28 Best VR Fonts for Virtual Reality, Metaverse & Web3

28 Best VR Fonts for Virtual Reality, Metaverse & Web3

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With virtual reality gaining traction and Web3.0 being around the bend learning what works can be pivotal for designers. When it comes to working on designers and 3D interfaces for games and virtual experiences knowing the colors and typography on trend is important.

Virtual reality generally encompasses anything provided it is a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a way that seems real physically or through the use of special equipment.

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When it comes to designs for the same, making use of 3D design software and the best laptops for 3D design is a smart move. But besides this, making sure you have the most suitable VR fonts for designing virtual reality assets and branding is essential.

While there is no, set-template as VR can be for anything. That said, typically video games and even virtual reality rooms, tend to lean towards modernistic and futuristic design. These VR fonts would work in augmented reality, mixed reality, the Metaverse and beyond.

So to make things easier, we’ve gone ahead and created a list of the best virtual reality fonts for designers looking to get started in the work of AR/VR design.

What is a Virtual Reality (VR) Font?

There’s no clear-cut definition of virtual reality fonts, however, typically virtual reality fonts have a futuristic or modernistic look to them.

Generally speaking, however, they can be any type of font that’s found in virtual reality products, software, or branding. With the advent of Web 3.0 and more technology moving towards virtual reality provided it’s relevant, any font can be used in virtual reality designs.

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That said, the fonts listed some of the more fitting options for AR and VR design and we’ve picked typography that goes with the current market trend.

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10 Best VR Fonts for Virtual Reality, Metaverse & Web3

  1. Helvetica eText
  2. Akko
  3. Avenir Next World
  4. Blackold – Futuristic Typeface
  5. Cosmogen – Space Futuristic
  6. Modeka – Modern Font
  7. Walk Away – Futuristic Font
  8. Linkspace – Futuristic Techno Font
  9. STANGE – Modern Futuristic Font
  10. Lighters – Light Logo Font

For the full list, keep scrolling.

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Best Space Fonts

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28 Best Fonts for VR

1. Helvetica eText

Neue Helvetica. Image credit: Monotype

Helvetica eText is the modern take on the famous Helvetica typeface for the digital age. And suffice to say, it succeeds in delivering the best on-grid experience and much more.

We loved how this eText adaption reduced hindrances and made readability paramount, perfect for AR & VR scenarios.

The modified line thickness, expanded characters, and x-height contributed to Helvetica’s high legibility, making it ideal for quick-glance environments such as scoreboards and virtual eCommerce experiences.

Another winning feature for us was its extensive range of styles which we enjoyed layering over one another to create sophisticated, hyper-realistic designs.

Since Helvetica eText only caters to a single language, it may not be suitable for global projects. Fret not, as this minor inconvenience is easy to solve by going for a more versatile pick like SST.

Overall, Helvetica eText is an excellent all-purpose visual solution for VR that we highly recommend giving a try.

2. Akko

Akko. Image credit: Monotype

Credited to its sharp, geometric letters with tall x-height and open counters, Akko delivered out-of-the-box visuals that gave our designs an edge over the competitors.

We also liked how it didn’t just rely on the visuals but also offered absolute functionality. Akko’s multiple weights, including a condensed and complementary italic range, gave us plenty of creative freedom to turn our dream layouts into reality.

In addition, the extended character set and multiple language support further simplified the process.

From banners and newsletters to virtual experiences and AR games, we imagine Akko looking great everywhere. Whatever you use this dedicated font for, it will always understand the assignment and meet your expectations.

3. Avenir Next World

Super creative and stylish font
Avenir Next World. Image credits: Monotype

Looking for a font to lend a futuristic touch to your augmented reality and virtual reality designs? Look no further than Avenir.

The original, created by the legendary designer Adrian Frutiger in 1988, Avenir is a one-of-a-kind typeface that takes an organic twist on the classic geometric design.

We are big fans of its thick strokes and shortened ascenders that provide an aesthetic and natural flair to our designs.

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Another thing we appreciated was its legible shapes and ample letter spacing that maintained readability at all font sizes, making Avenir highly flexible for use as header and body text.

And let’s not forget about its different weights and seamless multilingual support that paved the way for a higher degree of customization and creativity.

Use Avenir Next World as an extended text in AR/VR or on the interfaces for electronic gadgets, and see how it takes the visuals to the next level.

4. Blackold – Futuristic Typeface

Blackold – Futuristic Typeface
Blackold – Futuristic Typeface. image credit: Envato Elements

Blackold is a futuristic typeface perfect for virtual reality-related designs. Designed by Type Factory, this unique font is compatible with TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 file formats.

Generally good for tech-related designs, this VR font is great to use when designing sci-fi games and branding for VR devices.

5. Cosmogen – Space Futuristic

Cosmogen – Space Futuristic
Cosmogen – Space Futuristic. image credit: Envato Elements

Regarding space-age designs, Comogen is a great font to use in designing virtual reality games or any other device that needs to be put across a tech or futuristic feel. While not suited for every design, this interesting typeface makes for an excellent VR font for a variety of virtual reality experiences.

Besides this, the font makes for an excellent option for a variety of different games, sci-fi events, and even mobile applications.

6. Modeka – Modern Font

Modeka - Modern Font
Modeka – Modern Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Modeka is a regular modern serif font that is excellent to use in VR, apps, and a variety of video games. Modern typefaces are typically used for their more minimalist characteristics.

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While not, overly elaborate, Modeka definitely has a unique feel to it and manages to convey a futuristic element. For designers looking to work with a simple but interesting font on their designs, Modeka makes a great VR font to work with.

7. Walk Away – Futuristic Font

Walk Away – Futuristic Font
Walk Away – Futuristic Font. image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to futuristic VR fonts, Walk Away is an excellent option to work with This sans serif typeface makes a great minimal option to use in your designs. This long and narrow font has a more alternative feel to it when compared to the other typefaces on this list.

Although simple Walk Away manages to convey a timeless feel to it, making it excellent for futuristic and retro designs alike.

8. Linkspace – Futuristic Techno Font

Linkspace - Futuristic Digital Font
Linkspace – Futuristic Digital Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Linkspace is a space-age font that captures everything people think about in relation to virtual reality. This VR font is clean-cut and leaves the impression of space-age technology. While not suitable for every design, this sleek-looking typeface is suitable for video games and futuristic branding that you may need to convey.

9. STANGE – Modern Futuristic Font

STANGE - Modern Futuristic Font
STANGE – Modern Futuristic Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Stange is a sans serif-based font perfect for logotype, as well as, VR games and designs. Created by Vultype Design Co., this VR font comes with a wide variety of glyphs and is available in both TTF and OTF file formats.

Accessible on both PC and Mac, this futuristic sans serif font is easy to install and use on Adobe software, as well as, Microsoft Word. It’s also worth mentioning that this font comes with alternatives to help your designs stand out.

10. Lighters – Light Logo Font

Lighters - Light Logo Font
Lighters – Light Logo Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Lighters are a light logo font that is sans-serif, light, and legible to read. Created by Sariderza, this minimalist font comes with three font weights for interesting designs. With numbers, symbols, and multi-lingual support this font is easy and practical to use.

11. Bitterdine – Natural Calligraphy Script

Bitterdine - Natural Calligraphy Script
Bitterdine – Natural Calligraphy Script. image credit: Envato Elements

Not all VR fonts need to look futuristic or modern. Bitterdine is a natural calligraphy font created by Sarid Erza that’s suitable for more elegant designs. Bitterdine comes with multilingual support and has 7 alternates for each character.

Besides VR designs, this font is also suitable for restaurant and wedding designs.

12. Hardipe – Grand Logo Font

Hardipe - Grand Logo Font
Hardipe – Grand Logo Font. image credit: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a modern logo font that looks straight out of a movie, Hardipe is a perfect choice. This stylish VR font comes with an italic version that can add a unique spin to your designs.

Regardless of whether you plan to use it for games, movies, or an immersive experience, you’ll find that for users with the right color scheme, Hardipe is a great font to use.

13. Octa Brain – Futuristic Octagonal Sans Serif

Octa Brain - Futuristic Octagonal Sans Serif
Octa Brain – Futuristic Octagonal Sans Serif. image credit: Envato Elements

While octagonal fonts aren’t typical, this futuristic octagonal font is perfect for your VR designs. Sans-serif and legible Octa Brain is a font that’s perfect for a wide variety of designs and cutting-edge themes you may need to put across.

When it comes to futuristic designs in general, Octa Brain is perfect for branding, logos, websites, and even loading screens.

14. The Blast – Bold Font

The Blast - Bold Font
The Blast – Bold Font. image credit: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a bold sans-serif font to use for titles or headlines, Blast is the perfect choice to make use of. From Vultype studio, this impressive font looks both futuristic and bold helping add a dynamic look and feel to your VR designs.

Besides this, the font is an excellent choice for video games and movies.

15. BOXIGEN – Tech Font

BOXIGEN - Tech Font
BOXIGEN – Tech Font. Image credit: Envato Elements

Boxigen is an excellent logo font by Vultype Co for more playful designs. This typeface is likely the best VR font, for more child-centric, futuristic VR designs.

In general with VR designs, opting for more experimental futuristic typefaces is a smart move and Boxigen is an interesting option for this.

16. Polygon Technology Font

Polygon Technology Font
Polygon Technology Font. image credit: Envato Elements

For anyone looking for a futuristic typeface that is certainly out there, Polygon is an interesting option to make use of. While it may not be the best font for designs that require legibility, this futuristic typeface is an excellent choice for logos and titles.

Available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats, this typeface is a versatile option for a wide variety of design platforms. Polygon also makes an excellent font for web pages and any UI that requires a hi-tech aesthetic.

17. Aquarex – A Display Futuristic Font

Aquarex – A Display Futuristic Font
Aquarex – A Display Futuristic Font. image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to displaying futuristic fonts that are perfect for creative and graphic design, Aquarex makes use of abstract shapes making it perfect for any gaming or immersive VR experience.

Available in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats, this is VR font is easy to use across various design software.

18. Aline – Future Display Font

Aline - Future Display Font
Aline – Future Display Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Aline is a futuristic typeface that comes in OTF and TTF file formats. This modern font is an excellent choice for logos and events. This typeface even comes with multilingual support.

While excellent legibility, this sans-serif font has some dynamic lines and edges.

19. Blackpast – Futuristic Logo Font

Blackpast - Futuristic Logo Font
Blackpast – Futuristic Logo Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Blackpast is one of the best VR fonts for branding that looks cutting edge. With a number of alternates to help your design stand out, this typeface adds a futuristic and dynamic look to any design it’s included in.

While associated with tech-related designs, this font has an overall sophisticated yet experimental look to it.

20. Ishimura – Futuristic Font

Ishimura - Futuristic Font
Ishimura – Futuristic Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Ishimura is an industrial sci-fi-themed VR font perfect for video games. Quite similar to the font used for the popular sci-fi novel Dune, this futuristic typeface is an excellent option for any tech-related design.

For anyone looking for an immersive dystopian or sci-fi experience, Ishimura is one of the best VR fonts to opt for.

21. Spaced – Future Display Font

Spaced - Future Display Font
Spaced – Future Display Font. image credit: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for the best VR fonts for space-themed designs, Spaced is a great choice. This sans-serif-based font is accessible on MS Office, Adobe, or even macOS. Besides this, it also comes with alternate and unique lowercase letters.

22. Gosper – Modern Sans Serif Font

Gosper - Modern Sans Serif Font
Gosper – Modern Sans Serif Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Gosper is a condensed sans-serif typeface perfect for your VR designs. While there are several different fonts out there, condensed fonts always offer unique and noticeable features that can help your product and design stand out amongst the rest.

Gosper is compatible with both Windows and macOS and is one of the best VR fonts when it comes to a unique look.

23. Sebatu Modern Font

Sebatu modern font
Sebatu modern font. image credit: Envato Elements

Sebatu is a typeface that is both equally futuristic and modernist to look at. Designed to resemble the patterns on wood, this font excellent option for video games and VR designs.

The font’s unique layout and characteristics are perfect for any design that needs to capture attention. Besides this, Sebatu is also suitable for branding and logos.

24. Daytona

Daytona. image credit: Monotype

A little fun fact about Daytona… it sprouted from the attempt to provide the best typeface for use in televised sports events.

Jim Wasco, the font’s designer, drew each letterform with legibility as a primary goal, with some of the characters having unique attributes to minimize ambiguity and promote easy reading.

We experienced this attention to detail first-hand. We used Daytona in many different sizes, and never once did it cause visual crowding, unlike other conventional fonts.

Be it for printed applications or digital interfaces, Daytona delivered some truly eye-catching results.

Another thing we loved about Daytona was its humanist shapes with soft rounded corners, giving it a distinct, easy-going vibe that managed to brighten up the mood, even during those intimidating futuristic VR experiences.

Bear in mind that this friendly appearance might not work well with corporate and business-related designs, as it may tone down the seriousness behind the message.

But, for projects inclining towards a casual and laidback look, Daytona is the way to go.

25. Slate

Slate. image credit: Monotype

Powerful, expressive, and extremely versatile – this Monotype pick is one of the most graceful options in our line-up.

Slate’s grotesque and bold letterforms account for its enviously aesthetic appeal that pairs well with video game covers, YouTube thumbnails, AR app filters, and other technical environments.

When regular serifs and sans-serifs aren’t the talk of the day, Slate still feels relevant and cutting-edge.

As professional creatives, we instantly fell in love with Slate’s included weights and complementary italics that gave a contemporary flair to our projects.

Another thing we particularly enjoyed was the font’s ample kerning, which helped achieve stellar levels of readability, especially in designs with larger text bodies.

However, we understand that the bulky characters of Slate might be too stoic and formal for certain occasions. In such cases, swapping it with a more fashionable typeface like Ariata might do the trick.

In concise, Slate will be an excellent addition to the creative arsenal of any designer looking to create impactful, attention-grabbing designs.

26. Halesworth

A great looking decent style font
Halesworth. image credit: Monotype

Venetian typefaces have proven to be the most beautiful and functional option for a vast number of designs. And this creation by Carl Crossgrove is no different!

Halesworth takes this aesthetic to a new artistic level by preserving the beautiful proportions of the Venetian genre and optimizing details for imparting an outclass look to anything it is used on.

We were impressed by how accurately it depicted the richness of the antique letterforms yet adapted well to the current, up-to-date designs. From literature and education-related material to trendy movie posters, the possibilities with it are endless.

A bonus is that its sturdy serifs maintained readability at all angles, making Halesworth ideal for ePapers, LCD devices, VR, and other digital designs.

Pure indulgence – that is what we are talking about here!

27. Dagesta

Dagesta. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Dagesta is designed to be at the forefront of the Web 3.0 revolution. Its bold and futuristic aesthetic aligns perfectly with the cutting-edge technologies and immersive experiences that define the web’s next evolution.

While Dagesta is undeniably bold, it maintains a clean and modern look that facilitates readability. Its design strikes a harmonious balance between futuristic aesthetics and user-friendly typography.

28. Oversa

Oversa. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Oversa is your passport to a futuristic typographic journey. It boasts both uppercase and lowercase characters, including a set of numbers, all adorned with a captivating and uniquely futuristic design.

This font is your ticket to a journey through time, perfectly suited for movie posters set in space or a distant future.

With Oversa, you’ll receive the font in various formats, including TTF, OTF, and WOFF, ensuring compatibility with your favorite design software.

The font supports basic Latin characters, numbers, symbols, and PUA encoding for added versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fonts are the best for VR?

Fonts such as Stange, Walk Away, Aline, and Sebatu works best for VR.

The best types of VR fonts are Sans Serif and Display fonts.

What is a Techno Space font?

Techno Space fonts are futuristic typefaces. these fonts works best on themes like modern technology, space themes, movies, and logos. Techno Space can optimize itself in both normal text and larger display settings.

What are some best practices for using VR fonts in VR design?

Best practices for using VR fonts include testing fonts in the VR environment, considering font size and positioning, optimizing for stereoscopic vision, and ensuring that text remains readable in various lighting conditions within VR. As VR devices.


Best VR Fonts for Visual Design

When it comes to Web 3.0 and virtual reality, making use of the best VR fonts out there ensures that you have the most on theme and modern designs.

While it may seem daunting to newer designers, most VR designs make use of futuristic and experimental fonts. With the fonts on this list, you’re sure to create VR designs that look sleek and cutting-edge.

So embrace the future with open arms and get creative!

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