20+ Best Smoke Fonts for Ethereal Designs

20+ Best Smoke Fonts for Ethereal Designs

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Are you looking for the best smoke fonts? Check out this article for the best smoke fonts to give your designs a unique look.

Usually, smoke limits visibility in our day-to-day lives, but using some smoke fonts in your design can enhance its perception. Smoke fonts are versatile and add realistic effects to the project.

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Whether you use them for t-shirts, social media, the web, or other design projects, their playful details give a cheerful and friendly touch to the project. Also, some smoky fonts make a perfect choice for designs that need a touch of seriousness and urgency, such as packaging designs.

The diverse world of smoke fonts also includes fonts for gaming designs, album covers, and other purposes. The most important benefit of using a smoke font is it looks professional and helps attract the attention of the audience.

This post lists the 20 best smoke fonts to help create attractive smoky designs. So, with no further delay, let’s now dive into the list of the best smoke fonts.

10 Best Smoke Fonts for Ethereal Designs

  1. Smoke Attack
  2. Foam Or Clouds – Color SVG Font
  3. Karma Smoke – Psychedelic Style
  4. Smoke Display Font
  5. Vintage Smoked Font
  6. Smokers Typeface
  7. Cloud Font
  8. Silky Smoke – Script Font
  9. Trenches – Retro Horror Font
  10. Smoke Stack

Scroll on for the full list.

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best smoke fonts

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20+ Best Smoke Fonts for Unique Designs

1. Smoke Attack

Smoke Attack

The Smoke Attack is a handwritten brush font that looks modern and adds a special feeling to the design. The font is suitable for vintage-themed designs, posters, logotypes, titles, headers, and much more.

It contains all capital & small letters, numbers, punctuation, currency figures, and multi-language support. This font is available in web font, OTF, and TTF formats to suit different design needs.


2. Foam Or Clouds – Color SVG Font

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Foam or Clouds - Color SVG Font

It is an SVG OpenType font that works in Illustrator CC 2018, Photoshop CC 2017+, and some Mac apps. This font is available in smoke, foam, and clouds 3d styles. It is perfect for adding a smoky or cloudy vibe to the artwork.


3. Karma Smoke – Psychedelic Style

Karma Smoke - Psychedelic Style

Here is a retro-style bold font named karma smoke to give a decorative touch to your designs. It is suitable for sticker design, labels, branding projects, logos, and other projects. The font file includes uppercase characters, numbers, multilingual support, and a wide range of punctuation.


4. Smoke Display Font

Smoke - Display Font

Smoke is a modern, strong, and aggressive display font that you can consider for a wide range of design projects. It is perfect for magazines, social media, logos, brochures, and other contexts.

The font file includes all basic elements, such as uppercase & lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation. It comes in TTF and OTF file formats for versatile use.


5. Vintage Smoked Font

Vintage Smoked Fonts

Influenced by a vintage horror poster, vintage smoked font is a stylish font with a handwritten vibe. The font is designed in a cloud or smoke style that offers a unique and different vibe. You can use this font for various design needs to bring that smoky feel to life.

This vintage font is available in three styles – smoked outline, smoked fill, and smoked cuts. Even these three styles can be combined to create anything depending on your project needs. So go ahead and give a vintage and smoky effect to your designs with this font.


6. Smokers Typeface

Smokers typeface

Smokers Typeface is a layered vintage font that you can use in any retro-themed designs such as logos, labels, t-shirts, posters, packaging, and other designs. It is versatile and comes in multiple file formats, such as OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2. The font has six styles, which give an opportunity to add different effects to your projects.


7. Cloud Font

Cloud Font

Here is a fun & whimsical display font that is versatile and gives a perfect smoky feel to the project. You can use this font in any design that needs a playful touch. Cloud font is available in two styles, namely regular and outline.


8. Silky Smoke – Script Font

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Silky Smoke - Script Font

Silky Smoke is a unique option to consider if you are looking for a natural handwritten font for your projects. It adds a modern vibe to the artwork and is perfect for quotes, t-shirts, social media posts, etc.

The font file of Silky Smoke contains uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It is available in web font, TTF, and OTF formats.


9. Trenches – Retro Horror Font

Trenches - Retro Horror Font

Trenches is a unique font suitable for adding a horror feel to the design. Its glyphs have grumpy and retro strokes that make this font suitable for retro-themed projects. Moreover, the font also has a cartoonish feel to suit projects that need a playful vibe.

It is available in three styles – regular, outline, and slant. All three styles of this font are available in TTF and OTF file formats.


10. Smoke Stack

Smoke Stack Font Family

The Smoke Stack is a strong and reliable font that you can consider for modern signage and fashion designs. It is a sans-serif industrial font available in regular, rough, rounded, and stamped styles.

It is inspired by the smoky factory settings of the industrial area, which is versatile enough to use in various design projects. The package contains a complete set of characters and punctuation to help you in your design work.

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11. Smokey Font

SMOKEY, best smoke fonts

Motivated by the smoke, the Smokey typeface is a unique custom font that gives a zig-zag effect to the artwork. This font is perfect for posters, merch designs, apparel designs, and other handcrafted projects.

The font contains a set of 231 characters with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, accents, currency symbols, and punctuation. The smokey typeface is available in TTF and OTF file formats.


12. El Sol Font

El Sol

El Sol is a unique handcrafted font inspired by the sun’s rays emerging through the sky. It is also influenced by Mexican folk designs and painted southwestern sign lettering.

The font file contains uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation. It is perfect for packaging, logo design, signage, posters, etc.


13. Smoke Signals Script Font

Smoke Signals script font and extras

Smoke signals is a unique script font in calligraphy style ideal for designs that need a vintage calligraphy touch. It is created with a real dip pen and ink that offers a handcrafted feel. It also includes many bonus goodies to help you with your designs.

The font file includes many ligatures, small caps, ornaments, and several bonus elements that help you craft stunning designs. It is suitable for logos, quotes, notes, signatures, branding designs, social media posts, and many more.


14. Lysergic Font

Lysergic Font

Lysergic is a swirly, psychedelic, and smoky font that injects the retro vibes of the 1960s into the design. The font is crafted to pay homage to the work of San Francisco artist Rick Griffin, who was famous for his creative lettering ideas and psychedelic posters.

He was a master in a particular drawing technique called ink stippling. So, you can bring a unique feel and retro touch to your designs with the Lysergic font.


15. Blaza Display Font

Blaza Display Font

Blaza is a smoky display font inspired by heat and light refractions caused by melting metal, ice, or other sources. The font is eye-catching and makes a perfect choice for packaging, headlines, titles, invitations, and other purposes.

It has an all-caps design which makes it perfect for bigger design projects. But yes, this font can also be used for longer text and paragraphs.


16. Smoke – Script Font


The Smoke is a professional-looking, modern, and elegant font that will give you an outstanding experience when designing. It has beautiful strokes to offer value to both formal and informal designs.

It is suitable for banners, advertisements, website logos, product packaging, brochures, etc. The smoke font gives a bold, luxurious, and attractive look to the design. The font package includes a lot of ligatures, various punctuation marks, numbers, and a full set of uppercase & lowercase letters.

It is available in various file formats, such as TTF, OTF, WOFF, and SVG. Also, the characters are PUA encoded, so you can access them without an additional design program.


17. Smoking Typeface

Smoking typeface

Here is a vintage western font called smoking typeface that provides a touch of vintage and retro feeling to the design. It also comes with some bonus graphics in separate files. There is a separate file for the textured volume effect that allows you to recolor your text as needed.

This typeface is available in three formats – OTF, TTF, and WOFF. Also, the characters have the vector EPS 10 format, so you can resize them depending on your requirements.


18. Chaos Display Font

CHAOS Display Font

Chaos is a bold display font that gives a wavy feel to the design. The font has basic characters, numbers, and punctuation to let you create any design. It is perfect for social media posts, branding designs, websites, and much more.


19. Moonstruck Handwriting

Moonstruck Handwriting

Moonstruck Handwriting is a unique handwritten font suitable for various design works such as product packaging, branding projects, editorials, magazines, book covers, advertising, etc.

It supports multiple languages and is available in TTF and OTF formats. The font contains many ligatures and alternates to allow you to create mind-blowing designs.


20. Stone Harbour Brush Font

Stone Harbour Brush Font

Stone Harbour is an all-caps marker font perfect for adding a certain mood or feeling to the design. It has uppercase letters as main letters and lowercase letters as alternates. There are also 141 extra alternate characters allowing you to create appealing variations.

The font also includes swashes for a punchy look and several bonus elements to let you decorate your projects. It contains accented characters in multiple languages for versatility.



20+ Best Smoke Fonts for Unique Designs

This was the collection of the best smoke fonts that you can consider using in your upcoming designs. Whether you need a font for advertising, branding, logos, product packaging, or other purposes, smoke fonts are a perfect choice to check out. So go through the above list and choose suitable fonts for your projects.

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