20+ Best Pictogram and Dingbat Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

20+ Best Pictogram and Dingbat Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

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As designers, the need for a diverse range of fonts is constant in our projects.  Some of the most versatile fonts include pictograms, dingbats, among other types of fonts. The versatility and simplicity of pictograms and dingbats offer a universally easy-to-understand language that can be found everywhere, which you can view in anything from road signs, posters, icons, logos, and so much more.

It can be a bit difficult to single out the most attractive pictogram and dingbat fonts from the plethora of options available on the web. To help you choose the most attractive pictograms & dingbats fonts, we have compiled a list of the fifteen best pictogram and dingbat fonts.

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Not only are they useful, but also equally attractive. We hope that you find the below collection useful for your design needs.


20+ Best Pictogram & Dingbat Fonts Overview

  1. Pictypo
  2. Crafter Delight Dingbats Font
  3. Nibbles
  4.  Advertis Ornament Flourish Font
  5. Amorie Font Elements – Borders
  6. Lale
  7. Lovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts Font
  8. Signals CPC
  9. Designer Dingbats — 120 shapes
  10. Mandings Dingbat Font
  11. Fancy Hearts Dingbat Font
  12. Heraldry
  13. Doodle Font – With 90 Dingbats
  14. Bloomdings
  15. Arrows – Dingbat Font
  16. Smart Kid
  17. A Little of Love
  18. August Boy
  19. The Starlight Cafe
  20. Christmas Snowflake Dingbats
  21. Icecream Doodle Dingbats
  22. Wild Flowers
  23. Christmas June


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20+ Best Pictogram & Dingbat Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

1. Pictypo Icon Dingbat Font

Pictypo. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Here is a functional set of dingbat fonts that were created with an open, rounded style. This font comes with normal spacing and can be optimized to a large size (display/ poster). Pictypo is an amazing font that includes a wide range of symbols, from the usual arrows to weather or office icons or mobility vehicles, making it perfect for a variety of designs.


2. Crafter Delight Dingbats Font

Crafter Delight Dingbats Font
Crafter Delight Dingbats Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Here is an awesome collection of 62 cute and lovely doodles in one font. Crafter Delight Dingbats font is a font made for people who love crafting, printing, making DIY projects, quotes, among other designs. This normal spacing font also includes all the characters in uppercase and lowercase, in addition to numerals.


3. Nibbles

Nibbles. Image Credit: Envato Elements

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Inspired by the theme of food and food trucks, Nibbles is a linear dingbat typeface perfect for branding, editorial layouts, posters, menus, or any food-related projects. This font includes a wide range of symbols like burgers, pancakes, food trucks, and desserts, among others.

One of the exciting features of this font is that each pictogram in this pack can either be found through its glyph placement or by simply typing out the name of the food item. With its extensive symbols and applications, this font aims to cover all your hungry design needs.


4. Advertis — Ornament Flourish Font

Advertis — Ornament-Flourish-Font
Advertis — Ornament-Flourish-Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Meet Advertis – a font that comprises unique flourishes, making it perfect for adding charm to your greeting cards, invitations, and more. One of the exciting things about this font is that it comes with thin elegant calligraphic lines like a light breeze that help to give freshness and dreaminess to your handmade creations.

This font is composed in a way that you can do a mirror image of the flourishes just by pressing the keys uppercase and normal letters. With so many features, this font is perfect for albums, greeting cards, logos, internet shops presentation, phrases, gift shops, and much more.


5. Amorie Font Elements — Borders

Amorie Font Elements — Borders
Amorie Font Elements — Borders. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Say hello to a set of amazing graphic extras suitable for use in a wide range of projects. This font is perfectly built to go with Amorie Modella, Nova, SC as well as the other ornament sets for Amorie. Interestingly, you can optimize this font in a large (display/poster) size.


6. Lale

Lale. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Discover a dingbat typeface created by combining the substitution features included in ligatures. You will be happy to know that this font does not only offer the basic 52 signs but rather plays with various glyph combinations to offer 156 different signs that you can then combine with over 30 different stems.

Equipped with these features, Lale offers more than 4,800 design solutions that can easily be accessed by a sequence of letters or numbers. To access the Opentype features of this font, you need compatible software like Adobe Illustrator.


7. Lovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts Font

Lovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts Font 2
Lovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts Font 2. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Lovingly is another font that includes unique heart flourishes that give a charm and romantic love holiday mood ornaments. The thin, elegant calligraphic lines like a light breeze provide freshness and dreaminess to your handmade creations.

You can use this font for valentine’s greeting cards, logos, gift cards, labels, scrapbooking, social media posts, seasonal blog posts, and much more.


8. Signals CPC

Signals CPC
Signals CPC. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Equipped with a wide range of features including, SVG color font, halftone style fallback glyphs, calm & wavy style flags, letter flags, answer & code flags, and much more, Signals CPC is a perfect font for your sea-worthy company or restaurant branding.

The OpenType features of this font come with ICS number flags, phonetic flag names, and answer & code flags, among other flags, making it suitable for simple & elegant labels, apparel, etc.


9. Designer Dingbats — 120 Shapes

Designer Dingbats — 120 shapes
Designer Dingbats — 120 shapes. Image Credit: Creative Market

With this set of fonts called Designer Dingbat fonts, you will get a huge collection of 120 shapes (52 shapes, 52 sunbursts, and 16 squiggles) that are perfect for taking your designs to the next level.

One of the interesting features of this font is that you can easily create patterns and access the shapes just by using the glyph palette or simply typing. You can use this font for branding, social media, and packaging, among other design needs.


10. Mandings Dingbat Font

Mandings Dingbat Font
Mandings Dingbat Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

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Here is a hand-drawn dingbat font that is great for product packaging, wedding stationeries, product, homeware designs, and branding projects. Mandings is an easy-to-use dingbat font that comes loaded with 52 hand-drawn mandalas. You only need to type A-Z and a-z letters on the keyboard to use this. You can use this font as an overlay to any background image.


11. Fancy Hearts Dingbat Font

Fancy Hearts Dingbat Font
Fancy Hearts Dingbat Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

Fancy hearts is a fun and loveable dingbat font that includes 52 delicate hand-drawn hearts. This pack contains different characters of heart shapes font, which you can easily draw by typing A-Z, a-z letters, or numbers on your keyboard. You can use this pack for various creative projects and make your designs more outstanding.


12. Heraldry

Heraldry. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Here is a dingbat font that pays homage to the coats of arms worn by families throughout Europe. Heraldry is an easy-to-use font that will help you to rapidly compose your own coat of arms just by choosing the symbols, shields, holders, drapes, and decorative flourishes.


13. Doodle Font – With 90 Dingbats

Doodle Font
Doodle Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

Doodles is a dingbat font that is all about modern glyphs. It includes 90 dingbats like shapes, flowers, and floral elements, among other doodles. You can mix and match these different doodles to create incredible designs.


14. Bloomdings

Bloomdings. Image Credit: Creative Market


Are you looking for a perfect dingbat font to create flowers and floral projects? Then, you should check out this font. Bloomdings is a dingbat font that is all about modern abstract flowers. Equipped with over 50 completed flowers, floral elements, and individual parts, this font is great for creating flowers in your project.

One of the exciting features of this font is that all the Bloomdings are mapped to regular keyboard keys, and you don’t require any additional programs to use them. You also get a handy PDF guide showing which letter to type for each flower/element.


15. Arrows – Dingbat Font

Arrows-Dingbat-Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

Equipped with a massive collection of 94 arrow ornaments, Arrows is an ideal dingbat font that you can use in a wide range of designs. The ornaments in this pack can be customized into various sizes, making it perfect for creating amazing borders.


16. Smart Kid

Smart Kid
Smart Kid. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Smart Kid is a doodle dingbat font useful for any project, logos, and ornaments as well. It has a set of 62 symbols like the one that is displayed.

This font set contains Smart Kid Dingbat in the TTF, OTF, and EOT files as well. The Unicode has the Basic Latin fonts of a-z, A-Z, and 0-9.


17. A Little of Love 

A Little of Love
A Little of Love. Image Credit: Envato Elements

A Little of Love is a collection of 80 fonts that look like a handwritten font duo. It includes many cute dingbats and also decorative quotes. You can use these cute dingbat fonts for your social media posts, greeting cards, and more. You can use the combination of uppercase sans and also lowercase script fonts for beautiful projects 

This font set includes 

  • A Little of Love Font: a combination of a sans and a script font.
  • A Little of Love Dingbats: a set of 80 cute illustrations and Language support.


18. August Boy

August Boy
August Boy. Image Credit: Envato Elements

August Boy features the most creative dingbat fonts. It is a bold and brush font that comes with 62 bonus shapes to develop the most creative creations. It is the perfect font for making cute birthday cards, kids’ quotes, and also any other projects.

It also contains a set of 243 characters that includes both lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation marks, ligations, and international characters.

With this font, there are around 62 shapes you can use to type out using the alphabetical upper case, lowercase letters, and numbers from 0 to 9.


19. The Starlight Cafe

The Starlight Cafe
The Starlight Cafe. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you are looking for a night sky design type of font, then you may use the Starlight Cafe. It gives you a shape of the crescent moon, full moon, and star designs with its design. 

This set includes the Starlight Cafe Regular(OTF), The Starlight Cafe Bold(OTF), and The Starlight Cafe Dingbats(OTF) – a cute set of hand-drawn dingbats. (The dings are in both cases of letters to make it easy for you to use) . You can also use English Only Glyphs with select catchwords.


20. Christmas Snowflake Dingbats

Christmas Snowflake Dingbats
Christmas Snowflake Dingbats. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Christmas Snowflake Dingbats is a beautiful font for designers, bloggers, and everyone who loves to make patterns to display a feeling of well-being in their typography style.

Christmas Snowflake Dingbats come with all regular type keyboard keys so you don’t need any additional programs to install them.

It is the perfect font type for Christmas greeting cards, kids’ scrapbooks, logo designs, and phrases and quotes for presentation on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

This set includes a set of 62 snowflakes in the TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats.


21. Icecream Doodle Dingbat Font

Ice Cream
Ice Cream. Image Credit: Envato Elements

This is a plain-looking font in the name of Ice Cream doodle dingbat. It is suitable for many projects, and logos. It is a set that contains 62 symbols in the preview mode. 

This set has the Ice Cream Dingbat in the TTF, OTF, and EOT file formats.


22. Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Wild Flowers is a dingbat font with more than 97 flower glyphs. It can be used for decorations, invitations, cover books, and much more. 

There is a flower design for each Latin letter. The dingbat font has got both uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, etc. 

This dingbat font can be used for bag designs, curtain designs, wedding invitation designs, greeting card designs, apparel designing, etc. 

This font set comes with .OTF, .TTF, .WOW, .WOFF2 file formats.


23. Christmas June

Christmas June
Christmas June. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Christmas June is a dingbat font that has a lot of decorative elements during the festive season of Christmas. This font can work for Christmas decorative cards, pamphlets, wall hangings, etc.

This dingbat font consists of uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, etc. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pictogram font?

A pictogram font is one that represents the font in the form of pictures. The meaning of the font resembles any physical object.

What is a dingbat font?

A dingbat is a type of glyph that is not a letter or a number. It need not be any form of punctuation. Most of the dingbats are pictograms that typically borrow characteristics from the main characters.

Where can I find high-quality pictograms and dingbat fonts?

High-quality pictogram and dingbat fonts can be found on various font marketplaces, design websites, and font libraries. Look for reputable sources, such as the Envato Marketplace, that offer a wide range of options to suit your design preferences.


20+ Best Pictogram & Dingbat Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

The pictogram & dingbat fonts that we presented here were the best of the lot. Hence, we hope that you must have enjoyed reading our collection of the 15 best pictogram & dingbat fonts today. When it comes to working with the best pictogram and dingbat fonts, for the most part, it comes down to the kind of designs you want to work on.

While it may seem unnecessary at first, using pictogram fonts can help bring out the best in your patterns and designs. With the help of this list, they have the potential to enhance the visual richness and depth of your patterns and designs, proving to be an invaluable tool in your design toolkit.

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