29+ Best Movie Fonts for Posters, Covers & Titles

29+ Best Movie Fonts for Posters, Covers & Titles

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If you’re looking for all the best movie fonts, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 29 movie fonts, that are perfect for posters, covers & titles.

We’re all suckers for good movies. It doesn’t matter what movie genre you prefer—compelling tales make you think, cry, laugh, run, or scream. And while it’s easy to pin the responsibility of crafting a cinematic experience on filmmakers and actors, graphic designers, too, are an integral aspect of curating a moment.

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After all, movie posters are a category of their own.

Whether you’re marketing an independent film or pitching an idea to a big-budget studio, the best movie fonts should help you articulate all of your best ideas!

29+ Best Movie Fonts for Posters, Covers & Titles

There are many movie fonts that are available for movie posters, cover designs, and titles. But the following are the best ones that are available.  Let us dive in and find out the details.

  1. Movie Credits Entertainment
  2. Wizardry Night
  3. Sattelar
  4. Freaky Story
  5. No Signal
  6. Trashed
  7. Blade Brotherhood
  8. Kampium
  9. Normand Brendan
  10. Voltaire Frangela

For the complete list, scroll on!

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29+ Best Movie Fonts for Posters, Covers & Titles

1. Movie Credits Entertainment

Best Movie Fonts
Movie Credits. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Arguably the most popular and familiar movie font of all time is Movie Credits Entertainment.

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Mostly seen as the text that introduces cast members, producers, directors, and film studios, this pick is generally present in almost every film poster imaginable.

From shorts to full-length features, this one’s a staple for obvious reasons.


2. Wizardry Night

Wizardry Night - Mystery Movie Font
Wizardry Night – Mystery Movie Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

As the name of the font set implies, Wizardry Night is a pack that gives voice to magical, spell-binding, and otherworldly narratives. Sporting cartoon-like lines and an animated vibe, this Envato find should help you effortlessly sell kid-marketed movies.

We recommend using this font for a Halloween-themed food menu or social media content. You can also create spooky yet playful party invitations with Wizardry Night and have a blast with your friends.

Additionally, we found that this font pack includes the basic Latin alphabet, punctuation marks, and numbers. It can work on Windows or Mac, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.


3. Sattelar

Sattelar - Modern futuristic scifi font
Sattelar. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you’re thinking of designing a sci-fi poster, consider Sattelar. Featuring luscious curves and characters that look straight out of a robotic calculator, this one’s distinct, memorable, and packs just enough intrigue. We think it’s perfect for magazines and headlines too!

Furthermore, it looks optimal in any size, so you can use it for big posters and projects. Sci-fi fans will marvel at this stunning font and inquire about your movie or book.


4. Freaky Story

Freaky Story - Creepy Font
Freaky Story – Creepy Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Need we say more? Freaky Story perfectly encapsulates a horrific experience that takes your mind places. Suitable for cultish narratives and evil-centered stories, this movie font is already a message in itself.

For example, vampires, zombie-infested towns, or serial killers on the prowl. We think this font can draw in and excite the horror-loving crowd.


5. No Signal

No Signal Font
No Signal Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Glitch effects add cinematic value to almost any visual venture, and No Signal is proof of that. Reminiscent of action movies and secret agent films, this one is a great pick for anyone who wants to put out a moody poster.


6. Trashed

Trashed Typeface
Trashed Typeface. Image Credit: Envato Elements

This movie font set may be called Trashed but there’s no garbage here! Suitable for coming-of-age movies and teen-telling tales, this one feels raw, emotional, and rebellious—perfect for a whole lot of movie genres!


7. Blade Brotherhood

Blade Brotherhood
Blade Brotherhood. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Blade Brotherhood is a sophisticated font that easily reminds us of kingdoms and European culture. A modern serif movie font, this set is dainty, formal, and perfect for period-drive narratives.


8. Kampium

Kampium. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If what your movie is looking for is a vintage display movie font, try Kampium. Legible, classy, and optimizing soft edges and straight lines, this sophisticated find is great for romantic comedies, fantasy films, and coming-of-age stories.

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9. Normand Brendan

Normand Brendan Serif Font
Normand Brendan Serif Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Another display font that’ll look great for movie posters is Normand Brendan. A ligature serif movie font, this set reminds us of character-led stories where the name of a protagonist carries the entire film. It comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters, too!


10. Voltaire Frangela

Voltaire Frangela
Voltaire Frangela. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Voltaire Frangela isn’t only a fantastic choice for movie poster ideas, it’s terrific for branding initiatives too. Meshing both thick and slender lines, this one’s an elegant font set that’s designed to thrive where you let it.



Riverside. Image Credit: Creative Market

Is a playful handwritten sans serif up your alley? Consider RIVERSIDE. Also suitable for teen and coming-of-age films, there’s a lot you can convey when you make great use of retro-inspired typefaces.


12. Vanguard CF

Vanguard Font
Vanguard Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

There’s something about Vanguard CF that reminds us of double agent stories. Whether it’s the thick borders with reserved gaps in between letters or its massive letters that seem to be hiding a prize, this movie font set is an enigmatic pick for virtually any film genre.


13. Hitchcut

Hitchcut. Image Credit: Creative Market

The font poster says it all: Hitchcut is a movie font that’s inspired by the Hitchcock-directed movie Vertigo. Featuring a grunge-y aesthetic with uneven outside lines, this one is moody, personality-led, and naturally carries with its raw energy, as if written with a drying marker.


14. Hot Pursuit: Grind-house

Show More Hot Pursuit- Grind-house Font
Show More Hot Pursuit- Grind-house Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

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Hot Pursuit: Grind-house reminds us of vintage films that star crime-fighting couples or partners in crime. A stunning hand-drawn movie font, this set will beautify both sports and action-driven movie posters.


15. Tarot

Tarot. Image Credit: Creative Market

Tarot is a pretty typeface that spells enchantment and mystery. Complete with both uppercase and lowercase letters, this one feels straight out of an astrology card deck.

If you have narratives to tell that focus on horoscopes and earth signs, you may want to use this.


16. Vampliers

Vampliers. Image Credit: Creative Market

Nothing beats classic horror fonts, and Vampliers is one of them. As if taken from a 70s vampire movie, this pick is naturally a classic and easily anyone’s favorite because of how familiar and precise this movie font is.


17. Old Movie Titles Collection

Old Movie Titles Collection
Old Movie Titles Collection. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Perhaps the best movie font pack that Design Cuts has to offer is the Old Movie Titles Collection. As the name of the set reveals, users are treated to more than just one set with this pack, allowing creatives to utilize the most of what they can.

Perfect for graphic designers who revolve around the movie poster space, this one is championed in more ways than one.


18. Avarta Cadavra

Avarta Cadavra
Avarta Cadavra. Image Credit: Design Cuts

In the mood for a series of magic tricks? Perhaps Avarta Cadavra can help you with that. Referred to as a spell typeface, this Design Cuts contender is magical, unique, and intentionally curved and crooked.


19. Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales Typeface + Bonus
Fairy Tales Typeface. Image Credit: Design Cuts

If you’re designing a fairy tale film poster, perhaps Fairy Tales could work for you. Featuring thin-drawn lines within each character, this movie font set also reminds us of children’s storybooks and cartoon logo designs.


20. Charles Swarel

Charles Swarel Vintage Typeface
Charles Swarel Vintage Typeface. Image Credit: Design Cuts

In our opinion, Charles Swarel is one of the best Christmas movie fonts any designer can utilize. Exaggerated where it matters and curved on most edges, this one is cute, holiday-reminiscent, and sports a quirky kind of grunge.


21. Vintage Hollywood Movie font

Vintage Hollywood font
Vintage Hollywood font. Image Credit: Design Cuts

The Vintage Hollywood movie font is a Photoshop animation sequence that draws inspiration from the vintage 1920s Hollywood theme. This font is easy to use and edit, as you just have to double-click one layer, amend the type, and save. This font set includes over 100 free vintage movie style fonts.


22. Mystyline Movie font

Mystyline Movie font
Mystyline Movie font. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Mystyline movie font works best on movies, posters, advertising, music production, hipster design, and more. This font has a modern thin-line design and draws inspiration from hipster aesthetics. This font also supports multilingual letters such as English, Turkish, and Western Europe.


23. Bravhela Handwritten Display Font

Bravhela Handwritten Display Font
Bravhela Handwritten Display Font. Image Credit: Design Cuts

To give a unique but handwritten feel to your movie title designs, Bravhela Handwritten Display Font stands as an ideal choice.

This movie font comes in Western style but has a handwritten display script font. It comes with a bold consistent stroke and a fun character with a bit of ligature and alternates.

It is an ideal choice for logo design, social media, movie titles, book titles, and especially movie titles. It also supports multiple languages allowing you to design for any language movies.


24. Vintage Text Effects

Vintage Text Effects
Vintage Text Effects. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Vintage Text Effects is a new retro-vintage movie font that adds both a retro and vintage feel to your movie projects. It comes with new and fresh colors which are suitable for most of the designs.

It works with anything such as layers, vector shapes, pixel layers, and even objects. These are customizable and easy to use as well.

These are an ideal choice for posters, flyers cover pages, media, banners, movie titles, and more. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and higher versions.


25. Quentin Neo-Retro Serif

Quentin Neo-Retro Serif
Quentin Neo-Retro Serif. Image Credit: Design Cuts

If you are searching to give a vintage look to your movie title designs, Quentin Neo-Retro Serif is for you. It draws inspiration from the pseudo-vintage that adds a lot of vintage feel to movie titles and shows in many movie titles.

It is designed with subtle irregularities and informal with asymmetrical stems, arms, and serif movie fonts to give more warmth and character to letters. Even though it holds a lot of vintage feel, it is a versatile font that is suitable even for modern projects.

This is an ideal choice for branding and logo design, posters, billboards, editorial design, magazine layout, social media campaigns, wedding stationery, motion graphics, and movie credits.


26. Cinema Sunday

Cinema Sunday
Cinema Sunday. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Cinema Sunday is a movie font that appears bold in design. This is a contemporary font that looks elegant in design. The font has many stylistic ligatures that make your font appear attractive in design.

There are many alternate glyphs in this font face. It provides multilingual support.

This font is a versatile font that works in designs that require a bigger font or smaller font. This font is ideal for branding projects, logo designs, product packaging, clothing brands, etc.

If you want to give a fashionable look to your designs, you can go in for this font. This font has uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. The font also provides multilingual support. The font comes in .OTF, .TTF file formats.


27. Reondela

Reondela. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Reondela is a decorative horror movie font. The strokes of this font look different with a quiver throughout. This is an apt font that passes a chill on your spine.

This is a perfect font that can be used for logo designs, magazine designs, invitations, headers, and large-scale artwork.

The font can also work for Halloween designs. It is apt in title designs of horror movies or shows on the web. It can also serve as the title cover pages of horror books.

This font comes in .OTF, and .TTF file formats. The font also provides you with multi-lingual support. The font comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.


28. The Crow

The Crow
The Crow. Image Credit: Envato Elements

This font is a vintage-styled typeface that brings gothic and medieval themes to mind. In our opinion, The Crow is perfect, not just for movie posters but for book covers too. If you’re designing medieval-themed merchandise, we also recommend using this font.

We also found that this font comes in eight different styles. Namely, regular, grunge, shadow, shadow grunge, inline, inline grunge, inline shadow, and inline shadow grunge. It looks optimal in any size, too, so don’t be afraid that it would look bad on big posters.


29. Detroit

Detroit. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Another serif typeface, Detroit, is an emboldened and handwritten font perfect for catching attention. This font does a fantastic job if you need to emphasize any message on your poster or cover. Not to mention, it sports a natural yet vintage and rustic appearance.

We think Detroit looks great on logos, invitations, magazines, and labels. Just about any project for advertisement will make great use of this font.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by movie fonts?

Movie fonts are recreations of famous film titles and logos. Hollywood always creates and uses attractive typefaces. In response to this, movie fans will create these typefaces for their own personal use.

Which of the above-said movie fonts can be used for vintage designs?

The Crow and Vintage Hollywood Movie Font are two fonts that are perfect for nostalgic designs. They both reference themes that are timeless and often reminisced by designers and viewers.

How will you know if it’s the best font for your poster?

This depends entirely on the theme of your movie or project. In our opinion, the font should encapsulate and represent that theme like a “brand identity.”



Ultimately, the 29+ best movie fonts are all cinematic finds, each designed to help you tell your story best. Whether romance and comedy or horror and action, you’re sure to find a font that allows you to articulate the narratives you want to put out.

There are several movie genres and fonts, so it can be overwhelming. But we advise that you focus on your title’s theme to narrow down what you’re looking for. We hope our roundup of the best movie fonts has helped you streamline your font search!

Keep artsy and stay creative!

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