The Best Packaging Design Course for Designers

The Best Packaging Design Course for Designers

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Are you looking to learn packaging design online? Of course you are, that’s why you’re here.

Let me introduce you to Asha Mody who has the best packaging design course online (in my humble opinion).

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This comprehensive course will teach you not just the required creative skills, but also the business side of the packaging world.

Here’s an overview of what to expect inside this brilliant packaging design course. Plus don’t miss our exclusive 30% discount coupon code below.


Online Package Design Course: Learn How to Create Packaging Design that Sells

This online packaging design course will teach you the proven techniques to create impactful packaging & label design. Enhance your skills to draw attention on the shelf, and drive product sales.

Increase Sales & Stand Out

Gain real world experience that college didn’t equip you with. A mindfully designed approach that teaches design principles to increase sells, concept testing, and everything in between.

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Level Up Your Career

Scale your design career by mastering the knowledge people want, the art of differentiation. Learn how to stand out on the shelf, what consumers are drawn to and what drives people to buy your product. A step-by-step project process teaches you how.

Get Insider Pro Tips

Follow a brand packaging experts’ process from start to finish in big-named grocery stores like Costco, WholeFoods, sprouts, and Amazon.

Best Packaging Design Course Content

The Best Packaging Design Course for Designers

This is the most comprehensive & premium packaging course on the market and after taking this course, you will have:

  • A solid foundation and workflow process
  • Understanding of key terminology, design theories and material options
  • Understanding of basic consumer psychology and principles to differentiate
  • Knowledge of industry laws and regulations
  • Set up design system for product line
  • Prototyping & concept testing skills with real shoppers
  • Knowledge of how to set up file for print production
  • Skills to optimize design efforts for efficiency.
  • Position yourself from order taker designer to brand packaging partner with client


Learn Packaging Design Online – Meet Your Instructor

Asha Mody

Asha Mody is passionate about building brands and connecting visual identity with story. She believes each story needs to be told. Known as a multidisciplinary designer who has been through it all, she has started from the bottom working her way to the top. Now owning a Design Studio, Mindsy Studio, having designed for an INC 500 Company, and her work being featured in World Packaging Design, you can say she knows a thing or two about design.

Asha has worked for over 10 years in the design industry, both in the U.S. and India. She draws on her authentic roots and international experience in her approach to clean, mindful design. Her work consistently elevates her clients’ brands and products to the top of their markets, resulting in a loyal and engaged audience that drives profits.

Asha is on a mission to support the food & wellness industry with her talent and services to create a better future for this and the next generation.

Her work has seen on:

Best Packaging Design Course Stores

Become a leading packaging designer

Stop banging your head against the wall and wondering why your designs never make the store shelves. After going through this course you will be thinking like a designer (not an order-taker) and getting paid for your strategic thinking. You’ll be able to link your designs to your client’s ROI which will result in more money. And you’ll be more confident, able to earn more money and set up to get more dream clients.

Target Audience for Packaging Course

In this course you will get:

  • 12 Modules & 3 Hours of Video Content
  • Private Community Access
  • Downloadable Project Brief & Checklist
  • Weekly LIVE’S & Q&A’s with Asha


Best Packaging Design Course Online Overview

Get an Exclusive 30% Discount

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The regular price for the course is $499, however, Asha has a limited time launch time sale, saving you $125.

  • Regular Price: $499
  • Limited Time Sale: $374

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And that’s not all…

  • Join the Mindsy Community on Facebook to connect with like-minded designers.
  • Follow Mindsy on Instagram for insight on branding and packaging tips & design principals.
  • Check out Mindsy’s case studies here.
  • Learn how to move to Sustainable Packaging ♻️

Best Packaging Design Course Tablet Content

Learn how to design packaging

Level up and become a leading packaging designer today.


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