Best of Season 2 (2021) of JUST Branding Podcast

Best of Season 2 (2021) of JUST Branding Podcast

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Wow! What a year!

Over the past year my bearded co-host Matt Davies and I interviewed 22 guests for the JUST Branding Podcast.

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We heard branding insights from creative minds such as Sagi Haviv, Joseph Pine II, Denise Lee Yohn, Natalie Nixon, Bill Gardner, Emily Cohen, Armin Vit, Julian Cole and many more.

Matt and I reminisced on the past year and compiled our favourite nuggets from Season 2 into our Best of 2021 episode.

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Apologies for Jacob’s echoey audio… unfortunately my microphone defaulted back to the Macbook microphone which we only found out after recording.

We wanted to take this time to say a HUGE thank you for listening and all your 5 star reviews!

Below are a few stats from the show.

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Podcast Stats

  • 4.9/5 Star Average Rating on Apple Podcasts (65+ Reviews)
  • 10,000+ Monthly Downloads
  • 3000+ Listens per episode
  • 22 Episodes in Season 2
  • 2 Episodes a Month


We had some nice features this year including being ranked the number 1 Branding Podcast by multiple sites.

  • Ranked #1 Branding Podcast by Welp Magazine
  • Ranked #1 Branding Podcast by Feedspot
  • Top 10 Design Podcasts by ClearDesign

Listenership Location

  • 64% USA
  • 14% UK
  • 9% Australia
  • 8.5% Canada
  • 4.5% India, China

Podcast Charts

A platform called Chartable ranks the podcasts of the world and below you can see our peak positions over the past year in the Design category.

  • #1 Design Podcast in Switzerland
  • #1 Design Podcast in Slovenia
  • #1 Design Podcast in Cyprus
  • #1 Design Podcast in Nigeria
  • #1 Design Podcast in Lebanon
  • #1 Design Podcast in Belize
  • #1 Design Podcast in Ghana
  • #1 Design Podcast in Tanzania
  • #1 Design Podcast in Bermuda
  • #1 Art Podcast in Serbia
  • #2 Design podcast in Austria
  • #2 Design podcast in Slovakia
  • #2 Design podcast in Croatia
  • #6 Design Podcast in Australia
  • #7 Design Podcast in UK
  • #6 Design Podcast in Canada
  • #22 Design Podcast in USA
  1. Simplicity in Branding with Scott Buschkuhl
  2. No-BS Strategies To Evolve Your Creative Business with Emily Cohen
  3. Creative Briefs & Strategy Fundamentals with Julian Cole

Season 2 Episode Recap

  • E1: Smart Strategy with Kevin Duncan
  • E2: Brand & Culture Fusion with Denise Lee Yohn
  • E3: Creative Bravery with Lisa Hastings
  • E4: Creativity, Innovation & Intuition with Natalie Nixon
  • E5: Cracking Complexity with Systems Thinking – David Benjamin
  • E6: Brand Building Mistakes with Jacqueline Lieberman
  • E7: Primal Human Desires with Nathan Hendricks
  • E8: Logos VS Brands with Bill Gardner
  • E9: Building A Million Dollar Strategic Agency with Mash Bonigala
  • E10: Rebranding Strategy with Armin Vit
  • E11: Brand Discovery & Innovation with Jose Caballer
  • E12: Problem Solving with Sagi Haviv
  • E13: Copyright & Trademark Law with Joey Vitale
  • E14: The Customer Experience Economy with Joseph Pine II
  • EP15: Staying Relevant as a Brand with Allen Adamson
  • EP16: Simplicity in Branding with Scott Buschkuhl
  • EP17: No-BS Strategies To Evolve Your Creative Business with Emily Cohen
  • EP18: Branding From The Inside with Kyle Millar
  • E19: Creative Briefs & Strategy Fundamentals – Julian Cole
  • EP20: Powerful Personal Branding with Rob Levinson
  • EP21: Building Brands for a Sustainable Tomorrow with Katie Klencheski
  • EP22: Best of Season 2 – 2021

Season 3 Launches in January 2022!

Yes! We are doing a third season for 2022. We are having a short break over the holiday season and plan to launch Season 3 in January 2022.

From Matt and I, thanks again for tuning in!!


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