15+ Best Viking Fonts for Nordic Designs

15+ Best Viking Fonts for Nordic Designs

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Vikings are known for their bravery and brutish behavior. The period between 793 and 1066 AD was the Viking age. It represents colonizing, large-scale raiding, trading, and conquest across Europe and North America. Inspired by the Vikings era, Viking fonts are bold and unflinching and provide a unique feel.

These fonts have a tribal feel and picturesque structure that can make any design stand out. If you want to create attractive and mind-blowing designs using beautiful typography, you can consider Viking fonts for the same.

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These fonts are ideal for various design projects such as posters, branding, logos, greeting cards, invitations, etc. You can use these fonts for any design project, depending on the requirements. So, look at the best Viking fonts and choose the ones that suit your design needs.

15+ Best Viking Fonts for Nordic Designs

  1. Nordica Font
  2. Jotunheim Typeface
  3. Noatun Typeface
  4. Lexaviers decorative font
  5. Scourge Typeface
  6. Paraoh – Sacred Font
  7. Mjolnir – Nordic Tribal Font
  8. Old North
  9. Gareon Font
  10. Christmas Nordic Font
  11. Viking Nordic Runes Font
  12. Asgaard Layered Label Font
  13. Fjordgard – runic display font
  14. Ragnarok – Runic Viking Font
  15. Viking Blood – Handwritten Font

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15+ Best Viking Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

Nordica Font


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Nordica is a beautifully handcrafted blackletter font that can be used for different designs. It adds a Nordic touch to your design projects. This font is suitable for greeting cards, apparel, logos, invitations, posters, etc. It is an all-caps font and comes with punctuations and numbers. The font is available in OTF and TTF formats.


Jotunheim Typeface


Jotunheim is a unique font inspired by ancient runes. This Viking typeface is available in three versions that allow you to use them for different projects. Version 1 is simple and legible. On the other hand, version 2 is more complex, authentic, and legible. Version 3 has the most intricate style that suits ay design.

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Also, you can combine these versions to create different designs. It comes with numbers, uppercase multilingual letters, and punctuations. Furthermore, some letters of this font come with mirrored versions so that you can toggle them with caps lock.


Noatun Typeface


Noatun is a stylish font with a strange look. It comes in two versions so that you can combine them to create stunning designs. This font is excellent for logos, titles, short quotes, headlines, etc. The font also has multilingual support and includes uppercase letters, punctuations, and numbers.


Lexaviers Decorative Font


Lexaviers is a decorative font inspired by movie poster designs. The font is handcrafted and provides a natural feel. It is great for creating brand identity because of its handmade feeling.

This font comes with several OpenType features with a set of 214 characters that lets you create outstanding designs.

It is ideal for labels, logos, T-shirts, packaging, advertising, invitations, etc. Lexaviers comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. This font supports multiple languages, so it can be used in different countries.

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Scourge Typeface


Scourge is a unique font with a textured look. It comes with numbers, punctuations, and uppercase multilingual characters. This font has excellent characteristics and suits different design projects. You can use this font for a wide range of design projects, depending on your design requirements.

Paraoh – Sacred Font


Paraoh is a Viking font with a stylish handwritten feel. This stunning font is ideal for headers, logos, titles, print designs, and other creative projects. The sacred font is great for creating incredible artwork. The font is available in TTF and OTF formats and is compatible with many design programs.


Mjolnir – Nordic Tribal Font


Mjolnir is a tribal font inspired by Nordic styles and the Viking era. This Viking font is ideal for titles, logos, posters, headlines, branding, packaging, etc. There are uppercase & lowercase letters, multilingual support, and special glyphs included in the package. You will get this font in TTF, OTF, and WOFF file formats.


Old North

old north

The Old North font is inspired by Norse Rune, which gives a Viking look. The font has support for many Latin characters and comes in two different styles. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters that you can use for various design projects.


Gareon Font


Gareon is a good-looking font with a gothic style and ancient magic myths. The font is the best option for headlines and texts. You will get this font in TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats, so you can use it in different design projects with no hassle.

Christmas Nordic Font

christmas nordic

The Christmas Nordic Font is a handwritten display font with a beautiful look. This font is excellent for bloggers and designers who want to add a Scandinavian style to their designs. Christmas Nordic font is available in regular and bold styles, which allows you to create attractive designs by combining them.

The regular style has different uppercase and lowercase characters, while the bold style has the same uppercase and lowercase letters. It is suitable for logos, kids’ books, social media, photo overlay, etc. You will get this font in TTF, OTF, and WOFF file formats.

Viking Nordic Runes Font


Viking Nordic is a font in runes style that comes with a set of vector symbols. These vector symbols have 31 runes that are designed using clean lines with editable strokes and 31 runes with a distressed grunge effect. The font provides many possibilities for users to create different designs.


Asgaard Layered Label Font


Asgaard is a vintage label font that is suitable for vintage style designs. The font has a strong feeling and can be used for various purposes such as greeting cards, T-shirts, logos, posters, advertising, etc. This font also has bonus 8 T-shirt designs in Viking style.

It comes in TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 font files with many punctuations and multilingual symbols.


Fjordgard – runic display font


Fjordgard is an eye-catching display typeface that represents the feeling of Nordic runes. The font has a modern look and has uppercase letters only.

Apart from that, it includes alternate shapes, numbers, symbols, and support for multiple languages. This font is great for tattoo designs, but it is suitable for various other designs.


Ragnarok – Runic Viking Font


Ragnarok is a Viking font inspired by ancient Nordic runes. The font is a combination of traditional Latin letters and numbers in Viking style. It is a perfect option for headlines and designs related to the Viking spirit.

This font supports many languages and includes numbers, uppercase & lowercase letters, symbols, and punctuations.


Viking Blood – Handwritten Font

viking blood

Viking blood is a good-looking font with unique characters. The font comes in TTF and OTF formats and is ideal for use in a wide range of projects. You can use this for branding, posters, business cards, invitations, social media, magazines, etc.



15+ Best Viking Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

As discussed above, Viking fonts are good-looking, elegant, and excellent for a wide range of designs. You can use these fonts for any design where a traditional and tribal touch is needed. Therefore, look at the above Viking fonts and choose the attractive ones for your designs.

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