Top 15 Best Gouche Brushes for Procreate (Free & Premium)

Top 15 Best Gouche Brushes for Procreate (Free & Premium)

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In the world of art, there are few mediums with such an extensive history as gouache.

Dating back almost 1200 years, artists have used gouache to create incredible works of art and now in the age of digital artwork, you can use your Procreate app to create realistic gouache artwork from the comfort of your couch.

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To that end, we thought that we should take a closer look at the different types of gouache brushes that creatives offer and tell you what we think the best gouache brushes for Procreate are but before we get started, let’s take a look at our list.

Best Gouache Brushes for Procreate (Free & Paid)

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Best Gouache Brushes for Procreate

The Complete Procreate Brush Collection$397  $197 (Editor’s Choice)

Procreate Bundle

Get every set of brushes RetroSupply has ever made for Procreate and save over $200!

View all the products you’ll get here.

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You’ll enjoy hundreds of custom-made retro brushes including:

  • Gouache paint brushes
  • Inking brushes
  • Comic book brushes
  • Halftone brushes
  • Texture brushes
  • Hundreds more professional-grade brushes

Each brush kit has been optimized for iPad Pro and takes advantage of Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity.


Effortless Gouache Brushes for Procreate

Effortless Gouache Brushes for Procreate

Packed with smooth and textured brushes eloquently designed to articulate your best ideas, Design Cuts’ Effortless Gouache Brushes for Procreate helps you build worlds of awe and excitement in no time. Bundled with 15 brushes, 6 stamps, 4 color palettes, and a learn-how-to-paint guide, this kit is a designer’s best friend in more ways than one!

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Gouache Procreate 5 Brushes – $15 (Editor’s Choice)

Gouache Procreate 5 Brushes

Easily add realistic and texture-rich brushes to your toolkit with this set of Gouache Procreate 5 Brushes from Seamless Team. With 40 brushes included in the set, including texture, sketching, and line work brushes, the recently updated brush pack added 25 new brushes to the kit giving you everything you need to create not only realistic gouache artwork but beautiful pieces of work without having to switch brush sets to bring your ideas to reality.


Very Dry Gouache Brush for Procreate – $2

Very Dry Gouache Brush for Procreate

Created by Sofia Moya, the Very Dry Gouache Brush for Procreate was created after Sofia played around with someone else’s brushes and decided to create her own. While ultimately not reaching the goal of a Posca-like brush, Sofia ended up creating this brush that is in essence a very dry gouache brush to compliment other brushes. The Very Dry Gouache Brushes can give you a different texture and opacity depending on the pressure and speed that you use. The kit includes the one brush but with all the options you have in that one brush and at a great price, is more than worth a download.


Gouache Brushes For Procreate – $10

Gouache Brushes For Procreate

Created by Uproot Brushes, the Gouache Brushes For Procreate set is an essential tool-kit with all the brushes you need for your Gouache artwork needs. Narrowed down to the creator’s top Gouache favorites, the set provides you with seven brushes including a round gouache brush, a dry round gouache brush, and many others. As a bonus, they have added a Sketch pencil brush to help artists illustrate their ideas before using the brushes fully. The versatility and built-in texture will make this set one of your favorites long after you download it.


Gouache Procreate Brush Pack – $6

Gouache Procreate Brush Pack

A three-pack of gouache painting brushes provides you with a great resource to replicate the texture of gouache digitally through the Procreate app. Created by The Pigeon Letters, the set includes a soft, wet-looking brush that pulls brush strokes in layers while maintaining the texture, as well as a thickened, wet look brush that is the perfect companion and also produces texture while layering over itself. Finally, the third brush is an opaque brush that has rounded edges so you can fill large areas. This three-pack can provide you with all the tools you need to create beautiful gouache artwork.


Abstract Gouache – Procreate Stamps – $14

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Abstract Gouache - Procreate Stamps

Made up of over 160 Procreate stamp brushes that come with a realistic gouache texture, the Abstract Gouache – Procreate Stamps by allows you to quickly create artwork that has a delicate and elegant feel to it each time you use your stylus in the Procreate app. With their subtle, imperfect details such as cracks, uneven edges, and smudges, you can change the brushes’ color, draw on black backgrounds, and more with this versatile set.


Procreate Paint Brushes – $8

Procreate Paint Brushes

Inspired by common painting methods and mediums such as gouache, acrylic, and oil paint, the Procreate Paint Brushes by MiksKS collects 24 paintbrushes for your Procreate app. You can use these brushes to create rich textures and interesting effects when mixed that are mostly based on the wet paint feature found in newer versions of Procreate. Along with the 24 brushes, the set also includes a swatches sheet so you can see how the brush will react before you even use it.


Gouache Paintbox for Procreate 5 – $16

Gouache Paintbox for Procreate 5

Loaded with brushes and tools that will inspire you every time you use them is your artwork, the Gouache Paintbox for Procreate 5 brush set does a great job replicate the gouache style by featuring many randomized textures to simulate the effect of real gouache paint on a brush. The inconsistencies are built-in to the brushes, giving them a natural, hand-painted look.

The set also includes a wide array of tools to help you produce a realistic, painted look complete with grain texture and visible brush strokes. These brushes are perfect for all kinds of work including illustrations and hand-lettering.


Realistic Procreate Gouache Studio – $17

Realistic Procreate Gouache Studio

With organized layers of gouache texture and paper backgrounds, the Realistic Procreate Gouache Studio from Katsia Jazwinska is designed to make your illustrations on Procreate look as close to real gouache as possible. Included in the kit are six brushes, a layered Procreate file, and a “How to use” JPEG image to help you get started. Getting started though is the easy part. Simply open the file and start creating the most realistic-looking gouache artwork possible.


Gouache Set – Procreate Brushes – $12

Gouache Set – Procreate Brushes

Designed to emulate gouache paint on watercolor paper, the Gouache Set – Procreate Brushes by Sadie Lew, features 37 custom brushes that were made by hand using real gouache and paintbrushes which were then scanned at a high resolution to provide an authentic look and feel every time. A seamless, hi-res watercolor paper was chosen for the texture so you can have a perfect brush stroke every time. Including a variety of brushes that easily represent gouache in its many forms, the set is a great option and can be used in many different and exciting ways.


Realistic Gouache – $16

Realistic Gouache

With 47 gouache and texture brushes for the Procreate app, the Realistic Gouache set from SuperNiceStuff is an exciting set that provides you with brushes that come extremely close to real gouache brushes. Included in the set are 27 pressure-sensitive gouache brushes and 20 pressure-sensitive texture brushes. Combining these two brushes in your artwork not only allows you to create masterpieces anywhere you can bring your iPad but also gives your artwork a true paint look.


Gouache Shader Brushes For Procreate – $15

Gouache Shader Brushes For Procreate

The Gouache Shader Brushes For Procreate set by Retro Supply is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to create amazing gouache artwork. By trying to anticipate the types of brushes and resources that you might want, they have included more than 65 brushes to fit your needs. The brushes include 8 gouache liner brushes, 20 fixed width and opacity shader brushes, plus a printable brush reference sheet and easy-to-follow instructions.


Gouache Procreate Brushes – $10

Gouache Procreate Brushes

Designed by Faber Co., the Gouache Procreate Brushes set is made up of the company’s carefully selected brushes that have been made by hand to provide you with the feeling of drawing with actual gouache, only digitally. The set comes with 16 different brushes with high-quality seamless patterns that make up the brushes’ textures. This means that you can adjust the size of the brush while keeping the texture quality easily.


Gouache For Procreate – $9

Gouache For Procreate

Containing both wet and dry gouache paint effect, the Gouache For Procreate brush set allows you to create organic-looking artwork with brushes that will provide realistic gouache texture in every stroke. Contained in this set are brushes that are designed to make use of the ‘Wet Effect’ tools that are built into Procreate. This means that the brush strokes you create will never be the same twice. With 19 brushes in the set, you can use each pressure-sensitive brush to control both the size and opacity of each stroke to achieve incredible results.


Gouache Pro Set for Procreate – $21

Gouache Pro Set for Procreate

Designed to reproduce real gouache materials as closely as possible, the Gouache Pro Set for Procreate by SC comes with 21 brushes and 2 classic paper textures for all of your artwork. The set allows both professional and amateur painters to transition easily from physical painting to digital and is suitable for those who have never painted on a real canvas before and only painted digitally. Every brush in the set is intuitive to use and provides you with a real way to create beautiful artwork without having to take paints, brushes, or canvases with you if you want to paint on vacation.


Gouache Brushes for Procreate – $12

Gouache Brushes for Procreate 2

Create by Maria Summer, the Gouache Brushes for Procreate kit features 10 realistic gouache brushes that can help you create a wide variety of pictures. The kit includes many different brush types including a flat brush, wash brush, as well as cross brush strokes, and many more. If you’re looking to create floral plant motifs or children’s illustrations with your work, this is the kit for you.


Ultimate Gouache Brushes For Procreate – $18

Ultimate Gouache Brushes for Procreate

Add an authentic feel to your painting by using this high-quality brush set. By using the brushes in this set, you will be able to emulate real gouache and paper textures without the mess. For better results, the brushes can be used along with the pre-textured file included in the pack (5000 x 4000 px).

These brushes look amazing for creating beautiful wall art, cards, children’s book illustrations, stickers, and more.

There are 9 brushes included in this set. This includes 7 realistic gouache brushes and 2 blending brushes. The set also includes 1 sketching pencil and 1 bonus pre-textured file.

Oh My Gouache – The Complete Gouache Studio – $19

Oh my Gouache - The Complete Gouache Studio

Don’t you just love the look of gouache paint? But then if you’re working on a digital artwork, it may be hard to achieve a realistic look of gouache paint. This set is one of the collections of gouache brushes exclusively for Procreate. 

This pack is great for beginners and advanced artists alike. It is a complete toolkit that contains all the tools needed for you to start your digital gouache painting journey. This pack consists of brushes, sketches, canvases, and a tutorial on how you can effectively use the brushes. 

The set has a total of 25 gouache brushes made from actual gouache paint and textures. It also includes brush stamps for an extra touch. There is a set of 10 color palettes and 2 canvases included in this set.

These brushes will give your digital painting an authentic gouache look. The set also includes a step-by-step video tutorial that will guide you through the entire process of digital painting. There are a set of 5 sketches in this pack that you can use to practice and improve your painting skills.

Gouache Brushes for Photoshop and Procreate – $17

Gouache Brushes for Photoshop and Procreate

This set consists of custom brushes made from real hand-painted gouache shapes, textures, and brushstrokes so they look very authentic. There is a huge variety of foliage brushes that makes this a great set for landscape and environment painting.

There is also a video demo on using the brushes in Photoshop. It also has a sketch file to paint along with the demo video. There are a total of 203 gouache brushes available in the set. It has the following brushes:

  • 35 Basic Painting Brushes
  • 12 Cloud and Wet Textures Brushes
  • 27 Organic Strokes Brushes
  • 13 Large Texture Painter Brushes
  • 49 Leaves, and Plants Brushes
  • 22 Grassy Painter Brushes
  • 14 Flower Painter Brushes, and 
  • 31 Plant and Flower Stamp brushes


Procreate Digital Gouache Brushes – $25

Shelly Brush Gouache Boutique

This Gouache Boutique Collection will knock your socks off with its wide range of textures. This pack has a set of 20 digital brushes that feature premium brushes like Gritty, Color Puller, the Impressionist, and Creamy Smudge. These brushes are exclusive for Procreate App for iPad and Procreate Pocket for iPhone.  

A multilayered digital canvas was also designed specifically to bring these brushes to life. This file is customizable so that you can toggle the layers and decide on the texture that is right for you.


Amber Gouache Kit for Procreate – $18

Amber Gouache Kit for Procreate

This set of brushes consists of 45 realistic gouache brushes with different textures and effects. You can emulate the wet and dry effects with these brushes. You can also create a smooth and semi-transparent effect with these brushes. These drawings are made especially for you to demonstrate the power of these brushes.


Best Gouache Brushes for Procreate

With any of the gouache brushes that we’ve featured in our list here, you can make incredible artwork regardless if you’re a professional or amateur artist. The versatility and affordability of the choices we’ve shared with you will keep you creating for a long time to come.

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