10+ Best Squarespace Templates for Designers in 2024

10+ Best Squarespace Templates for Designers in 2024

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One way to showcase your creative work is through a portfolio. This can be particularly useful for creatives wanting to present their design portfolios or advertising portfolios.

Building a website can be time-consuming and challenging. By using ready-to-use templates online, you can build a website that you won’t need to worry about updating anytime soon. These templates are designed by professionals for visitors with different browsers and devices in mind, so your site will always look great anywhere.

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There are a lot of website template providers out there. However, you need the right one tailored to your professional needs. With Squarespace, you are sure that it will be high-quality and fit your needs as they are updated constantly to match current trends and tools.

10+ Best Squarespace Templates for Designers in 2024

  1. Nevins The perfect Squarespace template for Design Portfolios
  2. Zion The perfect Squarespace template for Photography
  3. Hester The perfect Squarespace template for Online Stores
  4. Paloma The perfect Squarespace template for Blogs and Podcasts
  5. Almar The perfect Squarespace template for Professional Services
  6. Colima  The perfect Squarespace template for Local Businesses
  7. Lusaka Perfect Choice for Community and Non-Profit Organizations
  8. Ocotillo The perfect Squarespace template for Events
  9. Dario  The perfect Squarespace template for Weddings
  10. Vandam  The perfect Squarespace template for Musicians and Bands

To download any of these Squarespace templates, click the link then in the bottom right corner click ‘Create Site Like This’.

What Are Squarespace Templates?

Squarespace has 113 templates to choose from right now, which are split into 14 categories such as portfolios and real estate. So finding the perfect design should be much easier. All you need is to make sure they provide a great quality service like they claim they do!

We believe so – we’ve seen that our site has less downtime than other sites including Wix and Weebly.

Squarespace has some very popular templates worth checking out if you’re debating which website builder to use. Squarespace was even a 2017 Webby honoree for the best visual design aesthetic and has won a few other awards.

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There is no denying that Squarespace’s templates are great. But at some point, you might feel torn as to which one to choose and that’s why we exist.

10+ Best Squarespace Templates for Artists in 2022

1. Nevins

Nevins. Image credit: Squarespace.

The first and most popular Squarespace template for portfolios is Nevins. In our opinion, it has a modern and minimalist look that still stands out.

Wouldn’t it be nice to show off your portfolio with a neat design? We’re confident that the Nevins template will allow you to highlight your work while creating a professional tone for your site. Of course, there won’t be any useless content as it ensures minimalism.

Pros Cons
➕Appeals to minimalists ➖Not suited for fancy themes
➕Neat and professional


2. Zion

Zion - Perfect Choice for Photography
Zion. Image credit: Squarespace.

We believe that the Zion template is a great choice for turning visitors into customers. From our experience, the full-screen image of the homepage creates an immediate wow moment and ensures that even if the visitor scrolls down, the photograph is still the first thing they see.

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As you move your mouse over different categories, the background image changes to represent that area on your site. It’s a great way of attracting visitors to look at what you have to offer.

We found that this template comes with two pre-designed pages: About and Contact Us. They can be helpful when you want to build your online profile, for example through photography. Visitors can get to know you or even contact you after viewing your work.

Pros Cons
➕Professional ➖Only has two pre-designed pages
➕Versatile and stylish


3. Hester

Hester - Perfect Choice for Online Stores
Hester. Image credit: Squarespace.

Hester is a modern and clean responsive template for your store that you can easily modify to suit different styles. We’ve observed that the large sections use colors to enhance the look of each product, and the bold layout ensures that visitors stay on the site.

We also found that this template features tempting CTA buttons on its homepage to help you connect with your customers right away. And it includes a list of favorite products so you can feature your favorites. With a dedicated About page and built-in blog, the Hester template is a great way to start and grow your store in just a few short steps.

From our experience, email marketing is (amazingly) the most cost-efficient marketing strategy and just one example of Squarespace’s understanding of that is the Subscribe call to action on the homepage.

Pros Cons
➕Has an items list, about page, and built-in blog ➖Not recommended for non-shopping websites
➕Colorful and lively, perfect for certain products


4. Paloma

Paloma - Perfect Choice for Blogs and Podcasts
Paloma. Image credit: Squarespace.

Designers make the image at the top of Paloma‘s homepage full-screen to make it big and bright, but we think there are other reasons why they chose this template. Your podcast can have a section for all the latest episodes, and it also has an About section so new visitors can get to know you.

We found that this template comes with a lot of features and tools – one of our favorites is the built-in blog homepage. It also includes a dedicated library for your podcast episodes. You’ll find social media icons like YouTube and Facebook, as well as a Donate button if you want to raise funds with your show.

Pros Cons
➕Perfect for podcast and blog sites ➖Private site so you need to log in to see it
➕Provides everything a podcast website needs


5. Almar 

Almar - Perfect Choice for Professional Services
Almar. Image credit: Squarespace.

In our opinion, Almar is perfect for professional services websites. Not only does it look attractive, with large banners and strips breaking up the page, but it also has plenty of features. It balances images with text and has plenty of opportunities to provide solid information to your customers.

With all of these features, plus the perfect layout, you can show your visitors that you’ve been recognized for your excellent work. Our favorite thing about this site is the membership function. It lets you book appointments online, and it even has a header banner with your business logo so you can showcase the other companies that you’ve worked with.

In its overall design, the theme is simple and bold with large image headers and text snippets. This can easily be customized either to suit a fun tone or to reflect a more serious vibe depending on the photos or colors you choose.

Pros Cons
➕Compatible for mobile and browser use ➖Limited customization option
➕Beautifully designed layout


6. Colima

Colima - Perfect Choice for Local Businesses
Colima. Image credit: Squarespace.

Colima is designed for local businesses, with features to help them build stronger relationships with clients. One great example of this is the About page, which not only explains what the business does but also outlines its philosophy and why they choose to do it.

The layout is neutral and professional, yet friendly with lots of large images and text. Testimonials and a newsletter sign-up make it clear that communication with clients is the top priority.

We really liked how Colima has a built-in map option on their Location page so you can find places to eat and drink near you with just one click. This is a very informative template! If you click on the “Book a Class” button, you’ll see all of our different class types and lesson times.

Pros Cons
➕Great for local businesses ➖Limited support for third-party apps (you need a business plan to have access to those)
➕Professional-looking layout

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7. Lusaka

Lusaka - Perfect Choice for Community and Non-Profit
Lusaka. Image credit: Squarespace.

A lot of non-profit / community websites are basically really dated and really boring to look at. Lusaka, on the other hand, does better – it has large images, plenty of white space for catching people’s attention (and for reading about your campaign), and a fresh design that looks clean & modern.

Lusaka provides informative content to visitors when they come to your website, with dedicated pages for a project you might be looking for donations from, information about the company history, a gallery of team members and their contact information, as well as blog posts. Lusaka’s content is laid out in an easy-to-navigate way with large images and large headings.

We really enjoyed the layout of Lusaka – it actually allows you to highlight your messages with text and images. You also have the chance to include a testimonial banner, as well as a contact form on the sidebar.

Pros Cons
➕Perfect for non-profit organizations ➖You have no control of the website’s loading speed
➕Clean and modern


8. Ocotillo

Ocotillo - Perfect Choice for Events
Ocotillo. Image credit: Squarespace.

Among Squarespace templates for events, Ocotillo is the best choice because it features large headings, colorful backgrounds, and big calls to action. They draw visitors’ attention and make them excited about your event.

Ocotillo makes it simple by listing the program, line-up, and ticket buying on one page. The homepage features a banner with event details and a breakdown of the dates and performers.

There is also a large “Buy Tickets” call to action near the bottom of the page. Plain and simple, the secret to Ocotillo’s success is its FAQ page. Any events website would do well to have such a feature, so make use of it!

Pros Cons
➕Has a FAQs page along with everything you need for events ➖Limited customization option
➕Colorful and vibrant backgrounds

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9. Dario

Dario - Perfect Choice for Weddings
Dario. Image credit: Squarespace.

One of the main reasons to create a website with Squarespace is because of its simplicity. With Dario as one of the best Squarespace templates for weddings, it brings an elegant, personal feel with lots of content and images spread out beautifully on screen.

Dario is a wedding-planning platform centered around these pages:

  • Homepage – display wedding details with photos and words from the couple
  • Location page – with a built-in map, plus tips on where to stay and what to do in the area
  • Venue page – with guidelines on setups and logistics
  • Timeline page – an interactive timeline of your big day
  • Guestlist page – tracking of the incoming guests
  • RSVP form – this is a must-have for any wedding website, with guests’ details and room to add their questions.

The built-in map means it’s also easier to locate the event venue!

Pros Cons
➕Includes several pages ➖Pricey
➕Elegant and personal vibe


10. Vandam

Vandam - Perfect Choice for Musicians and Bands
Vandam. Image credit: Squarespace.

The Vandam template for musicians lets you boost the promotion of your music. Featuring Soundcloud’s call to action and an in-built merch store, it can do everything you could need to take your career to the next level.

Other cool features of this template include a tour dates page and a press coverage blog – both of which can be found on the homepage. This template has a muted color palette but you can choose your own colors.

Pros Cons
➕Perfect for music or band websites ➖Limited customization options
➕Has a press coverage blog and tour page



Best Squarespace Templates For Designers 

Building your own website can be a daunting task when you’re starting out. Hence, templates are a big help in giving you the pieces you need to make a website.

The templates that are available for designers in 2024 come with incredible options for any audience. We have a huge variety in our list that can cater to almost any industry, be it for shopping, podcasts, weddings, or music. 

Our list of the best Squarespace templates can help you create the project of your clients’ dreams in no time at all.

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