45+ Best Number Fonts for Stylish Designs

45+ Best Number Fonts for Stylish Designs

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If you’re in the market for the best number fonts, this feature is for you!

As a graphic designer, you shouldn’t be surprised that the presentation of digits is an integral aspect of the trade.

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This is elemental in articulating a point, regardless of the visual project. Hence, we put together this article with a list of the best number fonts online to help you create more stylish designs.

Number fonts are typographies of numerical, and, from our experience, they’re usually included in most font packs. These packs have numbers 0 to 9, each designed to support the font’s design theme. Still, we feel that it’s worth mentioning how numbers are sometimes overlooked in the context of visual consistency.

As such, some people underestimate how digits can sport an aesthetic disconnect from a typeface’s letters. Whether it’s decorative edges or design slants, how numbers look in an overall design helps keep your projects professional and neat. They will look more satisfactory and appealing to your clients as well.

We looked around the internet to round up the most spectacular number fonts for you. We chose them based on the most popular and relevant styles for graphic designers. We also considered flexibility, so you have various options based on your project’s theme.

As a professional graphic designer, you’d want more options, including impactful font styles. Hence, we recommend checking out our list of the top professional fonts and the best display fonts online!

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10+ Best Number Fonts for Stylish Design

  1. Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family
  2. JUST Sans – Clean Modern Minimal Number Font
  3. Clement Numbers
  4. BoldPrice – numbers & currency
  5. 0261 – Numbers Font
  6. Drugsther
  7. Whitefield – Handcrafted Serif
  8. System Glitch – Display Font
  9. Retrofuturism OTF Vaporwave Font + Backgrounds
  10. Pumpkin

For the complete list, scroll on!

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45+ Best Number Fonts for Stylish Graphic Design, Branding & Logo Design

1. Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family

Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family - Best Number Fonts
Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family. Image Credits: Envato Elements

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Didone Room Numbers is the most recommended number font for an elegant and streamlined look. It’s a non-alphabetic font made specifically and exclusively for numerical characters.

It also features different types of currency, so it has everything you need from a numerical font.

We tested it out and discovered it is a very elegant typeface based on hotel room numbers.

This font style will highlight your ingenuity and message, whether in black and white or with a vibrant splash of color. It’s a fantastic choice for many different design tasks!

Not only does Didone Room Numbers excel in its representation of numbers, but it also includes an array of currency symbols.

This comprehensive collection of currency glyphs enables you to effortlessly incorporate monetary values into your designs, making it a versatile choice for numeral projects.

2. JUST Sans® – Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans Numbers - Best Number Fonts for Stylish Designs
JUST Sans® – Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

JUST Sans is a highly versatile typeface with endearing, modernist warmth, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

Designed as a professional modern geometric sans serif, JUST Sans is both serious and friendly, neutral but warmly expressive, technical but not overt, and familiar but unique enough to stand on its own.

One notable aspect of these number fonts is their exceptional numerical characters. The numbers are meticulously designed to embody a clean, modern, minimal, and stylish aesthetic.

The sleek forms and harmonious proportions ensure legibility and visual harmony, making them ideal for use in any numerical context, such as data visualizations, pricing tables, or any design that requires precise and contemporary number representation.

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


3. Clement Numbers

Clement Numbers
Clement Numbers. Image Credits: Creative Market

The distinctive spiral swirls in Clement Numbers set it apart from conventional number typefaces, offering a unique visual appeal that is both intriguing and visually striking.

Each digit is carefully crafted, with the spiral elements adding a touch of sophistication and artistry to the overall design.

Given that it was taken from the Fonderie Clement, Bruxelles’ 1838 Type Specimen Book, it makes sense that it is fashionable and timeless.

As a result, this font collection is a fantastic tool to make an elegant impression. It has the perfect amount of elegance and sass.

This selection stands out for being both well-known and eye-catching at the same time.


4. BoldPrice – numbers & currency

BoldPrice - numbers & currency
BoldPrice – numbers & currency. Image Credits: Creative Market

BoldPrice is a fantastic option for you and your project if you require a traditional and fashionable font.

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It is an OpenType typeface that includes an aesthetically pleasing number fonts. It also has punctuation and standard currency symbols.

Our research shows it has a respectable selection of choices for numerical character themes.

We highly suggest this if you’re working on an earthy subject since some of its styles resemble woodcut engravings. Also, it flawlessly mimics the vibe of the vintage lemonade stand signs.

This typeface pack is relatively easy to understand when compared to our next entry because of its legible design.


5. 0261 – Numbers Font

0261 - Numbers Font
0261 – Numbers Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Are you looking to add funk to your designs? Then perhaps 0261 – Numbers Font is what your project needs.

Unique-looking and made up of layers of lines, consider this font pack a journey and experience in itself. Suitable for a whole lot of projects, this stylish number fonts set is loud, novel, and a natural sight to behold.

However, If you’re working on a math-related project, we advise against using fonts with incomplete representations of certain numbers, such as the number 2 in this font.

In mathematical contexts, numbers must be easily distinguishable and have clear representations. Fonts with incomplete or ambiguous number shapes can confuse and misinterpret mathematical content.

Whether you’re aiming for a retro-inspired aesthetic, a futuristic look, or something entirely new and unexplored, this font pack provides the tools you need to bring your vision to life.


6. Drugsther

Drugsther. Image Credits: Envato Elements

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Simple with soft curves, Drugsther is a fantastic visual solution for design projects that don’t require all that much drama.

We find its balanced design and subtle elegance make it suitable for a wide range of projects, including branding, print materials, packaging, and video games.

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Futuristic and a tad sharp, this stylish number fonts set is a staple in web design and other online marketing efforts. Still, it’ll fit in anywhere!


7. Whitefield – Handcrafted Serif

Whitefield - Handcrafted Serif
Whitefield – Handcrafted Serif. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Sporting thick, wide, and hand-drawn characters, Whitefield is a handcrafted serif font. This stylish number fonts looks both playful and elegant.

As a group of graphic designers, we believe that this is one of the best number fonts that is suitable for branding initiatives, creative posters, signage, and a whole lot more.

These fonts are petite in size and reminiscent of vintage manual typewriters.


8. System Glitch – Display Font

System Glitch - Display Font
System Glitch – Display Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

System Glitch is a display font that provides exactly what its name is about.

Featuring futuristic-inspired digits, this set’s characters sport seemingly crossed-out visuals on the lower half of each design, easily exuding the glitch effect.

There are tons of projects this number fonts pack will be suitable for, but the best ones are those that involve technology-driven efforts.


Retrofuturism OTF Vaporwave Font + Backgrounds
Retrofuturism OTF Vaporwave Font + Backgrounds. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Futuristic, neon-inspired, and legible, Envato’s Retrofuturism is the perfect blend of modern and conservative.

Sporting a rich mixture of multiple colors, this numerical font packs just enough novelty for it to look fresh and novel. it’s sharp, feels calculated, and easily communicates a message.

What impressed us was its background package. The combination of fonts and backgrounds from Envato Elements offers a comprehensive toolkit for bringing retro-futuristic visions to life.


10. Pumpkin

Pumpkin. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Have you ever wished that your writing on the chalkboard was neat as a child? If you’re aiming for that kind of effect, we think you’ll appreciate the Pumpkin font.

It’s a hand-crafted design that optimizes aggressive curves and slender lines to help drive your point.

The characters, particularly the circular portions of the digits, occupy approximately one-third of each digit. This represents an intriguing and unique design choice.

We highly recommend this font for those working on educational materials, playful signage, invitations, or any project requiring a touch of nostalgia.

In addition, its hand-crafted nature adds a personal and authentic feel, resonating with viewers and evoking a sense of warmth and familiarity.


11. Scourge Typeface

Scourge Font
Scourge Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Arguably the most distinct number font on the web, the Scourge Typeface packs additional strokes in many of the 0 to 9 digits.

It’s unique, sports sharp edges, and is bound to leave a huge impact on all of your design projects.

Incorporating Scourge Typeface into your design projects opens up a world of creative possibilities. Its distinctiveness and unconventional style can add an air of intrigue, mystery, or even rebellion to your work.

Whether you’re aiming for a futuristic theme, a bold and assertive aesthetic, or a visual representation of breaking boundaries, Scourge Typeface will certainly make a lasting impact.


12. Omicron Typeface

Omicron Typeface
Omicron Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

A playful font pack, the Omicron Typeface exudes no hint of exclusive elegance with its numbers.

As if created by a teenager, this pick feels fresh and relevant because of its uneven lines and calculated edges.


13. Colorblind OTF Colorful Font

Colorblind OTF Colorful Font
Colorblind OTF Colorful Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If what you’re going for is a festive interpretation, you may want to give Colorblind OTF Colorful Font a chance.

A unique explosion of colors formed distinctly to resemble familiar characters, this pick is creative, vibrant, and perfect for visual projects you want to stand out!


14. Original Burger Font

Original Burger Font - Best Number Fonts
Original Burger Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

You’ll undoubtedly feel some familiarity when you see this font. You’ve probably seen it on a restaurant’s menu with a European motif.

You might have noticed their “Open” chalkboard or sign. In either case, the Original Burger Font was created mainly for food branding projects.

We discovered that the font is elegant and has a lovely collection of numbers. It conveys our message and is sleek and relatable because it was influenced by hand-painted art.


15. Kentaki Handwritten Font

Kentaki Handwritten Font
Kentaki Handwritten Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Handwritten-themed fonts make for stellar visual solutions because of the familiarity they bring.

Not only do these picks add an extra touch of credibility, but they also add a lot of character to your designs too. Is this a vibe you’re going for? If so, try Kentaki Handwritten Font.


16. Rogtrilla – A Unique Display Font

Rogtrilla - A Unique Display Font
Rogtrilla – A Unique Display Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Another playful pick when it comes to numerical fonts is Rogtrilla from Envato.

Perfect for a wide array of creative pursuits, this find sports thick edges and uneven lines, making it unique and an inherent sight to behold.

Use it for posters, social media, and branding materials!


17. Rosterine – Condensed Font

Rosterine - Condensed Font
Rosterine – Condensed Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Does your project call for exuding a vintage feel? If the answer is yes, perhaps Rosterine from Envato can help.

Perfect number fonts for both online and tangible marketing materials, this piece is designed primarily as a branding tool.

It also helps that the numerical font set in this list all look pristinely elegant.


18. Hakuna Font

Hakuna Font
Hakuna Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The Hakuna Font is one of the most sought-after block number fonts that pack legible digits. Thick and straightforward, this pick brings with it no bells and whistles.

It does, however, retain a funky personality while retaining simplicity. Truly, one of the better numerical fonts available on all of the internet today!


19. Heatwave Typeface

Heatwave Typeface
Heatwave Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Inspired by 80s aesthetics, Heatwave is a brush number font that features fun-looking digits reminiscent of movie posters and book covers.

Perfect for t-shirt projects, headlines, marketing materials, and social media designs, there’s a lot you can do with a font like this.

It can also be effectively used in some horror posters and other related designs, adding to its versatility.


20. Salita Serif Typeface

Salita Serif Typeface
Salita Serif Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Salita is unquestionably the font you need if you want to add a little bit of style, class, elegance, and modernism.

Salita has a chic and refined sans serif typeface that works well for magazines, social media, and logos.

Your upcoming design gains more originality because it is simultaneously contemporary and nostalgic.


21. Skadi Typeface

Skadi Typeface
Skadi Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

One of the more sophisticated number fonts with stunning numerical characters is Skadi from Envato.

Slender, reserved, and sharp where it matters, this pick makes for the perfect solution for classy branding projects.

What sets Skadi apart is its ability to strike the ideal balance between sleekness and impact.

What we find especially stunning about this font set is the slender and silky shapes, maintaining a sense of understated elegance, while the sharp details add a visually arresting element.


22. Yasha Typeface

Yasha Typeface
Yasha Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Another novel font with catchy numerical characters is Yasha. Indicative of handwritten visuals, this pick thrives in child-friendly projects because of its huge size by design.

Sporting long lines and emphasized curves and circles, this contender will add character and funk to any design in no time.


23. Degolite Extrude Typeface

Degolite Extrude Typeface
Degolite Extrude Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The Degolite Extrude Typeface is a slab serif typeface inspired by handmade lettering.

Easily exuding retro vibes, this piece is a stellar choice for projects that demand retro energy and feel. Sharp with novel edges, this is a classic anyone will quickly want to keep gazing at.


24. Airbag font

Airbag font
Airbag font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Envato’s Airbag Font is a trendy display typeface that’s suitable for both online and offline projects.

While it may not be the best web number font, it’ll easily help you communicate your project’s message in no time.

If you’re looking for a font pack with a tasteful shadow design, this is it.


25. Wonderfont Brush Typeface

Wonderfont Brush Typeface
Wonderfont Brush Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Wonderfont Brush Typeface is a handwritten number font that packs basic numerical characters.

Each digit carries a sense of imperfection and human touch, adding a warm and inviting quality to your designs.

We strongly endorse this typeface for murals, school projects, and manually hand-painted visuals. T his pick is as organic-feeling as organic gets.


26. Qgod

Qgod. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Ideal primarily for web design projects, the Qgod font is futuristic and minimalistic.

Although the numerical characters in this set aren’t the most legible at first, this pack does a swell job of staying true and consistent with a theme, making it a fantastic choice for those wanting to make a bold and cohesive statement.


27. Devasia Sans Serif Font Family Pack

Devasia Sans Serif Font Family Pack
Devasia Sans Serif Font Family Pack. Image Credits: Envato Elements

A rounded sans serif font, Envato’s Devasia is an elegant pick that features minimalist and classy numerical characters.

Meshing the balanced mix of thick and slender, this piece is the perfect visual solution for straightforward marketing projects.


28. Hikou Regular

Hikou Regular
Hikou Regular. Image Credits: Envato Elements

One of the more corporate-fitting numerical fonts on the list is Hikou Regular.

Perfect for business cards, office slides, and company posters, this Envato finds sports sleek lines and reserved edges.


29. Polaris

Polaris. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Mostly seen in movies, Polaris is a font pack that easily reminds you of space-themed films and trips to the future.

Suitable for a wide array of creative projects, this aesthetic best complements posters, marketing materials, and social media posts.

Its futuristic appeal complements the visual storytelling of science fiction, technology, or any project that aims to explore the boundaries of imagination.


30. Oak Font

Oak Font
Oak Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Quirky, playful, and seemingly archaic, Envato’s Oak Font is a vintage pack that’ll help you communicate messages that revolve around era-driven inspirations.

Complete with both upper and lowercase letters, this set also has an ample inclusion of punctuation marks.


31. Florenty Display Font

Florenty Display Font
Florenty Display Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Florenty is a beautiful display font that’s just as charming as it is functional. Curvy, rounded, and warm, this soft-looking font pack is one of the best choices for family-themed projects.

Like other contenders on this list, this set also comes with punctuation marks, alphabetical characters, and alternate glyphs.


32. Asure

Asure. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Arguably one of the most basic numerical characters included in a font pack is those in Envato’s Asure.

Slim, decipherable, and every bit professional-looking, this is a classic any creative can never go wrong with. Its other characters are just as clean and crisp too!


33. Ember Typeface

Ember Typeface
Ember Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If a stencil font is what your project warrants, then try Envato’s Ember Typeface. Reminiscent of military visuals, this pack will seamlessly help you translate your ideas in no time.

Thick and with nuanced divisions in between a digit’s design, this set allows your designs to easily stand out.

The thoughtful design elements add depth and character to the digits, allowing for a powerful impact.

Whether used for titles, headers, or any other design element, these fonts demand attention and add a touch of authority.


34. Chamonix Font Duo

Chamonix Font Duo
Chamonix Font Duo. Image Credits: Envato Elements

A timeless sans-serif typeface that gets its inspiration from vintage ski and travel posters, the Chamonix font is paired with a modern handwritten typeface that helps give it a softer personality.

With styles that include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation, Chamonix also provides some alternate glyphs that can easily add a unique and dynamic touch to any project.

A great font for branding, logo design, or even graphic design projects.

35. Dezire Stacked – Mirrored Font

Dezire Stacked - Mirrored Font
Dezire Stacked – Mirrored Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Another standout font pack available on the web today is Envato’s Dezire Stacked.

A geometrical slab serif, this contender is a mirrored font that quickly draws attention because of how it’s designed.

Loud, catchy, and naturally stunning, there are a lot of things you can do with a font pack like this.


36. Rose Petals Font Duo + Bonuses

Rose Petals Font Duo + Bonuses
Rose Petals Font Duo + Bonuses. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Rose Petals Font Duo is, as its name suggests, a very rosy and floral-themed typeface. Characters are entwined with floral elements, giving them a very exquisite appearance.

We consider it an excellent typeface for branding materials, dainty quote cards, and wedding invitations.

In addition, it works well for seasonal material, such as springtime topics. It’s a very adaptable motif that your customers will love.


37. Stamp & Co – Vintage Stamp Font

Stamp & Co – Vintage Stamp Font
Stamp & Co – Vintage Stamp Font. Image Credits: Design Cuts

If you’re aiming for a vintage look, stamp fonts are the perfect choice for such visuals. It gives your creation character and depth that other fonts lack.

As a result, we think Stamp & Co is a great option for anyone seeking a vintage aesthetic.

We discovered that this contender would enhance any design. An ancient Sri Lankan train ticket inspired it.

Our expertise suggests that it works best for projects like cards, newspaper-themed ones, and others of a similar nature.


38. Marigold

Marigold. Image Credits: Design Cuts

This font design is the ideal fusion of traditional serif and simple sans serif. Marigold is both strange and beautiful, as we discovered.

It’s a lovely fusion of modern and elegant styles that will look great on many different designs. There are thin lines and subtle curves on each of its numerals.

You will unquestionably discover that this font style is adaptable for all your present or future tasks. Additionally, the package includes editable logos that work well with this typeface style.


39. Moses – Display Grotesque Typeface

Moses – Display Grotesque Typeface
Moses – Display Grotesque Typeface. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Inspired by Egyptian history, Moses is a grotesque style font that pays tribute to heavy stone slabs found in pyramids.

Available in 3 styles—regular, rough, & aged—this pack is one of the more nuanced sets available on the internet. It’s cultural, legible, and catchy. What isn’t to like?


40. Wrangler

Wrangler. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Available on Design Cuts, Wrangler is a vintage-looking font pack that sports emboldened and circular edges.

Its alphabetical characters are all uppercase letters and it comes with an ample inclusion of punctuation marks too.

Perfect for a lot of design projects, this pick is best suited for headlines and elegant branding initiatives.


41. Handpack Font Collections

Handpack Font Collections
Handpack Font Collections. Image Credits: Design Cuts

If you’re looking for a font pack that comes with a ton of choices, look no further than Handpack Font Collections.

Featuring numerical characters that sport script, sans, and serif styles, designers will have a lot of choices in communicating their ideas with this set.

What’s more, the inclusion of other great-looking elements and assets in this set makes for fantastic visual solutions too.


42. Tate Font

Tate Font
Tate Font. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Tate is a playful & rounded all-caps typeface that naturally exudes warm and welcoming energy.

Suitable for invitations, marketing materials, social media cards, and even t-shirt projects, this pick is a versatile font pack with numerical characters that creatives will enjoy making the most of.


43. Starway

Starway Number Font
Starway Number Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Starway is a strict and stylish sans serif line font. It looks sharp-angled. It includes numbers, punctuation, and a special character set to add value to your projects.

The font works ideal for making posters, titles, banners, and print media projects.


44. Steel Cut

Steel cut
Steel cut. Image credits: Creative Market

With research on graphic design history, you’ll notice the influences that inspired Steel Cut. Specifically, it was during a period when signage needed to be robust and striking.

It was a period of steel mills and neighborhood corner bars. Making a statement and attracting clients are equally important.

In light of this, we observed that Steel Cut is a strong, bold typeface distinguishing classic and contemporary. It is available in nine striking designs.

It also includes the lovely dollar, percent, and period icons, as you’ll discover. You can pick an outline from this collection that best suits your preferences.


45. Chisel

Chisel. Image credit: Creative Market

Chisel has one of the strong font styles that attract people who wish to make their letters with bold statements. It offers three attractive unique styles along with numerals.

It also provides a solid number of symbols and punctuation marks. If you are looking forward to making a strong set of numbers, then Chisel is your best choice.


46. Westward Numerals

Westward numerals
Westward numerals. Image credits: Creative Market

Westward Numerals offers you thick expressive letters. To make a statement visible you must use a bold font and Westward Numerals can help you make this possible with their thick and thin outline.

It consists of numerals and alternative dollar, percent, and period symbols.


BONUS: Number Font Pack on Adobe Fonts

Number Fonts on Adobe

Are you an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber? Then you’ll have free access to Adobe Fonts including this incredible Number Font pack that has been hand-curated by the Adobe team. It includes the following fonts:

  • Mono45
  • Atrament
  • Maple
  • Lust
  • Blenny
  • Essonnes
  • Carina Pro
  • Oxtail OT
  • Variex
  • Blackcurrant
  • Source Code Pro


Our Favorite Number Fonts

Still undecided? Below we’ve hand-selected our favorite 12 number fonts from the list.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a number font?

Number fonts are a typeface style that is specialized just for the number letters.

What number font is the easiest to read?

The simplest and easiest-to-read number fonts are Helvetica and Georgia.

What is the ideal font for street numbers?

The best font for street numbers is the sans serif font like Helvetica because this thick font will increase the visibility of your house number.

What is a lining number?

Modern numerals that are all the same height and rest on the baseline are known as lining figures. They are also referred to as regular numerals or short range figures. They frequently share the typeface's capital letters' height.

What are tabular lining figures?

Tabular figures have the same amount of horizontal space on each side, which is equal to the sum of the widths of the numerals themselves plus the spaces on either side.

Can I mix different number fonts in a single project?

Mixing fonts can be done but should be done with care. It's generally best to limit the number of fonts used in a project to maintain visual consistency. Use different fonts for headings, body text, and numbers sparingly and purposefully.


Top Fonts for Numbers Summary

All in all, the 40+ best different fonts for numbers, each designed to help you easily communicate your project message.

Whether corporate or creative endeavors, we hope that our list helps you streamline your search for the top fonts for numbers.

Also, check out our blogs on the best tattoo number fonts.

Did you find what you were looking for here? Let us know what your favorite font is in the comment section!

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