20+ Best Photoshop Fonts on Creative Cloud in 2024

20+ Best Photoshop Fonts on Creative Cloud in 2024

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If you’re looking for the best fonts on Adobe Photoshop on Creative Cloud, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top 9 picks of the best Photoshop fonts on Creative Cloud! For even more options, scroll away!

Over the years, our reliance on creative editing applications has grown, not only because of the advancement of technology but mostly because of how intrinsic design has become to communicate with others. Whether for marketing efforts or personal affairs, our relationship with typography has evolved.

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Whereas text used to only help usher a message back in the day, today it’s become part of the way we convey our ideas. A stellar example of this would be movie posters. Furthermore, notice how the horror genre is more likely to sport sharp edges and grunge-y lines.

Romantic comedies, on the other hand, would feature curved corners and slanted lines. That said, it’s undeniable how powerful the aesthetic of texts is in the designs people consume.

As such, it should come as no surprise why the best Photoshop fonts & Creative Cloud fonts are gaining more popularity. Are you on the lookout for these picks, as well? If you are, check out our roundup of all the best Photoshop fonts today!

Top 10+ Best Photoshop Fonts in 2024

  1. ITC Avant Garde Gothic by Monotype
  2. Neue Haas Grotesk by Monotype
  3. Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson Studio
  4. Input Mono by David Jonathan Ross
  5. Operetta by Synthview
  6. Viktor Script by OH no Type Co.
  7. Questa Grande by The Questa Project
  8. Ofelia Text by Blackletra
  9. Acumin by Adobe Originals
  10. ITC Benguiat by Monotype

For the complete list, scroll on!

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20+ Best Photoshop Fonts on Creative Cloud in 2024

1. ITC Avant Garde Gothic by Monotype

ITC Avant Garde Gothic

ITC Avant Garde Gothic’s conservative font is laid back and easy on the eyes. It’s a great pick for shorter texts as they are bold and relatively decompressed. Short copies or hooks on ads and magazine articles are a great use for this typeface. 


2. Neue Haas Grotesk by Monotype

Neue Haas Grotesk

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Flimsy and elegant is the feel Neue Haas Grotesk creates in the text it’s used on. It can be as light as a feather or bold as a lion depending on which of the 22 variants from the pack is used. Personal reports or lifestyle articles are the best uses for this font pack because of its considerable readability. 


3. Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson Studio

Proxima Nova

For a classic and official look, Proxima Nova is a versatile option. Menus, headlines, or cover pages for reports and presentations can take on a more rustic simplistic look while dodging looking bare or being too cheesy or flashy. 


4. Input Mono by David Jonathan RossInput Mono

Classically clean-looking and technical is what the Input Mono font offers to make any text embody a firm approach. It’s also the perfect font for topics encompassing technology or blocks of code.  It could also add web-friendly vibes to your posters or ad media.


5. Operetta by Synthview


Minimalistic with just a pinch of personality is what Operetta pack presents in multiple weights to accommodate any purpose. This font pack works perfectly for a smart but casual tone – great for detailing longer texts such as in presentations or body texts in magazines.


6. Viktor Script by OH no Type Co.

Viktor Script

With deep and heavy cursive, Viktor Script creates a romantic feel to whichever text it gets applied. This font can work perfectly for thank you cards and personal invites for special occasions to give it a more personal touch. 


7. Questa Grande by The Questa Project

Questa Grande

This seriffed font by Questa Grande personifies bubbly professionalism with smooth and clear fonts. It’s familiar but with the tiniest addition of elegant strokes to layer a bit of personality, making it a great fit for magazine body texts or grand invitations like weddings and the like.   

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8. Ofelia Text by Blackletra

Ofelia Text

The Ofelia Text typeface pack is bolder than the previously mentioned ones on the list. Its more direct vibe makes it perfect for titles or headers. It might not be ideal for longer content because of its wide spacing, but it’s optimal for Call to Action texts for attention-grabbing fonts that could get its readers moving. 


9. Acumin by Adobe Originals


Bold and loud, Acumin is another contender for ideal title or header fonts – an apt choice for headlines on magazines or covers. With 90 different weights, boldness, and depth of fonts in its pack, it casts a wider coverage of utility. 


10. ITC Benguiat by Monotype

ITC Benguiat

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This 12-font pack gives a modern touch that’s still anchored to a professional backdrop. ITC Benguiat is a great font for travel brochures and similar body texts that need to be both fun and business-like. 


11. Roc Grotesk by Kostic Type Foundry

Roc Grotesk

Broad, bold, and wide, the Roc Grotesk font might not be ideal for long-form text. However, with 45 variations in the pack, it’s adaptable to other functions. Because of its easy visibility, it can be a fitting option for t-shirt texts and posters.   


12. Stratos by Production Type


Perfect for headlines as well as body text, the robust typeface that is Stratos is a great choice to make bold statements in your Photoshop projects. It’s great for headings and logo texts that stand out. As a body text, it has stable spacing that’s easy to read in whatever size.  


13. Mencken by Typofonderie


The Menken font pack is minimally stylized with an inviting nature. The classical familiarity makes it a prime alternative for long-form articles for magazines, casual reports, or lifestyle blogs.   


14. Gopher by Adam Ladd


For more laid-back headers, titles, and short-form copy, the Gopher typeface is a conservatively quirky choice. This striking and attention-grabbing text could bring words leaping from the page efficiently.


15. Brothers by Emigre


The Brothers font is an edgy and unique typeface that is the perfect headline, title, or logo text ensuring a strong impact. An eye-catcher, any content in this font can reel in interest. 


16. Freight by The Freight Collection


Freight font pack offers 72 styles to ensure that all bases are covered. With clear and reader-friendly letters, it’s great for any function users may need. But the true value of this typeface is in its fun number of fonts — which are interesting whilst keeping a sleek aesthetic.


17. Aktiv Grotesk by Dalton Maag

Aktiv Grotesk

Comprehensible even from afar, Aktiv Grotesk is ideal for signages, labels, and packaging detail tags. Its direct, no-nonsense approach makes this sans serif font easily recognizable and easy to spot. 


18. Alverata by TypeTogether


When using the Alverata typeface collection, it’s expected to resonate with official energy. Its simplicity doesn’t make it dull but instead highlights its sophisticated character. Ideal for headers and short-form copy, this font can sprinkle a bit of personality into an otherwise rigid vibe. 


19. Neue Kabel by Monotype

Neue Kabel

A definite eye-catcher — the thick font in quirky stylings of Neue Kabel is a winning font for ads that have casual or relaxed branding.  


20. Granville by Production Type


A more stylish take on the classic look, Granville can be an optimal typeface for body texts in articles, blogs, menus, or graphic designs with texts. It can also be a favorable font for labels and instructional media. 


Our Favorite Photoshop Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our favorite Photoshop fonts below!



Best Photoshop Fonts on Creative Cloud

Ultimately, the best fonts on Photoshop & Creative Cloud are all designed to help you actualize and convey your messages much more effectively.

Whether you’re creating marketing materials, releasing publication initiatives, or whipping out a personal blog article, the fonts you use can shape how your story is received.

All things considered, we hope our list helps you find the visuals you need to send a message across. What’s your favorite font on the list? Let us know in the comment section! And remember to keep artsy and stay creative!

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