6+ Best PDF Editors in 2022 (Get 65% Off)

6+ Best PDF Editors in 2022 (Get 65% Off)

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The best PDF editor software doesn’t just allow you to edit PDFs and read them, add notes and annotations, and export them in a range of formats.

Beyond this, a PDF editor should be straightforward to use, function smoothly, and the results should be pixel-perfect, with a minimum of glitches and bugs.

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What is a PDF editor?

PDF editors were developed in order to support desktop publishing software. Newspapers, flyers, posters were used as a marketing medium. They need to be published or printed in the same format as they appear in digital form.

The formatting of the content likely changes when you open them in other apps. In order to provide portability across devices PDF editors came into being.

6 Best PDF Editors in 2022

There are numerous PDF editors that are available in the market. Based on the below-mentioned criteria we have come up with the best PDF editors available.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC — Best PDF Editor overall (Get 65% off here)
  2. Nitro PDF — Best alternative for Adobe Acrobat
  3. Foxit PDF Editor — Best multi-lingual PDF editor
  4. PDFescape — Best online PDF editor
  5. XODO PDF Editor — Best free PDF editor available
  6. Sejda PDF Editor — Best powerful PDF editor


What makes a good PDF Editor?

Basic functions

The basic function of a PDF writer is to create them from scratch. You can also scan the hard copies of a document into a PDF file or convert them into digital documents. A good PDF editor should be in a position to convert any form of files right from MS-Word documents to other images. At the same time, the PDF editor should be able to regain the same formatting as well.

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Editing your content

With the PDFeditor, you should be in a position to edit the content of the file. You should be able to modify and reorganize the text, at the same time insert, resize and move the images in the PDF.

The PDF editor you choose should be in a position to allow editing of text and images, adding and removing hyperlinks. etc.,

Optical Character Recognition

If you want a paperless office, you need a PDF editor that can connect with your scanner. You can digitize paper documents and convert them to PDF files. All you need to have is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so that it turns the images into documents. The images can be turned into full-fledged text so that they can be edited. A PDF editor can also identify the characters within the images.

Password Protection

There are many organizations that have confidential information that needs to be converted to PDF. You need to choose your PDF editors in such a way that you can password-protect them. Your PDF software must allow you to secure unique permissions for each person.

Go in for a PDF software that has the ability to change the permission. You should be in a position to fully revoke the access even after the document has been published or shared.

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6 Best PDF Editors in 2022

1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – The Best PDF Editor Overall

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Image Credits: Adobe

Best PDF editor overall

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has been on the list of PDF editors for a very long time as it is the industry leading PDF solution.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has much more features than its previous version of Adobe Acrobat Pro. For example, using the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC you will be able to legally bind through the e-signature feature. Another major advantage of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is that it is a cloud-based software. You will be able to manage your PDF files on the cloud easily.

Acrobat Pro DC is comprised of three major components. They are

  • Acrobat DC helps you to perform various editing functions on your PDFs.
  • Adobe Document Cloud which helps in creating and exporting PDF files. It also helps you to store, send files, and collect e-signatures as well.
  • Acrobat Reader DC helps you to read, print, and sign various PDF documents.

If you are a person who deals with PDF files in an organization then, you will not find a better PDF editor than Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. This PDF editor allows you to create, convert and edit PDF documents into various formats that include MSWord, share the PDFs, and also sign them as well.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the best PDF software that is available. Although it might look very difficult to use, it has an intuitive user interface. It is easier to learn and use the software. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is available in Windows and Mac OS, and in our opinion is the best PDF editor for Windows and the best PDF editor for Mac.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is available as a part of the subscription plan. It is available at the rate of

  • US$14.99 per month payable on a yearly basis.
  • US$24.99 per month if taken for a single month.
  • US$178.88 per annum if taken for a whole year.

It is available on a trial basis for the first seven days and afterward, you will be charged.

Pros Cons
➕ Can be used for cloud-based collaboration ➖ Expensive
➕ Available for desktop, mobile, and web
➕ High-quality output delivered


2. Nitro PDF Pro

NitroPDF Pro
Nitro PDF Pro. Image Credits: Nitro

Best alternative to Adobe Acrobat

Nitro Pro is used to create a portable document file known as the PDF. Nitro Pro is used to create, edit, view, collaborate and share PDF files with ease.

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When it comes to PDF creation the one feature that stands out is that the original layout and the formatting are maintained. It helps you to save a lot of time as you don’t need to spend time on formatting.

The other main thing is universality where the PDFs can be opened in any PDF program like Adobe Acrobat Pro.

PDF conversion is one of the main functions that are available in most PDF software. Nitro Pro is another such software. It helps you to transform any PDF into MS Office format equivalent to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel among others.

Nitro PDF Pro can be used to do quick edits as well as large operations that require more advanced tools. The software is intuitive and easier for you to learn. So it makes it easier for amateurs to use. You can install this PDF editor on slower RAM machines.

Nitro PDF Pro provides you with review and markup features that help you towards efficient collaboration. You will be able to fill out forms and implement signing capabilities as well. There are multiple security options that also include permission and password protection as well. These features are organized in a perfect MS Office-style ribbon interface.

Nitro PDF productivity is a flexible, customizable platform designed to accommodate individual needs. The free PDF software requires virtual print drivers to create the best copies. The NitroPro gives nothing but the best without the need for additional drivers.

Pros Cons
➕ Gives high-quality output along with format retention ➖ Problem with the conversion of PDF files in Word
➕ Helps to fill forms digitally
➕ MS-Office interface
➕ Sign documents securely


3. Foxit PDF Editor 

Foxit PDF Editor
Foxit PDF Editor. Image Credits: Foxit

Best multi-lingual PDF editor

In a time when PDFs have become very sophisticated, Foxit PDF editor (previously Foxit Phantom PDF) has maintained the same level with the changes in the field of PDF editing. Foxit software recognizes the need for exhaustive PDF options for a smooth and perfect workflow of documents.

Foxit PDF fits perfectly with all features of a PDF editor in one place. Foxit PDF can be used across desktops, mobile, and the web as well. There are windows and mac versions for desktop. At the same time Android and iOS versions for mobile.

This software also allows you the extensive language support. The user interface language can be changed according to your preferences. The multi-lingual package that is available on Foxit’s site supports 17 languages.

Foxit PDF provides you with various editing options that are in a way more than most of the PDF tools offer. Some of the editing features that are available with the software include:

  • Adding Bates numbering
  • Import and export bookmarks
  • Search and replace the PDF content
  • Merging multiple PDF files and pages into a single document
  • Importing and exporting bookmarks
  • Optimizing PDFs through compression
  • Linking and joining text
  • Inserting video and audio in a PDF

The pricing plan also varies according to the program you choose. The subscription plans for the software are

Plans Monthly Pricing One-Time Pricing
Foxit PDF Editor US$14.99 per month US$159.00 one time
Foxit PDF Editor Pro US$16.99 per month US$179.00 one time
Foxit PDF Editor Pro – Education Edition US$29.95 per year


Pros Cons
➕ Integrates multimedia files ➖ Staggered performance at times
➕Interface looks like MS-office
➕ Robust document protection plans
➕ Multi-platform software


4. PDFescape  

PDFescape. Image Credits: PDFescape

Best online PDF editor

PDFescape is a PDF tool that works as a PDF editor, reader, and annotator. It also has important form filling and designing features. You have both the desktop and online versions of this PDF editor. The desktop version of the software has much more features than the online version.

Most of the PDF apps offer you a PDF viewer and converter alone. But PDFescape helps you to have total control over your documents. Some of the editing tools that it provides are

  • Changing the font text, color, and size
  • Adding or removing text
  • Implementing the Spell check feature
  • Inserting, deleting, or extracting images
  • Adding header or footer
  • Adding or removing the watermark
  • Linking a web page, program or another document.

You will be able to compress and optimize the PDF files based on your requirements. And the batch processing feature of the software allows you to work on multiple PDF files at the same time.

PDFescape allows you to fill out forms without any hassles. The greatest advantage is you can import data from another PDF and use it in the current PDF. If you feel the data you entered is not correct, you also have the reset button to restore the default values.

PDFescape also lets you design your own forms as well. It has so many tools necessary to create a PDF form. You can create text fields, list boxes, radio buttons, reset/submit buttons, and push buttons as well.

PDFescape also has many pricing plans that are budget-friendly. The pricing plan comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee. You can also make use of the seven-day trial period to take advantage of the various features of the software.

Plans Monthly Price Annual Price
Free US$ 0.00 US$0.00
Premium US$ 5.99 US$2.99
Ultimate US$ 8.99 US$5.99

PDFescape provides you with very useful tools that are simple to use and at the same time at an affordable rate. You will be able to edit, convert and create PDFs easily with the software.

Pros Cons
➕ Offers form-filling options ➖ Free version has limited features
➕ Both both online and offline versions are available
➕ Allows batch processing


5. Xodo PDF Editor

XODO PDFeditor
XODO PDF editor. Image Credits: XODO

Best free PDF editor

Xodo PDF reader and editor is free PDF reader, viewer, and editor available for Windows. The application is completely free.

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is an amazing application that is safe to download and use. It lets the users handle the documents efficiently and easily. This software also provides various editing and annotating features.

It helps you open PDF files quickly and offers various navigation options. The user interface of the software provides you with a better viewing experience.

It is the fastest PDF viewing app that also provides smooth navigation. You will be able to write directly on a PDF, highlight and underline text, and much more. You can also open MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files for reading and saving as a PDF.

Xodo comes with a browser extension that enables users to convert their PDFs into an online whiteboard. When the document is online multiple users can collaborate on a single document and see all the annotations in real-time. Only the host needs to have an account with the Xodo Connect, the others involved can just join through the link.

The best aspect is that you can invite users through their emails. This means that it does not require any sign-up or download.

The best part about the software is it does not have any links for advertisement. The user might click on any link by mistake can put their data at great risk.

Pros Cons
➕ Free to download and use ➖ Slow at times
➕ Does not contain any advertisements
➕ Opens different file formats into PDF documents


6. Sejda PDF Editor 

Sejda PDF Editor
Sejda PDF Editor. Image Credits: Sejda

Best powerful PDF editor

Sejda is a user-friendly PDF editor. There are desktop as well as online versions of this software available for users. The desktop version of the software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.

Sejda PDF editor comes to you for free. But the free version also has certain disadvantages. You

  • Should be able to do three tasks with the editor in a day.
  • Can’t handle PDFs over 50MB or a single document cannot have more than 200 pages in length.
  • Can convert the documents only one at a time.

These restrictions can work if you only use the PDF editor occasionally but if you are a person who uses the PDF software on a regular basis then go for the paid version.

This PDF editor not only does the usual conversion of the PDF to TXT, JPG, and Excel files. But it also quickly turns into a PDF grayscale as it will be a boon to the users who are trying to save ink.

You will be surprised to know that this software not only provides you with Bates numbering. But also watermarks, PDF unlocking, and as well as password protection. It can also be used to repair any corrupted PDF files. All this makes this particular PDF editor an attractive one.

The subscription plan of the software works this way:

The online version of the software is available at the rate of US$5 per week. It is available for a monthly subscription of US$7.50 per month (payable month-on-month). It is also available on a yearly base of US$63 per year(payable for desktop and web as well). If you choose to sign up for the subscription, you will be getting the following benefits.

  • Browser access to all the tools of the software.
  • Can upload unlimited documents even up to 100 pages.
  • Can process multiple files together.
  • Large uploads of files even up to 500 MB.
  • Email support.
Pros Cons
➕ User-friendly interface ➖ Very limited options are available for the free version.
➕ The desktop version of the software supports all platforms


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bates numbering?

Bates Numbering assigns distinctive identifiers to each page in a collection of documents. Documents can be indexed using this as they can be used as a reference at a later point in time.

What is OCR? Why is it important while selecting a PDF editor?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) plays a vital role in converting printed documents to digital form. It is a digital copy machine that implements its automation feature to convert scanned documents into PDFs



There are many PDF editors available in the market. You need to make a judicious choice of what kind of PDF editor you require. In case, if your job only requires the use of PDF documents occasionally then go in for the free versions that are available.

PDF editors with OCR capabilities are quite expensive. Paid PDF editors are very essential for making notes, adding signatures. They may not necessary for simply reading documents. We have given you the list of editors that are available in the market, make a judicious choice by keeping your needs in mind.

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