25+ Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design

25+ Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design

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Are you looking for the best variable fonts for graphic design? We’ve handpicked the best for you!

There have been many inventive movements in the design space, and among them, variable fonts are in there.

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As if the designer toolbox isn’t complex enough, variable fonts are here to shake things up and supplement creatives with even more ways to articulate ideas.

Because these fonts can extend several styles within a single file, they provide new experiences and make communication techniques much more exciting and efficient.

As fonts are primarily functional before they are aesthetic, variable fonts allow designers to produce out-of-the-box projects and express themselves in ways conventional typefaces don’t allow.

At the bottom of our article, we have a guide on how to use variable fonts and some free variable fonts too.

10 Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design

Here are our top picks for the 10 best variable fonts for graphic design but for more scroll on.

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  1. JUST Sans® Variable Typeface
  2. Mayes
  3. Shifter Font
  4. Reffort
  5. Boiling Variable Fonts
  6. Oliviar Sans
  7. Rische
  8. ZT Grafton 
  9. Razumec
  10. Protrakt Variable


Download all the Variable Fonts you need and many other design elements, available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock effect & element packs too)!

25+ Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design

1. JUST Sans® Variable Typeface

Just Sans Variable

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JUST Sans is an ideal choice if you are searching for a versatile typeface among tons of variable fonts. This versatile font is designed with modernist warmth, endearing, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

This professional font with modern geometry gives both serious and a friendly feel with neutral yet expressive and technical but not too overbearing. Despite looking too familiar, it uniquely stands out from the crowd.

JUST Sans is an elegant contemporary font with open-airy characters, a generous width, and sharp angled terminals helping your designs to be expressive. The typeface, with universal functionality and characteristic bite in a clean, simple, and minimal way, makes it an essential addition to any font collection.

JUST Sans hand-hinted web fonts optimized for clear, legible text on screens are featured with seven weights and complete Latin extended language support. It is ideal for projects such as web, logos, branding, headlines, UI, signage, packaging, posters, technology, media, architecture, fashion & design.

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


2. Mayes

Mayes - Variable Font
Mayes. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Ranging in all sorts of sizes and unique characters, Envato’s Mayes is understandably a crowd favorite. Featuring over 300 meticulously crafted glyphs spread through seven gorgeous weights from Regular to Black, this contender is both elegant and fun.


3. Reffort

Reffort Sans Family
Reffort. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Reffort is a new sans serif variable font with a slightly different look as its signature. A fusion of thick and slender, this Envato find is one of the safer options on the list. Because its legibility is a lot more apparent than some of its contemporaries here, choose this font if you’re working on fun and non-formal projects.


4. Boiling Variable Fonts

Boiling Variable Fonts
Boiling Variable Fonts. Image Credit: Design Cuts

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Another classy find on the list is Design Cuts’ Boiling Variable Fonts. Packed with thin, extra light, ultra-light, semi-bold, bold, and a lot more styles, this font is as versatile as you need it to be. Whether for restaurant branding initiatives or your everyday social media graphics, this font will deliver.


5. Oliviar Sans

Oliviar Sans Variable Fonts
Oliviar Sans. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Oliviar Sans is a modern sans serif with hints of grotesque. With varying widths, weights, and slants you can choose from, this pick is just as flexible as many other contenders on the list. Exuding conservative curves and semi-pointed edges, this font is for anyone looking to use a professional font.


6. Rische

Rische Display Serif Variable
Rische. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Rische is a collection of Variable Display serif fonts. Bundled with 5 font families, this Design Cuts pick extends 5 weights and supports multiple languages. Its slanted edges and uneven borders provide a classy touch, making this pick perfect for headlines, book projects, and many other classy-themed undertakings.

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7. ZT Grafton

ZT Grafton – Variable Neo Grotesque Font Family
ZT Grafton. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Playful and out-of-the-box, ZT Grafton is one of the most unique picks from the bunch in that it provides a fresh take on what a neo-grotesque typeface can look like. Suitable for an array of aesthetically driven projects, this contender comes in 8 weights and supports multiple languages, as well.


8. Razumec

Razumec. Image credits: Creative Market

Razumec is the first typeface that comes to mind when we think of typefaces with distinctive personalities. Its skillful mix of slab and wedge serifs, tapered stems, curves with raised centers, and distinctive weight distribution gives us an epic yet warm feeling.

Featuring a rich visual identity with wide proportions and medium-to-high contrast, Razumec has subtly veiled references to a variety of typographic and aesthetic traditions, including calligraphy, regular handwriting, blackletter, medieval uncial script, and neoclassical Didone and industrial typefaces.

Although it was mainly created for display purposes, it also has a lot more in store for you in terms of packaging and branding. This is a great option for producing excellent theme magazines, quotations, headings, and brochures for concerts and museums, as well as fairy tales, epic fantasy books, and video games with adventurous or historical themes.

Its versatility also extends to cutting-edge current designs like Web design, social media posts, motion graphics, and many other such original concepts. Each of these tastes is evenly distributed throughout the collection, making it the perfect option for any need.


9. Protrakt Variable

Protrakt Variable
Protrakt Variable. Image Credit: Creative Market

Another incredibly extensive set on the list is Creative Market’s Protrakt Variable. Inspired by city life and sports, all 71 fonts of this pack exudes motion and progress. Perfect for a wide array of projects, this pick will thrive anywhere you let it—book projects, social media, posters, headlines, this find’s as flexible as you allow it to be!


10. Whirly Birdie Variable Font

Whirly Birdie Variable Font
Whirly Birdie Variable Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

Inspired by American advertising in the early 1950s’, Whirly Birdie Variable Font is a playful offering that packs 18 individual styles. Perfect for a ton of design project, this pick thrives best in professional settings and campaigns. Sharp, straightforward, and legible, you can’t go wrong with this one. 



BOSPHORUS VARIABLE FONT. Image Credit: Creative Market

One of the more complete finds from the bunch is Creative Market’s BOSPHORUS VARIABLE FONT. Complete with 61 fonts and over 500 glyphs, this set is as creative as creative can get. With 6 weights, 5 widths, and italic counterparts, there’s a lot you can do with a pack as extensive as this.



BASE&BLOOM. Image Credit: Creative Market

One of the more unique options here is BASE&BLOOM from Creative Market. An experimental fusion of geometric monoline sans and high-contrast flourish didone, this set is playful, fresh, and novel, making it a perfect strategy to communicate innovative takes on raw ideas. With 11 alternates per letter, this pack will keep you busy and out-of-the-box.


13. Presto

Presto. Image Credit: Creative Market

Thick borders and elongated lines is what Presto consists of. Loaded with over 20 fonts, this pack is a great example of what variable fonts are. if the aesthetic you’re going for is fresh and edgy, you’re going to like this contender. Say it thick or say it slender—it’s up to you. 


14. Nagaiya – Font Family With Variable

Nagaiya - Font Family With Variable
Nagaiya. Image Credit: Creative Market

Classy and gorgeous, Creative Market’s Nagaiya is a beautiful typeface to behold. Packed with 16 distinct fonts, this offering comes with eight weights and slants and 1 variable counterpart. Perfect for elegant design projects, this pick is a natural stunner.


15. Cascadeur Variable | 20 fonts

Cascadeur Variable
Cascadeur Variable. Image Credit: Creative Market

Cascadeur Variable is a fresh take on space-age typography. Born from a type design study, this contender’s main feature is its odd structure. While it isn’t the most readable pick from the bunch, this font is a fantastic choice for any creative looking to try something creatively different and raw.


16. Extenda – 12 fonts

Extenda. Image Credit: Creative Market

Extenda is a variable width sans serif type family that’s been created to give creatives a powerful but flexible tool to create strong headlines, logos, and display text with tight spacing and maximum space coverage. Rather than providing a family of weights, this offering provides you a distinct range of widths, allowing you utmost control in all of your design projects.


17. Mionic – Variable Fonts

Mionic. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If you are the one looking for a clean and easy-to-understand variable font, you are at the right place. Mionic is an inverted and contrast display font derived from Antiques Slab Serif.

This is also a perfect match for headliners, posters, logos, or any project that requires big typography and attention.


18. Okie Doko Western Slab

Okie Doko Western Slab
Okie Doko Western Slab. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Are you looking for a font with a heavy personality? Here we have brought one for you which has a lot of features. This font is designed with the inspiration of retro western slab serifs that has a modern realm with rounded corners. It also wears an aesthetic look suitable for many purposes.

This versatile font is suitable for the projects such as designing and filling any space or giving 3D look. Using Okie Doko font for cartoons, posters, stickers, Instagram, merch, and branding makes it a great look.


19. Figuera

Figuera. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Figuera Variable fonts draw influence from the Serif Victorian style of typefaces. There are various widths and weights that can make your designs more fluid within single-use family fonts. This font style comes in different formats and with Bonus Borders.

This font style is a brand new font that comes with new variable features. Variable makes a create a custom width and weight aside in the available font files.


20. Aeternus

Aeternus. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Aeternus is a new geometric Sans Serif Variable typeface font that comes with matching italics. The different heights and weights of the fond provide adaptability with the usage of text. It also opens plenty of probabilities in the usage of fonts.

It starts from two constant heights, the Nano and Tall. This font family exploits weight variations and delivers a collection of nine instances and features all weights from Thin to Heavy. A unique feature of this font type is the capacity to vary the height by maintaining the weights.

This font type works aptly for modern branding, web designing, apparel, and large print formats.


21. Cafe Tropilene Font Family

Cafe Tropilene
Cafe Tropilene. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Tropilene Font Family resembles the nostalgic style font that is fun-loving, bold, and elegant.

The letterform of this font draws influence from the eighteenth-century typefaces. It is an energetic font that is wide and square in size of the lower case, a contrast in width and being slab serif.

The font set includes the Tropilene Serif and italic, sans and italic and script font.


22. Belgato

Belgato. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Belgato is a nostalgic-inspired typeface with intricate details. It comes in six weights along with italics with a total of 12 fonts, which makes it versatile.

Belgato has alphabets from other languages, which makes it easy to use them across various publications and social media platforms.

You need not make use of any special software to use Belgato fonts, but the variable font features, ligatures, and stylistic alternates require the use of additional software to support their functions while offering multilingual support.


23. Henju Sans

Henju Variasans
Henju Variasans. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Are you bored with the fonts on your device? Henju Sans is a variable font that creates a custom width and weight aside from the available font files.

The typeface of this font set is adaptable and blends in with your design. This font set has a total of 9 weights with 18 different styles that a touch of character.

It is perfect for branding, publishing, titles, books, magazines, and use on UI/UX designs.


24. Manufaktur

Manufactur. Image Credits: Creativemarket

If you are searching for a variable font in a utilitarian style, here it is Manufaktur which looks more industrial and dynamic. This variable typeface was designed under the influence of an old iron cast sign on an old Swedish industrial machine. It comes with a wide range of combinations of width and weight.

Along with letters, it includes alternates, ligatures, numbers, punctuations, and smaller glyphs with underlines. It also includes OpenType features which are compatible only through Photoshop and Illustrator. Display, signage, posters, prints, editorials, branding, logos, magazines, films, and more are all possible with this hardworking sans serif font.

A note to remember is that it comes in three different styles in three widths and five weights. It also includes 670+ glyphs and supports basic, Western European, Central European, and South Eastern European languages.


25. Cobya 

Cobya. Image credits: Creativemarket

If you are searching for a modern variable-weight typeface, Cobya stands as an ideal choice for your projects. This has flourished by the waves and the ocean. The letters in this reflect the dynamic and beautiful shape of the waves.

This variable display font consists of three widths condensed, normal and expanded. It comes with three widths and nine weights, and a Variable format. This variable font allows you to play with the spacing for a modern and fashionable look to make your projects look distinctive. This font with unique characters is suitable when used as a branding logo or fashion design concept.


26. Greek Font Variable Handwritten

Greek Font Variable Handwritten

If you are thinking of adding some handwritten and realistic feel to your designs, Greek Font Variable Handwritten will help you with that. This hand-made variable font comes with five weights and personality to enhance the value of your projects.

This adorable handwritten font is ideal for social media posts, Instagram, posters, quotes and product packaging design, and food branding projects. This font is also versatile and can get adapted to even more projects of your kind.

To be versatile and compatible, it also includes extended Latin characters, Greek characters, numbers, ligatures, alternates, and punctuations. To access all these features and experiment with this variable font in your project, it requires the latest versions of Illustrator and Photoshop CC.


27. Shifter Font

Shifter Font
Shifter Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

They say, love, at first sight, is impossible, but we can refute that claim with Envato’s Shifter Font. Inherently captivating to start with, this pick makes the most of elongated lines and equally thick borders. Easily choose different alternative glyphs to transform your text into stunning works of art with this one.


10 Best Free Variable Fonts

  1. Inter
  2. Epilogue
  3. Jost
  4. Work Sans
  5. Anybody
  6. Acumin
  7. Raleway
  8. Heebo
  9. Libre Franklin
  10. Mulish


How to Use Variable Fonts

Variable Font Demo. By Noble Fonts.
Variable Font Demo. Image credit: Noble Fonts.

What are variable fonts?

Variable fonts refer to a technology that enables a single font file to behave like multiple fonts, removing the distinctions between different weights and styles.

This is accomplished by defining interpolated font variations along one or more axes. While width and weight are two of these axes, the type designer can also define many other variables. Cool, right?

Instead of having the type designer decide how heavy, slanted, or wide the type should be, with variable fonts, the user decides exactly how much of each parameter the type should have.

What are the benefits of variable fonts?

Variable fonts combine all of the different styles and weights that are available into a single font. In the past, each of these options was contained in its own font file.

When compared to loading multiple font files one at a time, this results in a significantly smaller overall file size, which is important for web typography.

Additionally, personal preference and applying typographic best practices determine the axes’ values.

How to use variable fonts in Adobe & other design software

Variable Fonts in Photoshop
Variable Fonts in Photoshop
  1. Variable fonts may be recognized by the symbol close to the text style name in the fonts menu. On the icon, a small “VAR” appears.
  2. Additionally, you can edit variable fonts at the layer level or the actual level. The Move Tool can be used to adjust all of the text on the layer. Use the Type Tool to highlight the text if only certain words or characters need to be changed.
  3. Navigate to the Properties Panel to adjust weight, width, and slant.
  4. Weight lets you change how bold the text is, Width makes the text smaller or bigger, and slant makes a fake italic.

Or if you want a more comprehensive visual, check out this video tutorial on how to use Variable fonts in Photoshop. The same approach works in other Adobe programs including Illustrator, XD and more.

How to start using variable fonts on the web

You can begin by utilizing the Google Text styles Programming interface or running them yourself with @font-face.

If you didn’t already know, @font-face is a CSS rule that empowers you to enter your own text style to show up on a site in any event, when the specific text style isn’t available on some computers.

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out this awesome YouTube video by one of our favorite design content creators, Kevin Powell, for a deeper dive on how to use variable fonts on the web.

Variable Fonts on the Web
Image credit: Kevin Powell, Youtube

25+ Best Variable Fonts for Graphic Design Summary

Ultimately, the best variable fonts are those that allow you to express your ideas as creatively and articulately as possible. Each of the Best 25+ Variable Fonts on this list is designed to supplement your communication efforts, ensuring that all your design projects look and feel cohesive.

What’s your favorite pick from the bunch? Let us know in the comments!

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