The Best Mouse for Designers and Web Addicts

The Best Mouse for Designers and Web Addicts

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Logitech recently released a mouse called the Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse, a “luxury mouse for PC and Macs” which is damn comfortable!

This is an upgrade to their previous model ‘Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse’ or ‘MX Master 2″ which was my mouse for years. But this one is even better.

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So this is my number #1 recommendation as the best mouse for designers, or anyone really.

The Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless


Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Master 3 – Advanced Wireless Mouse for Mac, Ultrafast Scrolling, Ergonomic Design,...
  • Designed for Mac: Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac & iPad models.
  • ULTRAFAST MAGSPEED SCROLLING - remarkable speed, precision, and silence of MagSpeed Wheel - up to 90% faster, 87% more precise, and ultra quiet.
  • COMFORT SHAPE AND INTUITIVE CONTROLS - Work comfortably with perfectly sculpted shape and ideally placed thumb wheel and controls.
  • MULTIPLE COMPUTERS, ONE FLOW - Control multiple Mac computers and effortlessly transfer text, images, and files between them.
  • MAGIC OF GESTURES, POWER OF MX – Hold the gesture button and move the mouse to switch desktops, open Mission Control, and display Launchpad.


The best feature that differentiates this mouse from any other is the ergonomics and how it fits into your hand — it fits pretty much like a glove, it’s so perfect although those with small hands may disagree! It’s the right weight and is super comfortable, perfect for a graphic designer or web addict who never leaves the computer.

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The next best thing would have to be the scroll wheel which glides through pages depending on how fast you flick the wheel — this is so cool, I repeat, so cool.

The next best feature of the mouse would be the buttons on the side of the mouse (see pic at top) which allow you to scroll through your applications with your fingers instead of using Alt+Tab. There is also another handy search button on the top of the mouse which means you can search documents or the net with just a click! Really useful!

It is wireless and comes with a USB charging cord, and the batteries last weeks. You can charge the mouse while using it, unlike the (un)mighty Apple mouse.

The only downfall of this beauty is the price tag (approx $99) and it is for right-handers only. See our post on the best left-handed mouse for designers and our reviews on all the best mice.

What type of mouse do you use?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless?

Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless is considered one of the best mouse due to some features.
It is one of the comfortable mouse for graphic designers. The mouse has a handy search button on the top of the mouse. It also provides USB charging chord
Long-lasting batteries

What is the current price of Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless mouse in Amazon?

Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless mouse is available in Amazon at a price of $99.99

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63 thoughts on “The Best Mouse for Designers and Web Addicts”

  1. As a lefty, none of the cool mouses work for me, so I use apple’s mighty mouse. It’s nothing special, but at least it’s hand agnostic.

  2. Sounds cool… I wonder if it would be too big for my hand. I’m 5’2″ or slightly shorter and my hand is proportionally small too 😛

    I have actually been using the MacBook trackpad because I do so much on the train I’ve gotten used to it.

    On a desktop, or working at a desk I like the simple Logitech mouses (mice?), they’re just a grey colour with a darker scroll wheel – I think my Dad must have bought a bunch of them because they’re good and they’re all through my parent’s house. I guess if the simple Logitech mouse is an indicator of how good the fancy ones are then that one you’ve got must be pretty sweet. 🙂

    kristarella’s last blog post..My own 365 (+1) Project

  3. Paul – that’s such a good point, technology manages to discriminate in so many ways… not that you sound bitter, but they should totally produce some ergonomic stuff for lefties.
    On the topic – why don’t most scissors work in a left hand? They’re just two blades rubbing together!

    kristarella’s last blog post..Fun with fireworks in GIMP

  4. Maybe it would be a bit small, I have massive hands though and its a perfect fit. I used to have another logitech cordless however it was too small, I got really small cramps inside of my hands.

    The old mouse I had I thought was good with tracking and speed, but I realised how crap it was compared to the new one, but I suppose that’s where the extra cash comes into play.

    Scissors depend on which way the blades rub together, if it was just 2 flat blades that wouldn’t work very well.

    Too bad about the lefties.

  5. Hmm.. I currently use a logitech cordless internet pro. It only cost me maybe $50 AUD, and it does the job without cluttering my work space with unnecessary keys. It’s also fairly good with battery usage, I’ve had to replace the mouse ones maybe once, and I’ve had it for about 8months; The range of wireless on the set is also pretty good, about 4 meters.

  6. Yeah I know, nearly half the price in America! The price where I got it from was $147 at JB HiFi. Luckily I had some gift cards stocked up.
    eBay still does knock off a good enough amount though. Not as good as other countries but still better than shops.

    Miksago, Yes I had a Logitech one before and I thought it was heaps good, then I felt this one and just had to buy it! The range doesnt really matter me, as long as it works within a foot of my computer I am happy 🙂 Batteries are not a prob either.

  7. Pretty sweet. i dig the buttons to scroll through applications but i do have to disagree and for one reason only.

    for a year and a half i was a relay operator. i typed all day every day. it resulted in me getting carpal tunnel. shortly after i landed my current graphic and web design job. about 8 months in i was getting unbearable cramps in my entire right arm, my hand and wrist were killing me. i finally got a logitech trackball mouse. the red ball under the thumb one. it was about 30 bucks and after 2 hours of using it the pain was gone.

    i still have some small pain but the mouse cut down on it id say about 60% to 80%.

    so while that may be the most efficient or suited for the life of a web addict. if youre having pain like i was. trackballs seem the way to go.

  8. Harrsion,
    Yeah I have always used Logitech as well. What ergonomic mouse were you referring to? The rechargeable base is always handy, you can just put the mouse on charge while you sleep and there is an indicator on the mouse letting you know the status of the batteries.

    I have been using the mouse for a week now and so far have had no problems at all, its so awesome and no I don’t work for Logitech 😛

    yeah the buttons come in pretty handy. Too bad about the carpel tunnel, did you have to wear those braces at night?

    Regarding trackballs, I have found in my experience it’s really hard to make selections as its not so accurate and it’s hard to move the cursor exactly where you want it to go.

    It would make a great birthday present, you won’t regret it 🙂 Battery charging is not a problem at all as you can charge it overnight and there is a status indicator on the actual mouse so that’s no problem.
    No need for a collection of mice, just one does fine.. maybe a tablet though.

    I really doubt it, but I suppose it could be worth an ask.

    I have used trackballs as well however I just found it harder to be accurate with selections and it was not as comfortable but each to their own I suppose.
    What do you mean a mouse takes up desk space? It is hardly anything at all and I have a dual monitor set up as well, and I have no problem with it, but indeed, I do have a large desk. Thanks for your comments.

  9. Don’t you just hate how we have to pay a premium here in Australia?
    Plus, eBay isn’t even much good, because there isn’t enough competition like the US and UK market.

    Armen’s last blog post..A Competition, a Free Theme, & a Premium Theme!! Phew:

  10. I saw this mouse in Best Buy the other day. I thought about getting it, since I’ve always been a fan of Logitec (I’m currently using the MX 1000).

    The Revolution fits my hand nicely, but the ergonomic one they have fits better. It’s a lot chunkier and fills the hand, but the only drawback is, it didn’t look like it had a rechargeable base, which is what I like about the MX1000.

    Maybe I’ll give the Revolution a second look now. Thanks for the post!

    Harrison McLeod’s last blog post..Fiction Writing: Collaborating and Co-Authoring

  11. Suraj check the bottom of the post 🙂

    I am using no mousepad and works fine. I also have a plastic one that worked well with my other logitech cordless, it does make the cursor move a bit quicker with the mousepad but I prefer more control 🙂

  12. Wow! This is sure to be my birthday wish for this year! haha.. I’m using Acrox Laser Mouse one of the fastest mouse I’ve used. 😀

    But, I have when you need to charge the batteries. So, wired mouse would do 🙂

    Design really need a good mouse. Collection of mice would be better. Lol~

  13. This mouse seems one step away from being a trackball – not that I mind at all. I’ve been using a (Logitech) trackball (thumb) for years and can no longer understand why anyone puts up with the desk real estate a traditional mouse requires (especially if you’re someone who uses a dual-monitor setup). I’m sure it’s just me, but it seems faster and more precise than any mouse I’ve used.

    Christen’s last blog post..Imaginary Instrument

  14. Making selections can be a task though i do find it to be very accurate just a little harder to control. however i have a wacom tablet and i do all my selections in quick mask mode when i need to do something detailed anyway so i suppose thats why i havent noticed a problem in that area.

    I’ve never worn the braces no. maybe i should im not sure. all the mouse movement was causing the majority of my cramps to happen in my bicep and forearm oddly enough.

  15. @Jacob: You know, I’m wondering if I had a hallucination while I was in the store. I tried to find it on the Logitec site and couldn’t. Maybe I mistook the brand, but I do remember looking at it and seeing the Logitec logo on it. I think it was called the “Natural” or something like that. It was definitely chunkier and fit nicely.

    I’ll see if I can find a link.

    Harrison McLeod’s last blog post..Fiction Writing: Collaborating and Co-Authoring

  16. Alright, this is good for me, I’ll check it out, but I need to know what mousepad goes well with it! Something plastic, something cloth? 50/50? 😉

    Currently I’m using an MS Explorer 3 with a fUnc pad of some sort, I used to have an MX510 but it broke.

    Eli’s last blog post..Eye Candy: Neat Scotch Tape

  17. I personally enjoy the feel of the G9. It is a little more pricey at nearly $100us, but has a weight cartridge for changing the weight, a huge range of sensitivity with on the fly sensitivity control, and the same gliding scroll wheel

  18. I have this mouse, it is great, very ergonomic and extremely comfortable. Battery life is also great and it just plain looks cool.
    Last but not least, it is very precise as far as designing go, especially when dealing with brushes or the ever boring and annoying selection process…

    Get it, you won’t regret it 🙂

  19. I have been having a weird pain in my arm that does a lot of mouse work. I did not realize they had ergonomical versions like keyboards. I will have to look into one for myself since I spend all day working at a computer.

  20. Hi gang,

    This is my first post.

    About a year and a half ago I began experiencing pain, which I knew was ergonomically related. I decided to try a track ball but as someone mentioned it was very difficult when trying to make precise selections.

    Well, six months later a friend turned me onto the Kensington “expert mouse” trackball, and I have never looked back. They are not cheap, but I have no regrets whatsoever for the money I laid out. More importantly, the pain had completely vanished after two weeks of my purchase.

    I also started using a Wacom tablet recently, which has also helped reduce the strain.

    Thanks for the space,


  21. I absolutely love my MX1000 at home. I have large hands and it contours to my hand nicely. I also like that it’s rechargeable. At work I have to use a Mighty Mouse which I find painful. It was definitely not made with ergonomics or utility in mind. My MX1000 also has back arrows for web browsing, making me much faster at surfing.

  22. I think the best mouse available for designers is by far the Logitech G5.
    It is extremely preciseyou can select a pixel on the screen, heavy (can adjust weight) and when you click is 100% stable. Can work much faster than any other mouse.

  23. I bought this mouse based on your review. I am an interior designer and do a lot of work in AutoCad and Photoshop. I can’t tell you how much I love this mouse. By far the best I’ve ever used. I love the maximize/minimize button in the middle. It’s super light and almost floats under your hand. One caution: keep your mouse pad clean because it is sensitive to crumbs, etc. 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion!!

  24. As a designer that works long hours – this mouse would be better if it were lighter (corded) and with a higher tracking than 800 dpi.

    I use the Logitech LX3 – it’s very light and comfortable with 1000 dpi tracking. The 1000 dpi gives you a smoother movement at higher speeds. The skinny design also lets you move over a finger giving your index finger a break from clicking.

  25. I have the MX Revolution and use it for design. It was a fantastic mouse for a very long time, but just recently it has started to become the biggest pain in my a$$ ever! The mouse skips constantly and has a terrible connection. I’ve heard this happens to a lot of people after about a year. This isn’t something I’d expect from a $100 mouse.

  26. ¿estás bromeando?, the best mouse is the one that don’t obligate us to force the hand, the one that you can change to your left hand when the right is tired (designers and architects, we work to many hours at the computer), so the one that is simetric. The one that put the central wheel further as it is posible: the central finger, -hearts finger- is the larger, so for the ones who works with the three large fingers it is prioritary. The one that is plane and big enough as a hand resting on the table.

  27. I got this mouse about half a year ago…first for my office and then for my home. This mouse is amazing. Definitely would also recommend it to any other designer out there.

  28. ? ? ??? ????? ????????? ???? ???? ?? Feed Burner? ???? ??? ???????? ??? ???? (?????: ?? ??????) 🙂

  29. The design of this mouse seems more like for gamers to me. It does not feel good in my hands. I looks really cool but the dpi and the shape is not efficient.

  30. this mouse sucks, if you are designer don’t get it. It has a 800 dpi which is worthless. If you want something that looks cool and has lots of buttons it might be for you. However if you are not just dicking around i would say go with something with at least 2000 – 3000 dpi…

  31. This might be a late post, but have you guys seen the Razer Mamba? Wow! This thig has a 5600DPI Razer Precisionâ„¢ 3.5G Laser sensor!!! 1000Hz Ultrapollingâ„¢ / 1ms response rate which is like a wired mouse. Did I mention this was a wireless/wired mouse? I think mostly gamers would benefit from this mouse, but the precision is what matters to me. I’m not a gamer but this mouse really sounds and looks great. I just wanted to post this out there. I was also looking at the new SideWinder from Microsoft which also seems like a nice mouse.

  32. I own the Nano version of this mouse. INCREDIBLE!! Both in features and toughness. I’ve dropped this thing multiple times coming out of coffee shops, in the snow even. Also the battery life is unreal. 2 AAA’s have lasted 9 months of 6-9 hour days of use, and I never shut it off at home. The new version of the nano just came out with Dark Field technology, which allows for its use on clear glass surfaces.

  33. In search for a new mouse since my current Logitech has seen it’s last days (not even 3 years old). For this reason I’m a bit weary of purchasing another from the company but this mouse does look nice. It is a bit difficult finding a mouse that has a lot of buttons, is comfortable and compatible with macs.

    I notice this post is a couple of years old, was wondering if you are still using the mouse and if it’s still working well? Thanks Jacob.

  34. I also have a plastic one that worked well with my other logitech cordless, it does make the cursor move a bit quicker with the mousepad.Very good idea, go ahead and success

  35. Thanks to this website and its totally ridiculous review, I bought this mouse and have regretted it ever since. You will not care about its handy recharge ability when you’ve been using it for… 5 minutes??

    It is utterly appalling for use in design due to its weight and size being akin to moving a brick around the mouse mat. Added to this is the scroll wheel which is totally inaccurate and useless as a two functional control. Users of 3D applications such as Maya or 3Ds Max, will know how vital the middle scroll wheel is in its use as a button. Try using that wheel as a button and not being frustrated that you’ve zoomed in or out at the same time! Unbelievably stupid!

    Make no mistake – this is a total waste of money and probably only useful to a gamer…

    • Strange you say that Luke, I’m still using mine today and even bought the newer version for at work. My charge lasts for at least 2-3weeks at a time with 8-12 hours of use a day. You can also customise the scroll button functionality as needed.

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