24+ Best Pixel Fonts – Perfect for Gaming, Retro Designs & Cricut (2024)

24+ Best Pixel Fonts – Perfect for Gaming, Retro Designs & Cricut (2024)

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Whether you are Gen X, Gen Z, or in between, we can all agree that 8-bit fonts & pixel fonts are one of the coolest font styles around. One can say that they’re timeless classics

It was first popularized by classic video games such as Space Invaders and Pac-Man in the late 70s and has since been revived by designers and artists for its playful and nostalgic persona.

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If you want to go old-school and give your designs a retro look, these pixel fonts will invoke a strong sense of nostalgia in your readers, especially those fond of computers and video games.

We have listed down the 20 best pixel fonts including 8-bit fonts in this article to make it easier for you.

10+ Best Pixel Fonts (Free & Premium) for 2024

Below is the list of the top 20 free and premium pixel fonts you can add to your collection.

  1. TickerBit Retro Pixel
  2. Pixel AFS Mincho
  3. Bitbybit
  4. Retro Gaming AFS Gothic
  5. MonoPixel Awesome
  6. Broken Console
  7. Game Over
  8. Video Game
  9. 8bit Darling
  10. Hackbot

For a complete list, Scroll on!

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24+ Best Pixel Fonts & 8-Bit Fonts for Retro Designs, Gaming & Cricut

1. TickerBit Retro Pixel

TickerBit Retro Pixel.
TickerBit Retro Pixel. Image credit: Design Cuts

Are you looking to create fun retro projects for logos, editorial, clothing, package design, and headlines all with a vintage feel? The numerous fonts available are probably overwhelming but we recommend checking out the TickerBit pixel font.

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In our opinion, it is a playful font with four distinct styles and works great for retro and contemporary designs of all sizes. Hence, you can also use this for both big and small projects. The possibilities are endless with TickerBit Retro Pixel font.


2. Pixel AFS Mincho

Pixel AFS Mincho.
Pixel AFS Mincho. Image credit: Design Cuts

Resembling the brightly-lit electronic billboards of Tokyo, Pixel AFS Mincho will add a modern feel and futuristic vibe to your projects. From our perspective, it’s designed with a minimalist style and unique letterforms.

We recommend this sophisticated and elegant typeface for branding projects, product packaging, magazine headers — or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image. We’re confident that there are many creative ideas you can express with this pixel font.


3. Bitbybit

Bitbybit. Image credit: Envato

Bitbybit is a pixel typeface that takes inspiration from retro gaming culture when square controllers left your palms sweaty and bruised, and Nintendo thumb or ‘Nintendonitis’ was a severe injury. In those days, we remember how fonts in games featuring lowercase letters were extremely rare, let alone fancy punctuation marks.

We found that trending Bitbybit bucks include upper and lowercase characters, plus numerals and symbols. We suggest its usage for headers, posters, products, and other retro-themed projects.

Bonus: The Bitbybit font pack comes with a set of freebies, including a flyer template, Instagram post template, Instagram story template, logo/badge template, and icons that you can use to create fantastic retro-inspired designs in minutes.


4. Retro Gaming AFS Gothic

Retro Gaming AFS Gothic
Retro Gaming AFS Gothic. Image credit: DesignCuts

Instantly, teleport your readers to the stylish and flamboyant ’80s with this retro-gaming font inspired by vintage games. In our opinion, this incredibly versatile font is perfect for various design projects such as posters, social media posts, t-shirts, banners, presentations, headlines, and more.

As a part of the Retro Gaming AFS Gothic pack, you also get 100 external characters and emojis that give you the creative freedom to create incredible unique designs. You’ll surely evoke a sense of nostalgia with this retro pixel font.


5. MonoPixel Awesome

MonoPixel Awesome
MonoPixel Awesome. Image credit: Envato

Made for designs as vibrant as the font itself, MonoPixel Awesome is a bitmap typeface that will add a ton of color and cheerfulness to any project. In our opinion, this monospaced sans serif font is ideal for making displays, headlines, and other projects stand out.

We found that the font is also optimized for any size so you don’t have to worry about using it for headers, posters, and signages.


6. Broken Console

Broken Console
Broken Console. Image credit: Envato

With its elegant and straightforward ombre design, the Broken Console typeface comes with a big personality and plenty of styles—regular, bold, and shadow.

This all-caps geometric pixel font takes inspiration from old-school gaming consoles and is suitable for contemporary design. Specifically for themes such as techno, digital, retro, cyberpunk, Gaming, and much more!


7. Game Over

Game Over
Game Over. Image credit: Envato

Are you looking for a break from monotonous pixel fonts? The Game Over typeface is a breath of fresh air with its unique super-sized pixel characters suitable for any game or display purpose. This fun and quirky font is a perfect choice for games, book covers, titles, packaging, branding, and more.


8. Video Game

Video Game
Video Game. Image credit: Envato

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Say hello to Video Game, a pixel font that is sure to bring back all of that 80s nostalgia from the days when Space Invaders and Super Mario ruled the world of video games. This all-bold font is perfect for making any gaming-inspired project that could use a hint of retro.

Also included with the Video Game font are 17 unique pixel Martians called “The Dingbats” that allow you to create eye-catching designs when combined with the font in just minutes.


9. 8bit Darling

8bit Darling.
8bit Darling. Image credit: Design Cuts

Influenced by modern Japanese art styles, 8bit Darling by designer Norio Kanisawa is a simple yet incredibly charming and bright digital-pop font that will make your designs more fun and colorful. It supports Hiragana, Katakana, English as well as numerals. 8bit Darling is sure to make a fine addition to your typographic arsenal.


10. Hackbot

Hackbot. Image credit: Envato

Hackbot is a comprehensive bitmap font that is flawlessly suitable for games, quotes, social media posts, retro designs, and much more with its timeless design. Whether you are looking to create vintage designs or futuristic, Hackbot will fit in perfectly.

This multilingual typeface also includes a set of alternates and ligatures that will help you achieve the right retro look every time.


11. Pixel 1

Pixel 1
Pixel 1. Image credit: Envato

With a bold, multi-color text accompanied by matching borders, Pixel 1 offered by Envato is outright the best typeface for artistic headers. Get the most out of the Pixel 1 font with a realistic brush effect by combining dark font on a light background with a multiply layer effect or by using a light font on dark background with a screen layer effect on the font layer.


12. Pixes

Pixes. Image credit: Design Cuts

Designed by Goodfella Supply, Pixes is an uber-cool typeface ideal for applications such as games, posters, stickers, and other creative projects. The Pixes font set includes 147 glyphs and an array of stylistic alternates that you can use to create unique designs.

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13. Waves CPC

Waves CPC
Waves CPC. Image credit: Envato

Waves CPC isn’t your average pixel font. Its beautifully designed highlights and shadows give it a 3D effect that makes it unique from other pixel typefaces. The Waves CPC typeface family was born from the idea of combining a simplified blackletter typeface with pixel art.

It features three family members that you can experiment with to create striking designs. It is suitable for projects such as retro gaming shows, band logos, zine mastheads, and headers that take its name from 8-bit music, waveforms, and the ocean’s waves.


14. Tiny Timmy

Tiny Timmy.
Tiny Timmy. Image credit: Envato

If a pixel font ever comes to mind, it is more than likely that it looks similar to Tiny Timmy. It is a simple retro-inspired font consisting of tiny pixels and has a minimalist and perfectly legible design that makes it befitting for a wide variety of projects.


15. Ugly Byte

Ugly Byte.
Ugly Byte. Image credit: Envato

Ugly Byte is a modern 8-bit pixel font that perfectly captures the look of vintage graphics for use in mobile apps, games, or retro design projects. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you might have a subconscious relation with this font thanks to the popular gaming consoles such as SEGA, PlayStation, NES, N64, GameBoy, etc.


16. Pixel Rand

Pixel Rand
Pixel Rand. Image credit: Envato

Anything but ordinary, Pixel Rand is a fresh pixel font with a modern style that has been made with medium size pixels with random positioning making it highly readable, even at small sizes. It is a perfect match for new pixel-based video games, retro designs, and cartoon projects.


17. Pixel Bit

Pixel Bit
Pixel Bit. Image credit: Envato

Introducing Pixel Bit, a futuristic display typeface with directionally fading letters that will grab some eyeballs at every glance. It is excellent for display purposes such as logos, apparel, quote, product packaging, title header, poster, merchandise, social media, labels, and branding.

Included with Pixel Bit are five different alternates that you can use to modify the fade effect of the letters.


18. Pixel Craft Display Font LS

Pixel Craft Display Font LS
Pixel Craft Display Font LS. Image credit: Envato

Designed by Perspectype Studious, fun, and quirky are just a few words that you can use to describe Pixel Craft Display Font LS. It has been developed to complement digital and printed creative products. It is perfect for posters, social media posts, branding, personal projects, and more.


19. Mistry Box

Mistry Box.
Mistry Box. Image credit: Envato

If you want to make a bold statement with your designs, there isn’t a better font than Mistry Box. Packed with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, some alternates, and ligatures, this heavy bold display font perfectly fits big titles, branding, logos, and especially large-sized prints.


20. Pixels Gone Bad

Pixels Gone Bad.
Pixels Gone Bad. Image credit: Envato

Just like the name suggests, Pixels Gone Bad offers a unique take on pixel fonts with its messy and extraordinary letterforms that have been crafted out of many tiny cubic pixels. Despite having a distinctive form, it is a highly legible decorative font ideal for posters, titles, and any other artistic use cases that you could think of.


21. Kleyn – Pixel Font

Kleyn - Pixel Font
Kleyn – Pixel Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The Kleyn is a unique pixel display font with small-sized pixels. You can use these fonts for marketing materials such as posters, branding, social media, etc. It works best for retro projects, video games, mobile apps,  and cartoons.


22. MainPort Pixelate Font

MainPort Pixelete Font
MainPort Pixelete Font, Image Credits: Envato Elements

MainPort Pixelate font has a unique typeface that conveys a dark and unique vibe for readers. This minimal typeface best suits different applications like posters, stickers, creative products, and games.

The Mainport Pixelate font is easy to read, making it easy for the user’s. The font looks amazing in black & white color schemes, also in colorful schemes. This font suits best both digital medium and on prints.


23. Space Armada – A Retro Future Font

Space Armada, Image Credits: Envato Elements

Space Armada has a refined and attractive pixel style and shines in different applications with its futuristic theme.

Space Armada font refers to the sci-fi movies from the 1980s. It’s letters that grab the user’s attention, which makes it perfect for all ranges of needs and industries.

The contemporary style of the font makes it a better fit for photography captions. The major advantage of using this font is that you may modify it based on your preferences.


24. Mescam Font

Mescam, Image Credits: Envato elements

Mescam font is a modern and authentic pixel font with various designs. This font is designed as a flexible and versatile to suit both branding and professional projects.

The Mescam font has irregular placements with medium-sized pixels, making the typeface easy to read, so it suits picture captions, product labels, and vintage graphics.

Best Fonts for Graphic Design


The Best Pixel Fonts for Photoshop, Procreate & Cricut Summary

8-bit fonts and pixel fonts are an ode to the spirit of the 80s and 90s. It brings back memories of low-res bitmap lettering of early generations of video games. Despite being retro or vintage, we’re confident that it fits into modern and trendy designs perfectly. You can also use them for all types of design projects to add a touch of nostalgia and retro charm.

Choosing the best pixel fonts from a sea of unique options can be an arduous task, and we hope that our list of the 20 Best Pixel Fonts has helped you make the right decision for your project.

If you found any pixel font that you liked in our list, share it with us in the comments below!

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