I Will Donate 10 Cents For Every Comment That Is Left On This Post To Help Rid The World Of Poverty

I Will Donate 10 Cents For Every Comment That Is Left On This Post To Help Rid The World Of Poverty

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Tomorrow is Blog Action Day – the initiative to help rid the world of poverty. I am doing my bit by leaving it up to you guys to decide how much I will donate.

I will allow comments for a 24 hour period starting from the time of this post. The maximum I will donate is AUD$150 which hopefully won’t be too hard to get considering the subscriber count on this blog.

Leave a comment saying “I’m helping to rid the world of poverty”.

Update: After 24 hours I have closed the comments, in total there were 242 comments below and 5 on FaceBook making it $24.70 that I have donated to The Global Fund – Thank You to all who commented.

I have dedicated the donations to all JCD commenters as seen in the picture below. You can view my Change.Org profile here to see proof of donation (top right corner) – it seems to have rounded down to $24 but $24.70 was donated. Thanks once again.

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249 thoughts on “I Will Donate 10 Cents For Every Comment That Is Left On This Post To Help Rid The World Of Poverty”

  1. This is 10 comments in 1
    This is 10 comments in 1
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    This is 10 comments in 1
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  2. I hate homeless people, and I hope this ten cents helps get rid of the filthy, stinking bums begging for change to go buy booze and stay in their hopeless condition.

    I love wasting other peoples money and endeavors on stupid causes like this. The best thing that could happen is that people would (1) wake up to the evolutionary cycle (2) Stop wasting time, money, and effort on losers like the homeless, and (3) let “survival of the fittest” take place. That way, in a years time, the poverty rate would be down a large percentage and we would only have to be ashamed and guilty for (x) number of years until they all die off/disapear/become worm food and then we can go on living productive lives and continue to contribute to our societies.

    Think about it, what’s better: living with the guilt of doing nothing for (at most) a couple years or dealing with the agony of “the others” for a lifetime?

  3. i couldn’t post before, but i’m really happy about this! seriously, i’m glad you’re a nice person (even being so young!) following you it’s really great 🙂

    I’m helping to rid the world of poverty.

  4. Joann,
    That is also a kind thing to do (dropping off goods to local community dropbins), something I have been doing a lot in the past year or so since we have moved house.

    A very naïve way of looking at life Chris but each is entitled to their own opinion.

    Thank you for all your submissions so far! Hope you can donate too! 1500 comments is all we need!

  5. lol, Jacob. I think the word you are grasping for is cynic. See a cynic sees the world for what it is and attempts to make corrective societal observations. A naive person ignorantly believes he can just donate 150 bucks without actually doing anything beyond donating money and believes he is actually helping the world rid itself of a societal disease.

    Throwing money towards a problem (like poverty) only extends the symptom and rarely addresses the problem. Jacob, investing more than money is something that is truly admirable. The sad thing is, yourself and others “comment contributions” will always stop short of action. After tomorrow, yourself and everyone on here will feel like they did their part and leave it at that. But those you think you are helping will continue in their states.

    Instead of donating a measly 150 bucks, go do something truly admirable and worthy of blogging about, go donate your time to help the homeless and then come back and blog about it. Then I’ll pat you on the back. Plus it wont cost you a thing monetarily and the people you want to help will truly be rewarded because they will see that you care, not that you care to throw them a buck.

  6. doing my part to support you in your novel efforts to contribute to this worthy cause. Although fighting “world poverty” is one of the more vague missions one can come up with.

  7. Keep the comments coming guys! I am also getting comments on Facebook too so that will go towards the lumpsum also.

    Cynical may be a more accurate word but I wouldn’t say that people “ignorantly donate”. Like I said, people are entitled to their own opinions and I believe that donating helps charitable organisations achieve their goals which shows that one does care.

  8. Jacob, what a noble and humanitarian thing to do with your blog.

    I will help my local community by dropping of the latest batch of clothing, toys and misc items from my youngest daughter to local charitable organization. Many people in local communities also need help.

  9. You have inspired me. Thank you. We must all work together to annihilate poverty at home and worldwide!

  10. i’m helping to rid the world of poverty by going on sites like freerice.com and freepoverty.com at the very least

  11. I’m helping to rid the world of poverty.

    I can’t wait to see how many comments you receive – what a great idea!

  12. I guess this is going well beyond the 150 dollar mark. Come on, take a dive, pay for the whole 24 hours! Great initiative.

  13. I can’t remember when was my last comment but I’m sure that I am on the track again.

    Good job Jack.

    I’ll be working in a volunteering organization soon. Hopefully that will help as well. Cheers

  14. “I’m helping to rid the world of poverty”
    It is really very thoughtful and sensitive of you to come up with such an idea.

  15. I’m helping to rid the world of poverty
    You are helping to rid the world of poverty
    We are helping to rid the world of poverty
    They are helping to rid the world of poverty

    So, just help to rid the world of poverty !

  16. that’s really great Jacob! I juggled clubs for charity last year for 7 hours outside our local supermarket, got £300, its a great feeling giving to those who need it!

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