How to Make a Billboard That Delivers Results

How to Make a Billboard That Delivers Results

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While billboard ads to some may seem like an old-fashioned advertising tactic, billboard advertising has evolved to keep up with today’s technologies while still providing results when it comes to exposing a company’s brand, product or service.

Read on to learn about the different types of billboards, how to create an effective billboard design, and how to choose the best placement for your larger-than-life ad.

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For a case study of billboard design see this post I did as a design student.

Types of Billboard Ads

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Outdoor Advertising Campaign

With advancements in technology and bigger budgets, billboard ads have now taken the form of everything from traditional painted advertisements to high-tech digital screens. In this section, we’ll break down some of the different types of billboards that are offered at a variety of billboard rates:

  • Painted billboard ads – Hand-painted billboard ads are the original form of billboards. These advertisements are made in design studios where the image of the ad is projected on to large pieces of paper and is then sketched and filled in by artists. The different sections of paper panels are placed on the billboards using cranes.
  • Digital billboard ads –Keeping up with today’s technology are digital billboard advertisements and LED displays.
    These billboards have the look of large movie screens that display numerous advertisements throughout the day. The most popular uses of these advertisements are running text and images for either the same company or different organizations.

Inflatable Billboard

  • Inflatable billboard ads – A unique take on advertising is inflatable billboards. This tactic involves a large, often square-shaped, blow-up device made of similar rubber material in children’s bounce houses. The advertisement is printed on a banner and attached to the inflatable billboard and the whole unit is secured to the ground with ropes and hooks.

How to Make a Billboard Effective

GAP Outdoor Advertising Campaign

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Once you’ve decided on the type of billboard your advertisement will use, you now need to create the actual ad. You want your billboard to quickly grab potential customers’ attention and leave a lasting impression. The following tactics are some of the most proven ways on how to make a billboard memorable:

  • Colors – Whether you’re using a bold image or a bright backsplash, the advertisement should include a distinct color that catches the eye and prompts the consumer to read the rest of the advertisement.
  • Images – Choosing an interesting picture or a familiar photo can also draw the attention of passers-by. People will be curious to learn more about something that is either unusual to them or something they have grown to know in the past.
  • Slogans – Work with your marketing team to brainstorm short, memorable slogans that people will take with them after they pass the billboard. You want those consumers to remember that slogan whenever they are thinking about the industry you are associated with to help influence their decision to choose your company over competitors.
  • Vital content – Once you have consumers viewing your billboard, make sure any information they will need to interact with you in the future is clearly visible. Whether that information is a phone number, address, website, etc., ensure that data can be easily read and remembered.

The Location of Billboard Ads is Everything

Dallas Digital Billboard Time Square New York City

Finding the perfect location for your billboard ad is vital to its success.

Most billboard advertisements are placed along the side of busy highways, in high foot traffic areas, such as Times Square, or in relevant areas to the ad, like a football stadium for team paraphernalia.

Your target audience will dictate where you decide to place your billboard. By learning where your target audience lives, works and plays, you can find the ideal spot for your ad where it will receive the most exposure.

Reaching Your Audience with Billboard Advertising

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Times Square

Utilizing billboard advertising can be an effective tool when marketing your company’s brand, service or products. Once you have strategically chosen the type of billboard, created the design and message, and found the ideal placement, your billboard advertisements can be a vital part of your overall marketing campaign.

Reach your audience, acquire new customers and make yourself known in areas where your target audience is waiting to be found.

Do you have any billboard design tips or tricks?

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  2. I would almost argue that the last step (to really hit this one out of the park) would be to talk to someone 1-1 to really get the low down. My friend did this with Michael Mandahl who has worked on digital billboard ads for the past year for fortune 500 companies. He has worked in AE 6 as well as Apple Motion ( and it was amazing.

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