Blogging Goals & Achievements of JCD

Blogging Goals & Achievements of JCD

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Blogging Achievements

I have only been blogging for just over 2 months now and I believe I have done quite well considering I have never blogged before so I thought I would sum up my achievements over the past 2 months and set new goals while I am at it – Have you thought about doing this?

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Since my first post on WordPress Plugins You Must Have I have written 35 great articles on a variety of topics (see categories) namely graphic design and some have been quite popular so first I’ll present to you:

  1. 101 Places To Get Design Inspiration
  2. 13 Signs Your A Bad Graphic Designer
  3. What is Graphic Design?
  4. How To Be Creative
  5. Top 5 Typography Resources
  6. How Much Does A Graphic Designer earn?
  7. Do you use your left or right brain more?
  8. What to get a designer for Christmas?
  9. Poster Design Tips (& Experiences)
  10. How To Choose A Font
  11. FUNNY Graphic Design Jokes & Humour

Websites Who Feature / Recommend Me

I have just recently been listed on HOW magazines top 10 graphic design resources web links page which is quite an honour (and sends quite a lot of traffic) so this is probably my best achievement so far.

Other websites (of many) I have been listed on include

Most Inspired – Showcases popular & well designed css websites

Daily Slurp – A Daily list of beautiful Sites (sends quite a bit of traffic)

sponsored message – I was featured in their Great Top 13 Links and their Top 13 Commentators list

LoopPress – A showcase of beautiful CSS Designs.

Successful Blog – Listed in their hall of fame of successful blogs & best in thinking articles.

BlogPond – Listed in the best of the Australian Blog Community

Visitors & Subscribers

At this time I am quite surprised to see how many visitors I am actually getting but as I am new to the blogosphere I won’t put up my actual numbers until I get to my new goal of getting 150 new subscribers by the end of this month. I haven’t paid for any links as of yet however I can say that 81% of my traffic comes from referring sites so that is a good sign and that the average time spent on my site per visit is 4 mins and 40 seconds. ;-)


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Unfortunately, when I first started this blog I never set out any goals for myself (which I regret) however I did do a lot of research into blogging before I began so that did give me bit of a head start. But putting that behind myself I am going to set some new short and long term goals for myself to give me some vision of where I want to be.

1. Consistent Quality Posting
I will write a quality post every 2 to 3 days and I will not post 3 times a day as not to annoy my readers. I will also try to cut down on the length of my posts as I realise that I always write way to much!

2. Guest Posting
I have had a couple of requests while I was away from other blogs wishing for me to write guest articles so I think I will take up this opportunity as this way I can receive some feedback on my writing and gain more readers and traffic for my blog. Also, if you are interested in writing a guest article for this blog, just drop me an email..

3. Build & Develop My Communities & Make Good Friends
I have joined a number of communities since I started blogging however I haven’t really been active in them so I will choose a couple that I will be heavily active in, most probably StumbleUpon, BlogCatalog, Digg and DesignFloat. Links to my profile in each community is below. You also may find this article interesting written by Muhammad Saleem, about why we participate in social community sites sites.

  • StumbleUpon – My stumble profile
  • MyBlogLog – Blogging Community
  • BlogCatalog – Blogging Community
  • LinkedIn – A business networking website.
  • – My bookmarks.
  • Digg – Websites I find useful and great.
  • DesignFloat – A digg like website but only on design.
  • Technorati – The Blogosphere
  • SpicyPage – Share your favorite sites or blogs.

4. reoccurring Posts

Have reoccuring weekly and monthly posts such as summaries, logo of the month, picture of the week, etc – I will need to think about this one.

5. Know and Practice all these tips

This article is a good summary of all the things you should be aware of if you own a blog. I will study this list and make sure that I do all these things to make my blog even more successful.

6. Get 1500+ Subscribers by the end of the year.

I really don’t know if this is too low or too high but we will see. Assuming I had 0 subscribers this would mean I would have to get 125 new subscribers each month which is a mean feat – about 18 a week and about 2.5 a day.

Anyway I hope this list has been useful and inspirational for you – now get going and make your own goals for 2008.

25 thoughts on “Blogging Goals & Achievements of JCD”

  1. Thanks for the link! I wish you good luck in achieving your goals, especially that 2.5 subscribers/day 😆 I have just subscribed last night to your RSS, so I’m the first subscribers from 2.5/day 🙂

  2. @Diana13
    Thanks, it is quite a large goal but sometimes it limits yourself if you have it too small.

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂 Could I ask how you came across my site? I think I have came across your site before, but has it always been that green grey colour?

    Glad to hear it. You definitely have your own style about you. Don’t be afraid to leave comments on any more future articles that you like 🙂

  3. For such a new blog, you seem to have built a great knowledge of social marketing. Kudos.

    As for writing way too much, sometimes long blog posts can be very effective. It all depends on the subject. For instance, my recent story about domain name theft was perhaps my longest blog post ever, yet by far the most popular.

    Keep it up and you’ll have a very successful year!

  4. @inspirationbit
    Ahhh fair enough. Well you have a new subscriber anyway, don’t know why I didn’t come across your website earlier.

    @David Airey
    Thanks 🙂 I actually did learn quite a bit from your blog before i started my own, I bet you can see some similarities between your blog and mine.
    I will keep in mind about the long posts and the right subjects. I am going to try aim for some unique posts that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

  5. well, this is my first time here and I must say – I’m quite impressed with your blog. You’re a very prolific blogger, and creative to boot 🙂 Just subscribed to your blog, making it to be the 2nd subscriber of the day 😉

  6. hey Jacob, thanks for the compliments! I’m glad i found your blog now ( i subscribed to it as well), you have lots of useful info and interesting stuff here. I love your works, very creative and professional!

  7. Yes, it’s always been that grey/green, though I’m currently working on a re-design, so stay tuned 😉
    I’ve clicked on your link from the email you sent today to Lauren and Cc-d everyone on that list about 2008 Bloggie Awards 🙂

  8. Hmm, have you been linked to in the past 2 months because I have only really been blogging / reading blogs since then. I am about to write a guest article for David Airey on Logo Design atm so we will see if he approves it 🙂

  9. Thanks for subscribing to InspirationBit, Jacob. I don’t know how come you didn’t come across my site earlier. Perhaps you don’t check out all links from David Airey’s articles, or just the ones that were referring to my site 😉

  10. hmm… let’s see… the ones that come to my mind right away are these two: Top 50 design blogs and Gmail hijack 😉
    Good luck with guest writing for David Airey! (I’ve heard he is very picky when choosing guest articles for his blog 😉 [jk])

  11. Wow Jacob! You are seeing some great success here! And a huge congrats on that mention by HOW Magazine. That’s amazing! I think you’ll have 1500 subscribers by the end of the year, maybe more! You have some real quality content here. I’m glad I subscribed early 🙂

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Why Being Odd is Good: The Principle of Balance

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah I hope so too, except I just remembered I will be going away for 44 days in the middle of the year (around Europe) so that might hinder it a bit… I’ll have to write a lot before hand. I think the HOW Magazine links get updated every month so maybe I am only on there for a month, but none the less glad I am there. In your Odd Article, how often do you use odd? Sometimes I like going for a symmetrical appearance because that also works well.

  12. Hmm, well I think David’s experience was very rare (and unlucky) but I would always keep it in mind. Readers should know why their author is not writing any articles. Maybe you should announce it only for short periods and for longer periods use time stamped posts at the beginning and end of your holiday/trip away.

    You got my question spot on – nice guess.
    I always use rule of thirds as well, however somethings I try to see how things look like when they are symmetrical. But you are correct about the use of odd numbers. Have you read about the Fibonacci Sequence before – and the Fibonacci spiral? Check out wikipedia.

    I agree about the high end design, my mother owns a wedding planning business and I do her graphic design work so I know a bit about it. – I only collaborated with the developer on this website, I did all the images and the other developer did the coding. I also designed the wedding planning logo (found on the wedding page).

    You sure are great at leaving quality engaging comments 🙂

  13. I hope you’ve learned from David’s recent experience and will get a “babysitter” for your blog and not announce you’ll be away for an extended period! We would not want to see you go through that!

    What do you mean “use odd”? How often do I use the rule of thirds, use the triangle composition or use an odd number of a particular element?

    Rule of thirds: All the time, almost every time. To my eye, things look more “zen” when they are off balance (like the layout on the right side of the animated gif in my article)
    Triangle composition: rarely because I don’t usually think about it! I do think it works and I’d like to incorporate it more.
    Odd number of elements: usually, and I do my best to never use only 2 because if they are elements that stand out, the eye will go back and forth between them and it will distract from the rest of the layout and, more importantly, the message.

    It depends on the style and the message, too. Perhaps if you were doing high end design for, say, a fancy restaurant, the centered and symmetrical approach would be most appropriate. For the most part, though, I like asymmetrical compositions. I think they are more interesting.

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Why Being Odd is Good: The Principle of Balance

  14. I’ll had to look up the Fibonacci thing. It’s the reoccurring golden ratio/proportion. It goes by so many different names. Yes, I know what it is (and I use that fancy equation every time I begin a design project! ha). Oooh, it reminds me of Donald in Mathmagic Land! Did you ever watch that when you were little?? Such memories!

    Wedding planning! How fun. Good money in that I hear.

    Thanks for the compliment about the comments! I do try to add value to the conversations 🙂

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Full Steam Ahead

  15. Hi Lauren,
    Sorry for the headed reply, I headed out for the night last night… Yes I actually use the ratio a lot, even so much I used it for a uni project for designing a cd cover and website (
    It is actually my mothers first year in business as a wedding planner. She used to be an event planner for Time Inc Magazines.
    I never watched that show unfortunately. By the way, how old are you? (I will reply to the rest later, I am off to the beach!)

  16. Oh, hehe, it wasn’t a show it was just a half hour cartoon movie I had on VHS.

    I’m 24.

    Your photos on facebook are, um… interesting. What’s with the ballet attire?

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..Full Steam Ahead

  17. Haha, I worked at a nightclub around where I live, and we have regular staff parties and this particular one was sport teams. There was about 6 different teams of 6 people and we each had a different sport, unfortunately I got stuck with ballet, but it was a good laugh.

    I am thinking of making a separate account for blogging friends on facebook because it goes way too much into my personal life.

  18. LOL, well you make a good, erm, ballerina. If you do make a new Facebook, you can delete me from the current and invite me on the new if you’d like and I can do the same.

    I was wondering why you asked how old I was. Now I see you were probably confused because that cartoon I mentioned came out in 1959; that’s the year my mom was born. Perhaps she bought it for me because she remembered watching it as a kid.

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..The Creative Process: Ideas for My Blog Design

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