10+ Best Stock Photo Websites in 2024

10+ Best Stock Photo Websites in 2024

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Whether you run a blog, post content on social media, or update content on your eCommerce store, having excellent quality images is a must to illustrate your content.

It doesn’t matter what type of project you are working on; your work will be appreciated if it has good visuals. This is why this article lists the best stock photo websites to help you out.

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You will need superior-quality photos relevant to your content in order to make your content popular easily.

It may not be practical to capture new photos whenever you work on new projects. However, you can get beautiful and eye-catching images from stock photo websites.

Stock photo websites host millions of high-quality photos that you can download for free or by paying a fee.

Here are 10+ best stock photo websites from where you can get high-quality photos for your projects.

10+ Best Stock Photo Websites in 2024

  1. Adobe Stock — (Get 10 Free Stock Images from Adobe Stock)
  2. Shutterstock
  3. iStock
  4. DepositPhotos
  5. Vecteezy
  6. Pexels
  7. Dreamstime
  8. Getty Images
  9. Stocksnap.io
  10. Unsplash
  11. Pixabay
  12. EyeEm
  13. Bigstock
  14. 123RF
  15. PikWizard

What Is the Best Stock Photo Website?

Adobe Stock is the best stock photo website to use because it has Creative Cloud integration and can be used with Photoshop. The site has over 1 million free photos and provides excellent quality images in different categories.

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10+ Best Stock Photo and Royalty Free Image Websites

1. Adobe Stock 

Adobe Stock 

Image Pricing: Free 10 images | $0.27 – $8.00 per image | $50 per month| $200 per year

Adobe Stock is on the top of the list for because it is a superb choice for graphic designers and creatives. This platform is compatible with Adobe applications and lets users match photos with their designs before purchasing. The website has various paid plans to suit the requirements of different users.

The overall price of photos on this website can vary from free to $8.00 with most ranging around $5 per photo. You can buy photos from this website with an on-demand plan or a subscription plan. It makes sure that you get the best quality photos that suit your designs. It contains more than 263 million royalty-free photos.


2. Shutterstock 

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Pricing: Free 10 images | $0.22 – $14.50 per image | $125 per month | $979 per year

Shutterstock is a premium platform for stock photos with more than 360 million images in different categories. It adds 200,000 photos every day collected from its contributors. All photos on this website are the best in quality and are suitable for a variety of purposes.

It has superb images, videos, vectors, etc. The cost per image on Shutterstock ranges between $0.22 and $14.50. It offers images under royalty-free licenses and other licenses.

This stock website is ideal for projects which can automatically scan videos for copyrighted backing tracks and footage. It has superb images, videos, vectors, illustrations, and more. This website is compatible with iOS apps and is user-friendly, which allows you to share content on relevant media directly. The cost per image on Shutterstock ranges between $0.22 and $14.50. It offers images under royalty-free licenses and other licenses.


3. iStock 


Pricing: $0.22 – $7.00 per image | $29 per month | $199 per year | $8 per image under on-demand plan

iStock is a premium platform for stock photos, and it hosts over 140 million photos. It has superior quality photos, vectors, audio, videos, and illustrations to meet the needs of different users. It has subscription plans and on-demand plans to let you select the right one for you. iStock doesn’t have a free trial, but you can download some free stock photos every week if you are a registered user.


5. DepositPhotos

DepositPhotosPricing: $0.27 – $1 per image under subscription plan | $3 – $14 under on-demand plan | $10 per month | $100 per year

DepositPhotos is an outstanding option for small businesses and bloggers. It hosts more than 186 million resources, including stock photos, videos, illustrations, and vectors. If you are looking for quality photos for your eCommerce store, DepositPhotos is a perfect choice.

This website has both subscription and on-demand plans to choose from. Also, it has different plans for individuals and companies. The website offers a 7-day free trial and allows you to download watermarked photos to test with your designs to see if they are a perfect match.


6. Vecteezy


Pricing: Free images | Monthly subscription price $14 | Yearly subscription price $108

When it comes to free stock photos, Vecteezy is worth mentioning. It is the choice of many designers worldwide because the website offers millions of resources for free and at an affordable rate. Vecteezy has monthly and yearly subscription plans. The monthly plan charges $14 per month, while the yearly plan charges $9 per month.

The website provides various resources such as stock photos, videos, vectors, and illustrations to help designers with their works. Vecteezy’s free plan doesn’t give access to all resources, but you can opt for the paid plans because they are affordable.


6. Pexels 


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Pricing: Free stock photos

If you are looking for free stock photos, Pexels is an excellent choice for you. This website offers a huge collection of stock photos in various categories for free. Therefore, you can get the right image for your project with ease. The platform is very easy to use and provides you with good-looking photos for free.


7. Dreamstime 


Pricing: Free 15 images | $0.20 to $5.00 per image | Credit Pack – $8 per image

Dreamstime is one of the most affordable websites for stock images. It offers stock photos as low as $0.158 per piece. The price of an individual image on this platform can go up to $5.00. Many content creators and small businesses prefer this site for stock photos because of its lowest price. It has various subscription and on-demand plans from which you can select the suitable one for you.


8. Getty Images 

Getty Images

Pricing: $175 for a small single download | $499 for a large image | 5 pack plan costs $150 per download | 10 pack plan costs $425 per download

Getty Images hosts premium stock images in different categories and provides photos under a rights-managed license. So, you can use the photos purchased from this platform for various purposes as per your needs. But this license is expensive compared to a royalty-free license. It is one of the renowned websites all over the world. Getty Images doesn’t have a free trial.


9. Stocksnap.io

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Pricing: Free

This website contains thousands of stock images from different categories. You can get quality photos on different topics from this platform, depending on your needs.

Stocksnap.io has some unique search features that help you get the perfect photo according to your needs. New resources are added to this website every week, so you will not be disappointed with the content whenever you visit this site.


10. Unsplash 


Pricing: Free

Unsplash is a good platform to get free stock photos for your projects. This website has unique content that you can’t find on any other platform. These photos come under a Creative Common Zero license and allow you to edit, modify, and use them for various purposes with no hassle.


11. Pixabay 


Pricing: Free

Pixabay is another excellent option to get free stock photos in different categories. It contains more than 2.5 million photos that are completely free to use.

The website has a simple design so you can search and find your needed photo with ease. It has images, vectors, and illustrations so you can get desired items efficiently.


12. EyeEm 


Pricing: $ 4.50 to $9 per image under essential plan | $9 to $18 per image under premium plan | Essential 10 photo pack costs $79 per image | Premium 10 photo pack costs $279 per photo

EyeEm is an exclusive stock image and photography website that hosts premium content in various categories. This plat has a large community that exchanges its photos on this platform.

So, most of the photos on this platform are uploaded by users, and you can buy any image with its rights. After buying images, you can use them the way you want.


13. Bigstock


Pricing: 7-day free trial | $0.33 – $2.76 per month | $79 per month for daily 5 images or 50 images per month | $99 per month for daily 10 images

Bigstock has an easy-to-use platform to let you select the perfect photo for your project. It has images in different categories so you can easily find what you are looking for. The website has more than 115 million royalty-free photos and videos.

This platform is supported by many creative photographers from all over the world. It provides eye-catching visuals in multiple categories.


14. 123RF


Pricing: $0.48 – $9 per image | Download pack price ranges from $27 to $299 per month | Credit packs price varies from $47 to $900 per month | Subscription plan costs $30 to $169 per month

123RF is an outstanding stock photo website that provides content under a royalty-free license. Many companies use this platform because of its quality content and graphic design platform.

It is integrated into Designs.ai, which is an artificial intelligence-based graphic design platform. This website offers subscription plans and on-demand plans.


15. PikWizard


Pricing: Free | Price for Design Wizard image editor $9.99 – $49.99

PikWizard is a popular platform for free stock images, and its library has more than 1 million images. The website is known for providing quality images for free. One unique thing about PikWizard is that it has an online image editor named Design Wizard.

This online editor allows you to modify and adjust the image according to your requirements. It has monthly and yearly subscription plans and comes with free trial options.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we use stock website photos?

You can use the content from stock websites everywhere, such as for published content, marketing content, website, business, campaigning, and everywhere else for plenty of cases.

The curated collection of images, videos, and other illustrations is beneficial for all businesses in both time and money.

What are stock websites?

Stock websites are websites that have like images, videos, illustrations, and other forms of media which are quickly and easily retrievable. You can download any of these images for free or for a fee, and businesses can use them commercially. However, if you want to use stock photos, you should be aware of the crediting and licensing rules cited on the website.

Is it possible to use stock photos on my website?

Yes, you can use stock images on your websites until they are labeled for commercial use. You can also use them for marketing and advertising, branding, and more.

Is it ok to use stock images without permission?

Unless the images have copyright protection, you can use them if at all they have copyright protection, no one can use the images without permission.

Can we use stock images without paying for them?

No, you cannot use copyright infringement. There are possible monetary damages, lawsuits, legal fees, and even criminal charges if you violate copyright laws.


Best Stock Photo Websites Summary

This article includes most stock photo websites that are popular in the market. Hopefully, you will get a suitable website from this article to find images for your projects.

If you are a beginner or have a low budget, you can choose websites that offer free stock photos.

But some websites also provide quality photos at an affordable rate that you can consider if you have a small budget.

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