12 Best Slab Serif Fonts for Logos & Branding

12 Best Slab Serif Fonts for Logos & Branding

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If you own a business, two of the most important things you can do to help your business grow is to invest in a quality logo and go through a complete branding process. For many designers, the Slab Serif font is an excellent choice as this type of font is typically used where a display font is required.

With that in mind, we thought that it was beyond time for us to pull our favorite slab serif fonts from our toolbox and share them with you with our list of the best slab serif fonts for logos and branding.

Before we start though, for those who may be uninformed, let’s go over exactly what a Slab Serif font is.

What is the Slab Serif font?

A slab serif font is a serif font that has had the serif blocked off, creating a strong, sturdy appearance instead of the more refined look that a traditional serif would have. A slab serif font, when compared to other serifs, has less contrast overall, which adds to the heavy, dramatic appearance of the font. This type of font can be found on just about any items with typography from a magazine article to and advertisement, the slab serif font can portray confidence, style, and solidity.

More Top Fonts for Branding & Logos

12 Best Slab Serif Fonts for Logos and Branding – Overview

While we completely understand that your time is important, we want you to know that it’s important to us too, and to help, we wanted to provide you with a quick rundown of our choices for the best slab serif fonts. We encourage you to keep reading along to learn more about these fonts but for your convenience, here they are.

  1. Rockwell – $35
  2. Clarendon – $29
  3. Bondie – Condensed Slab Serif Font – $15
  4. Museo Slab – $16
  5. Knox Serif Typeface – $17
  6. Vodka Display Font Pack – $35
  7. American Oak 4 Font Set – $19
  8. Orgon Slab – $40
  9. Servus Slab – $29
  10. Lunchbox Slab Font Family – $25
  11. Leophard Font Family – $12
  12. Cabrito – $24

Best Slab Serif Fonts for Logos and Branding

Campfire Slab Serif with Envato Elements subscription

Campfire is a slab serif with plenty of retro character. The well-balanced negative space in every character makes a well-kerned Campfire font an absolutely gorgeous brand typeface solution.

Campfire - Best Slab Serifs Font


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Rockwell – $35

Rockwell - Best Slab Serif Font

Designed by Frank Piermont, the Rockwell slab serif font is an excellent choice for use in branding, logos, headlines, as well as any display uses. The font’s large x-height, simple character shapes, and open counters make Rockwell’s design legibility exceptional.The design benefits from combining sans serif typefaces with a variety of serif designs and does so beautifully. The light and bold weights are perfect for creating blocks of text copy but add a little color and Rockwell’s messaging power goes through the roof.


Empirez – Slab Serif with Envato Elements subscription

Empirez is a bold and sports-like slab serif font that would look natural and prominent in any varsity setting. If you’re looking to try something retro, while doing so with a bit of an edge, the angled slabs of Empirez will be just what you’re looking for.

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Clarendon – $29


Originally appearing in England in 1845, the classical Clarendon font family was redesigned in 1953 by Edouard Hoffman and Hermann Eidenbenz and precipitated the revivals of the font that followed. Containing 14 different styles and family package options, the Clarendon font features more than 450 glyphs that cover its expanded language support as well as OpenType typographic features.


Bondie – Condensed Slab Serif Font – $15

Bondie – Best Condensed Slab Serif Font

Designed by Craft Supply Co., Bondie is a condensed slab serif font that has been based on the compact solid font and combines a variety of styles. An elegant condensed-condensed slab serif that comes with solid font files that can be used for a wide range of projects including logos, posters, branding, stationery, blog header, and so much more. The only limits on the Bondie typeface are what your creativity can use this font for.

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Cheston Slab with Envato Elements subscription

Cheston is a luxury-slab serif that unlike many slab serif fonts function with a more subtle approach to its serifs and the overall weight is a bit thinner, giving it a bit more premium feel. One of the few slab serifs that could sell jewelry.



Museo Slab – $16

museo slabmuseo slab

The Museo Slab font was created to be a robust slab serif typeface. Designed by Jos Buivenga and released by the exljbris font foundry in 2009, the typeface is designed to have twelve styles. The font supports a wide range of languages and is a complete typeface for OpenType. Each weight has over 450 glyphs and can take your project from uninspiring to amazing.


Touchdown Slab Font with Envato Elements subscription

If you’re looking for a prominent and masculine slab serif font that heralds the old early days of american football and varsity baseball, the Touchdown Slab font is a safe bet.



Knox Serif Typeface – $17

Knox Serif TypefaceKnox Serif Typeface

The Knox Serif Typeface is a mono weight font that has been inspired by American western culture and tattoos. Designed by HeadFonts, the typeface is perfect for any project calling for a feel of the old west or in any vintage-themed design. Included in the set are six different weights from Slab to Serif Outline and can be used as a core design element in logos, wedding invitations, branding, and much more.


Jerome with Envato Elements subscription

Jerome Condensed brings the tall characteristics of Bebas Neue into the realm of slab serifs. The condensed type lets it be quite prominent in size with very little width. Mix that with the playful slabs, and you have the base building blocks for quite a logo.



Vodka Display Font Pack (Pen, Sans, Brush, Slab Serif) – $35

Vodka Display Font Pack

If the name of the kit doesn’t stand out to your than the typeface found in the Vodka Display Font Pack from Fenotype certainly will. A display combo pack with four styles and six fonts, the fonts found in the pack are clean but at the same time soft. The Vodka Slab has a rounded bold display type that makes it a perfect choice when its time to create a new company logo or change the branding strategy. While the fonts in the pack can be used on their own, they are designed to play together.


American Oak 4 Font Set – $19

American Oak 4 Font Set

With inspiration from the typography found on alcohol bottle labels, the American Oak 4 Font Set by Ian Barnard combines elegant scripts and rugged serifs to give a feeling of the distilling process that these spirits slowly go through. Not bound to just label design, the set of four typefaces is suitable for any project that may require a combination of masculine and feminine traits to give the design a rich, yet classy appeal.


Orgon Slab – $40

orgon slaborgon slab

With its clear and unexcited appearance, the Orgon Slab typeface is a perfect choice to add to your slab serif toolbox. Designed by Dieter Hofrichter, the font provides high readability in both web and desktop applications. Consisting of 16 styles, it is perfect for motivated typography. Every weight available also includes small caps, ligatures, matching currency symbols, matching arrows, and much more


Servus Slab – $29

Servus Slab

Consisting of 9 weights, totaling 18 fonts along with matching italics, the Servus Slab typeface created by Michal Jarocinski has a strong personality which makes it a perfect choice for display projects. Symbolizing a child’s growth, the font starts with thin and narrow weights and grows into black and wide. Its harmonious structure helps you provide good legibility when using long texts and contains numerals, small capitals, ligatures, and much more.


Lunchbox Slab Font Family – $60

Lunchbox Slab Font Family

Lunchbox Slab Font Family

The Lunchbox Slab Font Family by Kimmy Design is a hand-drawn typeface which provides a variety of customizable option so you can create a unique but fully authentic look. The serifs are simple blocks that have bulbous terminals on curved letters which give them a unique artistic effect. The OpenType features give you access to more than 1,500 different characters while contextual alternatives provide each letter with four different character styles. With all of the features found in the Lunchbox Slab Font Family, you can create unique and personalized designs easily.


Leophard Font Family – $12

Leophard Font Family

Leophard Font Family

Inspired by vintage styles and sporty design, the Leophard Font Family by The Arterfak Project is created with basic shapes that give the font a visualization of strength, old school movement, and modern minimalist styling. With six different typefaces, the Leophard Font Family is a great choice for your branding or logo project.


Cabrito – $24



Incorporating the latest research on typographic legibility for children, Cabrito by Jeremy Dooley uses features to make it more legible. The typeface provides designers with a welcoming, everyday font that they can use to portray warmth and friendliness in their designs. Perfectly suited for a wide range of applications from branding and logos, to candy and food packages, Cabrito is a bright and fun typeface with a unique appearance and high legibility.


Best Slab Serif Fonts for Logos and Branding

For many business owners and designers alike, choosing the right font to use in creating their logo or branding can be a challenge. Thankfully, the Slab Serif font is a classic font that can appeal to many people because of its clean, classy, and professional look. We hope that our list of the best slab serif fonts for logos and branding has given you some inspiration for your next project!

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