30+ Best Shadow Fonts for Dynamic Depth

30+ Best Shadow Fonts for Dynamic Depth

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In design, choosing the right typography can make all the difference especially when it comes to finding the best shadow fonts.

That said, finding the right font at the right moment can be challenging. And this can go especially for jobs with tight deadlines. So for those of you who want to learn more about the best shadow fonts, we’ve picked out our favorite shaded and shadow typefaces choices for your review.

Unlike more sophisticated or classy serif or luxury fonts, shadow fonts can add a fun and more lighthearted element. They can be the perfect choice for branding, personal projects, and less rigid design requests.

What are shadow fonts?

Shaded or Drop Shadow fonts are essentially fonts that have a shadow effect for a more 3D semblance or add a drop shadow to your design.

These shadow fonts lend a fun and dynamic look, unlike more traditional, old-type fonts or serif typography. But if you prefer more serious typography, we would strongly recommend reading our best serif fonts article.

Below we list the best fonts with shadow, including free shadow fonts and 3D shadow fonts.

Top 30+ Best Shadow Fonts and Drop Shadow Fonts for Graphic Design – Overview

We’ve gone ahead and listed our top picks for the top shadow fonts for any design and creative projects you might have!

  1. Retrolift — A 3D drop shadow font
  2. Howli —  A playful shadow font
  3. Modster Script —  A shadow brush font
  4. Arkland — A vintage shadow cursive font
  5. Black Romance — A beautiful vintage shadowed typeface
  6. Bomber Squad — A shadow graffiti font
  7. Laguna — A great shadow layered font
  8. Wild Justice — A western-style shadow layered font
  9. Blastrick — An old-fashioned layered shadow font
  10. Shadow Beamer — A bold brushed shadow font
  11. BIVOAC — A retro layered shadow typeface
  12. Baby Angelo — A cute and quirky shadow typeface
  13. LANDdeuh — A layered shadow font family
  14. Rockidz — A layered shadow font that says rock n’ roll
  15. The Ginchiest — A ‘70s-inspired shaded typeface
  16. Old Carters — An old-style layered shadow typeface
  17. Attack Attack — A comic book type shaded font
  18. Bouchers — A vintage shaded type pack
  19. Quechely — A shadow sign script font
  20. Boom Boom — A cartoon-style shaded font
  21. Sevastian — A seven-layer sans shadow font
  22. Olivare — A hand-drawn and layered shadow font collection
  23. Broky Typeface — A modern shadow slab serif font
  24. Euphoria — A vintage typography set
  25. Sequents — A layered 3D shaded font
  26. Tobi — A legible shaded font family
  27. Carneval — A narrow shaded font with a handwriting feel
  28. Lunar Cone — An adorable layered font
  29. Microbrew — A simple shaded font family
  30. Sofa Sans — A shadow font family with handcrafted characters

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Best Shadow Fonts

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Top 30 Best Shadow Fonts and Drop Shadow Fonts for Graphic Design

1. Retrolift — A 3D drop shadow font

Retro Lift - A 3D Shadow Font
Retro Lift. Image credit: Design Cuts

Retrolift is a great 3D retro font to add a unique touch to your designs. This shaded font has a great drop shadow effect that’s surprisingly detailed and comes with 5 actions in one ATN file. This retro font is fun and diverse and the best to bring to some of your designs.

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Retrolift is great to use for packaging, designing banners or posters, and for any kind of design work you take on.


2. Howli — A playful font

Howli. Image credit: Envato Elements

This playful font has a cute and fun look that makes it perfect for those lighter events. Howli is ideal in lighter primary colors, with a sweet, wholesome aesthetic; great to use in any branding work centered on kids and family. You can use this font for events, invitations, letters, or even product labeling.


3. Modster script — A shadow brush font

Modster Script - Shadow font
Modster Script. Image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to shadow fonts with a little more pizazz, the Modster script is a standout. This shadow font has a funky edge to it, and it is perfect for personal design projects, magazines, logos, and any other branding requirement.

This font by Movied Company is great for T-shirts and can convey a wide range of tones when used with the right color scheme. So if you’re looking for a font that is slightly more “out there,” we recommend you take a closer look at this one.


4. Arkland Monoline — A vintage cursive shadow font

Arkland Monoline
Arkland Monoline. Image credit: Envato Elements

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With a more retro and modern vintage touch, this cursive shadow font is perfect for sign design. Great for creative projects, logos, badges, and clothing, this font conveys a more modern take on a retro aesthetic. It can be just what you need to help your next design stand out.


5. Black Romance — A beautiful vintage typeface

Black Romance - Shadow font
Black Romance. Image credit: Envato Elements

For those looking for a vintage, dramatic font, Black Romance is a great option. This decorative font can come in handy when putting on plays, designing a logo for a new trendy spot, or any other type of branding.

Perfect for t-shirts, videos, and posters, this vintage font is one of the more unusual fonts that might become one of your favorites.


6. Bomber Squad — A shadow graffiti font

Bomber Squad
Bomber Squad. Image credit: Envato Elements

This graffiti font is fun, energetic, and a great one for stirring up some excitement. Whether you choose to use it for an event, packaging, or t-shirt, it’s certain to bring a fun and energetic feel to your design.

Inspired by graffiti and hip-hop culture, this font is the best fit for any product aimed at teenagers and young adults. If you’re looking for a vibrant, yet bold shadow font, look no further.


7. Laguna — A great layered font

Laguna. Image credit: Envato Elements

This layered font has a shadow effect and can be just what you need for your design work. For branding and designing logos, making sure your brand name pops can make a huge difference.

Laguna is a fun, bold font, and its 3D effect makes it a standout. Given its simple yet striking look, this font is versatile, and when used for the right project, a real attention-grabber.

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8. Wild Justice — A western-style layered font

Wild Justice - A Western Display Shadow Font
Wild Justice. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you want a font that yells cowboy, you’ve come to the right place! The Wild Justice layered font takes you on a trip to the wild west!

This western-style shadow font is perfect for any western themed parties and gatherings you might throw. It fits for office events, game nights, and even scavenger hunts.

That said, this font is also a good choice for invitations, greeting cards, products, and essentially anything going for that country-western feel. If you’re designing fun t-shirts, branding, or looking to make unique designs, this font can be a good one to have at your fingertips.


9. Blastrick — An old-fashioned layered font

Blastrick. Image credit: Envato Elements

Blastrick is a vintage, old-fashioned font that can be great for themed parties or any most old-style branding requirement. Though deemed a vintage font family, these shadow fonts can help your designs stand out.

Designed by GrapTail, this vintage font can be great for branding, packaging, or another design that you whip up, as it goes great on almost anything. That said, this layered font does have an older feel to it so it would be smart to use it thematically.


10. Shadow Beamer — A bold brushed font

Shadow Beamer
Shadow Beamer. Image credit: Envato Elements

This bold yet casual brushed font is an example of how a font can be striking but not dynamic. This font comes with rounded edges and resembles handwritten or “brushed” typography.

Even though it is not as dynamic or dramatic as many of the shadow fonts on this list, this casual font could be the one you turn to many times for many uses. Shadow Beamer is a font perfect for children’s books, toys, daycare centers, and any other child-centric design requests.

That said, this font doesn’t have to be limited to child-centric designs! Based on how you want to go about it, you’ll find it can come in handy for a multitude of different requirements.


11. BIVOAC — A retro layered typeface

BIVOAC. Image credit: Envato Elements

Retro typefaces with layered fonts are a common find, but BIVOAC is certainly not a font you will find everywhere. Created by Sabrtype, this layered font is perfect for posters and designs that require a more vintage look.

Even though this one may not be your constant go-to, you’ll find it invaluable when used on the right project. So as far as collecting retro shadow fonts goes, we’d recommend you don’t pass on this one.


12. Baby Angelo — A cute and quirky typeface with a drop shadow effect

Baby Angelo — A quirky and cute shadow font
Baby Angelo. Image credit: Envato Elements

Baby Angelo is yet another cute and quirky font with a drop-shadow effect. This typeface is fun, light, and useful for a multitude of design requests. With its rounded edges and unique style, this one is popular with adults and kids alike.

Often, when using shadow fonts in design, we find that most align with a specific aesthetic. However, Baby Angelo is a fun and lighthearted typeface for a variety of purposes. With a more personal, handwritten font style, you’ll find this font perfect to use for personal projects and any homey branding requirement.


13. LANDdeuh — A layered font family

LANDdeuh. Image credit: Envato Elements

This narrow font family comes with 5 variations and is easy to use with any project. You’ll find LANDdeuh‘s regular, solid, innerstripe, and shadow fonts fit many of your projects. It is an unusual typeface, great to use for designing posters, logos, packaging, and events.


14. Rockidz — A layered font that says rock n’ roll

Rockidz Font
Rockidz Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to shadow fonts that stand out, Rockidz makes the list. This layered font family brings the rock ‘n roll to any design or project you’re working on. It comes with 6 OTF and TTF files offering over 6 different font variations.

These shadow fonts could be just what you need to give off a cool and dynamic impression. This font family can come in handy with apparel design, branding, product packaging, and any other design requirement.


15. The Ginchiest — A ‘70s inspired typeface

The Ginchiest
The Ginchiest. Image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to shadow fonts that are bold and ‘70s inspired, the Ginchiest is one of the best ones out there. This groovy typeface comes with a great shadow effect that can lift your design off its page.

‘Ginchiest’ is slang for coolest, hippest, and most interesting, and incidentally, this font is just that! With the vintage aesthetic of the ‘70s and its bold overall impression, this shaded font could be just what you need. This typeface is great for the perfect logo, apparel, or even label design. That said, this font screams retro and works best when your design stays true to its aesthetic.


16. Old Carters — An old-style layered typeface

Caters Layered Typeface
Caters Layered Typeface

This classic style 3D font is a great selection of bold typefaces for making an impression. Created by SWISTBLNK Design Standard, this old-style font can work well for bolder and more dynamic designs and projects.

Even though they can seem overpowering or misplaced when used inappropriately, these fonts can be the best to use for messaging that requires a strong statement. Typefaces like these can be great for logos, branding, and any other project you may take up as a designer.


17. Attack Attack — A comic book type shaded font

Attack Attack
Attack Attack. Image credit: Envato Elements

This comic book-style layered font can be just what you need for a more cartoon-esque or action-packed design. Even though clearly static, this font can add an exciting element to an otherwise boring design.

For a layered, shaded font, Attack Attack can be just what your graphic design needs. This font can convey dangerous or action-packed messaging that requires the typography to replicate that visually. And it’s great for events and any other design requirement you may come across.


18. Bouchers — A vintage type pack

Bouchers. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for great vintage shadow fonts with a drop shadow effect, Bouchers by SWISTBLNK Design Standard could be what you’re looking for. Unlike the other vintage shadow fonts on our list, these narrow fonts are perfect for invitations, branding, packaging design, and even for working on your design projects.


19. Quechely — A sign script font

Quechely. Image credit: Envato Elements

Quechely is an excellent sign script font created by Moovied which is based on the typography designed in the ‘60s. This layer script font works well when implemented specifically with logo and branding designs.

That said, this font is unrestricted, and fitting for programs, invitations, promotions, and other graphic design requests.


20. Boom Boom — A cartoon-style shaded font

Boom Boom - Cartoon Font
Boom Boom. Image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to attention-grabbing, cartoon-style shadow fonts, Boom Boom is a great choice. This dynamic font can be useful for designing kids’ parties, children’s books, toy packaging, and even child-centric events and programs.

That said, this font style is more than just about children’s themes in design and branding. This cartoonish font is perfect for a variety of creative design requirements.


21. Sevastian — A seven-layered sans font 

Sevastian. Image credit: Design Cuts

Probably the best drop shadow font on this list, Sevastian is a great 3D layered font for designers looking to make their designs stand out. This 3D font comes with seven variations, with your choice of colors.

This font works well for branding, posters, events, and even banners. Sevastian is a good typeface for those looking for a unique 3D font for their graphic design.


22. Olivare — A hand-drawn and layered font collection

Olivare. Image credit: Design Cuts

Olivare is another vintage layered typeface that can be useful for enterprising designers. Inspired by vintage oil cans and painted signs, this font collection is quite different from the typical sans serif typefaces.

This shaded font family comes with 18 different variations and separate highlight and shadow options that can help designers highlight the best in their designs.


23. Broky Typeface — A modern slab serif shaded font

Broky Typeface
Broky Typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

This modern slab serif font is a great, bold shadow font for bold, strong messaging. Created by Jiw Studio, this simple, decorative font suits the aesthetic of school or college magazines. It works well for branding, invitations, and any other suitable design requirement.

Add a more dynamic feel to an otherwise bland design with this solid type font.


24. Euphoria — A vintage typography set

Euphoria. Image credit: Design Cuts

Euphoria is a font family that comes with 11 font types. This vintage font includes a great drop shadow effect and Victorian, serif, expanded, and extra font variations. This typeface can be great for greeting cards, invitations, logos, headers, and packaging.

Well-designed and inspired by Victorian and vintage typography, this font set is great for variety and to use in your designs.


25. Sequents — A layered 3D shaded font

Sequents. Image credit: Design Cuts

Sequents is a sans serif font that comes with 6 variations and 8 ornament vector objects. This typeface is narrow and elegant and comes with a 3D effect. Sequent is a great font to use when doing any brand work, and its vintage aesthetic works great for packaging, makeup, and a variety of labels.


26. Tobi — A legible shaded font family

Tobi Pro
Tobi Pro. Image credit: Design Cuts

This font family is legible, cute, and has a warm feel to it. Despite being print and easy to read, this collection of typefaces comes with 10 fonts and 10 extras for stylistic design choices. This layered font family, which even includes a shadow font, is fun and has personality. This, of course, makes it perfect for book covers, posters, packaging, and forms of visual communication related to children.


27. Carneval — A narrow shaded font with a handwriting feel

Carneval. Image credit: Design Cuts

Inspired by the typography feel of a carnival, this easy-to-read layered font can be a great addition to your font collection. With three-layered fonts and a huge vector theme, this font set can certainly come in handy for several designs.

As a designer, you’ll find this group of shadow fonts convenient to have with you when designing posters and banners for events.


28. Lunar Cone — An adorable layered font

Lunar Cone
Lunar Cone. Image credit: Design Cuts

This cursive layered font is perfect for design requirements that require a more cutesy look. This drop is perfect for ventures like bakeries, bridal showers, children’s books, and any designs that need a warmer touch.

Lunar Cone is perfect for any branding, packaging, or design request wanting something charming, with a homey feel.


29. Microbrew — A simple shaded font family

Microbrew. Image credit: Design Cuts

Inspired by the typography used on micro-brewery products, this font is a simple yet interesting font to use. Even though this font may sound slightly rigid to work with, it can be surprisingly versatile when used the right way.

This font family comes with 14 font styles, plus ornaments and banners to add some character to your design work. This font is great to use in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, invitations, and so much more. For designers, this simple shaded font can be a good one to keep in your tool belt.


30. Sofa Sans — A font family with handcrafted characters 

Sofa Sans
Sofa Sans. Image credit: Design Cuts

With over 18 styles and 4 weights, Sofa Sans is one of the most simple font families out there. This typography set comes with 3D, inline, extra shadow, and hatched styles. With several swatches and printing options, this font family offers a wide range of variety while staying the same thematically.

Even though this may not be the most exciting font on this list, this basic handcrafted font might be just what you need for your more basic and regular design projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good vintage shadow fonts?

Blastrick, Bouchers, and Olivare are some good vintage drop shadow fonts.

What are some good 3D fonts with a shadow effect?

Sevastian and Retrolift are some good 3D fonts with a shadow effect.

What are some good retro fonts?

The Ginchiest and BIVOAC are two good retro shadow fonts.

What is the most visually appealing font?

BIVOAC, Retrolift, and Bouchers are some good visually appealing shadow fonts.

What are some playful shadow drop fonts for kids?

Howli, Tobi, and Lunar Cone are some great playful fonts for kids.

What are some bold drop shadow fonts that are great for standing out?

Sevastian, Retrolift, and BIVOAC are some great fonts for standing out.

What are some comic book-type shaded fonts?

Attack Attack and Boom Boom are comic book-type shaded fonts.


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