20+ Best Tribal Fonts for Cultural Designs

20+ Best Tribal Fonts for Cultural Designs

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Every font has its own unique characteristics, and that is what improves its significance and makes it different from others. This is where being choosy is an option for graphic designers to get the perfect fonts for their designs.

If you want to add an aesthetic cultural feel to your designs using typography, you must use some gorgeous tribal fonts.

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Their decorative design, handcrafted textures, stylish strokes, and pleasing look make them the best for use in different designs. Tribal fonts are great for invitations, book covers, geometric designs, branding, social media, and various other purposes.

They add unique creativity to your artwork and uplift your design results. So go through this list of the 15 best tribal fonts to get more possibilities while designing the artwork.

Top 10+ Best Tribal Fonts for Cultural Designs

  1. Matiska Tribal
  2. Tribal Font
  3. Mjolnir – Nordic Tribal Font
  4. Tikiland – Fun Unique Display Font
  5. Afolkalips Font
  6. Ancient Totem – Ethnic Tribal Font
  7. Buick
  8. Wild Dreams Display Font
  9. Folk – Modern Minimalist Tribal Font
  10. Solaries – Tribal Font Family

For the complete list, scroll on!

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20+ Best Tribal Fonts for Innovative Designs

1. Matiska Tribal


Matiska tribal is an attractive font with unique characteristics. It is inspired by tribes in Indonesia. The font has a completely different look and is ideal for various design projects such as logos, monograms, clothing design, posters, tattoo studios, etc.


2. Tribal Font

tribal font

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The Tribal font combines the styles of blackletter and script to give a sophisticated look. This font is great for tattoos, shirt design, branding, posters, and more. It comes in OTF and TTF formats and includes numbers, punctuations, uppercase & lowercase letters, and alternate characters.

You can access the beautiful swashes of this font through different design programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Corel Draw. Also see our best tattoo fonts feature.


3. Mjolnir – Nordic Tribal Font


Mjolnir is a stylish font inspired by the Nordic runes and the Viking era. This font is designed to use in various design projects such as posters, logos, titles, headlines, flyers, and more. It is a perfect option for designs that need a combined effect of geometric and tribal styles. The font comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. Also see our Viking fonts feature.


4. Tikiland – Fun Unique Display Font


Tikiland is a stylish display typeface that comes with unique characteristics. It is suitable for packaging, posters, branding, labels, social media, merchandise, greeting cards, and more. The font includes numbers, uppercase & lowercase letters, symbols, and punctuations. Also see our best Hawaiian fonts feature.


5. Afolkalips Font


Afolkalips is an all-caps tribal display font that is perfect for traditional themed designs. Also, you can use it for headlines and display purposes. It is inspired by wood shapes and tribe ornaments. This font includes more than 50 ligatures that give you more options to design.

There are ornament swashes to give an attractive tribal look to your designs. It is excellent for magazines, signage, logos, T-shirt design, posters, flyers, etc. The font includes numbers, punctuations, symbols, uppercase & lowercase letters, ligatures, accents, and stylistic alternates. Also see our best African fonts feature.


6. Ancient Totem – Ethnic Tribal Font

ancient totem

Ancient Totem is an outstanding display font inspired by traditional tribal and ethical styles. It is great for traditional themed designs and adds a unique feel. This ethnic style font looks elegant and is a great option for invitations, headlines, greeting cards, branding, logos, titles, stickers, packaging, etc.

It is compatible with various design programs and supports many languages. The font includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and OpenType features. Also see our best ancient fonts feature.

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7. Buick


Buick is a modern and eye-catching font family with a bold, ethnic, and futuristic feel. It has strong geometric characteristics to bring uniqueness to any design. It is ideal for ethnic, modern, and sci-fi-themed projects. The top features of this font include OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats and free updates.


8. Wild Dreams Display Font

wild dreams

Wild Dreams is a good-looking display font with a wild and unique feel. It has uppercase & lowercase letters, multilingual support, and special glyphs to give you more options to design. The font is perfect for titles, logos, flyers, branding, posters, and other designs. There are TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats available for this font.


9. Folk – Modern Minimalist Tribal Font


The Folk font combines modern and classic style patterns that add a tribal touch to any design. It includes uppercase & lowercase letters with special glyphs to let you create outstanding artwork.

This font comes in TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats, so you can use it for various designs with ease. It is excellent for posters, logos, packaging, T-shirts, business cards, wedding invitations, etc.


10. Solaris – Tribal Font Family


Solaris is a decorative display font with a traditional touch. It is available in three styles, namely regular, symbol, and decorative. This allows you to use the font in various designs with ease. This tribal font is suitable for posters, cards, book covers, music albums, photo overlays, etc.


11. Stonage – Handwritten Tribal Font


Stonage is a handwritten font with tribal aesthetics and geometric patterns. It is available in two styles symbol and decorative. The font is great for packaging, branding, surface design, typographic posters, music albums, etc. You will get this font in OTF and TTF formats.


12. Aleut Color Font


Aleut is a tribal color font with traditional ethnic letters. It represents traditions and national cultures and enables you to use the font for different designs with no hassle. You can use it for quotes, clothing designs, logos, branding, and other purposes. It supports Photoshop, Illustrator, and some Mac apps.


13. Ajoure – Folk Art Font Family


Ajoure is a unique tribal font inspired by folk aesthetics. It comes in decorative and symbol styles and includes ornate uppercase and thin line lowercase letters. This font is excellent for various designs such as events, modern designs, packaging, branding, etc. The font comes in TTF and OTF formats, so you will have several options to play with it.


14. Dotted Zebra Tribal Display Font


Dotted Zebra tribal font comes with geometric patterns and is a perfect option for decorative projects. It includes all 26 letters, numbers, punctuations, and currency symbols that you can use to create eye-catching designs.

This tribal font is excellent for book covers, music albums, sale brochures, photo overlays, product packaging, etc. It supports various design apps such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Keynotes, Powerpoint, etc. The font is available in TTF and OTF formats and comes with 10 vector African borders and symbols.


15. Aztec Soul Tribal Font

aztec soul

Aztec Soul is a tribal display font with a handcrafted touch. This font comes with good-looking handwritten textures and ornaments for every letter. It has all alphabets and a set of alternate letters to let you create stunning artwork. The font has 25 ornaments to décor your texts the way you want.

You can become more creative and create amazing designs with the help of this tribal font. It is great for T-shirts, posters, branding, photography overlays, and other designs. Also, this font supports multiple languages, so it can be used in various regions with ease.


16. Zamruds- Clean Tribal Font


Zamruds is a decorative, clean tribal font. The font is inspired by the death metal logo and tribal style. The characters in this font appear to have shaky style and design. This makes them appear unique in style.
This tribal font comes with only uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. This decorative type font can be used for clothing, logos, and much more.

17. Braque


Braque is a modern geometric tribal font that comes with minimalistic designs. The characters in this font look stunning in design with a lot of geometrical shapes in between. This is an abstract-looking font that can be used for headline designs, titles, logos, posters, flyers, etc.
This tribal font can also work for jewelry designs and fashion designs as well. Braque comes with a set of uppercase, and lowercase characters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. This tribal font comes with a set of special glyphs as well.

18. Primata Source


Primata is a simple and versatile handmade font. It is a sans-serif font type. The characters in the font set appear to be slightly curved in the middle yet is a simple and versatile handmade font. They can be used for many children’s projects, books, quotes, logos, titles, etc. This tribal font provides multilingual support and comes with .OTF, .TTF and .EOT file formats.

19. Mayaglyph Aztec Aesthetic Font

Mayaglyph Aztec Aesthetic Font
Mayaglyph Aztec Aesthetic Font. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Are you looking for a font that will work for designs featuring ancient civilizations? The Mayaglyph Aztec Aesthetic Font is the best option for you in that case. This contemporary tribal font was created as a nod to the ancient Mayan civilization’s hieroglyphics.

A contemporary tribal font made by hand with hand-drawn markings is called Mayaglyph . To give it an old-fashioned appearance, it is carefully designed with coherence, images, diacritical marks, symbols, and more.

With multiple language support and a collection of straightforward characters in ODF format, this font’s attempt at uniqueness falls short. To create multi-layered designs, the package also includes the “Solid” background font and the “Hieroglyphics outline font.”


20. Africa Vibes Font Display

Africa Vibes Font Display
Africa Vibes Font Display. Image Credits: Creativemarket

If you are looking for the perfect display font for your tribal-themed designs, Africa Vibes Font Display is an ideal choice. This modern display tribal font is designed to give your designs a beautiful and interesting display with perfect lines and shapes. 

This display tribal font is ideal for purposes such as titles, signatures, logos, correspondence, wedding invitations, letterheads, nameplates, labels, bulletins, posters, badges, branding, greeting cards, etc.


20+ Best Tribal Fonts for Ethnic Designs

Tribal fonts are the best options for creating mind-blowing designs with an ethnic and traditional touch. These fonts come with unique characteristics and symbols to create a different statement. So, choose the best tribal fonts from this article to use in your upcoming designs.

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