10+ Best T-Shirt Design Software in 2024 (July)

10+ Best T-Shirt Design Software in 2024 (July)

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Want to design your own t-shirts? We’ve reviewed the best T-shirt design software so you can start creating today!

As styles are evolving day by day, people are curious to learn how to search for new trends in the fashion world. This might be easily influenced by a lot of factors such as movies or events.

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One of the trends that revolve around is designed T-shirts. Even though it is a means of branding, people find joy in wearing designed T-shirts. The designs might be inspired from brands, movie dialogues, celebrity images, events, and many more. In addition to these, people also use this trend for campaigns or protests.

Now it has become a simpler and easier process to design shirts and customize them as per your needs through different software. Here is the best software for you to design your own T-shirts.

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10+ Top Software for Designing T-Shirts

  1. Adobe Illustrator — Best T-shirt design software for professionals (Editor’s Choice)
  2. CanvaBest T-shirt design software for beginners (Editor’s Choice)
  3. CorelDRAWBest T-shirt design software with templates & fonts 
  4. Placeit Best T-shirt design software for creating tshirt mockups 
  5. Rush Order Tees — Best online t-shirt design software
  6. Adobe Photoshop — Best software for T-shirt designs with photo editing
  7. Snaptee at snaptee.co — Best T-shirt design software mobile compatibility
  8. DesignAShirt — Best budget-friendly t-shirt design software
  9. GIMP — Best free T-shirt design tool 
  10. Graffix Pro Studio — Best user-friendly T-shirt design software


10+ Best T-Shirt Design Software in 2024

1. Adobe Illustrator (Editor’s Choice)

adobe illustrator

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Best T-shirt design software for professionals 

As a professional, there is no need to look any further for the best T-shirt design software as Adobe Illustrator is the best choice for professionals.

This vector-based software will help you with scaling up your text, images, and logos accurately so your t-shirts look crisp.

Without compromising on the quality of the design, the graphics software will help you with screen printing, embroidery printing, and more on your T-shirts as per your needs. As it is versatile for many users, you can easily import files like templates from other sites.

Since the T-shirt design software is meant for professionals, it can be hard for beginners to work on. Even though it provides online tutorials, it has a steeper learning curve than other options on our list.

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But overall, this is the industry standard when it comes to creating unique t-shirt designs due to its powerful features.



➕ Best for business ➖ Expensive
➕ Versatile for professionals ➖ Steeper learning curve
➕ High-quality designs


2. Canva (Editor’s Choice)


Best T-shirt design software for beginners 

Considering the vast array of features, Canva is a great choice for t-shirt design – especially for beginners.

It offers a near infinite number of customizable T-shirt templates and is intuitive to use. Canva is free to use but for premium features, it has a subscription price of $9.99/m.

Canva offers a wide range of free images, graphics, and icons so you can plan your design accordingly. Featuring a real-time collaboration, you can work with your team together on the same page. As it is compatible with almost all devices, you can easily share and export your files.

Canva has a library of 3,000 fonts including both free and premium ones. In addition to all these characteristics, the software will also offer you an impressive brand kit. Through this kit, you can work to create the best visuals for branding, t-shirts and more.



➕ User-friendly, great for beginners ➖ Difficult to handle a lot of assignments
➕ Offers a great library of fonts and templates
➕ Real time collaboration feature


3. CorelDRAW


Best T-shirt design software with templates & fonts 

Are you searching for software that is capable of creating unique designs? CorelDraw is a great solution. It offers a wide range of fonts and templates, so the software will also help you in creating complex graphics.

Along with 7,000 clip art images, the software will give you high-resolution images and user-friendly templates. Through the variety of typeface colors, the software has the ability to create live visuals. Features like collaboration will help you work with different people from different places.



➕ User-friendly process in T-shirt design ➖ Lacks great navigation
➕ Best for complex graphics
➕ Flexibility in purchasing


4. PlaceIt


Best T-shirt design software for creating t-shirt mockups 

For presenting your t-shirt ideas and designs in the best way PlaceIt is a great solution. Despite some limitations of fonts and customization features, you can go for PlaceIt considering its many advantages.

Giving the best mockup generators, the software has the ability of giving life to your designs. Offering a lot of templates, the software can be used not only for T-shirts but also for other products. Based on each template, the software gives a specified selection of graphics.

As it is easy to use, the software will help you to work on your process and achieve results in a faster process. With great flexibility, you can use this software for video creations, logos, and can also work for graphic designing. You may also want to see our post on the best t-shirt mockup templates.



➕ Unlimited monthly and annual subscriptions ➖ Limited font types
➕ User-friendly
➕ Best for customizable videos and free mockups


5. Rush Order Tees

rush order tees

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The best online T-shirt design software

Are you looking for custom T-shirt design software that can give faster results? Rush Order Tees will be a great solution for you. It offers a wide range of customizing features so you can create the best designs out of this software.

Here, you can choose the right colors and styles for your T-shirts from a variety of options. With less time and effort, the software will help you in adding texts and graphics to your T-shirt designs.

With over 50,000 clipart images, the software allows you complete flexibility in creating unique designs for your T-shirts. As it is easy to use, it will be best for both beginners to professionals.



➕ Accurate process ➖ Lacks continuous availability of customer service
➕ Ease to use software
➕ Flexibility in choosing or uploading images.


6. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop

Best software for T-shirt designs with photo editing

Are you looking for an easier-to-use software compared to Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Photoshop is the best solution. Even though it doesn’t work as well with vectors like Adobe Illustrator, you can pick it to contribute your creativity to the T-shirts.

Providing a lot of templates, Adobe Photoshop will allow you to add images to your T-shirts even though you might find it not ideal for adding graphical illustrations, creating logos, etc. The software will also help you in creating simple designs with textures, and graphic effects along with the images.

If you are a beginner, you can also check our Photoshop tutorials.



➕ Offers versatility in files ➖ Not a good fit for advanced design creations
➕ Accurate and fast editing process
➕ Also provides tutorials

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7. Snaptee


Best T-shirt design software compatible to mobile 

Are you searching for software that is easy to use through mobile? No doubt, you can go for Snaptee. It is supportive of both iOS and Android mobiles, and the software is best for choosing the right templates for your designs.

With a proper plan and idea for a T-shirt, you can select the right styles and layout suitable for your T-shirts. Even though you might take a bit of time to get used to the software’s interface, Snaptee will be a good pick for simple designs.



➕ Compatible with mobile ➖ Some might find hard to search for designs
➕ Allows sharing designs
➕ Also provides tutorials


8. DesignAShirt


Best budget friendly design software

Providing a great space for printing and T-shirt design services, this will be a good choice offered at a budget-friendly price. With a simple interface, you can easily create designs without having any experience in the design process.

Through this software, you can easily choose colors, and styles, customize effects, and many more. Along with the T-shirt designing, the software also allows you to work on caps, polos, hoodies, etc. at an affordable price.



➕ Easy to learn and work on ➖ Designs may lead to small size in shirts
➕ Budget-friendly
➕ Great and flexible options




Best free T-shirt design tool 

As a perfect alternative to Adobe Photoshop, you can choose it for beginner to professional purposes at an affordable price. It provides free templates, so you can easily work on designing T-shirts and other graphic tasks.

It offers a wide range of customizing features, the software will allow you to edit the texts, layouts, images and more. As a raster graphic editor, you can even work by adding plugins and other additional extensions.

As it is easy to use and navigate, GIMP can be a perfect alternative for other software.



➕ Best for professional tasks ➖ Not an easy interface
➕ Provides tutorials
➕ Flexible options in templates


10. Graffix Pro Studio

Graffix Pro Studio
Graffix Pro Studio

Best user-friendly T-shirt design software

Incorporating it into our list of the best t-shirt design software was influenced by its user-friendly nature and how comfortably we can work with it, even for beginners. Graffix Pro Studio enables the creation of stylish t-shirt designs, well-suited for the process of T-shirt printing.

Additionally, it offers an extensive library of templates and a selection of more than 45 fonts, streamlining our design process further.

However, it’s worth noting that GraffixPro Studio does come with a few drawbacks. The pricing might be a concern, and there are some limitations in terms of available fonts and templates, which could potentially impact our design workflow.



➕User-friendly for beginners ➖ Pricing could be a concern
➕ Large library of templates available ➖Limited options for fonts and templates
➕ Choice of over 45 fonts for design versatility


T-shirt Design Tips

Before moving on to t-shirt designing software, let’s look at some tips for designing T-shirts.

  1. Research and take inspiration from other designed T-shirts
  2. Choose a core concept for designing T-shirts
  3. Picture your design on the T-shirt
  4. Use the right T-shirt design software in order to plan and create the design
  5. Pick up the right color for your design and T-shirts
  6. Work it on an efficient printer


Best T-Shirt Design Software Summary

If you are expecting great and high-quality results in designing T-shirts, it’s better to understand each software.

Based on their characteristics and features, you can choose the right one that will suit your designs and plans.  The t-shirt design software mentioned here will be a good fit for beginners to professionals.

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