[Podcast] Blands VS Brands with Ariadna Navarro

[Podcast] Blands VS Brands with Ariadna Navarro

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As brand builders, we used to build brands that would last.

Campaigns would extend for years, and visual identity systems—once created—wouldn’t become obsolete for decades.

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Today, the speed of change is so aggressive, brand builders must consider that what they build now could be irrelevant in a few months.

Brands face a choice. First, they can commit to brand positioning and stay true to their visual appearance and social stances regardless of where the wind blows.

Or, they can create a flexible, and ever—A/B testing brand that can evolve as the world does. This second option has contributed to the rise of the blands—brands from the past five years that look, sound, and show up as simultaneously trendy and generic.

In this podcast episode with Ariadna Navarro, the Chief Strategy Officer at VSA partners, a hybrid strategy & design consultancy, we discuss the differences between blands and brands, how we got here and where we need to go next.


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