Top 15 Digital Scrapbooking Downloads (Free & Paid)

Top 15 Digital Scrapbooking Downloads (Free & Paid)

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Scrapbooking is a way to keep treasured memories or objects as a record of a time or moment in someone’s life. Dating back to the 15th century, scrapbooking has come a long way since then even going digital with the ability to use different accents to give your scrapbook a custom look.

With that in mind, we wanted to showcase the Top 15 Digital Scrapbooking Resources for Designers to help give you some ideas that you could add to your next scrapbook.

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We’ve compiled a huge list of the best free digital scrapbooking freebies & downloads including frames, borders, paper, templates, images, textures, paper, overlays, photo masks and layouts, including ArtPlay palettes.

Grab these Scrapbooking supplies & ideas and get going!


Top 15 Digital Scrapbooking Resources, Freebies & Downloads

  • ArtPlay Palette Notabilia – $13
  • Drops And Droplets Set 1 – $2
  • Assimilations 2 – $2
  • Kindred Spirit – $4
  • Filmstrip Deluxe Frames – $1
  • Steamy Windows – $2
  • Notabilia WordArt Mix No. 1 – $4
  • MultiMedia Accordion No. 1 – $3
  • Read – Books and Bits – $1
  • Pocket Poppers and Templates – $12
  • Memory Pebbles 01 – $2


ArtPlay Palette Notabilia – $13

ArtPlay Palette Notabilia

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Designed by Anne Aspnes Designs, the ArtPlay Palette Notabilia kit is perfect for anyone looking to commemorate events or hang on to noteworthy items or even for those who just love to document what’s happening in their lives. Included with this kit are 9 12×12 background papers, 16 brushes, 14 embellishments, and 12 transfers and overlays. Created in.PSD and.PNG format, you can customize these elements where appropriate.


Drops And Droplets Set 1 – $2

Drops And Droplets Set 1

Adding a nature theme to your scrapbook can help you reminisce about long drives or camping trips. The Drops And Droplets Set from Julie Mead Designs you can create raindrops on your layout or art pages easily. 17 overlays, measuring at 18 x 12 inches will easily fit a 12 x 12” layout or you can even layer them over your photos. The set comes with 4 overlays in a vertical orientation and the rest are horizontal.


Assimilations 2 – $2

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Assimilations 2

If you’ve ever tried to use 12×12 paper for journal pages, print outs, or invitations, you know what it’s like to lose the side edges of your work. It can be stressful doing all that work just to lose it. The Assimilations 2 pack by Tangie Baxter & Co. helps correct the issue by providing you a way to convert your 12×12 papers to letter size, 8.5×11. An easy and foolproof process, you can use this with color overlays with a style applied or even layered with each other for great results.


Kindred Spirit – $4

Kindred Spirit

A kindred spirit is when two people share similar interests or attitudes or have a special connection or bond over an experience that they both have had. With the Kindred Spirit scrapbooking kit from Vicki Stegall Designs, you can use this heartfelt collection to create perfect boy pages or use the versatile elements to create pages for just about any theme you can come up with. With 17 WordArt images with a friendship theme, you can add the little something extra to your creations.


Filmstrip Deluxe Frames – $1

Filmstrip Deluxe Frames

Filmstrip can have a great retro feel, especially when you consider that most cameras don’t even use physical film anymore. With the Filmstrip Deluxe Frames from Julie Mead Designs, the six clustered filmstrips, and paper frames, you can create a great design for your photos. Great with any kind of background paper, these frames are a perfect option and ready for any embellishments that you want to add.


Steamy Windows – $2

Steamy Windows

A steamy window can present the world differently and uniquely. The Steamy Windows scrapbooking package from Julie Mead Designs provides you with 21 jpeg files that you can use as a great option for an overlay so you can create a steamed window effect with your designs. These designs are large files that will work well with professional photos, digital art, and even layouts.


Notabilia WordArt Mix No. 1 – $4

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Notabilia WordArt Mix No. 1

Word association can be a powerful thing when the right words are chosen and with the Notabilia WordArt Mix No. 1 from Anne Aspnes Designs, you can choose from 18 different WordArt elements that relate to taking notes, notabilia, and writing down stuff that matters. The collection includes 5 MetalWords, 9 WordArt quotes/title, 1 BeadedThreadz, and 3 WordTranfers that have been designed to allow you to create your custom WordArt by mixing and matching the elements.


MultiMedia Accordion No. 1 – $3

MultiMedia Accordion No. 1

Accordion picture frames can be a great way to display collections of photos that tell a story or mark an important event. With the MultiMedia Accordion No, 1 by Anna Aspnes Designs, you can use the collection of 4 accordion-style-multi-photo frames to bring a different look to your scrapbook creation. Great for photo albums or wedding albums, the MultiMedia Accordion No. 1 should be one resource you consider.


Old World No. 1 – $2

Old World No. 1

Throughout history, there have been amazing buildings and other structures that remind people of the past and with the Old World No. 1 kit from Anna Aspnes Designs, you can use a collection of 8 distressed ancient ruins brushes to add a historic flair to your work. A great option for a scrapbook celebrating a recent trip, the Old World No. 1 kit can help you create a one-of-a-kind creation that will last a lifetime.

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Read – Books and Bits – $1

Read – Books and Bits

Books are amazing things. Contained within their pages could be information that changes the world or transports you to another world. The Read – Books and Bits was created by Vicki Stegall Designs with their love of books in mind. With elements that include flat books, book return cards, and blank book pages, the Read – Books and Bits is like a love letter to anyone who loves books.


White Edges – $1

White Edges

Sometimes, a minimalist design can be exactly what your design needs to make things stand out. The White Edges set by Julie Mead Designs provides you with 7 minimalist frames to showcase your work as well as 4 straight lines that you can use as an accent on your work. These elements work great with Photomasks and if you’re striving to have a minimalist design for your scrapbook, this is a great choice.


Pocket Poppers and Templates – $12

Pocket Poppers and Templates

If you’re just starting to get into scrapbooking and not ready to go all-in yet can start with pocket scrapbooking, which is an easy, blocked style of scrapbooking and the Pocket Poppers and Templates kit by Tangie Baxter & Co. is a perfect choice for this. With 100 ready-to-use 3×4 journal cards that are great for pocket scrapbooking. The kit also includes three photoshop templates and four bonus printable journal card sheets. Everything you need to get started


Bees N Butterflies Vintage Illustrations – $7

Bees N Butterflies Vintage Illustrations

The Bees N Butterflies Vintage Illustrations from French Kiss Collections provides you with vintage images that you can add to your scrapbook. The kit contains two different versions: one that blends with your background and one where there are two layers stacked together. The kit also contains sticker versions of the illustrations with a white border. You can easily add a natural element to your scrapbook without worrying about getting stung.


Family WordArt Mix No. 1 – $4

Family WordArt Mix No. 1

Family is the most important thing in the world and photo albums can keep those memories alive. With the Family WordArt Mix No. 1 from Anna Aspnes Designs, you can use their collection of 12 varied, family-themed WordArt elements to decorate your family photo album. The mix also includes WordArt, WordTransfer, and ScriptTease designs in.ABR format as a bonus.


Memory Pebbles 01 – $2

Memory Pebbles 01

In Jewish tradition, memory pebbles signify someone honoring a person’s memory by visiting their grave and placing a stone on the headstone. The Memory Pebbles 01 kit by The Committed Crafter may not be shooting for the same effect with this kit of 12 different pebble elements that you can add to your scrapbook. With accents including words and art, you can add a unique piece to your scrapbooks.


Digital Scrapbooking Downloads

Scrapbooking can be a fun hobby to get involved with. With so many resources out there you can get started quickly and easily become a pro in no time. Our list of the Top 15 Scrapbooking Resources for Designers can be a great way to start on that path.