25+ Playful Fonts for Joy-Filled Designs!

25+ Playful Fonts for Joy-Filled Designs!

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Are you looking for the best playful fonts for childish, party, or event theme designs? If yes, then you are in the right place.

This post lists eye-catching, fun, and playful fonts, out of which you can find the best one for your design.

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When you are designing something non-professional, comical, or childish, using playful fonts is an excellent choice. Also, it is crucial to choose a font that is perfect for the project you are working on. Otherwise, it may not work the way you have imagined.

Although playful fonts are not ideal for business or professional designs, they can be used in business designs depending on the target audience and the purpose of the design. This way, playful fonts are suitable for various design concepts, and they also come in multiple sizes and shapes.

With that in mind, choosing a playful font for your design concepts can be challenging. But you can go through this list of the 25 best playful fonts and pick the one that is appropriate for your project.

25 Best Playful Fonts for Joy-Filled Designs!

  1. Sagobi – Display Playful Font
  2. Kidsbunny – A Playful Font
  3. Artapa Playful Font
  4. Grane – Playful Font
  5. Kimona Playful Font
  6. Holakids – Playful Font
  7. Enjoyable Font
  8. Hisstories – Handwritten Playful Font
  9. Laggran – Playful Script Font
  10. Regitta – Playful Script
  11. Ala Champ – Playful Serif
  12. Meclando – A Playful Font
  13. School Kids Font
  14. Bondar – Cute Playful Font
  15. Willincki – A Quirky & Playful Font
  16. Keepsmile – Rounded Playful
  17. Chatsile – Playful Kids Font
  18. Tutti Frutti Font
  19. Sallomae – Playful Font
  20. Hore Font
  21. Funzi – Spilled Ink Typeface
  22. Jackerton Font
  23. Guerns 2 – Handwritten Font
  24. Brolide Playful Sans
  25. Waxtown

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25 Best Playful Fonts

1.    Sagobi – Display Playful Font

Sagobi Fun Display Playful Font

Sagobi is a joyful display font in handwritten style to bring a natural feel to the project. It contains 358 glyphs and helps boost the creativity of a design with its playful letters. The font is available in three weights – regular, light, and bold.

This playful font is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Microsoft Word. Sagobi includes standard and special ligatures, uppercase & lowercase letters, punctuation, and numbers.


2.   Kidsbunny – A Playful Font

Kidsbunny - a Playful Font

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Kidsbunny is a sans-serif display font that can be used in fun and playful designs. This font has more than 350 glyphs and supports many Latin-based languages. It is available in regular and italic versions and includes PUA-encoded characters for easy access.

It has OTF, TTF, and web font files for endless possibilities. Kidsbunny is suitable for product packaging, logotypes, labels, t-shirt designs, and more.


3.    Artapa Playful Font

Artapa Playful Font

Artapa is a beautiful playful font designed to meet your various design needs. This font adds an authentic touch to your designs. It is suitable for magazines, typography, posters, titles, product packaging, brochures, etc. The font is available in OTF, TTF, and web font files.


4.    Grane – Playful Font

Grane – Playful Font

Grane is a handmade playful font that gives a modern vibe to any design. It is perfect for various design contexts and adds an outstanding look to the artwork. Grane font can be used in headlines as well as backgrounds, depending on the requirements.

The font supports multiple languages and comes with many ligatures and alternate characters. It is also available in web font formats, so you use it on websites. The font package includes standard letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.


5.    Kimona Playful Font

Kimona Playful Font

Kimona is a unique style playful font suitable for children’s theme designs. It is a cute childish font that is perfect for designs related to kids. Kimona font supports multiple languages and includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

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It has several OpenType features and glyphs to help you in your design work. You can access these features in adobe apps and CorelDRAW.


6.    Holakids – Playful Font

Holakids is a beautiful sans-serif font that you can consider for playful design concepts. It comes with PUA-encoded characters for easy access and supports multiple languages. The font also has OpenType features, which you can access in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Word.

Its casual letters are perfect for product packaging, headers, invitation cards, quotes, logotypes, posters, apparel designs, labels, and more. Holakids font is available in TTF and OTF file formats.


7.    Enjoyable Font

Enjoyable Playful Font

Enjoyable is a hand-written sans serif font with all uppercase letters. It has a sophisticated and attractive look to suit different design concepts. The font supports many languages and can enhance the look of any design.

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It also comes with a set of alternate characters to let you use in your designs. You can use this font for quotes, logos, product packaging, merchandise, social media, and more. It is also useful for websites as it has web font files.


8.    Hisstories – Handwritten Playful Font

Hisstories - Handwritten Playful

If you are looking to add a natural handwritten touch to your designs, the Hisstories playful font is for you. It is a handwritten style font that provides a personalized feel to designs. All glyphs and swashes of this font are easily accessible as it uses PUA-encoded characters.

Hisstories font is perfect for invitations, greeting cards, logos, clothing designs, and more. This font is also available in web font files along with TTF and OTF formats.


9.    Laggran – Playful Script Font


Laggran is a calligraphy-style playful script font that is ideal for various kinds of designs. It is equipped with several OpenType features, such as stylistic alternates, contextual alternates, stylistic sets, ligatures, and swashes. You can access these features using Adobe Apps, Microsoft Word, and CorelDRAW.

With multilingual support, the font is suitable for a wide range of design concepts. You can access all features of this font with no additional software because it has PUA-encoded characters.


10.  Regitta – Playful Script

Regitta - Playful Script

To bring a new look and uniqueness to your designs, Regitta is a perfect option. It is a handwritten script font that provides a genuine hand-drawn feel to the artwork. This font can be used for posters, quotes, packaging, social media posts, music album, book covers, etc.

The font has TTF, OTF, and web font files that allow you to use this font for different purposes. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation that enable you to create anything you want.


11.  Ala Champ – Playful Serif

ala champ Playful serif

Ala champ is a modern playful font from Pentagoni Studio. The font is available in OTF, TTF, and web font files. This display font is inspired by a cheek style that brings uniqueness to any design.


12.  Meclando – A Playful Font

Meclando - A Playful Font

Meclando is a handmade script font that you can use to create beautiful designs. It has bold and childish characters to suit kid-related designs. Several OpenType features are included in this font package to let you customize your designs accordingly.

The OpenType features of this font are accessible in Adobe apps, Microsoft Word, and Corel Draw. It is available in TTF and OTF file formats. Meclando font is suitable for quotes, posters, business cards, branding projects, etc.


13.  School Kids Font

School Kids – Playful Font

School Kids is a unique font suitable for designs related to kids. You can pick this font if you are looking for a stylish, playful font for any school-themed design. It can also be used for news, posters, badges, signage, letterhead, labels, invitations, and many more. School Kids also includes ligatures, alternates, and multi-language support.


14.  Bondar – Cute Playful Font

BONDAR - Cute Playful Font

Bondar is a handwritten, bold font that can be used for playful designs. The font comes with PUA-encoded characters to let you access all features effortlessly. Also, it includes all characters, punctuation, and numbers. Bondar is perfect for greeting cards, printed quotes, book covers, packaging, etc.


15.  Willincki – A Quirky & Playful Font

Willincki - A Quirky & Playful Typeface

Willincki is a fancy sans-serif typeface with playful characters to suit different design concepts. It has bold and strong characters to help you put an impact through your message. With 93 glyphs and 10 ligatures, Willincki font lets you create anything you can imagine.

It is perfect for a wide range of projects such as book covers, presentation titles, clothing designs, science projects in schools, menus, posters, etc. The font supports multiple languages and is available in TTF and OTF formats. Web font files are also available to be useful for websites.


16.  Keepsmile – Rounded Playful

Keepsmile - Rounded Playful

Keepsmile is a stylish rounded playful font that provides a unique charm to any design. The rounded letters of this playful font are perfect for projects of various kinds. You can use Keepsmile font for logos, branding projects, invitations, advertisements, social media posts, and more.

It is available in OTF and TTF formats and works on Mac and PC. This font has PUA-encoded characters to let you access all features without additional software. Keepsmile can be accessed in Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.


17.  Chatsile – Playful Kids Font

Chatsile - Playful Kids Font

Chatsile is a unique, playful font suitable for kid-related designs. The font has double-layered letters that have a different look. Also, the letters are PUA encoded for easy access. It has web font files along with TTF and OTF formats.


18.  Tutti Frutti Font

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti is a super playful font with bold characters. It has colorful letters that help you uplift your designs. It is suitable for designs that need uniqueness. Tutti Frutti is accessible in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018+, Adobe Photoshop CC 2017+, and Adobe InDesign CC 2019+ since they support display color fonts.

The older versions of adobe can’t display the colorful look of this font. It includes 157 graphic elements to help you in your projects.


19.  Sallomae – Playful Font

Sallomae – Playful Font

Sallomae font is inspired by jungle cartoons and children’s books. It is easy to read as it is created with a monoline concept. This playful display font is highly flexible and is suitable for a variety of design concepts. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters to let you create unique designs for your projects.

The font includes several ligatures and alternates. It is ideal for t-shirts, posters, packaging, storybook, food menu, quotes, logos, etc. Sallomae font is available in TTF and OTF file formats for versatility.


20.  Hore Font

Hore – Playful Font

Hore is a modern playful font that features unique characters. Some many ligatures and alternates of this font allow you to create fun and playful projects. You can consider this font in projects that need a fancy and playful feel. Hore font has a total of 292 glyphs and multilingual support.


21.  Funzi – Spilled Ink Typeface

Funzi – Spilled Ink Typeface

Funzi is a bold font with handwritten touch inspired by the spreading of spilled ink that creates the shapes of letters. It has rounded corners with smooth characteristics that provide excellent visual elegance.

This playful font is available in TTF and OTF file formats for convenient use. Funzi font is suitable for quotes, children’s books, invitations, business cards, posters, etc.


22.  Jackerton Font

Jackerton Font

Jackerton is a childish, playful font inspired by the doodles of the author’s father. The letters look like pieces of a puzzle that allow you to craft unique artwork. It has ligatures and stylistic alternates that you can access in Adobe apps.

The font has 348 glyphs with smooth curves to give endless possibilities to create. Also, this font has an updated version with enhanced features. So, it is going to be an outstanding option for you to give your designs a playful look.


23.  Guerns 2 – Handwritten Font

guerns 2

Guerns 2 is a handwritten font which is the handwriting of the author. It has a unique look and is suitable for headings, blogs, invitations, logos, etc. This font has four weights, and all of them are available in TTF file format. The font package includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols.


24.  Brolide Playful Sans

Brolide Playful Sans

Brolide Sans is a bold, playful font that adds a strong feel to any design. You can use this playful font for headlines, branding projects, packaging designs, advertising, and other casual or playful designs. The smooth rounded characters of this font are attention-grabbing and attractive.


25.  Waxtown

best playful fonts

Waxtown is a playful font suitable for designs related to children. It is also ideal for fashion & toy designs, casual designs, and others. This font has uppercase & lowercase characters, punctuation, and numbers for easy customization. The letterforms look cute and give a unique feel to the artwork.


25+ Best Playful Fonts

This is it. These are some of the best playful fonts we found on the internet. They are available in different styles and shapes to add a casual and cheerful personality to your artwork. So, you can just go ahead and choose the right playful font for your designs.