15 Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design

15 Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design

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Are you looking for the best variable fonts for graphic design? If you are, this one’s for you!

There have been many inventive movements in the design space, and among tons of them, variable fonts are in there.

As if the designer toolbox isn’t complex enough, variable fonts are here to shake things up and supplement creatives with even more ways to articulate ideas. Because these fonts can extend several styles within a single file, they provide new experiences and make communication techniques much more exciting and efficient.

As fonts are primarily functional before they are aesthetic, variable fonts allow designers to produce out-of-the-box projects and express themselves in ways conventional typefaces don’t allow.

The 15 Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design (Free & Premium)

If you search online for a variable font, you’re likely to find numerous options that you can choose from. Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork for you.

Here are picks for the 15 Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design:


The 15 Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design


Mayes - Variable Font

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Ranging in all sorts of sizes and unique characters, Envato’s Mayes is understandably a crowd favorite. Featuring over 300 meticulously crafted glyphs spread through seven gorgeous weights from Regular to Black, this contender is both elegant and fun.


Shifter Font

Shifter Font

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They say, love, at first sight, is impossible, but we can refute that claim with Envato’s Shifter Font. Inherently captivating to start with, this pick makes the most of elongated lines and equally thick borders. Easily choose different alternative glyphs to transform your text into stunning works of art with this one.



Reffort Sans Family

Reffort is a new sans serif with a slightly different look as its signature. A fusion of thick and slender, this Envato find is one of the safer options on the list. Because its legibility is a lot more apparent than some of its contemporaries here, choose this font if you’re working on fun and non-formal projects.


Boiling Variable Fonts

Boiling Variable Fonts

Another classy find on the list is Design Cuts’ Boiling Variable Fonts. Packed with thin, extra light, ultra-light, semi-bold, bold, and a lot more styles, this font is as versatile as you need it to be. Whether for restaurant branding initiatives or your everyday social media graphics, this font will deliver.


Oliviar Sans

Oliviar Sans Variable Fonts

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Oliviar Sans is a modern sans serif with hints of grotesque. With varying widths, weights, and slants you can choose from, this pick is just as flexible as many other contenders on the list. Exuding conservative curves and semi-pointed edges, this font is for anyone looking to use a professional font.



Rische Display Serif Variable

Rische is a collection of Variable Display serif fonts. Bundled with 5 font families, this Design Cuts pick extends 5 weights and supports multiple languages. Its slanted edges and uneven borders provide a classy touch, making this pick perfect for headlines, book projects, and many other classy-themed undertakings.


ZT Grafton

ZT Grafton – Variable Neo Grotesque Font Family

Playful and out-of-the-box, ZT Grafton is one of the most unique picks from the bunch in that it provides a fresh take on what a neo-grotesque typeface can look like. Suitable for an array of aesthetically driven projects, this contender comes in 8 weights and supports multiple languages, as well.


Protrakt Variable

Protrakt VariableAnother incredibly extensive set on the list is Creative Market’s Protrakt Variable. Inspired by city life and sports, all 71 fonts of this pack exudes motion and progress. Perfect for a wide array of projects, this pick will thrive anywhere you let it—book projects, social media, posters, headlines, this find’s as flexible as you allow it to be!


Whirly Birdie Variable Font

Whirly Birdie Variable FontInspired by American advertising in the early 1950s’, Whirly Birdie Variable Font is a playful offering that packs 18 individual styles. Perfect for a ton of design project, this pick thrives best in professional settings and campaigns. Sharp, straightforward, and legible, you can’t go wrong with this one. 



BOSPHORUS VARIABLE FONTOne of the more complete finds from the bunch is Creative Market’s BOSPHORUS VARIABLE FONT. Complete with 61 fonts and over 500 glyphs, this set is as creative as creative can get. With 6 weights, 5 widths, and italic counterparts, there’s a lot you can do with a pack as extensive as this.



BASE&BLOOMOne of the more unique options here is BASE&BLOOM from Creative Market. An experimental fusion of geometric monoline sans and high-contrast flourish didone, this set is playful, fresh, and novel, making it a perfect strategy to communicate innovative takes on raw ideas. With 11 alternates per letter, this pack will keep you busy and out-of-the-box.



PrestoThick borders and elongated lines is what Presto consists of. Loaded with over 20 fonts, this pack is a great example of what variable fonts are. if the aesthetic you’re going for is fresh and edgy, you’re going to like this contender. Say it thick or say it slender—it’s up to you. 


Nagaiya – Font Family With Variable

Nagaiya - Font Family With VariableClassy and gorgeous, Creative Market’s Nagaiya is a beautiful typeface to behold. Packed with 16 distinct fonts, this offering comes with eight weights and slants and 1 variable counterpart. Perfect for elegant design projects, this pick is a natural stunner.


Cascadeur Variable | 20 fonts

Cascadeur VariableCascadeur Variable is a fresh take on space-age typography. Born from a type design study, this contender’s main feature is its odd structure. While it isn’t the most readable pick from the bunch, this font is a fantastic choice for any creative looking to try something creatively different and raw.


Extenda – 12 fonts

ExtendaExtenda is a variable width sans serif type family that’s been created to give creatives a powerful but flexible tool to create strong headlines, logos, and display text with tight spacing and maximum space coverage. Rather than providing a family of weights, this offering provides you a distinct range of widths, allowing you utmost control in all of your design projects.


Best Free Variable Fonts

  1. Inter
  2. Epilogue
  3. Jost
  4. Work Sans
  5. Anybody
  6. Acumin
  7. Raleway
  8. Heebo
  9. Libre Franklin
  10. Mulish


Best Top Fonts for Graphic Design


The 15 Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design

Ultimately, the best variable fonts are those that allow you to express your ideas as creatively and articulately as possible. Each of the Best 15+ Variable Fonts on this list is designed to supplement your communication efforts, ensuring that all your design projects look and feel cohesive. What’s your favorite pick from the bunch? Let us know in the comments!

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