30+ Best Vintage Fonts for Graphic Design & Branding

30+ Best Vintage Fonts for Graphic Design & Branding

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If you’re looking for the best vintage fonts for graphic design, branding & logo design, you’re in the right place. We’ve hand-selected the best below.

While they say that everything old becomes new again, the appeal of vintage fonts appears to be timeless.

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With their classic design and elegant look, a vintage font can be the perfect thing needed to put your clients’ business over the top.

With our list of the best vintage fonts you can transport your clients to the past and provide them with a unique, stylish, and timeless designs.

To help get the ball rolling, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite vintage fonts for you to consider. Before that though, let’s take a closer look at what vintage fonts are.

10+ Best Vintage Fonts for Branding and Logo Design (Free & Premium)

  1. Collectors Vintage Font Bundle 53 fonts, 8 font families (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Troyline – Font Duo (+Logotype)
  3.  Whiskey Font Collection
  4. Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts
  5. Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family
  6. Hollywood Vintage Font
  7. Knucklehead Font Family
  8. Vintage Queens
  9. Braton Composer
  10. The Aviator Font Collection

For the full list of the 30 best vintage fonts, scroll on.

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30+ Best Vintage & Retro Fonts for Branding and Logo Design

1. The Collector’s Vintage Font Bundle – 53 fonts, 8 type families (Editor’s Choice)

The Collector's Vintage Font Bundle
The Collector’s Vintage Font Bundle. Image credit: Retro Supply

The Collector’s Font Bundle is a carefully curated group of recent type families that pair perfectly with one another.

This bundle also includes an exclusive set of 15 Vintage Logo Templates that utilizes the premium typefaces inside. These Logo Templates were created for Adobe Illustrator and include Ai. files as well as a folder including separate .EPS files. These Logo Templates were made using Adobe Illustrator CC.

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So what’s included?

  • 53 Fonts in Total from 8 Different Type Families


2. Troyline – Font Duo (+Logotype)

Troyline - Font Duo (+Logotype)
Troyline – Font Duo (+Logotype). Image credit: Envato Elements

One of the more elegant choices from the bunch, Troyline contains two vintage fonts—the organic script and the sans. Suitable for arguably any creative endeavor, this find is reminiscent of coffee brands, cafes, and lifestyle-centric projects. 


3. Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts

Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts
Rumble Brave. Image credit: Design Cuts

Designed by Alit Design, the Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts collection combines vintage and victorian classic into one of the designers’ favorite creations. The collection comes with three font variations: serif, script, and dingbat.

These three font combinations are the epitome of the Victorian classic design concept. The vintage font provides your project with a level of luxury, elegance, and style. As a bonus, the set includes an ornamental collection that has 2 gradient variations with it.


4. Whiskey Font Collection

Whiskey font collection
Whiskey font collection. Image: Design Cuts

When it comes to the best vintage font, this Whiskey Font Collection by HSCO is one of the most popular choices out there. This font collection comes with two main fonts that have 3 different variations each. These pair well with each other and come in regular, rough, and aged looks to make your designs look more clean or rustic vintage lettering, depending on what aesthetic you choose to opt for.

In total, this font pack includes 6 fonts available in OTF format that can be used in 5 different Western European languages. This font pack also includes several stylistic alternates that require Illustrator, Photoshop, or Inkscape to make use of. Old school lettering can be perfect when used thematically, and Whiskey does a great job with this.


5. Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family

Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family
Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family. Image credit: Design Cuts

A layered, condensed font family, the Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family gets its inspiration from vintage logos, labels, packages, and signage. The font is layered with contextual, stylistic ligatures and alternates and also provides you with special capital letters when you activate the contextual alternate feature.

The OpenType features are accessible through programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw, and more.


6. Hollywood Vintage Font

Hollywood Vintage Font
Hollywood Vintage Font Hollywood Vintage Font. Image credit: Design Cuts

The glory days of Hollywood were full of glitz, glamour, and incredible stars. The Hollywood Vintage Font, designed by Annenkov Dmitriy is an easy-to-use typeface that can be used with numerous programs including Photoshop and Illustrator.

PUA encoded so all alternate glyphs work automatically, the Hollywood font is perfect for any project you are doing from branding and logo design to posters and more! Included in the set are TrueType and OpenType versions of the font plus a Web font kit to make everything look amazing!


7. Knucklehead Font Family

Knucklehead Font Family
Knucklehead Font Family Knucklehead Font Family. Image credit: Design Cuts

Inspired by the culture found in the American West, the Knucklehead Font Family, created by HeadFonts, the vintage font provides designers with a unique way to communicate with your client and their customers by wrapping their branding and logos with a vintage font that can draw lots of attention.

Suited best for designers who are tired of using the same thing over and over again and are interested in creating a new vision and those who like to experiment as well. While the font family is a great choice for branding and logo design, it’s versatile enough for posters, wedding invitations, or just about any other project you can think of.


8. Vintage Queens

Vintage Queens
Vintage Queens Vintage Queens. Image credit: MyFonts

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Designed by Putra Novembria and Candra Kusuma, the Vintage Queens typeface gets its inspiration from the typography and lettering used in the 70s and 80s, combined with a bold style of typography that can add a groovy feel to any of your projects.

With over 500 glyphs and more than 350 alternates, you have an insane amount of lettering combinations that you can create. Best for use with logotypes, headings, logos, branding, social media, and packaging, the Vintage Queens font can add a groovy new level of fun to your projects.


9. Braton Composer

Braton Composer
Braton Composer Braton Composer. Image credit: MyFonts

Designed by Alit Suarnegara, the Braton Composer font family comes with a vintage look that appears plump, fat, heavy, and strong but still comes across as elegant and unique. The typeface can be categorized as a bold serif font but it also comes with italic options.

When combined with swashes and the character alternates, it becomes a very unique and worthy tool in your toolbox. The vintage design makes it a perfect choice for all kinds of projects from logos to branding and everything in between.


10. The Aviator Font Collection

The Aviator Font Collection
The Aviator Font Collection The Aviator Font Collection. Image credit: Design Cuts

The vintage look that came with the early days of aviation is on full display with The Aviator Font Collection from Vintage Voyage Design Co. The collection uses four different vintage fonts and brings them together to create a unique, 100% vintage style font. With this collection, you can create your own vintage style whether you prefer clean and elegant or the look of distressed letterpress.

The set also comes with more than 50 vintage illustrations that you can use as well as a vintage badge creator. All these extras make The Aviator Font Collection more than worth the price.


11. Victorian Fonts Collection

Victorian Fonts Collection
Victorian Fonts Collection Victorian Fonts Collection. Image credit: MyFonts

The Victorian era was a time of great prosperity and the first industrial revolution. The Victorian Fonts Collection hopes to recapture some of that magic from the 1800s with an easy-to-use collection. Designed by Burntilldead, the collection features a typeface that is ornamental, decorative, classical, and of course, victorian.

The OpenType font includes 200 alternator characters that you can use to create unique logos. With the Victorian Fonts Collection, your work will be fit for a Queen.

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12. Bignord Typeface

Bignord Typeface
Bignord Typeface Bignord Typeface. Image credit: Design Cuts

Inspired by vintage packaging and typographic cover lettering, the Bignord Typeface is a new vintage font that comes with a distinctly retro look. Designed by AF Studio, the font is available in five different stylistic variations that allow you to create a vintage feel from the swash of each letter.

Created for designing covers, the Bignord typeface is a great option for logo, branding, and any other project that could use a touch of vintage design structure.


13. Melvis – Vintage Font Family

Melvis – Vintage Font Family
Melvis – Vintage Font Family Melvis – Vintage Font Family. Image credit: Design Cuts

With five style fonts, the Melvis – Vintage Font Family is a great typeface that you can use on just about any project you’re designing. Created by Craft Supply Co., the set includes extra badges and illustrations that you can use to make your designs just the way you want. A great option for a logo or even branding, the Melvis font can make all of your work stand out from the crowd.


14. Willomac Hipster Font Combo 

Willomac Hipster Font Combo
Willomac Hipster Font Combo. Image credit: Design Cuts

One of the more traditionally professional vintage fonts among the bunch, Willomac is a font family consisting of three distinct and contrasting fonts: a monoline, script, a sans, and a bold display face. For bold compositions, combine all three. 


15. Mr.Hipster 37 Hand Drawn Objects + Bonus

Mr.Hipster 37 Hand Drawn Objects + Bonus
Mr.Hipster Font + 37 Hand Drawn Objects. Image credit: Design Cuts

While this Design Cuts find is primarily a kit of visual assets, its “free” fonts are nothing short of striking. Sporting a clean and simple typeface, these letters are just the right amount of thick and slender. Available in vector format, creatively relay your message with Mr.Hipster 37


16. Cordoba – Font Duo (+EXTRA) 

Cordoba - Font Duo (+EXTRA)
Cordoba – Font Duo. Image credit: Envato Elements

Cordoba is Just the right amount of clean and grunge! Featuring sans and serif aesthetics, this Envato pick is a decent option if you’re looking for prim and professional fonts. Creative without being too freaky, this pick will shine the brightest in apparel projects and branding efforts. 

17. Requila — A beautiful serif font

Requila. Image credit: Envato Elements

Requila has the elegance and class that is typical of any serif font. This vintage font manages to look decorative while remaining bold and not over the top.

With its simple yet decorative aesthetic, this serif font can be perfect for wedding invitations, events, packaging, and branding. Also among all the fonts on this list, you’ll find this one has a timeless elegance to it.


18. Forbes — A vintage decorative font

The Forbes
The Forbes. Image credit: Envato Elements

While Forbes is a decorative font, it still manages not to be overly ostentatious. This modern vintage font is inspired by the Victorian era and works quite well for designs that require a more rustic touch.

This font can come in handy for designing branding for breweries, bars, or restaurants, but also works surprisingly well on T-shirts and packaging.

19. Zailander — Vectorian vintage typeface

Zailander - A vectorian vintage font
Zailander – A vectorian vintage font

When it comes to attention-grabbing vintage fonts, Zailander is a great option to choose. This font can be modified as it comes with a couple of font sets, making sure your designs aren’t too restricted.

Perfect for anything that requires a bit more flair and finesse, Zailander can work perfectly for posters, events, invitations, packaging, and branding. This font has the feel of a magical act or anything that promises an exciting time.

20. Mythshire, Vintage Handscript Font

Mythshire, Vintage Handscript Font

Introducing a hand script font inspired by the cursive and personality-rich handwriting styles of the past. Mythshire is an elegant, rich, characterful, medieval vintage font that comes loaded with more than 40 ligatures, numerals, punctuations, and a full set of alternate characters for both uppercase and lowercase.

In addition, you also get 14 ink splats and 8 high-resolution paper textures with this amazing font. With so many features, you can use this font in a wide range of projects including, vintage-inspired branding, logos, wedding invites, journals, product packaging, genealogy, archival themed work, and much more.


21. The Bayland – Retro Font

The Bayland – Retro Font

Meet a retro bold script that will bring you back the feel of the 60s. The Bayland typeface comes with an extrude version that helps you create a font with retro effects easily. You can use this font for making logos, labels, invitations, magazines, packaging, novels, labels, greetings, advertising, among other projects.

To use the stylistic alternatives in this pack, you will require professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape.


22. Hornbill – Retro Font Family

Hornbill – Retro Font Family

Hornbill is a versatile font inspired by the retro styles of the 60s. It belongs to a soft serif family of fonts and features 18 styles from thin to black, with each matching italics. This font gives a clean and versatile letterform that fits not only for display but also for reading purposes.

Moreover, this font comes with multilingual support and supports central/eastern European and western European languages.


23. Wilden – Hand-Drawn Vintage Typeface

Wilden – Hand-Drawn Vintage Typeface

Here’s a font born from an inspiring vintage display that is perfect for people looking for a vintage aesthetic or logotype. Wilden is a handmade-based font that gives you a feel of a vintage, old, and classic feeling.

This font comes aided with all glyphs in cap styles, numerals, and punctuations. As an easy-to-install font, it works very well on Mac and PC. It is also suitable for any graphic designs such as t-shirt, print, branding, posters, photography, quotes, and so on.


24. Losta Masta – Fun and Playful Retro Serif Family

Losta Masta – Fun and Playful Retro Serif Family

Presenting a unique and versatile font with 7 different weights, 40+ ligatures, and over 100 alternates. Losta Masta is a fun and playful font from the serif family of typefaces. One of the exciting features of this font is that you only need to type the words and add the unique shapes from the Losta Masta ornament to get a more stunning display.

This font is ideal for a wide range of designs including, magazines, logos, invitation cards, vintage look design, old classic designs, vintage designs of the 60s, 70s, 80s, era, etc.


25. Kohm – A High Vintage Font

Kohm. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Kohm is a vintage serif font with an aesthetic and rough appearance. This looks subtle and stylish when viewed from a distance. This typeface is ideal for logos, posters, and branding. This is also perfect for projects such as packaging, emblems, and badges.


26. Gunberg – A Clean Version Vintage Font

Gunberg. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Gunberg is a clean vintage version font. This is crafted to create a texture suitable for projects such as logos, branding, digital art, and magazines. This vintage typography is also ideal for advertising and vintage-themed designs.


27. Stiquez Font- A Classic Serif Font

Stiquez font
Stiquez font- Image credits Envato elements

Stiquet font is a divine classic retro typeface with an extraordinary serif design. Stiquet font has impressive features that give a complete retro design for your logo and branding.

Stiquet font works well in Silhouette, Circuit, Illustrator, Photoshop, PicMonkey, and other applications. Stiquet font is perfect for advertising, labeling, signage, and apparel design.


28. Atara – Vintage Style

Atara, Image Credits: Envato Elements

The unique vintage typeface Atara comes in four different styles: Regular, grunge, inline, and inline grunge.


29. Moyers Typeface – Elegant Vintage Font

Moyers Typeface, Image Credits: Envato Elements

Moyers typeface is one of the old-fashioned and elegant vintage fonts available. Moyers typeface is best for logos, branding, t-shirt designs, labels, and posters. This font includes basic punctuation, uppercase, lowercase, and numerals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vintage font?

A vintage font is typically any retro style or old-school lettering inspired or made at any time preceding the last three to four decades. Typically these fonts are inspired by cultural movements and stylistic trends that are characteristic of the era in which they are made. Some of the more popular style periods are the 70s, 60s, 30s, and even the 1800s.

What is the best vintage font?

We would highly recommend the Collectors Vintage Font Bundle which comes with up to 53 fonts and 8 font families.

What is a good serif vintage font?

Requila and Braton Composer are two vintage serif fonts.

Are there any good cursive retro-style fonts?

Some good fonts that have the feel of old-style movies include Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family and Hollywood Vintage Font.

What are some retro-style fonts with a hipster aesthetic?

Some retro style fonts with a hipster aesthetic include Cordoba, Willomac Hipster Font Combo, and Mr. Hipster.

What are some diner-style vintage fonts?

Some good diner-style lettering options include Mr.Hipster, Troyline and Vintage Queens are good diner-style fonts.

What are some Victorian-inspired fonts?

Some good Victorian-inspired fonts include Victorian Fonts Collection and Forbes.


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