40 Best Procreate Fonts (with Installation Tutorial)

40 Best Procreate Fonts (with Installation Tutorial)

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Are you looking to download the best Procreate fonts? In this article, we will look at some of the top font choices for Procreate, plus a tutorial on how to add fonts to Procreate.

Considering how the creative market is expanding by the day, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why more people are dabbling into artistic ventures. And although computers and MacBooks remain sought-after gears that help professionals churn out dynamic marketing content, iPads, too, are starting to take the center stage today.

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Millions of professional illustrators and brand consultants are now seeing the value in content creation via the globe’s number one tablet brand. As a result, Procreate has been a growing platform for some of the world’s most talented creatives.

Over are the days when only Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are everyone’s go-to programs for catchy designs and clickbait photos. Now, a wide array of raster graphics editor apps are beginning to gain traction too—and leading the pack is Procreate!

All that said, let’s take a look at some of the best fonts for Procreate.

35+ Best Procreate Fonts (Free & Premium)

Below we list the best free Procreate fonts and best professional Procreate fonts including top handwriting fonts, brush fonts, cute fonts, calligraphy fonts, tattoo fonts, and more.

  1. Webrush | Strong Brush Procreate Font
  2. Fig & Lemon Font Procreate Duo
  3. Rengard – Modern Serif Typeface
  4. Bloomy Sans Serif Font
  5. Tobi Greek Cyrillic
  6. Coral Lovers SVG Watercolor Font Duo
  7. Lyon & Crest – Hand Painted SVG Type
  8. Inkhead Typeface|Pen Stroke Handmade Font
  9. Silent Forest – Terrible Hand Drawn Font
  10. malo Procreate
  11. Humming | Monoscript Font
  12. Procreate Print Works
  13. Arata – Handmade freestyle Scratchy Webfont
  14. Heartland Handwriting
  15. Story Brush for Procreate
  16. Huelva – A Handwriting Font
  17. Novembra Serif Font Duo
  18. Florida Serif Font
  19. Blocky | Display Font
  20. Adventures in the Snow Font
  21. Blackhawk Brush Font
  22. Five Boroughs Brush Font
  23. Black Diamond 
  24. Tooth & Nail Dry 
  25. Echo Soul 
  26. Sun Kissed 
  27. Better Times 
  28. Buttercell SVG 
  29. Slightly Marker 
  30. The Deliver 
  31. Moonstone 
  32. Merchant Vintage Dry 
  33. Spectrum
  34. Botanica Family 
  35. FontBlade with Swashes 
  36. Eragone
  37. The Pafoster
  38. INK 4 Procreate: 63 Brushes
  39. Rockless
  40. Railly – Handwritten Script Font


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How to install fonts on Procreate

One of the best features of Procreate is it allows you to import fonts. Supporting TTC, TTF, and OTF files, creatives are free to AirDrop or drag and drop their outsourced fonts from their preferred platforms. Below is a quick tutorial teaching you how to import fonts into Procreate.

Step 1: Download Your Chosen Fonts

Fonts are mostly packaged in zip files, so your first order of business should be to unzip a file. To do this, you’ll need to find your downloaded zip file on the Files app of your iPad. Once you locate it, you can then start the extracting process.

Step: Install Your Chosen Font

To do this, open the Procreate app and create a canvas. Type in whatever text you want as a placeholder then, while editing the text, click the “Edit Style” located on the top right corner. Doing so then leads you to open the text style tab. On the upper section of this tab, select the import Fonts button, then tap your recently uncompressed font before clicking “install.”

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For a more visual tutorial of how to do this, Procreate has a video you can watch here or the video below.


Looking to Buy Fonts for Procreate?

Best Procreate Fonts

If you’re looking to sell your digital art, you might be looking for Procreate fonts for commercial use, and for that, you will need a commercial license VS a free font that may not be able to be used commercially.

The good news is that you can download 1000s of commercially licensed Procreate fonts with a subscription to Envato Elements. A subscription also gets you access to 50+ million other design assets including 150 Procreate add-ons, pallettes, shaders, brushes, and much more.

The subscription costs just $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to all their assets. So go download some fonts, brushes and get creative!


40 Best Procreate Fonts

1. Webrush | Strong Brush Font

Webrush | Strong Brush Font

Starting this list is Envato’s Webrush. Combining gorgeous curves with a distinctly urban aesthetic, this Procreate font effortlessly delivers an attractive stylish script that feels both authentic and premium. Suitable for a long list of designs, this pick is novel, relevant, and feels consistently fresh. Use it anywhere you like to and for a wide array of projects!


2. Fig & Lemon Font Duo

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Fig & Lemon Font Duo

Reminiscent of the typefaces we see on greeting cards and quirky poster designs, Envato’s Fig & Lemon Font Duo does a stellar job in capturing a handwritten font that looks and feels warm and familiar. Packed with upper and lowercase letters, this find is a crowd favorite Procreate font because of its versatility.


3. Rengard – Modern Serif Typeface

Rengard - Modern Serif Typeface

One of the classier options on the list is Rengard. Slender, elegant, and modern-looking, this font is an inherently chic pick that makes it perfect for brand identity projects and beyond. Produced by Craft Supply Co. and available on Envato, this find supports upper and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and punctuation marks.


4. Bloomy Sans Serif Font

Bloomy Sans Serif Font

Also perfect for product-driven business designs is Bloomy. A sans serif font, this pick eliminates all the unnecessary visual bells and whistles and keeps it real with only thick lines and rounded edges. An all-caps option, Bloomy is a superb choice for creatives crafting straightforward and non-dramatic marketing campaigns.

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5. Tobi Greek Cyrillic

Tobi Greek Cyrillic

If what you’re looking for is a playful font, perhaps Tobi Greek Cyrillic is what you need. Featuring alternative ligatures containing the Greek in capital letters, this particular font is legible, child-friendly, and perfect for a variety of design assignments. Are you into sharp lines and gorgeous edges? If the answer is yes, then this is for you!


6. Coral Lovers SVG Watercolor Font Duo

Coral Lovers SVG Watercolor Font Duo

While it isn’t designed exclusively for social media posts, Coral Lovers SVG Watercolor Font Duo looks exactly like the type of font you’d see on Instagram stories and marketing materials published on Facebook. Inspired by French art, this hand-drawn text aesthetic is gorgeous, stereotypically feminine, and sophisticated-looking.


7. Lyon & Crest – Hand Painted SVG Type

Lyon & Crest – Hand Painted SVG Type

One of the more distinct picks among the bunch is Lyon & Crest. Sporting more than 15 ligatures and alternates, this font makes the most out of thick edges and washed aesthetics. Perfect for reports, publications, advertising materials, posters, and more, this Design Cuts offering continues to be one of the most popular Procreate fonts today because of its unique look and exaggerated lines.


8. Inkhead Typeface|Pen Stroke Handmade Font

Inkhead Typeface

Another stunning handmade font from Envato is Inkhead Typeface. Boldly exuding a grunge look minus the inherent horror, this piece feels like a character in itself. Featuring 252 glyphs and multi-language support, this find is perfect for industrial design posters, establishment signages, headlines, and whatever else you can think of!


9. Silent Forest – Terrible Hand Drawn Font

Silent Forest - Terrible Hand Drawn Font

Envato’s Silent Forest feels straight out of a horror movie, so if this is the peg you want your designs to pattern after, go ahead! A handwritten font that’s also almost indicative of graffiti art, this pick is stereotypically masculine and optimizes dripping edges to exude uneven lines.


10. malo


There is no shortage of script fonts for Procreate and malo is living proof of that. A huge hit to designers who are into calligraphy, this pick is legible, curvy, and hyperrealistic. Sporting beautiful lower and uppercase letters, this find also comes with numbers and punctuation marks. Whether long chunks of paragraphs or snappy headlines, Envato’s malo will deliver!


11. Humming | Monoscript Font

Humming | Monoscript Font

Humming is a fresh modern script we mostly see on greeting cards and mall posters. Sporting cursive letters with soft edges and rounded lines, this pick is warm, friendly, and perfect for children’s book designs and other similar assignments. Use this font for branding initiatives and more!


12. Procreate Print Works

Procreate Print Works – Complete Print Media Pack

If what you’re looking for is the complete set, Design Cuts’ Procreate Print Works has a pack that’s perfect for all the Procreate enthusiasts, both beginners, and professionals. Featuring bonus fonts inspired by old-school block prints, this find is one of the more worth it purchases on the list simply because of everything else you can get apart from the catchy fonts.


13. Arata – Handmade freestyle Scratchy Webfont

Arata - Handmade freestyle Scratchy Webfont

One of the more unique fonts among the bunch is Envato’s Arata. Thick, uneven, and filled with unpredictable scribbles on each letter, this contender is one of the bolder choices for creatives, should you want to optimize an aesthetic that feels raw and edgy.


14. Heartland Handwriting

Heartland Handwriting

Another font we mostly see on Pinterest photos is Heartland Handwriting. Suitable for a lot of design projects, this home-y font thrives best in shirt designs, quote posters, and headlines. This pick is one of the more versatile options on the list. Use it for whatever you like! It’s bound to share your message, legibly, and warmly.


15. Story Brush

Story Brush

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you to want to make the most of Envato’s Story Brush but it sure helps! A brush font packed with over 240 glyphs, this pick contains OpenType capabilities, making it more than suitable for a wide array of design projects. Movie posters, shirt designs, headlines—you name it! Story Brush is eerily flexible.


16. Huelva – A Handwriting Font

Huelva - A Handwriting Font

there are quite a few captivating handwritten fonts on the internet but Envato’s Huelva is one of our immediate favorites. Playful, thick, and selectively sharp on a few edges, this font is a stunning choice for food package logos, child-friendly projects, and a ton of other design assignments. Complete with upper and lowercase letters, there are a lot of things you can do on Procreate with this buy.


17. Novembra Serif Font Duo

Novembra Serif Font Duo

Labeled as a delicate new serif font, Novembra is an elegant pick for Procreate and beyond. Brought to you by Salt & Pepper Designs and made available on Envato, this find is luscious, tasteful, and beautifully elongated and thick. It’s perfect for a lot of designs, but it’ll thrive the most in projects that include product-driven branding efforts.


18. Florida Serif Font

Florida Serif Font

Another cute and trendy Procreate font is Florida. And while it’s inspired by other existing fonts, what makes this contender feel original are its extended lines and sharp edges. Suitable for a whole lot of design projects, too, this one feels most visually appealing when used for tote bag designs, hygiene product branding efforts, and bakery signages.


19. Blocky | Display Font

Blocky | Display Font

As its name implies, Blocky is a font that’s, well, made of “blocks.” Sporting a complete lack of soft curves, what makes this pick captivating are its sharp and urban edges. Suitable for a ton of design projects, this font feels most natural when seen on apparel, marketing posters, and all things stereotypically masculine. Still, you’re free to use this however you want to!


20. Adventures in the Snow Font

Adventures in the Snow Font

A decorative font that a lot of designers enjoy making the most of is Adventures in the Snow Font. Mostly seen on greeting cards, children’s shirts and Pinterest quotes, this find is friendly, inviting, and legible. No bells and whistles here—just a familiar typeface that many of us are familiar with.


21. Blackhawk

Blackhawk Procreate Brush Font
Blackhawk. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Blackhawk is a font that comes loaded with lots of energy. With a little amount of attention to quick strokes and minute details, Blackhawk guarantees the presence of a loud and speedy message. This font is best for logos, apparel, quotes, product packaging, or anything that needs a typographic booster. 

This is a hand-made font, with a set of all capitals in it. It has a complete set of alternate A-Z characters. You can simply switch over between the upper and the lower case letters to access the alternates. 

The fonts under Blackhawk are provided in the .TTF and .OTF font formats. So you don’t need to install these font formats and can do it for yourself whenever you choose. 


22. Five Boroughs

Five Boroughs. Image Credit: Design cuts

Honoring New York’s Five Boroughs, this brush font was designed in such a way as to be reminiscent of the Big Apple. It is grainy and smooth enough, yet at the same time, it is ripped and soft. You can define it as rough, beautiful, and versatile. The fonts can be used together for a unique set of typography designs but they also work on their own as well. 

These types of fonts look absolutely stunning in branding, editorials, logos, books, bags, mugs, greeting cards, etc. This font type includes:  

  • Script (.OTF & .TTF)
  • Handwriting (.OTF & .TTF)
  • Extras (.OTF & .TTF)

You can also create stylistic alternates with professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape.


23. Black Diamond

Black Diamond
Black Diamond. Image Credits: Design cuts

Black Diamond is not a font you’ll find every day– it’s raw, edgy, and exploding with attitude! Hand-nailed, with a lot of attention to quick-strokes and dry textures, this font is loud and proud! It delivers a message that is ideal for logos, product packing, advertisement, social media, and branding projects. The Black Diamond Brush Font comes as a single pack full of great features. It contains both uppercase and lowercase letters and a wide range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support.

The font also contains several ligatures and stylistic alternatives for those who have an open-type capable software. If this is sounding good to you, you can add some finishing touches to your work as a bonus. Your keyboard brackets { } [ ] can be used for quick and easy access to the four different swashes, and also the arrow ^ key for producing paint splatters. It supports .OTF and .TTF file formats.


24. Tooth & Nail Dry 

Tooth & Nail
Tooth & Nail. Image Credits: Design Cuts

The Tooth & Nail is a plain and hearty hand-painted brush font designed to work in both uppercase or lowercase letters. It includes a bonus vector pack, which has 24 elements designed in such a way as to give a boost to your text and complement its handmade style.

You also have rough bold strokes and high-quality textures all the way. It is the perfect workhorse font that can be used in product packing, promotional messages, handwritten quotes, home decor, and much more. This font type is reliable with a comfortable familiarity.

This type of font has these sets:

  • Tooth & Nail: A handwritten brush font that contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and a large range of punctuation.
  • Tooth & Nail Alt: It has a completely new set of lowercase characters. You can recreate a custom-made style by simply switching to this font for an additional layout option. 
  • Tooth & Nail Vector Pack: Includes 24 hand-brushed elements that will perfectly complement the font. It also includes swashes, arrows, keywords, paint splatters, and frames.


25. Echo Soul

Echo Soul
Echo Soul. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Echo Soul brush font speaks from the heart and doesn’t hold back. With elongated brush strokes and a natural flow, it’s the perfect choice for handwritten quotes, product packaging, and logo designs with a personal touch. It is a handwritten font that contains both lowercase and uppercase letters with a huge range of punctuation. You can also customize the fonts based on your requirements. It also has a complete set of only uppercase letters that are included.


26. Sun Kissed 

Sun Kissed. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Sun Kissed Brush Font has been brought to existence by teaming up with the world-renowned hand-letterer Ian Barnard. Sun Kissed has taken months of hard work to research and test. The company has decided to give you a value-based font that can be used across various projects. It has got excellent precision that makes it a world-class font. You can use this particular font for various branding work, logos, design prints, and social media posts as well.


27. Better Times

Better Times. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Better Times is a hand-made brush font. It is a free-flowing, bold, and confident font that can be easily customized with two sets of each letter and comes with a bonus of nearly 20 swashes. It looks great with a combination of all caps and lowercase and provides you with a huge range of layout options. You can use this font for promotional flyers and handwritten quotes, product packaging, and other branding projects.


28. Buttercell Script

Buttercell. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Buttercell Script is a hand brush script and is available in two versions: Standard Type and Opentype SVG Font. It is created with watercolor ink, for a natural feel and perfect shape to create a real hand-lettering style on actual paper. It can be used for your next creative project involving Logotype, invitations, cards, product packaging, letterhead, etc. There are three variations available:

  • Buttercell Script: a clean version of the font with a strong line and fewer nodes. This style is a well-designed typeface and can be used in any computer software.
  • Buttercell Brush: The rough edge version. This typeface gives you a strong character emphasis of brush lettering style.
  • Buttercell SVG: This open-type font offers a natural shape and texture of the hand-lettered font. This font comes with some ligations that can be used to customize according to your needs.


29. Slightly Marker 

Slightly Marker
Slightly Marker. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Slightly Marker is an all-caps font that is available with the street style brush. It contains both uppercase and lowercase letters in various styles, numbers, and symbols and also supports various languages. You can also add a line under a word, and access it from the ligature. You can use this font for any project, including branding, posters, and quotes. The file types included with these fonts are .TTF and .OTF. Stylistic alternatives to these fonts can be created with the help of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.


30. The Deliver

The Deliver
The Deliver. Image Credits: Design Cuts

The Deliver is an urban font that comes with a normal hand-painted style. It is mainly used for design needs, brand designing, advertisements, book cover, special events, headlines, and also for any brush lettering.  The Deliver comes with both upper and lower case letters, punctuations, numerals, and numerous glyph variations. Also provided is support in various languages. It uses the .OTF, .TTF, and .WOFF font formats.


31. Moonstone 

Moonstone. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Moonstone is a distinctive handwritten brush font. Its flow and style make it perfect to use for prints, logos, signatures, badges, quotes, and blog headlines. You have two typesets in this font– the Moonstone Regular and Moonstone Extra, and the .TTF and .OTF file types are included.


32. Merchant Vintage Font

Merchant Vintage Font
Merchant Vintage Font. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Merchant Vintage is old school and looks a little tough too. It has the right amount of texture with a light drybrush edge. It is based on a baseball scorecard, circa 1945, and can be used to give your text an old sign-writer effect.

It has the .OTF file types in its set. You can also create stylistic alternatives to this font type with the help of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign software.


33. Spectrum 

Spectrum. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Spectrum is a signature style brush font, offering a natural and authentic texture. It is a perfect type of font for branding projects, posters, product packaging, business cards, and social media posts. It has a full set of capitals and small letters, a large set of punctuation marks, numerals, and also provides multilingual support.


34. Botanica

Botanica. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Botanica Brush is a new brush font that is written with an inky texture. It was inspired by the modern trends of brush lettering. The fonts look very good, both in combination or separately– your options are limited only by your imagination! The initial and the terminal swashes make it even more attractive for wedding invitation designs.


35. FontBlade 

Font Blade
Font Blade. Image Credits: Design Cuts

FontBlade Brush Font is a plain, neat and a trim handwritten font with a personal touch. The font appears as quick brush strokes, fantastic for branding projects, product packaging, and as a text overlay to any background image. The FontBlade set of fonts includes the .OTF, .TTF, and .WOFF file formats, along with swashes.


36. Eragone

Eragone. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Are you looking for a decorative procreate font? Here it is Eragone. It is one of the best decorative fonts. It is designed for procreating, crafts, logos, branding, and more. Blackletter font includes all caps glyphs, and punctuations, and also supports multiple languages. 


37. The Pafoster

The Pafoster
The Pafoster. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The Pafoster display font looks retro style with vintage coverage. It is purposefully designed for projects like headline displays, and logotypes. This rustic and gritty font looks naturally drawn by brushes. It is featured with uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, glyphs, ligatures, and alternatives to give a classic vintage look. 


38. INK 4 Procreate: 63 Brushes

INK-4-Procreate-63-Brushes. Image Credits: Design Cuts

The INK 4 Procreate is a set of realistic inking brushes in Procreate. These brushes were made to imitate a wide variety of instruments for writing and sketching. These include nib pens, spray paint, splash brushes and many more. These brushes are so made so well that they imitate the look and feel of the actual strokes of different tools.


39. Rockless

Rockless font
Rockless font. Image credits: Envato Elements

Rockless is a handwritten stylish font with copperplate calligraphy. It comes with copperplate to contemporary typeface with a dancing baseline, classic and elegant touch. 

This rockless stylish font can work for various purposes like headings, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, letterheads, signages, labels, news, posters, and badges. It comes with all uppercase and lowercase, numbers, and symbols, supported languages, ligatures and PUA encoded.


40. Railly – Handwritten Script Font

Railly font
Railly font. Image credits: Envato Elements

Railly font is a brush script that resembles the expression of a real handwritten script. Railly is a handwritten font that is upscale and chic. Railly handwritten font is best for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, wedding boutiques, or any business looking for a stylish touch. 

This handwritten script font is suitable for Logos, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary, art, modern envelope lettering, or book design. It can also work for hand-drawn designs or watercolor designs. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, standard and special ligatures, numerals and punctuation, accents, and multilingual characters.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fonts available for Procreate?

Yes. There are fonts available for Procreate. In fact, some of them are free.


40 Best Procreate Fonts & How to Add Them

All in all, Procreate has been such a powerful force in the art scene in recent years, and it is in our best interest to supplement your artistic process by providing all the best resources available today for you.  That said, the 35 best Procreate Fonts are all spectacular finds, each designed to help you improve your creative experience and designs! To close, we hope this list has helped you narrow down your search. Keep creating and stay creative!