25+ Best OpenType Fonts for Graphic Designers

25+ Best OpenType Fonts for Graphic Designers

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Are you looking for the best OpenType fonts? If yes, we’ve got you covered! Here, we have the top options to let you choose the right OpenType fonts.

As a graphic designer, you will always want to use enthralling fonts that can capture the attention of your audience and impress them. So, the selection of fonts you make determines whether your design will be a masterpiece or unappealing.

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It is why choosing futuristic and modern fonts can make your designs look good and help you grab your viewers’ attention. Also, fonts with extra features, such as glyphs, swashes, ligatures, alternates, etc., increase the possibility of creating new variations.

Undoubtedly, you can get these facilities by opting for OpenType fonts. As they are the successors of true-type fonts, they contain many features and are easy to access.

In this article, we have a list of the best OpenType fonts available on the web. You can simply go through this list and find a feature-rich font for your upcoming designs.

25+ Best OpenType Fonts for Graphic Designers

  1. Jefferson OpenType Ligature Font
  2. Fab Ice Lolly Font
  3. Chellora Typeface
  4. Ramesha – Modern Serif Font
  5. Brightshine Typeface
  6. Higss Boson Blues OpenType Color Font
  7. Classical Authentic
  8. Gineva Script Font
  9. Paladise Font
  10. Strong West – Retro Tattoo Font

Scroll on for the full list.


best opentype fonts

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25+ Best OpenType Fonts for Graphic Designers

1. Jefferson OpenType Ligature Font

Opentype ligature font, jefferson

Jefferson is a beautiful SVG font that comes with many ligatures for versatile use. This font is suitable for logos, posters, cards, and other design contexts. The font package contains uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

You can use this font in Adobe Illustrator cc 2018+, Photoshop cc 2017+, and procreate 5. Also, it has wide support because of the traditional vector format.


2. Fab Ice Lolly Font

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Fab Ice Lolly font

If you are looking for a colorful OpenType font with vintage vibes, Fab font is a perfect option to consider. This colorful SVG font is motivated by Fab Ice Lollies from 1967, which have candy sprinkles on the top.

It is why the upper portion of the letters has a candy sprinkle-like design. Fab Ice Lolly font is ideal for writing catchy headlines, birthday cards, posters, flyers, and many more. The font adds a feeling of retro and nostalgia to the design.

It has all uppercase letters with alternatives and basic punctuation. Since it comes in OpenType SVG format, you can access it in various apps.


3. Chellora Typeface

Chellora Typeface

Chellora typeface is a unique font with a Bevelled look. The font has smooth characters that add a special effect to any design. It is available in three different styles – regular, shadow, and filled outline.

This display font is perfect for headlines, apparel, logos, signage, and other designs. The font provides mind-blowing aesthetics to any design, making it stand out. All three versions of this font are available in TTF and OTF formats.

You can access all features of Chellora typeface with ease because of PUA-encoded characters. It works in Adobe apps, Microsoft Word, and Corel Draw.


4. Ramesha – Modern Serif Font

Ramesha - Modern Serif Font

Ramesha is a unique font suitable for modern design concepts. The font comes with ligatures and alternates that you can combine and create stunning typography designs. It is suitable for various designs such as art quotes, book covers, product designs, photography, branding, logos, advertising, etc.

This font is available in OTF, TTF, and web font formats for versatile usability. It has multi-language support and comes with uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and OpenType features.


5. Brightshine Typeface

Brightshine Typeface

Brightshine typeface is a modern calligraphy style font that adds an elegant and beautiful touch to the design. The font contains 313 glyphs and alternate characters to let you craft attractive designs. It is perfect for greeting cards, apparel brands, painting designs, etc.

The characters are PUA encoded for easy accessibility. Also, Brightshine typeface includes many OpenType features, which you can access using OpenType savvy programs like Corel Draw X6-X7, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.


6. Higss Boson Blues OpenType Color Font

Higgs Boson Blues, best opentype fonts

If you are looking for a bold, handmade font to bring charm to your designs, then the Higss Boson Blues OpenType color font is a perfect choice. This font is available in OpenType SVG and regular vector formats for easy access in different design programs.

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It is perfect for a wide range of design concepts, such as t-shirts, logos, letterheads, retro-themed designs, book covers, and others. The font package includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and marks.


7. Classical Authentic

Classical Authentic

Classical Authentic is a classic, vintage font with a simple and stylish look. Depending on your design needs, you can use this font for various design concepts. It looks beautiful and is perfect for posters, logos, magazines, and other designs. The Classical Authentic font is available in OpenType format and includes uppercase & lowercase letters and numbers.


8. Gineva Script Font

Gineva Script Font

Gineva is a handwritten script font made with brush strokes. The font is suitable for headlines, posters, logotypes, letterheads, and many other design contexts. It has many OpenType features, such as ligatures and stylistic alternates, and they can be accessed using OpenType savvy design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.

This font is also available in TTF format, which is ideal for those who want to use it. The font file contains uppercase & lowercase characters, punctuation, numbers, splashes, alternates, and ligatures.


9. Paladise Font

Paladise Font & Extras

Here is a bold and playful script font named Paladise. This font looks appealing and includes a lot of alternate characters to help you create mind-blowing artwork. It is perfect for posters, clothing designs, branding projects, logos, party invitations, etc.

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There are also 26 bonus vectors to help you create stunning designs. Paladise font also includes many OpenType features such as stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, ligatures, and lowercase initial & final forms. The font is PUA-encoded, so it is easy to access.


10. Strong West – Retro Tattoo Font

Strong West - Retro Tattoo Font

Strong West is a new style script font that gives a retro touch to any design. It has many OpenType features to enable you to create eye-catching designs. It is ideal for tattoos, badges, logotypes, and other designs.

This font contains uppercase & lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. The font is PUA-encoded so that you can access all features with ease.


11. That Lembuts SVG & Brush Fonts

That Lembuts SVG & Brush Fonts

That Lembuts is a handmade font package that contains two OpenType fonts. These are regular brush fonts and SVG. This font adds a unique charm to designs and makes them look realistic.

It offers an authenticated hand-drawn feeling because each letter of this font is painted by hand. That Lembuts font supports many languages and contains glyphs, symbols, and punctuation.


12. Brohero Typeface

Brohero Typeface

Influenced by action movie posters with war themes or knights in the Japanese Samurai, Brohero is a bold sans serif font. This font is perfect for t-shirt designs, game titles, logotypes, movie titles, and other designs that need a heroic vibe.

The font is multilingual and comes with a total of 789 glyphs. It is also available in an italic version to give a dynamic look. The characters are PUA-encoded to make sure that designers can access the font easily. It is available in OpenType, true-type, and web font formats.


13. Pathout Script

Pathout Script

Pathout Script is a dynamic script font with a handwritten style. It allows you to customize your designs the way you want with additional swashes and common ligatures. It is suitable for apparel designs, posters, labels, letterheads, logotypes, badges, retro-themed designs, packaging, and more.


14. Marthina Script

Marthina Script - Two Style

If you are looking for a calligraphy font to give a genuine handwritten vibe to your designs, Marthina script font is a good font to consider. This font is available in two styles – regular and inline regular to provide you with more possibilities to design.

It lets you create various designs with 377 glyphs and 152 alternate characters. The font file also contains many OpenType features which you can use in design programs like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw X6-X7, etc. It also includes several bonus ornaments to help you decorate your designs.


15. Califunkia


Inspired by a handwritten advertisement from 1960, Califunkia is a fun and cartoonish font. It gives a playful and decorative vibe to the project. It is an OpenType font with 260 alternate ligatures that allow you to craft your artwork efficiently.

You can use the Califunkia font for any design that needs a touch of playfulness. It supports many languages, so it is also suitable for international use.


16. Jumper Script Fonts

Jumper Script Fonts

Here is another handmade typeface called Jumper. This font is crafted in a brush style and gives a natural feel. Jumper font contains OpenType features like ligatures and stylistic alternates that you can access using OpenType savvy programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Inkscape.

This font is also available in TTF format, which is a good option who need it. The font also includes several decorative elements that help add an attractive finishing touch to the artwork.


17. Euphoria Font Family

Euphoria Font Family

Euphoria font family is a uniquely designed font inspired by vintage and Victorian typography. This font is excellent for any design that needs a vintage touch. It includes 11 fonts and one extras file that you can use combinedly to create mind-blowing artwork.

Euphoria font is perfect for posters, greeting cards, logos, quotes, invitations, album covers, headers, packaging, and more. Each font in this font package includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and support for multiple languages. Some fonts also have OpenType features to help you in your design work.


18. Lutschine Font Mega Family

Lütschine Font Mega Family

Lutschine is a versatile sans serif font family that you can consider for branding, logos, and headlines. This font family contains 126 fonts, variables, and 58 ligatures, enabling you to create anything you can imagine.

It can also be used in paragraph texts and designs where tight kerning is necessary. Also, you can adjust the font depending on your design needs. This ultra-versatile font lets you create various variations to make your projects stand out.

Apart from OpenType format, it is also available in TTF and web font formats. The font package contains uppercase & lowercase characters, modern letter forms, two variable fonts, three widths, and many OpenType features.


19. Victorian Supremacy

Motivated by the late 1800s and early 1900s letterheads, Victorian Supremacy is a unique font to add elegance to your designs. You can consider this OpenType font for packaging, branding, books, magazines, signage, and other designs.

Victorian Supremacy font also includes a bonus set to help décor your designs. The font is also available in vector formats and is accessible in various design programs.


20. Thunder Stone Font Duo

Thunder Stone Font Duo

Thunder Stone is a sans font made with marker strokes. The font has a handwritten style and provides a pleasing look to any artwork. It is suitable for magazines, blog posts, branding, quotes, social media posts, advertising, logos, and many more.

It is available in SVG and script styles, and both of them have OpenType formats. The SVG font is also available in TTF format for those who need it. Thunder Stone font duo can be accessed in professional design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Inkscape.


21. Brotherhood – Casual Handwritten Font

Brotherhood – Casual Handwritten Font

If you are looking for a casual font to add a decorative element to your designs, Brotherhood is a perfect option. This casual font is suitable for social media posts, personal web portfolios, and other casual design projects. It comes in OTF and TTF file formats and contains several OpenType features.


22. Macbeth – OpenType SVG Font

Macbeth - OpenType SVG Font

Macbeth is a stylish OpenType SVG font that allows you to convey your message to your audience with ease. It is perfect for posters, labeling, clothing, logos, gigs, album covers, and other design concepts.

It supports multiple languages and also includes a PSD file. The font file contains uppercase & lowercase letters, punctuation, and numbers for convenient usability.


23. Vintages Typeface

Vintages Typeface

Vintages is a versatile handmade typeface suitable for modern designs. It has an all-uppercase design enabling you to create stunning projects by combining them. You can use this font for t-shirts, branding projects, labels, posters, and other designs.

With 400+ glyphs and several OpenType features, this font lets you craft different variations depending on your design requirements. You can access its OpenType features using design programs that support OpenType features. It is available in OpenType, true type, and web font formats.


24. Halden – Hand Brushed SVG Font Duo

Halden - Hand Brushed SVG Font Duo

Here is a unique font family called Halden, including SVG and OpenType fonts. It is a sans serif font and versatile enough to use in small and large-scale designs. The font has signature brush strokes and offers a natural vibe to the design.

Halden font is suitable for headlines, posters, advertisements, and other designs that need audacity. Also, it has support for multiple languages to be suitable for international use.


25. Bernoru Sans Font Family

Bernoru Sans Font Family

Bernoru is a unique sans font family that includes a total of six weights. The font has 116 glyphs, including uppercase & lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers, and symbols. It is available in WOFF, WOFF2, and EOT formats, along with the OpenType format.



25+ Best OpenType Fonts for Graphic Designers

OpenType fonts make the perfect choice for crafting any design because of their wide versatility and multiple features. So, make sure to add some OpenType fonts to your fonts collection and use them in your upcoming designs. We hope you found this article helpful and got the best OpenType fonts to use in your upcoming designs.

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