10 Best Script Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

10 Best Script Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

Sometimes known as cursive fonts, a script font can add something unique to logo design or branding project.

Maybe your project needs a casual touch to lighten the mood or mimic formal handwriting to give a more professional appearance. Whatever the reason is, we thought that highlighting some of the Best Script Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding and Logo Design would go a long way towards helping you add a new tool you can use to impress your clients.

Before we give you our amazing list of fonts that can boost your career, let’s go over what a script font is exactly.

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What is a Script font?

A script font is designed so that it captures the artistry and beauty of calligraphy and traditional hand lettering. They can be decorative and most use them in the same manner as a display font by making a statement rather than a set message. These types of fonts can be very popular choices for branding, logotypes, stationery, and poster design. When paired with a wide range of other font styles, they help create different moods.

Top 10 Best Script Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logo Design (Free & Paid)

There can be an extraordinary number of script fonts available on the market but we wanted to try and narrow that down a bit and give you the best of the best so you can focus on your work instead of finding the next typeface you want to use.

More Top Font Compilations (Free & Paid)

Best Script Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

Bourton – $5


A sans-serif font that features options such as layering, graphic extras, stylistic alternatives, and most importantly, a script font. Designed by Kimmy Kirkwood, the font comes with a base layer, top layer, and extrude fonts providing designers with 18 options to choose from. Adding a unique layer to your design is made simple with drop shadow, line options, and a script in both light and bold. Included extras like frames, flags, and more can stoke your imagination into creating amazing things.

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Rhapson Script Font – $8

Rhapson Script FontRhapson Script Font

A bold, elegant, and fun vintage script font, the Rhapson Script Font is a great option for any logo or branding project you’re working on. Designed by Max.co Studio, the font features more than 450 glyphs and 196 alternate characters, ligatures, and swashes so you can truly make each design your own. While the font is perfect for logos or branding, it can also be an excellent choice for wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, posters, badges, and more


Black Diamond – $16

Black DiamondBlack Diamond

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With its raw, edgy, and attitude-filled design, Black Diamond is not your run of the mill brush font. Designed by Set Sail Studios, the font is hand-painted with extra attention paid to the quick-strokes and dry textures. Guaranteed to deliver a loud, proud, and carefree message with its design, Black Diamond is a single font that is packed with great features. With a full set of upper and lowercase letters, a wide range of punctuation, numerals, as well as multilingual support. The Black Diamond font is perfect for all kinds of projects from logos and branding to merchandise and social media.


Groenly Script – $18

Groenly ScriptGroenly Script

Inspired by the combination of a retro style and handwriting style, the Groenly Script comes with many alternative ligature and swash characters giving you the means to invent custom creations. With OpenType features that include set styles and ligatures for badges, t-shirt designs, social media, posters, logos, and branding, the only limit to the number of projects you can use the Groenly Script with is your imagination.


The Honest Designers Script – $24

The Honest Designers ScriptThe Honest Designers Script

A collaboration between Design Cuts and Ian Barnard, a world-renowned lettering artist, has produced an exclusive font-family: The Honest Designers Script. Inspired by the podcast of the same name and requests from listeners for the font used in the title of the show. The Honest Designers Script is a beautiful script font that has been hand-lettered to give the font an incredible versatility. Perfect for branding projects, social media graphics, logos, and much more, the Honest Designers Script will help you take your work to new heights.

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Quickbrush – $29


An unfussy, jotted script that oozes confidence, the Quickbrush script font, designed by Trial by Cupcakes packs a lot of real texture into its design to recreate the features that appear in brush pen lettering, namely the skips and jumps. Lowercase letters come with contextual alternates so you can mimic starting and ending marks, given each an even more authentic, handwritten look. If you have a project that could use a casual, handwritten touch, you’ll come back to Quickbrush again and again.


Northwell – $6


Perfect for branding, packaging, or as a text overlay or social media posts, the Northwell font, designed by Sam Parrett, the design is meant to allow the font to present itself with a hint of charm and a personal touch. A rustic, dapper handwritten font, it has a signature style and quick dry strokes making it perfect for any project. Available in two different styles – a clean, smooth version as well as a textured, rustic version. The best part is that you can switch between the two with a click of your mouse.


Greenlight Script – $15

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Greenlight ScriptGreenlight Script

With its neat and vintage design, Greenlight Script, designed by Mulkan Nazir is an easy-to-use font that you can mix and match with other fonts to provide designers with new and alternative creations for the project they’re working on. With a wide range of variations on each character, including OpenType alternatives, you can easily customize the design to suit your needs. This easy customization makes the Greenlight Script a perfect choice for branding materials, logos, business cards, and more.


Seventies – $18


Bring it back to the decade of disco and bellbottom jeans with the Seventies typeface. Designed by Lian Types, the groovy font recaptures the essence and colorful qualities of fonts from that era. While other font styles may get their designs with assistance from books or guides on how to understand and practice these fonts, the fonts from the 60s and 70s ignored the standard way and the result was a carefree and “groovy” design. Perfect for branding, logos, posters, and more thanks to its retro but modern look.


Corner Deli – $45

Corner DeliCorner Deli

With three base fonts and four-layer options for each font, plus a set of extra swashes for the font along with layers as well, the Corner Deli typeface packs everything you need into one easy-to-use package. Designed by Fenotype, simply write your text with different layer-fonts and colors and then stack them on top of one another. A perfect font family that you can use for any project, the font especially excels in branding, menus & posters, packaging, and more.


Best Script Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

A script font can add a touch of elegance and class that you can’t get from other types of fonts. While many look handwritten, the beauty and versatility that a script font can provide can hardly be matched. With our list of the Best Script Fonts for Branding and Logo Design, we’d like to think that you agree with us and hopefully take one of our suggestions on the next project you’re working on.

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