18 Best Pastel Brushes For Procreate

18 Best Pastel Brushes For Procreate

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When you’re an artist, whether it’s digitally or in real life, there are many different mediums that you can choose from to create incredible works of art every time. One of these is pastels. Dating back to the 15th century, like most things, has changed with time and the advent of technology, and with the Procreate app on your iPad, you can create beautiful works of art in half the time than you could in real life.

To that end, we wanted to share with you the best pastel brushes for Procreate to give you a heads-up and help you add yet another tool to your ever-expanding toolbox.

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If you’re ready, let’s jump right in.

Best Pastel Brushes for Procreate

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Best Procreate Pastel Brushes


The Ultimate Brush Toolbox – $39 (Editor’s Choice)

The Ultimate Brush Toolbox

While the focus of our article is centered around the best pastel brushes, sometimes the best brushes come with some friends as is the case with The Ultimate Brush Toolbox from Design Cuts and Trailhead Design Co. With 300 different brushes for Procreate, the Toolbox has literally everything you need. Included in the kit are 30 pastel brushes that have been crafted from real pastel dry strokes, dust, and all. While the price may be a bit high for some, those who do purchase this brush set will not be disappointed in what they receive.

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Included in this set:

  • 30 Pastel Brushes – Crafted from real pastel dry strokes, dust and all.
  • 300 Real Media Brushes for Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator and Affinity.
  • 38 Acrylic Brushes – Sampled from real acrylic paint.
  • 16 Airbrushes – Sampled from actual airbrush sprays and splatters.
  • 16 Charcoal Brushes – Made from real charcoal marks and strokes.
  • 22 Crayon Brushes – Created from old waxy crayons.
  • 30 Gouache Brushes – Made from real gouache paint strokes and washes.
  • 24 Ink Brushes – Sampled from a variety of tech, ballpoints and brush pens.
  • 18 Marker Brushes – Created from real broad and brush tip alcohol markers.
  • 40 Oil Brushes – Made from real oil paint smears, strokes and textures.
  • 20 Pencil Brushes – Created from various types of pencils and graphite sticks.
  • 34 Watercolor Brushes – Made from real watercolor strokes, washes and stains.
  • 12 Texture Brushes – Created from actual canvases, papers and wood panels.
  • 12 Surface Texture .JPG – Includes even more papers, canvas, ink washes and more!


Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Pastels – $15

Ultimate Brush Toolbox – Pastels

If looking purely for pastel Procreate brushes, this Ultimate Brush Toolbox Pastel Brushes is for you.

It is an incredibly extensive set of pastel brushes that comes with a large collection of 30 pastel brushes and 12 texture brushes for Procreate, 12 high-resolution surface textures, and more. 

These brushes have been well-crafted to bring a wonderful traditional aesthetic to your artworks. Moreover, the brushes in this set can perfectly replicate the chunky texture of real pastel and also can be subtle enough to add light grain to your illustrations. The colors in this pack are smooth and blend easily, making them apt for use in a wide range of digital projects.

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The Pastel Artist Set For Procreate – $20

The Pastel Artist Set For Procreate

Designed by Sketchwerx, The Pastel Artist Set For Procreate provides you with everything you need to create incredible artwork using pastels and chalk on your iPad. The brushes in this kit have been tried and tested extensively, making sure that they provide you with the best tools that you can use. Consisting of 26 pastel brushes, 1 pastel color pallet, and 3 paper stamps, all with the hopes of making your pastels look that much more authentic every time.


Moonbeams Mix Media Brushes for Procreate – $12

Moonbeams Mix Media Brushes for Procreate

Discover the brush set that integrates watercolor, pencils, and pastel. Moonbeams come with a collection of fully customizable 23 brushes: eight watercolor brushes, seven pencil brushes, and eight pastel brushes. This brush set is ideal for those who want to experiment and have fun while working on digital projects.


Drawing Box – Procreate Brushes – $10

Drawing Box – Procreate Brushes

This brush set features a set of 29 custom brushes. It comes in a variety of media styles, from oil pastels, charcoals, to colored pencils, to markers. Every brush in “Drawing Box for Procreate” is seamless, ensuring that you get perfect brush strokes every time. Interestingly, this brush set also consists of a short description of each brush, helping you understand how you can use the tools.


The Pastel Pro Pack: Procreate Brush Set – $24

The Pastel Pro Pack Procreate Brush Set

Finely tuned to work with Procreate 5+, The Pastel Pro Pack: Procreate Brush Set from Lane Draws come with more than 8- brushes and paper textures for you to create any design on. Designed with a beautiful grain that makes them the perfect choice for optical blending techniques. Created to shine a light on an often-overlooked medium that is somewhere between drawing and painting. Each brush has been designed to produce a wide range of characteristics that can be dependent on whether you use the tip or the edge of your Apple Pencil. All in all, with the tools provided by The Pastel Pro Pack: Procreate Brush Set, you’ll have no problems at all.

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Oil Pastel Brushes For Procreate – $10


Designed by the amazing team at seamlessteam, the Oil Pastel Brushes For Procreate set provides you with 16 amazing pastel brushes that you can use to create beautiful works of art. Each brush has been optimized to provide you with a high-quality tool that you can use for sketches or even full illustrations. Packed into the kit are brushes for soft pastel, wax pastel, soft dry pastel is a great tool to use and the textured pastel that’s included can give your artwork a sense of realism.


Texturrific Pastels – $9

Texturrific Pastels

For many artists, when they are creating artwork, they can have an emotional connection to their work and with the Texturrific Pastels brush kit from Bardot Brush, you can have that same reaction. 14 soft and creamy pastel brushes that are great for coloring in areas as well as line or detail work, each brush has been optimized to take full advantage of the Apple Pencil. Designed to be used with a lighter touch, each brush has full pressure sensitivity for incredible thick-to-thin lines.


Dry Pastel Procreate Set – $5

Dry Pastel Procreate Set

By turning your Apple Pencil into an organic brush, the Dry Pastel Procreate Set from Eliza Moreno Illustration can provide you with real canvas textures that you can add to your digital artwork. Made up of four brushes, the set provides you with a dry pen brush, texture pastel, a hard pen, and a mix media brush that is fully customizable and helps you create memorable artwork every time you use them in your Procreate app.


PAINT Bundle: 150+ Procreate Brush Bundle – $10

PAINT Bundle 150 Procreate Brush Bundle

Containing more than 150 different Procreate brushes, this bundle from Georg’s Procreate Brushes gives you everything you need in one set at an incredible price. The brushes are custom-made and cover mediums such as pastel, oil paint, marker, watercolor and so much more. As a bonus, to help you brush up your creativity the designer has also included more than 50 custom color swatches. For such a great price, you can’t find a better bundle out there.


Traditional Colors Esmeralda Pastel – $10

Traditional Colors Esmeralda Pastel

Another great set from Eliza Moreno Illustration, the Traditional Colors Esmeralda Pastel brush kit helps you recreate the kind of texture that you would achieve if you were creating pastel artwork in a sketchbook. With 10 individual brushes that range from a soft pastel brush to an angular brush, the set provides you with a wide range of tools. Included in the set is a mixing brush that you can use to give your artwork a realistic finish. As a compliment, the designer has also included two canvas textures to add another level of realism.


Procreate Pastellesque Brushes – $7

Procreate Pastellesque Brushes

With four different brushes that can give you that pastel-like look, the Procreate Pastellesque Brushes set from Ben Lew Illustration can help you add that kinda chalky, painty look to your latest creations. Included in the set is a smudge brush that can help add some texture to your work as well as a little bit of drag that will help blend colors and achieve a painterly quality. A sketcher brush helps you rough out ideas as well as add details while the ink and texture brushes are great for blocking things out and adding grit to your images. The Pastellesque Brushes set can be the perfect choice if you’re only looking to add a little pastel to your work.


Crayons & Oil Pastels for Procreate – $13

Crayons & Oil Pastels for Procreate

Created by Riso Studios, the Crayons & Oil Pastels for Procreate brush set is a great collection of brushes that every artist should own to add rich textures to their work. Made up of 25 brushes, the kit provides a wide array of options to obtain looks from oily pastels or even half-dry crayons. Great for quick sketches, shading, painting, or even lettering, the key is the pressure-sensitivity that has been built into every brush. Great for professionals or hobbyists, if you’re just getting started with Procreate, this should be your first purchase.


30 Procreate Natural Media Brushes – $15

30 Procreate Natural Media Brushes

With 30 Natural Media Brushes for Procreate at your disposal, the brush set from PicByKate is a great introduction to everything you can do on the Procreate app. With a wide variety of brushes including pastel, gouache, bristle brushes, and more included in the set, you can use each custom-made brush to achieve beautiful effects. A perfect choice for sketching, illustration, digital painting, and more, you can also use each brush as a blending tool to create even more unique effects.


Procreate Oil Pastel Brushes – $6

Procreate Oil Pastel Brushes

Designed by Faber Co., the Procreate Oil Pastel Brushes set contains six carefully selected brushes that are a perfect choice if your love adding a touch of texture to your artwork. Made from real oil pastel drawings, the textures that the brushes are made of are seamless patterns of the highest quality and you can easily adjust the size of the brush and maintain texture quality. Each brush will give you the feeling of drawing with oil pastel, only digitally and you can also mix the brushes to achieve a layered texture. You can also try out the smudge tool for a smoother look.


Oil Pastels for Procreate – $5

Oil Pastels for Procreate

Providing you with some of the most realistic pastel brushes available, the Oil Pastels for Procreate brush set from BrushUp combines four brushes that utilize pressure sensitivity to help you control the load, size, and opacity of each brush as well as their color mix capabilities. You can easily create realistic textures using pressure and longer strokes to achieve the smudged, softer effect you might be looking for.


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Best Pastel Brushes for Procreate (Free & Premium_

Pastels have a long history in the world of art and have been used to create some of the finest artwork the world has ever seen. While you may not be the next Degas, with the pastel brushes that we have featured here for your Procreate app, you can certainly create your own masterpiece day after day.

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