40+ Best Script Fonts for Logo Design & Branding

40+ Best Script Fonts for Logo Design & Branding

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Are you on the lookout for all of the best script fonts? If you are, then we’ve got you covered!

Sometimes known as cursive fonts, a script font can add something unique to a logo design or branding project.

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Maybe your project needs a casual touch to lighten the mood or mimic formal handwriting to give a more professional appearance.

Whatever the reason is, we thought that highlighting some of the Best Script Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design would go a long way toward helping you add a new tool you can use to impress your clients.

Before we give you our amazing list of fonts that can boost your career, let’s go over what a script font is exactly.

What is a Script font?

A script font is designed so that it captures the artistry and beauty of calligraphy and traditional hand lettering.

They can be decorative and most use them in the same manner as a display font by making a statement rather than a set message. These types of fonts can be very popular choices for branding, logotypes, stationery, and poster design.

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When paired with a wide range of other font styles, they help create different moods.

Top 10+ Best Script Fonts for Logo Design & Branding

There can be an extraordinary number of best script fonts available on the market but we wanted to try and narrow that down a bit and give you the best of the best so you can focus on your work instead of finding the next typeface you want to use.

  1. The Designer’s Script Font Bundle — Get 80+ Fonts at 99% Off – Just $29 (Editor’s Choice)
  2. La Luxes
  3. Tropoline 
  4.  Creative Vintage 
  5.  No. 7 
  6. Rampage Monoline
  7. Clattering
  8. Rhapson Script Font
  9. Krysttal Spears
  10. Black Diamond

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Best Script Fonts

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Download all the best Script Fonts you need and many other design elements, available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!


Best Script Fonts for Logo Design (Free & Premium)

1. The Designer’s Script Font Bundle – Get 80+ Fonts at 99% Off (Just $29) (Editor’s Choice)

Graphic Designer's Font Bundle Intro
The Designer’s Script Font Bundle

Graphic Designer's Font Bundle

This huge script font bundle for graphic designers features script fonts, handwritten fonts as well as sans serif fonts and display fonts, all wrapped up in one neat font bundle.

In our opinion, this is a handy bundle to have since it gives you a variety of tools to use for your projects.

Normally, all these font sets would cost you $857 but for a limited time only, you can get this whole font collection for just $29.

The bundle also includes bonus 20 bonus pre-made logo templates that you can use on several future projects. Talk about great value!


2. La Luxes

La Luxes Font Duo + Logos Wedding Invitation Fonts
La Luxes. Image credit: Design Cuts

Just as the name suggests, La Luxes offers luxurious typography. The classic package comes with two styles of serif as well as script. The script-style font offered by La Luxes is clean, elegant, and classy at every point. 

We also found that it consists of a complete set of upper & lowercase characters, all punctuation, and numerals with 30 unique ligatures that make your text look custom-made.

Ideal for logo design, product packaging, and branding, La Luxes is available in 17 different languages including Turkish, Indonesian, French, German, Danish, and Malay among others.


3. Cafe Tropoline

Tropiline Script Font Family
Tropiline. Image credit: Design Cuts

If you’re looking for a font family that has a lighthearted and tropical feel to it, Cafe Tropoline is a font family that checks both of these boxes.

Inspired by typefaces like Caslon, Bookman, Grotesque, and Kuenstler Script, Cafe Tropoline comes in Serif, Sans, and Script format and also has italic and bold formatting (this includes various font weights).

In our opinion, Cafe Tropiline works in logos, packaging, posters, banners, and any other branding requirement that you might have to take up. One of the best script fonts for a summery vibe, this delicate font family can be used in Photoshop,

Illustrator, as well as Inkscape. We love how Cafe Tropoline has both a whimsical serif font and a fancy script font to balance out your designs.


4. Creative Vintage

Creative Vintage
Creative Vintage. Image credit: Design Cuts

With an interesting mix of fonts that work with a variety of aesthetics, Creative Vintage comes with 3 fonts in OTF, TTF, and PDF file formats. For those who are looking to try out a more century-modern look, this is one of the cute script fonts you go back to time and time again.

Including Vintage Regular, Vintage Draft, and Fabulous Script fonts, we found that this font pack looks classy and yet remains minimalistic on business cards, logos, branding, posters, and any social media post that you could be planning.

When it comes to branding on social media, new century-modern fonts are making a comeback, and font packs like creative vintage work great for this.

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5. No. Seven

No. 7
No. 7. Image credit: Design Cuts

Perfect for displays, posters, and logos, No. Seven is one of the best script typefaces for users going for a bold and decorative look. With an overall old feel, No. Seven is one of the best vintage script fonts for promotional headlines.

We found that it also comes with several alternatives for testing out different design options.

Available in most Western European Languages, this old cursive font can generally convey an authentic or tailor-made impression on designs making it perfect for packaging and branding products, and promotional events.


6. Rampage Monoline

Rampage Monoline Advertisment Font
Rampage Monoline. Image credit: Envato Elements

This elegant and legible script family has some of the best retro script fonts on our list. With neat and stylish lines this typeface can work great for more natural and retro branding.

With a very retro American aesthetic, you’ll find this font your go-to choice for fashion apparel, packing, and any other type of branding that could require a warm and well-put-together retro touch.

This scripted font also comes in OTF, TTF and WOFF file formats making it very accessible for users with different design and creative tools.

7. Clattering

Clattering Brush Business Font
Clattering Script Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

This handmade script font is a fun and free-flowing typeface that works for anything that requires a bold yet lighthearted font that works surprisingly well for more casual design projects that require a confident voice.

What makes this font stand out is how versatile it is to use, including its interesting brush strokes. You’ll find this cursive calligraphy perfect to work with on both more serious as well as casual branding.

Even though not especially elegant, this free-flowing script font has a delicate and bold element to it that makes it perfect for social media, greeting cards, posters, advertisements, and many other designs that may come your way.

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8. Rhapson Script Font

Rhapson Script Font
Rhapson Script Font Rhapson Script Font. Image credit: Design Cuts

A bold, elegant, and fun vintage script font, the Rhapson Script Font is a great option for any logo or branding project you’re working on. Designed by Max. co Studio, the font features more than 450 glyphs and 196 alternate characters, ligatures, and swashes so you can truly make each design your own.

While the font is perfect for logos or branding, it can also be an excellent choice for wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, posters, badges, and more


9. Krysttal Spears

Krysttal Spears Casual Signature Font
Krysttal Spears Casual Signature Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Kryttstal Spears is a signature script font that looks amazing on any design. Perfect for fashion wear and self-care products, this beautiful typeface can be just what you need when branding your latest design.

Available in both.OTF and .TTF file formats, this fancy handwriting comes in two variations.

That said, this font is non-restrictive and works on anything that requires a more pretty or delicate touch, which can include wedding designs, magazines, clothing, and any other packaging design.

Adding a free and personalized touch design, this is one of the best script fonts for delicate branding.


10. Black Diamond

Black Diamond
Black Diamond Black Diamond. Image credit: Design Cuts

With its raw, edgy, and attitude-filled design, Black Diamond is not your run-of-the-mill brush font. Designed by Set Sail Studios, the font is hand-painted with extra attention paid to the quick strokes and dry textures.

Guaranteed to deliver a loud, proud, and carefree message with its design, Black Diamond is a single font that is packed with great features.

With a full set of upper and lowercase letters, a wide range of punctuation, and numerals, as well as multilingual support. The Black Diamond font is perfect for all kinds of projects from logos and branding to merchandise and social media.


11. Groenly Script

Groenly Script
Groenly Script Groenly Script. Image credit: Design Cuts

Inspired by the combination of a retro style and handwriting style, the Groenly Script comes with many alternative ligature and swash characters giving you the means to invent custom creations.

With OpenType features that include set styles and ligatures for badges, t-shirt designs, social media, posters, logos, and branding, the only limit to the number of projects you can use the Groenly Script with is your imagination.


12. The Honest Designers Script

The Honest Designers Script
The Honest Designers Script The Honest Designers Script. Image credit: Design Cuts

A collaboration between Design Cuts and Ian Barnard, a world-renowned lettering artist, has produced an exclusive font-family: The Honest Designers Script.

Inspired by the podcast of the same name and requests from listeners for the font used in the title of the show. The Honest Designers Script is a beautiful script font that has been hand-lettered to give the font incredible versatility.

Perfect for branding projects, social media graphics, logos, and much more, the Honest Designers Script will help you take your work to new heights.


13. Bourton

Bourton Bourton. Image credit: MyFonts

A sans-serif font that features options such as layering, graphic extras, stylistic alternatives, and most importantly, a script font. Designed by Kimmy Kirkwood, the Bourton font comes with a base layer, top layer, and extruded fonts providing designers with 18 options to choose from.

Adding a unique layer to your design is made simple with drop shadow, line options, and a script in both light and bold. Included extras like frames, flags, and more can stoke your imagination into creating amazing things.


14. Quickbrush

Quickbrush Quickbrush. Image credits: MyFonts

An unfussy, jotted script that oozes confidence, the Quickbrush script font, designed by Trial by Cupcakes packs a lot of real texture into its design to recreate the features that appear in brush pen lettering, namely the skips and jumps.

Lowercase letters come with contextual alternates so you can mimic starting and ending marks, giving each an even more authentic, handwritten look. If you have a project that could use a casual, handwritten touch, you’ll come back to Quickbrush again and again.


15. Northwell

Northwell Northwell. Image credits: MyFonts

Perfect for branding, packaging, or as a text overlay or social media posts, the Northwell font, designed by Sam Parrett, the design is meant to allow the font to present itself with a hint of charm and a personal touch.

A rustic, dapper handwritten font, it has a signature style and quick dry strokes making it perfect for any project. Available in two different styles – a clean, smooth version as well as a textured, rustic version. The best part is that you can switch between the two with a click of your mouse.


16. Greenlight Script

Greenlight Script
Greenlight Script Greenlight Script. Image credits: MyFonts

With its neat and vintage design, Greenlight Script, designed by Mulkan Nazir is an easy-to-use font that you can mix and match with other fonts to provide designers with new and alternative creations for the project they’re working on.

With a wide range of variations on each character, including OpenType alternatives, you can easily customize the design to suit your needs. This easy customization makes the Greenlight Script a perfect choice for branding materials, logos, business cards, and more.


17. Seventies

Seventies Seventies. Image credit: MyFonts

Bring it back to the decade of disco and bell-bottom jeans with the Seventies typeface. Designed by Lian Types, the groovy font recaptures the essence and colorful qualities of fonts from that era.

While other font styles may get their designs with assistance from books or guides on how to understand and practice these fonts, the fonts from the 60s and 70s ignored the standard way and the result was a carefree and “groovy” design.

Perfect for branding, logos, posters, and more thanks to its retro but modern look.


18. Corner Deli

Corner Deli
Corner Deli Corner Deli. Image credits: Design Cuts

With three base fonts and four-layer options for each font, plus a set of extra swashes for the font along with layers as well, the Corner Deli typeface packs everything you need into one easy-to-use package.

Designed by Fenotype, simply write your text with different layer fonts and colors and then stack them on top of one another. A perfect font family that you can use for any project, the font especially excels in branding, menus & posters, packaging, and more.


19. Madina Script

Madina Script
Madina Script. Image credit: MyFonts

The Madina Script font strikes a perfect balance between elegant and fun typography. It comes with a set of lowercase alphabets which you can pair with a bonus pack of ornament fonts to add unique and classy extra touches to your script.

In the latest update, Madina Script has been upgraded to Madina Clean. So now, it offers two types of style, one that gives your text a rough, textured brush look, and the other version that gives a silky-smooth look.

This font is ideal for logos, invitation cards, headers, product packaging, etc.


20. Summer Loving Font

Summer Loving Font
Summer Loving Font. Image credits: MyFonts

The Summer Loving font offers three styles – a textured brush script, a solid version brush script, and a smooth-edged all-caps sans serif font. You can turn on the OpenType ligatures setting and use the handy alternate letters with natural-looking hand-stroke brush patterns to create realistic text.


21. Kalista

Kalista. Image credits: MyFonts

Another set of two luxury fonts that is both modern and classy. Kalista is available in Script as well as Serif styles. The regular and bold category in Script font contains thin and realistic signature characters with over-ligatures and alternates, lowercase and uppercase letters, all numbers, and punctuation.

It is available in 23 different languages including Romanian, Hungarian, Turkish, and Indonesian among others.


22. The Pallace

The Pallace
The Pallace. Image credit: MyFonts

The gorgeous handwritten font style is a tribute to modern calligraphy. Pallace boasts some awesome features like smooth lines, different baselines, elegant glyphs, and amazing alternates.

Other features of this stylish font include kerning, alternates, ligatures, additional numbers, stylistic sets, etc.

It is best for creating stunning invitations, beautiful stationery art, and social media posts. It supports all popular languages of Western Europe.


23. Hillstatic

Hillstatic. Image credit: Envato Elements

Hillstatic is one of the most versatile multilingual fonts to hit the digital market, of late. The stunning casual script display font supports 100+ languages and adds an oomph to your design with its clean stroke, and slanted and playful style.

Thanks to its dynamic Opentype features ligatures, Hillstatic script font is mostly used to create outstanding logo designs, movie titles, book titles, etc.


24. Sparkling

Sparkling. Image credits: Envato Elements

This handwritten font works on open-type features that include stylistic sets, contextual alternates, stylistic alternates, ligatures, and swash. Sparkling is compatible with most popular designing apps like Adobe’s Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop as well as with Corel Draw X version, and Microsoft Word.

It offers tons of glyphs and punctuation with multi-lingual support. The Sparkling script font can be used to create stunning greeting cards, posters, business cards, and so on.


25. Strawberry Swirl

Strawberry Swirl
Strawberry Swirl. Image credit: Envato Elements

Strawberry Swirl is another modern calligraphy script font that is fun and quirky to read and write with. The cute yet stylish font comes with multilingual and ligature support. It also offers full sets of punctuation and numerals.

It supports .otf and .ttf formats and is compatible with Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, KeyNote, and Pages. It gives a pink touch to your text that you can use to amp up your invitations, logos, posters, and so on.


26. Gineva Script

Gineva Script
Gineva Script. Image credits: Envato Elements

A brush style typeface hand lettering brush that supports multiple formats like .tf, .ttf, .ai, and .eps. The OpenType ligature stylistic alternates and works hand in hand with Photoshop, illustrator, and Inkscape.

It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, alternate letters, and splashes. Gineva Script is mainly used for designing logos, posters, merchandise, letterhead, cards, etc.


27. De Latto Classic

De Latto Classic
De Latto Classic. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you like all things vintage, then De Latto Classic is the font for you! It features uppercase and lowercase letters in Cyrillic and English with multilingual symbols, numerals, punctuation, and ligatures.

The whopping 71 alternates that it offers surely deserve the brownie points. Moreover, it also offers 261 total glyphs and PUA-encoded characters.


28. Abigail – Unique Ligature Font

Abigail – Unique Ligature Font Wedding Invitation Fonts
Abigail – A Unique Ligature Font. Image credit: Design Cuts

If you’re seeking a distinctive and exquisite wedding invitation font, you’ve come to the right place. Abigail is a unique ligature font comprised of modern and classy font shapes.

Add to the wedding invitation for better graphic design that communicates well with your guests.


29. The Amoret Collection

The Amoret Collection Wedding Invitation Fonts
The Amoret Collection. Image credit: Design Cuts / Sam Parrett

Planning on a luxurious wedding? The digital flyer/invitation is important in the wedding because it reflects your theme. The Amoret Collection is a luxurious wedding invitation font that is a duo of sans fonts and luxury script that contrast and complement at the same time. A collection of fluent, classy, and elegant fonts with beautiful strokes!


30. Mallicot Script

Mallicot - Mordern Script Font
Mallicot – Mordern Script Font. Image credit: Envato Elements / Area Type

This calligraphic type font is an excellent choice for anything that requires a sophisticated feel. With its dynamic lines and swashes, this font works for making wedding invitations, letterheads, newsletters, labels, and even posters.

Mallicot Script by Area Type is great to use for many occasions and events to help add a modern, elegant aesthetic.


31. Bargiery Script

Bargiery Script
Bargiery Script. Image credit: Envato Elements / Solidtype

When it comes to fonts that are decorative and elegant, Bargiery by Solidtype is a great one to use. This calligraphy font is perfect for branding and logos that require a more elegant touch.

Also, this script font works well for invitations, labels, branding, and magazines. It can have an ostentatious feel to it, making it the right font for any grand event or over-the-top wedding that is being planned.

32. Dandelion Fall

Dandelion Fall
Dandelion Fall. Image credit: Envato Elements

This luxury font by Graphue works well for branding, social media, and even creating website banners.

Dandelion Fall, despite its autumnal inspiration, has a vintage feel to it. Its classy and unique strokes make it a good choice for business cards, logo designs, packaging, and any other type of business marketing.

When taking on design projects for events and weddings, this font has a handwritten feel but still maintains an overall luxurious impression. If you’re looking to pick an interesting choice for your brand, this could be the font for you.

33. Emellie

Emellie. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Emellie is a unique script font with feminine collages in it. This calligraphic typeface is perfectly suited for greeting cards, logo designing, wedding collateral, and many more. 

With this typeface, you’re able to present your website homepage elegantly and beautifully. This includes several ligatures, and alternates. It also supports multiple languages. 


34. Kurtistown

Kurtistown Script Font
Kurtistown Script Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Kurtistown is a display script font that has a dynamic yet surprisingly casual look to it. With a hand-drawn look and feel this script typeface is an excellent choice for books, social media, movie titles, and even branding.

The font pack comes with a variety of ligatures and swatches to ensure a more authentic feel to the designs it includes.

Available in TTF and OTF file formats, this typeface could be the best script font for a handwritten, more dynamic aesthetic.

35. Sanos Extended Script font

Sanos extended script font
Sanos extended script font. Image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to extended script fonts, Sanos is a great option to work with. Although not your typical script font, you’ll find that this bold font is perfect for websites or apps that need a little bit of an exciting element.

This interesting brush script font comes in TTF and OTF file formats and can look good on a variety of marketing materials. Besides this, Sanos also works well in advertising, beauty products, films, food products, and even fashion.

So for designers looking for a typeface that’s a bit more adventurous, Sanos is one of the best script fonts to work with.


36. Halosense

Halsosense. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Halosense takes inspiration from Octavia Script. It is a modern calligraphy script font that gives you a natural feeling (of what?). This font is a handmade font with a digital touch. This font generates features like Contextual Alternatives (CALT), discretionary ligatures (DLIG), Stylistic Set (SS), and the initial and terminal)

This font set comes with two stylistic alternates that give you this option. Initially, it might look different, but the functioning of the font makes you get a hand-typed feel.


37. Birdhouse

Birdhouse. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bird House Script is a handwritten script font with a marker design focus. You may use the font for branding, signatures, and more. It includes standard uppercase characters, punctuation marks, and multi-lingual support.


38. Moscato Script

Moscato Script
Moscato Script. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The Moscato font is a crisp handwritten script font that comes with a personal touch (what is the personal touch?). Moscato is perfect for many different projects like quotes, blog headers, weddings, branding, fashion, and apparel.


39. Harmonie Script

Harmonie Script
Harmonie Script. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Harmonie is a handwritten stylish calligraphy script font. It combines both ancient and modern styles of the typeface which gives the font a classic and elegant touch.

This font typeface has 239 glyphs and 60 alternate character that comes with OpenType features. You can access the stylistic alternates and alternate characters using the OpenType programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and also CorelDraw X6-X7.

You may use the Character Map on Windows to access the alternate characters that do not support OpenType features or the Glyphs panel.

Harmonie Script is best for greeting cards, invitation cards, or any designs that require a distinctive touch. You may use alternate characters used variations to add attractive messages to your designs.

This font set includes the Harmonie Script OTF and TTF files. It also has the Harmonie Script Webfont EOT, SVG and WOFF fonts.


40. Best Time

Best Time
Best Time. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Best Time is a wild romantic calligraphy script font. This font is suitable for all your design needs like modern invitation design, branding, blog designing, invitations, special events, name boards, pillows, t-shirts, mugs, and more.


41. Sheiral Script Font

Sheiral Script Font
Sheiral Script Font. Image credits: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a handmade script font, the Sheiral Script font is the right one for your designs. This script font gives your designs an elegant look. This script font contains script otf, script ttf, sans otf, and sans ttf file formats.

You can use this script font for branding, stationery, logos, titles, invitations, and many more creative projects.

This script font is designed in a cursive form. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, symbols, numbers, and punctuation. You can edit this script font the way you want according to your designs. It also contains multiple languages.


Our Favorite Script Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our favorite script fonts below!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good script fonts to use for brands?

La Luxes, Corner Deli, Bargiery, and Dandelion Fall are some good typefaces to use in brand design.

What is a good vintage script font?

Rhapson Script Font is a great modern vintage signature font. Other good typefaces include Groenly Script, Corner Deli, and Seventies.

What is a script font with a personal look and feel?

Northwell and Quickbrush are typefaces that have a more personal look and feel to them.

What is a good calligraphy font?

Mallicot and Bargiery are two typefaces that work for calligraphy.

What are some good elegant script fonts?

La Luxes, Abigail, and Bargiery are some of the more elegant script fonts on our list.

What is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a website where you can subscribe and download unlimited fonts for a fraction of the usual cost. Designers, in particular, will find this site to be beneficial.

What are some great fonts to use for personal design projects?

The Honest Designers Script, Greenlight Script, and Northwell are great fonts to use for more personal and casual design projects.

What are some great script fonts for packaging?

La Luxes, Corner Deli, Abigail, and Bargiery are some great typefaces for brand packaging.

How do I know which script font should I use?

Readability and style are just two of the most important aspects you should consider when choosing a script font. No matter how stylish or in-theme it is, if it can’t be read, the font fails in its purpose to convey your message.

What are script fonts used for?

Script typefaces are commonly characterized by handwritten fluid strokes, making them ideal for display projects or trade printing.

Best Script Fonts Summary (Conclusion)

A script font can add a touch of elegance and class that you can’t get from other types of fonts. While many of them look handwritten, the beauty and versatility that a script font can provide can hardly be matched. Hence, they look amazing when used for invitations, headers, posters, and other display projects.

There are several script fonts out there but we made a list of the Best Script Fonts for Logo Design and Branding to help you save time. If you decide to take one of our suggestions for the next project you’re working on, tell us in the comments below!

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