to do collaborative projects.



➕ User-friendly interface ➖ Expensive
➕ Can be used across devices
➕ Attractive templates


8. Studiobinder

Studio Binder Mood board
Studiobinder Mood board. Image Credit: Studiobinder

Best online video mood board creator

Specifications: Price: US$ 29/month for individuals and US$ 49/month for teams | Platform: macOS desktop and Windows desktop

Studiobinder gives you many mood board templates with images and video content. You can create your own storyboards to organize your content. You can customize these templates and storyboards based on your requirements.

This application is ideal for people who are involved in film or TV production. This could be the best screen-writing app that can be used by the production crew. This app will be of immense importance while working in a film as collaboration is the key point in teamwork.

You can change the layout, frame size, and images easily with this app. The app is available for free but is limited to one project at a time. If you want a larger storage space and more options then you need to go in for the payment option.

There is a free plan available with this app that can be used with limited options.



➕ Ideal for image and video mood boards ➖ Limited free plan
➕ Intuitive interface
➕ Generated the schedule based on the timelines


Characteristics of a Mood Board Creator

The following are the advantages of having a mood board creator. They are:

  • Stimulate your Creativity: With a mood board, you can clearly display your ideas clearly and concisely to the other person. The mood board helps you to stimulate creativity in you.
  • Conveys Thoughts Clearly: If your work involves working as a team, there is not any kind of misunderstanding regarding the kind of work involved. You may convey your ideas and depict what work needs to be done by whom etc.
  • Creates a Collaborative Work Environment: If you are working on a group project, you can work in a collaborative manner.  The mood board also serves as a reference point, if by chance you are going off track with your project.

Types of Mood Boards

There are two types of Mood Boards that are available. They are:

  • Digital: It is easier to go with the digital board and not complicate the process. It is easier to have a digital mood board. It is easier to customize the mood board based on your requirements and make use of the existing templates that are available in various online tools. There are many free-to-use online tools available to create intuitive mood boards.
  • Physical: These types of mood boards are easier to find in almost all places you can visit. You can find such mood boards in restaurants and offices to remind the staff about meetings and deadlines. Physical mood boards can be found with foam boards as the base. They can work with visual resources such as newspaper and magazine cuttings, books, printed photos, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by a Mood Board Creator?

A mood board is a place where you can showcase your ideas and vision you have toward a subject matter. A mood board can be a visual representation of text messages or sample objects etc.

Why do you need a mood board creator?

A mood board creator helps you to come across to visualize the ideas and thought processes. It helps you to clearly bring a thought plan for a project. It will help you to identify the lapses and correct them in between. It will help you to finish the project.

What are the various types of mood boards available?

There are two types of mood boards are available: physical and digital.

Physical mood boards are in many places including offices and homes. They are the best way of reminding someone of a particular goal or target to reach. They can also show reminders as well.

Digital mood boards are ones that you can use through various online platforms that are available. These online platforms have got many in-built templates. You can add pictures, images, stickers, text files, etc., to these mood boards.


Best Mood Board Creators Summary

Mood boards are a great way of reminding and replicating the thought process of your mind. Collating and creating a mood board is an essential step in the design process. They are the best way to articulate a plan and implement it especially when you work as a team.

There are various online mood board creators that are available. These online board creators can be used to customize mood boards based on your needs and requirements.

Now that you know about the best boards and how to make them, you can set out and make the best mood board for your purposes!

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