25+ Best Space Fonts for Stellar Design (2024)

25+ Best Space Fonts for Stellar Design (2024)

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For any fan of Star Trek, the phrase: “Space, the final frontier” rings true. Space truly is the final frontier for man and graphic design. Well, maybe not graphic design but with a great space font, you can certainly add a final frontier to your design work.

These space fonts are a reliable go-to option for designers looking to evoke a futuristic, technological, or sci-fi atmosphere in their projects.

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Strap in and get ready, our list of the top 25 best space fonts for graphic design will take you to the moon.

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Top 10+ Best Space Fonts for Stellar Graphic Design

  1. MBF Space
  2. Exo Space Futuristic Display Font
  3. Space Time
  4. Mavis Sans – Futuristic Font Typeface
  5. Lost in space.
  6. Lost In Space – Regular And Color Font (SVG)
  7. Hello Space
  8. Techno Space Futuristic Font
  9. TERBAANG – Space Font
  10. The Space Font

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Best Space Fonts

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25+ Best Space Fonts for Graphic Design

1. MBF Space

MBF Space
MBF Space. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Meet MBF Space, a clean modern thin rounded font crafted by MoonBandit. With a thin and rounded style, this font exudes a sense of clean sophistication while blending modernity and minimalism.

This typeface is full of futuristic sci-fi vibes with high clarity.

MBF Space, in addition to its refreshing modern aesthetic, ensures that your text is presented with exceptional clarity, making it both visually appealing and easily legible.

We find this font perfect for posters, titles, wordmarks, headlines, and more.

Whether you need an eye-catching poster or a captivating title for your projects, MBF Space has everything that you need.

2. Exo Space Futuristic Display Font

Exo Space
Exo Space. Image Credit: Envato Elements

With its futuristic design, the Exo Space Futuristic Display Font is a great choice that has many different uses.

From logo designs to branding, product packaging, or more, the Exo Space font can take your work to new and astounding heights.

Not just that, by making a bold statement, this font perfectly fits into the gaming industry, while it also adds a futuristic touch to projects in the cinematic world.

Overall, we recommend this font for those who wish to create designs that are not just visually stunning but also authentically futuristic. This is one of the best wide-space fonts we have come across.


3. Space Time Font

Space Time
Space Time. Image Credit: Envato Elements

We’re thrilled to introduce Space Time, a font perfect for modern design.

With a design that could look like something used in the promotional material for the newest Space Jam movie, this space font is a great choice for any design project.

We noticed this font perfectly fits modern purposes such as fashion, headlines, and other projects. We are certain that this font will easily turn any project into something special.

4. Mavis Sans – Futuristic Font Typeface

Mavis-Sans-–-Futuristic-Font-Typeface. Image Credit: Design Cuts

A futuristic-looking space font, the Mavis Sans typeface is thin and simple but defined by its strong and significantly thin strokes and cuts that can only be described as unique.

Designed for optimal legibility, this font with its modern, stylish design will make your banners and logos catch every eye.

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While it’s designed to be an all-caps sans-serif, the Mavis typeface stands out with any project.

And the best part? Its clean lines and sharp edges make it an ideal choice for digital display and web design projects too!

Therefore, using this strong and unique font will certainly make your design stand out in the crowd.

5. Lost in space Font

Lost In Space
Lost In Space. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Lost in Space typeface comes with a futuristic design that combines geometric features with simple square shapes.

With the space font, you have the benefit of multilingual support for Western Europe.

It can be used for everything from branding to album covers.

6. Lost In Space – Regular And Color Font (SVG)

Lost In Space
Lost In Space. Image Credits: DesignCuts

“Danger Will Robinson!” While many of us may not remember the classic TV show, the Lost In Space – Regular And Color Font (SVG) is a modern typeface that has been crafted with a double exposure effect, giving it a trendy look.

Each letter in the space font is uniquely designed to add a level of fun to your work.

7. Hello Space

Hello Space
Hello Space. Image Credit: Envato Elements

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With its unique, futuristic design, the Hello Space Display font is great for any project including logos, branding, posters, advertising, movie projects, and more.

The possibilities of Hello Space are as limitless as the space font itself.

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8. Techno Space Futuristic Font

Techno Space
Techno Space. Image Credit: Envato Elements

A perfect fit for any project covering modern technology or with an outer space theme, the Techno Space Futuristic Font is loaded with features that you can use including support for Windows and macOS that will allow you to add a stylish text overlay to any background image and stand out.

9. TERBAANG – Space Font

Terbaang. Image Credit: Envato Elements

A geometric wide space font, the TERBAANG – Space Font features thin lines and provides a great reflection of modern technology as well as the future.

A great option for high-end article headlines, or digital or space-related projects.

10. The Space Font

The Space Font
The Space Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Space Font is an interesting typeface. With a design that you could see on a children’s storybook or movie poster, while it is space-themed, it could easily find its way into branding, logos, or even greeting cards.

11. Avalors – Sans Serif Font

Avalors. Image Credit: Design Cuts

If your latest project is missing that certain something, try adding a touch of outer space with the Avalors – Sans Serif Font.

A bold and authentic space font, Avalors is perfect for any project needing that extra something. Best for branding projects, t-shirt printing, and many more.

12. Space Boards – Sci-Fi Logo Font

Space Boards
Space Boards. Image Credit: Envato Elements

A sans-based font, the Space Boards – Sci-Fi Logo Font comes with a unique lower and uppercase to give your work a great futuristic and modern look.

Perfect for hi-tech logotypes, the font is a great choice for any project you’re working on.

13. Eternals – Futuristic Space Display Typeface

Eternals. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a bold and solid display font with space tech and futuristic appeal, then let us introduce you to the Eternals typeface.

Great for movie titles, games, movies, music, and more, you’ll bring a grandiose, futuristic feel to all of your work.

14. Outer Frontier – Space Font

Outer Frontier
Outer Frontier. Image Credit: Envato Elements

They say there are no limits to outer space or our imaginations and the Outer Frontier lets us combine both with a great futuristic font.

Whether it’s for YouTube thumbnails, posters, movie titles, or anything else our imaginations can come up with the Outer Space font will make things pop.

15. Space Outside

Space Outside
Space-Outside. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Created to give an elegant and grand impression, the Space Outside font is a suitable option for a wide range of design projects including logos, quotes, branding, and even wedding invitations.

With swashes and ligatures included, they will add an elegant impression with ease.

16. SPACE EXPLORER – futuristic font

Space Explorer
Space Explorer. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Like something out of an ’80s movie, the Space Explorer font is a futuristic font whose limits are only measured by your imagination.

Designed to work with numerous programs, including Microsoft Word, Space Explorer is great for music posters, posters, and anything else you can think of.

17. Space Captain

Space Captain
Space Captain: Image Credit: My Fonts

A modern, all-caps font, Space Captain is defined by its unique sharp and geometric shapes. With alternate wing shapes that you can put on the left or right side of your design.

A perfect option for logotypes in technology, construction, automotive, or heavyweight projects.

18. Space Race

Space Race
Space Race. Image Credit: My Fonts

With curved contours and a sleek design, the Space Race font will make you feel like you just strapped on a rocket to the moon.

From comic work to children’s projects, the Space Race font can be just what you need to take your work to another galaxy.

19. Outer Space Font

Outer Space
Outer Space. Image Credit: My Fonts

Sporting a design that comes with a creepy, yet funky vibe, the Outer Space font is a great vintage font.

Four styles including layered, and shadow effect styles will help add incredible detail to any retro designs such as posters, t-shirts, and more.

20. Space Vacation

Space Vacation
Space Vacation. Image Credit: My Fonts

With the way the world is, we could all use a vacation. The Space Vacation font can help in a small way with its vintage look.

With two styles – Base and Full plus two effect styles – Outline and Volume can give you a great option for all of your work.

If you’re working on any kind of retro design, take a look at Space Vacation.

21. Amsteroid Space

Amsteroid Space
Amsteroid Space. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Amsteroid Space is a display font that works great for food banners, restaurants, product designs, labels, logos, and branding.

You may access this font set by using the software that supports OpenType software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw.

This font set comes in the .OTF, .TTF and .WOFF file formats.


22. Cuteness Space

Cuteness Space
Cuteness Space. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The Cuteness Space font is perfect for a fun, frolic theme for children.

The font set includes letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. It also includes stylistic alternates and offers multi-lingual support.


23. Space Cadet

Space Cadet
Space Cadet. Image Credit: Design Cuts

This Space Cadet font displays hand-made, high-spirited quality that is simple to read and features doodles.

It is the perfect font for children’s books, cards, all sorts of school projects, and more, and comes with multilingual support.

The font set includes the .AI, .EPS, .OTF, and .PNG


24. Urban Space

Urban Space. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Urban Space is a heavy, bold, standout sans serif font that embodies the mysteries of our universe. This is a font that will remind you of aliens, UFOs, and sci-fi movies of the past.

The Urban Space font is best to use as a headline, logo, title, or quote which needs a standout font, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting and wedding cards, packaging, fashion, makeup, stationery, novels, labels or any type of advertising purpose.

This set comes with lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and ligatures. This font is available in multiple languages, and is PUA encoded.


25. Team Picko – Space Techno Display Font


When you think of the future, what do you see? This space techno display font tries to cover a futuristic idea of space.

This font is best suited for future and science-segmented magazines, posters, movie titles, music posters, YouTube covers, YouTube thumbnails, and social media page covers.

This set has uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.


Our Favorite Space Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our favorite space fonts below!


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best space font for movie titles?

The Eternals typeface with a bold and solid display font with a space tech and futuristic appeal that is great for movie titles, games, movies, music, and more, you’ll bring a grandiose, futuristic feel to all of your work.

Which font is highly used for space-based logos?

We have listed the fonts in this article that will be the best ones to use for space-based logos. Have a look at these and choose the best one for you that would suit your space-themed projects.

Which space font is used for branding music album covers?

The Lost in Space is a typeface that comes with a futuristic design that combines geometric features with simple square shapes. It is also multilingual in western Europe. It is ideal for everything from branding to music album covers.


Top 25 Best Space Fonts for Graphic Design

Space is indeed the final frontier and as with many creative designs, the only limitation that we have is how far our imagination will take us. Our list of The Top 25 Space Fonts for Graphic Design will help your imagination flourish.

We hope our list helped you in finding the right space font for your project. What is your favorite font? Let us know in the comments section.

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