Top 20 Best Tech Fonts (Sci-Fi, Hi-Tech, Futuristic & Techno)

Top 20 Best Tech Fonts (Sci-Fi, Hi-Tech, Futuristic & Techno)

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Looking for some hi-tech, techno or futuristic fonts for your next design project? These really can add a new layer of uniqueness to your projects. However, selecting just the right font for your project can get a bit complicated with all of the options out there.

To help, we wanted to cut through the clutter and provide you with what we believe are the best techno and sci-fi fonts. With any of the options on our list, you’ll be saying “Beam me up Scotty” and adding a new level of flair, excitement, and professionalism to your work – perfect for graphic design, branding & logo design.

If you’re ready, let’s get going! Here are the best tech fonts online!

Top 20 Best Sci-Fi, Hi-Tech, Futuristic & Techno Fonts (Free & Premium)

There are so many different options out there if you are looking to add techno or sci-fi ambience to your latest project. While having so many options is a good thing, it can also have a downside. While there were many others we fell in love with, these are the 20 best tech fonts, perfect for technology & sci-fi projects.

Bonus – Top 5 Futuristic Tech Effect & Element Packs


Best High Tech Fonts

Download all the High Tech Fonts you need and many other design elements, available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock effect & element packs too)!

Top 20 Free Futuristic Sci-Fi & High Tech Fonts

Let’s jump in to these top tech fonts!

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Blackpast – Futuristic Logo Font

Blackpast Futuristic Logo Font

Belonging to the sans-serif font family, the Blackpast font has normal spacing and is an ideal choice for making your design look modern and futuristic. Available in uppercase and lowercase characters, the font can be optimized in both normal text and larger display settings. If you are looking for a perfect font for designing a futuristic logo, then you should check out this font.


QUINT – High Tech Font


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A Techno & new-age design-inspired font, QUINT is perfect for creative projects like branding, displays, marketing, headlines, and more. An all-caps typeface font, QUINT is available with normal and bold weights, plus additional outlines for both, this font can uplift the creative aspect of your designs.


Invasible Modern Typeface

Invasible Modern Typeface

Ideal for titles, magazine headlines, flyers, posters, or even neon installations, the Invasible futuristic font gets its inspiration from sci-fi movies. Designed by Arterfak Project, it is a great font for modest themes like pop art, sci-fi, techno, and calmly-futuristic designs, among others.

The font comes with more than 300 glyphs, and this exquisitely fashioned font comes in 2 different styles – inline and normal style. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator Version CS5, or higher, and Adobe Photoshop CS5, or higher versions.


Auranouva – Techno Font

Auranouva Techno Font

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Inspired by futurist aesthetics, Auranouva is a hi-fi techno font. A classy variety of the sans-serif family, Auranouva combines the style of condensed with handwritten typefaces. Designed with consistent spacing in mind, it is apt for a diverse variety of uses. With Auranouva font, you can create a good contrast. Perfect for sci-fi projects, gaming, posters, techno, and more, the Auranouva font can add that futuristic feel you’re going for.



Perfect for logotypes, Brolink can give your artwork and designs a modern look or a sci-fi vibe. One of the most popular choices when it comes to wide bold-based fonts, if you’re planning to use this font for logos, we recommend experimenting with uppercase and lowercase as it will make your logo more readable.




Part of the sans-serif font family, Exarros gets its inspiration from futuristic and geometric elements and yet manifests itself as a modern design. With normal spacing, Exarros is ideal for product designs, logotypes, watermarks, social media posts, labels, signboards, special events, sports clubs, and much more. Consisting of four font families with futuristic caps, which provides the pack with more variable options. The font comes with glyph styles along with specified designs. Exarros is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign, or CorelDraw.




Galactus, designed by Eric_Burntilldead, is a wide and clean-looking font and is perfect for sci-fi logos. A great font for jersey designs, aerospace games, esports logos, automotive logos, and much more, the font comes in three weights: Bold, Medium, and Thin. Each weight comes with an italic version as well. If you’re looking for a great font for your next project or sci-fi logos, take a serious look at Galactus.




With its unique graphic style, Chipen is a futuristic font that can do wonders for your sci-fi creative projects. Packed with four styles – regular, expanded, regular italic, and expanded italic, Chipen is designed to have stripes in the middle, giving it a sporty look. With its round cube cut and bold designs, Chipen is well-suited for technology, modern, and sci-fi-themed art projects. The font comes with lowercase ligatures making it perfect for creating logos. This is a great font if you are covering different eras in your sci-fi artwork.



TINGEE Intergalactic Font

TINGEE is a classy addition to the sans-serif family. A perfect fusion of futuristic design and slice style, TINGEE was designed to add a touch of modern vibe to creative projects. The font can optimize itself in larger display settings which makes it suitable for displays and posters. The long vertical style and normal spacing make it the perfect choice for space, modern technology, high-end article headlines, and digital-related projects. TINGEE adds a modern vibe to your projects.




Alfobes is an excellent addition to the handcrafted typeface design varieties that were inspired by futuristic and space-like design concepts. Optimized in both normal text and larger display settings, Alfobes comes with alphabets, numerals, and punctuations, including many alternate ligatures. This normally spaced bold and modern font can provide a futuristic vibe for any of your projects.




A perfect mix of modern and retro styles, the Nebula font by the Artifex Forge is perfect for projects such as retro-themed sci-fi games, magazines, videos, and a lot more. The design of this font gives it a simple, yet stylized look. Known as a fast style among creative professionals,  it makes images look as if they’re in motion. Nebula can also be used in creating eye-catching icons and illustrations.


Techno Space

Techno Space Futuristic Font

Techno Space is a futuristic typeface, perfect for portraying modern technology, space themes, movies, logos, or any text styles overlaying on background images. Belonging to the Sans-Serif family, Techno Space can optimize itself in both normal text and larger display settings. Available in uppercase and lowercase letters, plus with numbers and punctuations, the fonts come with all of the basic glyphs that you can use in your work.



PANNIC Sans Techno Modern Urban Font

PANNIC  is a modern typeface that has been elegantly fashioned to have a bold appearance. A normally spaced font that is optimized to work at any size. Perfect for designing book covers, magazines, logos, invitations, and film posters, PANNIC finds itself a great choice for a diverse variety of uses. With this font, you can create incredible designs for your projects.



Vortex Technology Scifi Future Font

A unique typeface with normal spacing Vortex is available in three weights – Thin, Bold, and Black. With excellent space utilization features, the typeface gives off a trendy and creative vibe. If you’re looking for a perfect font for designing androids, hi-tech, future, virtual reality, space, army, games, then you should check out this font.




Designed by Linecreative, Netron is a futuristic typeface, that is perfect for portraying simple and artistic designs without eating up space. The typeface displays a trendy and creative vibe. Netron covers a wide possible range of uses with specified designs for uppercase, lowercase, ligatures, and stylistic alternatives. The alternative features are compatible with professional design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape.




With its robust and classic appearance and multilingual support, Futrons is an appropriate choice for any modern or sci-fi project. You can use it conveniently in movie posters set in space or the future. Covering the entire spectrum of uppercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and non-English characters, Futrons fits perfectly in almost every creative design.



Proxon Sans Serif Modern Font

Proxon, inspired by sci-fi and technology, is best for scenario branding, marketing, and technology designs. The typeface has normal spacing and is ideal for sci-fi designs, headlines, and display design pieces as well as short-length text blocks. Developed with a modern and futuristic appeal, the structure of Proxon gives off a trendy vibe.



DAVINCI Fonts Modern Sans

An elegant addition to the handcrafted typeface design varieties of the sans-serif family, Davinci is available in normal spacing and is a perfect fit for futuristic designs. Apart from alphabets and numerals, the font contains a wide range of punctuations. Optimized in both normal and larger display text, the Davinci font is best suited for posters, web designs, branding, illustrations, badges, and more.



Galapagos Modern Font

Inspired by sci-fi and technology, the Galapagos font can add beauty, luxury, and serenity to your projects. Part of the sans-serif family, it is perfectly suited for creating fashionable and bold designs such as titles, logos, branding, posters, headlines, and display purposes. Galapagos has a modern feel that makes it stand out in any project you use it with.


Digitechno Digitechno Futuristic Display

Digitechno is a unique font inspired by modern, digital, technology, and futuristic typefaces. If you’re looking for a font to design logos, covers, posters, branding, UI, and titles, then you should check out Digitechno. The font covers a wide range of characters with options for uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations, symbols, and alternatives. With its robust appearance and multilingual support, Digitechno is an appropriate choice for any digital or tech project.

★ Bonus – Top 5 Futuristic Effect & Element Packs ★

Futuristic UI Kit

Futuristic UI Kit

Futuristic UI Kit, designed by Samolevsky, is a futuristic design element set with a collection of UI elements to give your projects a sci-fi appeal. With this set, you can create data displays, realistic dashboards, and UI screens arranged with lots of intricate details. With a collection of beautifully designed abstract shapes, targets, and logos; circular items like complex and simple circles, radial elements, and spheres, digital infographic charts, equalizers, data visualization elements, and much more.

Whether you want to work on the futuristic user interface, motion graphics, broadcast design, sci-fi movie, high-tech brand identity, or any other design – the Futuristic UI kit is the best option and fits perfectly in almost every creative design, as it includes 200 design elements, with adequate variations to fit any project.


Hologlyph Action: Hologram Glitch Effect

Hologlyph Action Hologram Glitch Effect

With Hologlyph Action: Hologram Glitch Effect set by Twinbrush, you can create digital glitch effects that push the borders, as well as mimic futuristic hologram and digital display effects with minimal effort and also includes specifically developed displacement and anaglyph effects. Another exciting feature of this photoshop action set is that it comes with a wide range of color options via preset output results and adjustment layers, and the results can be customized using smart filters.


Lunar Landscapes Kit

Lunar Landscapes Kit

Drawing inspiration from the surface of the Moon, the Lunar Landscapes Kit, designed by MiksKS is ideal for creating landscapes easily in 3D software as well as creating alien planet landscapes for your sci-fi projects and also includes 20 landscape folders, each folder containing 2 maps that draw inspiration from the surface of the Moon, using craters, rocks, and general aspects of the Moon. It also includes a series of planet surface textures that can be used in the backgrounds of 2D projects.


Descending – Glitch Design Elements

Descending Glitch Design Elements

This set of design elements is inspired by cyberspace, glitch art, and sci-fi; and contains about 30 creative elements useful for creating amazing wallpapers, posters, and more. The Descending – Glitch Design Elements kit provides you with abstract tech circles and frames, squares, triangles, dripping borders, glitch textures/patterns, and lines.

It is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3 or newer. EPS10 file formats can be opened with Adobe Illustrator or with newer versions, while JPEG and PNG files will work with any photo editing software.


Alien Planet Texture Pack

Alien Planet Texture Pack

If you want to create incredible sci-fi sky and landscape effects then, Alien Planet Texture Pack is the ideal pack for you. This set comes with an immense collection of 70 outwardly ethereal rock textures. Consisting of constructed repeat patterns, which are best suited for backgrounds, web patterns, packaging, social media banners, etc. The textures included in this pack are saved as Bitmap TIF and PNG files,  small and large halftones textures, and much more. It is compatible with Adobe Illustrator Version CS5, or higher, and Adobe Photoshop CS5, or higher versions.


20 Best High Tech Fonts Fonts (Free & Paid)

Picking the right font for your project can have many things to consider. From the look and the feel of the font to how the font matches with others, where it will be utilized, and more. As such, it’s necessary and important that your toolbox has a broad variety of fonts and typefaces. Our list of the 20 Best Techno & Sci-Fi Fonts (Free & Paid) comes with a distinct look and feel that are suitable for just about any project that you have in mind.

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