20+ Best Superhero Fonts for Heroic Designs

20+ Best Superhero Fonts for Heroic Designs

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There is a different craze for superheroes, whether it is a movie, TV shows, or anything else. People just love these fictional characters because of their ability to handle difficult situations. The bravery they show in times of danger makes them popular among people. 

People get inspired and motivated by these characters because they make them believe that they can do great things. If you want to make your designs look aesthetically great and eye-catching, you can use the best superhero fonts in your designs. 

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Here we have a list of the 20 best superhero fonts that you can use in your designs from time to time to make attractive designs. 

20+ Best Superhero Fonts for Heroic Designs

  1. Buzinga – Comic Layered Font 
  2. Super Hero – Unique Display Font
  3. Best Friends Comic Font 
  4. Shine Font 
  5. Space Adventure 
  6. Shutter Speed 
  7. DS Lateman Font 
  8. Totally Rad – Retro Font 
  9. Holen Vintage Typeface 
  10. Freich Font 
  11. CA Kometo 
  12. Sailing Club – Nostalgic Serif Typeface 
  13. Heroid Font 
  14. Lava Lamp Font 
  15. Hockeynight Sans Font 
  16. Headline Speed Font 
  17. Hello Little Monsta 
  18. Boston – Baseball Script Font 
  19. Genty – Bold Rounded Typeface 
  20. Sidemore – Organic Sans & Extras 

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20+ Best Superhero Fonts for Heroic Designs


Buzinga – Comic Layered Font

Buzinga is a new style of comic font inspired by Sheldon Favorite Jokes Word. This layered style font can be combined with other layered fonts to create a unique design. You can add a comical feel to your designs by using this font. Because of PUA encoded characters, you can easily access all features of this font. 

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Super Hero – Unique Display Font

Super Hero is a new display font that is designed for headlines, posters, titles, and other typography needs. You can use this superhero font to make your creative works look aesthetically appealing. 

It comes with extra ligatures so that you will have more options to design your projects. This font will add a new style to your titles and headlines and give a modern feel. You will get this font in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats. 


Best Friends Comic Font 

Best Friends is a unique comic book style font that can be used in various designs. You can use this stylish font for any design wherever you feel it will suit. It is available in regular and Webfont versions, so you will get maximum freedom while using this font. 


Shine Font

Shine is a gorgeous and colorful superhero font that comes with 3D letters. This font has a comical feel and lets you make your designs look different than others. The colorful alphabets have a 12-degree skew and give a unique feel to every designer. 

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Space Adventure

Space Adventure is an adventurous font and is fully editable. It can be used for commercial and personal projects with ease. The font file has every feature you need and enables you to use it in different projects with no hassle. The alphabets have a unique design and suit different types of projects. 


Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed is a retro comic font with a simple and sweet look. This font adds a unique charm to any design, making it look different than others. You will surely get a unique feel by using this font in your designs. 

It comes in TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats, so you can use it for various purposes easily. This font includes all characters and comes with symbols, punctuations, numbers, alternates, and ligatures. It supports multiple languages, so you can use it for different designs with ease. 


DS Lateman Font 

Lateman is a good-looking font and adds a friendly feel to any design project. The letters of this font look natural and are easy to read. It has only uppercase letters that look cool on any design. The Lateman font was designed for superhero movie titles. It is an excellent option for movie titles, animations, war, superheroes, comic designs, and more. 

It is available in OTF and TTF formats and includes standard uppercase glyphs. Also, this font supports multiple languages and works well on PC and Mac. 

Totally Rad – Retro Font 

Totally Rad is a stylish font with bold and curvy letters. This font is suitable for retro and vintage designs. You can use it for branding, books, posters, labels, invitations, packaging, and others. It comes in OTF and TTF formats, so you can use it for different designs with ease. 


Holen Vintage Typeface 

Holen vintage is a classy typeface that has a combination of modern serif and classic serif style writing. The characters are bold and have curves, so they offer a traditional and luxurious vibe. 

This font is suitable for wedding designs, social media posts, invitations, advertisements, logos, packaging, labels, stationery designs, etc. It is available in four styles, namely regular, outline, gradient, and extrude. The font has PUA encoded characters, ligatures, and alternates that allow you to create various designs. 

Freich Font 

Freich is a bold and strong font that is an excellent option for vintage designs. This font is available in three versions, and those are Regular, Inline, and Fill. These styles are available in OTF and TTF formats. The font supports multiple languages and includes 327 glyphs.


CA Kometo 

Ca Kometo is a modern font that is suitable for headlines, titles, and other designs. It is a superhero typeface and features some superhero powers such as Shadow and Imperfections. This font comes in two styles, namely regular and fill. It supports multiple languages and lets you use it for various projects with ease. 

Sailing Club – Nostalgic Serif Typeface

Sailing Club is the latest nostalgic serif font that you can use for various vintage designs. This font is available in regular and italic versions, so you can create different designs as per your needs. It has uppercase and lowercase letters and all basic features to meet different design needs. You can use this font for logos, quotes, headers, advertisements, posters, invitations, etc.              


Heroid Font 

Heroid is a bold and strong font that can be used for various designs. It supports a wide range of languages, so people from any country can use this font efficiently. The letters are so simple and unique that you will get a different feel by using this font. You will get this font in OTF format.  


Lava Lamp Font

Lava Lamp is a bold-lettered handwritten font that can be used for clothing designs, posters, branding, stickers, wall art, etc. This font is suitable for any design where you want to add a powerful touch. The font comes in OTF and TTF formats and is easy to install on PC and Mac.

Hockeynight Sans Font

Hockeynight sans is a good-looking and stylish font with simple letters. The characters have rounded corners and look bold. This font comes in 7 weights, and each of them is available in italics. You can make any design stand out with the help of this mind-blowing superhero font. This font is a great option for posters, advertisements, clothing designing, etc. 


Headline Speed Font 

The Headline Speed font comes with bold characters and has a charming look. It is easy to read and is a perfect option for headlines, sports events, posters, logos, and monogram designs. This font comes in OTF format and has only uppercase letters. It also includes some ligatures for making superb designs. 


Hello Little Monsta

Hello Little Monsta is a cute and playful font that can be used for fun projects. You can use this font for story books, birthday invitations, birthday decorations, and other designs dedicated to kids. This font will make you more creative and let you design gorgeous projects. This beautiful font is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. 


Boston – Baseball Script Font 

Boston is a new script font that comes with uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and a set of punctuations. Also, there are stylistic sets, ligatures, and alternate characters to let you make attractive artwork. 

This script font is available in four styles and those are regular, Extrude One, Extrude Two, and Extrude Three. All styles of this font are available in OTF and TTF formats. Also, there are swashes for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 numbers. 


Genty – Bold Rounded Typeface 

Genty is a bold and curvy typeface that is carefully designed to suit different design needs. This typeface has a combination of two fonts, and those are Budge and Glow. It is a versatile, fun, and vibrant font that gives a superior look. 

This font has many OpenType features, beautiful swashes, alternates, stylistic sets, ligatures, and many other beautiful features to allow you to add elegance to your designs. It also has font pair sans serif to meet your design needs. 


Sidemore – Organic Sans & Extras 

Sidemore is a classic vintage font that is inspired by vintage-style writing. It is an organic sans serif font and comes with an extra illustration. This font is suitable for any design where you want to add a vintage essence. 

The Sidemore font can be used for T-shirts, branding, logos, posters, quotes, packaging, and other purposes. It supports multiple languages and has PUA encoded characters for ease of use. The font comes in OTF and TTF formats, and the hand-drawn illustrations come in AI and EPS formats. 



20+ Best Superhero Fonts for Heroic Designs         

Superhero fonts have a unique and elegant look that makes them the perfect option for a variety of designs. They are mind-blowing, and you can use them to give a stylish look to your designs. So, you can consider the superhero fonts listed in this article for your upcoming designs.  

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